Elizabeth had almost as fine a time, swimming between Ian and I, but had a panicky moment when she removed her mask to clear it, and started drumming the water with both arms in that way that frightened people do.
The Federal government, house, senate and President, all republican controlled, go along with this decision, passing a federal emergency ‘disaster exemption’ bill into law.
Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware feel just the opposite – that the Democrats are crying ‘foul’ again like they did in the 2000 election, and so feel compelled to support the existing president….
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I have to go measure up with other people that just gave up for 5 years, that decided to stay behind and play house because they thought it would be okay.
And I know by that time, I will have something different going on for me too, but I fear that I will not forget.
All I know is that tomorrow night, I will be with my girly friends, trying to forget that it’s the first time in 5 years that you weren’t there to kiss me and assure me that the next year will be special.
It’s actually really good, except for the last part that was written in a fit of desperation to finally get it done.
I was weak, and it hurts me to know that I let you stay, that I let you keep yourself in a relationship that you knew you’d never be completely happy in.
Football season will come and you’ll be so focused on Plano East and school and her and fantasy football and your new house and your new life that I’m just gonna be forgotten.
I know a lifetime relationship of staring at each other over the table because we ran out of things to talk about is not terribly appealing.
I know you’ve been perhaps dreaming about a life with her for the past 2 1/2 years, and now there’s nothing in your way to stop it, and it drives me crazy.
Austin is waiting for me, and I know that even though right now I feel like I’m not going to be able to stick it out and get it back on track, I will be able to.
Instead Im using lines Ive carefully crafted for your amusement and put into a list that depicts the basic idea behind said lost lines of appalling humor.
I would love to be able to think of the girls everyday as a blessing and never wonder what I must have been thinking when I decided to have them and keep them.
So you know those days when the sun is shining and you just can’t help yourself from smiling because the sun is shining and it’s warm outside, and you smile when you’re walking down the street, and people smile back at you and everyone is just one big white toothy grin…?
I guess part of the reason that I am so confident in my decision to give April up for adoption is because I know that I’ve given another mom the chance to look at April everyday as a blessing.
awesome as these emails are, I couldnt in good conscience give you an entry of nothing but misspelled words and atrocious punctuation.
one of you beautiful minds emailed me to tell me that while my cookie recipe truly was a thing of wonder, what I really should do is substitute a half a cup of cocoa powder for a half a cup of flour.
I think he got a kick out of the costume, but he had to maintain his professionalism, so I think he thought he should play it cool.
One guy here at work described me as looking like Jim Carey in that one Ace Ventura movie where he’s dressed as a ballerina in the mental institue.
In this costume, I could be considered a scary sight for someone who isn’t ready for a broad shouldered, slightly unshaven ballerina with a voice about 8 octaves lower than it should be.
I’ve got it plugged in at my desk and when I feel the need to get really creative, I flip it on and watch it twirl away with its brightly colored plastic lenses.
Angels are crying and dying There must be some way endless you stray, still you pray for a better life Nobody sees when a glimpse of your target lies behind you, Like steps of the pilgrims unshined!
I’m sure some kids are going to leave my porch scared and crying, especially if their level of sight happens to be below my waistline and they get a look at my cock and balls all smashed against my body by the tight body suit.
I thought I was going to go to a friend’s house after handing out candy, but I may just decide to go home, peel this smelly thing off of me and shower until the smell is gone.
I had been expecting the claims guy from my insurance company to come by my work yesterday and check out the damage on my vehicle from the accident I was in on Friday.
I’ve gotta tell ya, it took a certain amount of balls to walk into my workplace with nothing but a white skin tight body suit, short short blue tutu, silver boots and a smile.
Cry in the night of the angel For their light will never shine With their hearts so full of sorrow Muddy waters all around The curtain falls for helpless souls How they suffer swept aside And the raging streams are flowing with so little hope inside Angels crying Can’t take no more Angels dying capture their fall Try to see this misery your future is not what you wished it to be So try to fly, the answer lies in the angry darkened skies You just keep on standing in these fields all your life You sow the seeds that never grow No harvest comes such a strain to feed the few Still you’re waiting, it’s in vain…
And I do me wacked out First there was a version of SW:EPIII, that was more like something from Pink Floyd meets David Lynch than George Lucas, then before that I had a really lively dream where David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen were duking it out on stage.
I’m a mom, my needs are second to the rest of the world, and I can’t send the kid to bed hungry just because his father has the common sense of goose that just ate fermented feed.
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If I were to have to quit, they would have to train someone all over again which I now know they don’t have the resources to do considering I’m their go-to guy when a new person comes in that needs to be trained.
Peace to the Roma gentlemen for giving us a home and for providing Vegas with a place where one could buy a cup of joe and not have that whorey feeling inside.
The funniest thing in the WORLD is a kid ripping open a fistfull of pixie sticks, dumping them in her mouth and then doing flips and cartwheels while screaming like a wild animal for the remainder of the festivities.
Since her return, she can paint adequately, play the lute moderately, do the Virginia Wheel respectfully and seems to be on the verge of making a very smart match.
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I love jogging outfits for some reason, I think it’s because you can’t really wear clothes that match that perfectly in any other setting than jogging without looking like quite the marmot.
I have decided to go buy me a tracksuit and start jogging, because I have been meaning to do both things for a while, and now that the weather is cool enough to wear a tracksuit I really want to.
Its just then that the boy draws you in and makes his own mutterings about what a beautiful place this is, how hes happy to be there with you, and he says, I have an idea You look over and out of nowhere hes down on his knee.
I will have the sweetest outfit of all, to warm my sweet little body as I make my sweet way down the bicycle/rollerderby/jogging path thing.
In that moment, just when youre feeling so truly granola with the dirt and the sweat and your pack full of gear, you look down and notice that your left hand is rockin the biggest piece of spice there ever was.
too old to hang out in a parking lot slamming beers on a Friday night, but not old enough to bed down with a Matlock rerun or Murder, She Wrote at 9pm, either.
The original one is supposed to be like the top-rated drama on television, having finally unseated the great walking dead zombie elephant that is ER, so you would think that at least that one would be getting recapped, but no, it is not.
Which messed with me a little, because I’m pretty sure that had the wrong person seen that, MY head woulda been the one that rolled… although, as it turns out, 2 weeks or less later, it *did*, but anyway.
I mention it here for no other reason that it was weird and I meant to say something about it when it happened, but I forgot until now.
I don’t want to make a big deal about it or anything, but I do feel the need to explain my reasons for ending this affair.
The fact that I gave someone only one or two lines in my journal when they considered our time together so important was not an indication of how important that time together was for me.
Something I wrote at the very beginning of this journal, when I was completely anonymous, ended up hurting my older brother when he stumbled upon it years later.
I know you mentioned your birthday was coming up and you were going to be off some and I said it was okay if you had someone trained by then; however, I did not sign off on the apsence approval.
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I know happiness eluded you much of your life and that depression kicked your ass almost as much as me, so I decided to just offer up a photo of you and I.
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I get caught up in my day to day routine, and after a while I see that I’m starting to take on the nature of the world again, and I need to take some time to re-focus.
My life seems to be one trial after another and althought that I know that it’s all for HIS glory and to bring me closer to Him, sometimes it’s difficult to remember that at all times..
He hatched this idea a couple days ago and while I think that the idea of having something like this is a good one, there isn’t the time to do something that provides a compelling alternative to Halloween – he hatched this plot on Wednesday, as in yesterday.
I guess the reason that I wasn’t awed by it in the end is that there was so much build up for it and so much said about it regarding how moving it was and until I wrote my review, I honestly hadn’t run into anyone who didn’t say they were moved beyond words.
The best you can do is try to make an amends by writing you step daughter a little note and tell her that you were not high that night and that you are sorry that she thought you were.
I certainly hope she can find joy in the condition she is living in and find value in it, somehow, as it is still an opportunity to do so…
It is very important that u realise the signs of the cult… some cults hide behind being Christian… there are many strange signs and pictures that may not even be apparent and r actually devil worship but r doing so unknowingly to everyone but the main inner circle of elders.
Having seen it after watching interviews of Mel Gibson and also a program on The Making of The Passion, I understand the thought and faith that went behind this movie.
Too many people I know and are close to have access to it, and that last episode can be explained if you check out the last few entries of PRCinderella.
I just give my tithes to the church that I am a member in; the one that I have been going to for almost all my life; the one which I know will use the money for good…
I often wish God would come right out and tell me what to do also, but I heard on a Chrisian radio show that God lets us work it out for ourselves and that is how we learn.
The challenge of coming up with a subject to write about and the practice writing causes you to start noticing things in your day that you would not usually notice.
I also know people who do things for other people and then when their giving isn’t reciprocated likewise in a specific period of time, they gossip about those whom they’ve helped.
Anyway while things get fixed by the lawyer who needs to notify them of certain changes, Blue Moon will be on his quest to go forward in a less destructive manner.
I keep asking myself why should I allow these people who I think as lemmings or sheep or just mindless masses following some idiot around without questioning anything is just as insane as the fact that 44% of the United States believes in Fundamentalism of the Church.
I understand about Joseph and Philip but I have been doing landscaping and various computer crap, ancestry and many other things that need my attention that I have neglected by keeping people of jail.
Meanwhile aunt sistercookie has ordered parts for a connection to the well so that water can be gotten without having the opening exposed by putting a steel grate over the well opening.
You must use a process server because if there is contact then it can escalate so this LOCAL LAW PREVENTS PERSONAL SERVING OF PAPERS OF EVICTION FROM THE LANDLORD, IT SAYS YOU MUST USE A PROCESS SERVER FROM THE COURT.
Safety is not about keeping the kid safe, its about eliminating things the might kill the kid so you don’t have to worry about it for a while.
Dorknoodle’s ex-boyfriend needs to get the animals out of that house because the lease specifically says no animals.
Personally I think that anyone who has to put up with a person on a daily basis for years on end and doesn’t kill them is doing pretty good.
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Good cause Im about to strangle his monkey ass, take an axe to his body, set his remains on fire, then burry him in a random back yard.
Then there’s some tubing on one side for the water to go in, and considerably larger – and disconcertingly more see-through – tubing on the other side, which is for the water and…
This brings us to last Saturday, when I finally picked up the phone and made the appointment.
But then she’ll tell you you’re doing a great job, and she’ll tell you to do some deep breathing and she’ll explain the importance of ridding yourself of these toxins from your poor, beleaguered body.
Jane Colon gets you up on a table and holds up a giant silver thing that looks like a cross between the metal spray control on the end of a garden hose, and a hydraulic lift.
She’ll tell you the benefits of maintaining a strong colon that isn’t weighted down by a history of unwise food combinations.
Your forehead breaks out in a sweat, and you kind of want to grab onto the sheets, and you suddenly start to believe very strongly in the power of prayer, because it’s only an Almighty Power that can ensure that Jane has very steady hands and won’t release hold of the tube which now has what is probably 15-year old formerly impacted fecal matter very obviously passing through it.
As you’re all stretched out, with your arms over your head, you thankfully don’t have too many issues with the fact that she has a great body and you generally feel like a mattress tied in the middle.
And as much as I may hold a cigarette like a movie star, my delusions of grandeur had never been so expanded that I think I can have my ass cleaned like one, too.
I imagined that something that miraculous had to merit a movie star salary, I threw out the idea along with my back copies of People.