Did you know that Evil is a triangular little spider, that always comes to me in the summer.
If you knew your head was about to be cut off, would you keep your little country pride then?
I’m glad I don’t feel the need to speak for my elders.
It was actually very shocking……
so cute that he could just… hang about on the ketchup……
Or would you in that moment, finally realise, that your life means nothing.
Remember the boy in Iraq who lost his whole family, including his limbs?
We then swam out through a path that had cut through the coral to permit exuent, about 200 yards from shore.
it’s not the same spider every year.
I can say that I don’t like your religion. why?
In the fridge.
Not a shark did I actually see, and I stood on the bottom a few times
I’m glad I don’t think God is a relative.
If we cannot criticise government, military, politicians and the king.
For them, nothing needs to be explained.
It was actually very calming, being almost naked in warm salt water, breathing without effort.
Having the water at his fingertips for over a decade.
It was entertaining.
Doctor Pepper is considered common enough at Whataburger to be on the lid instead of more mainstream drinks.
Then it dawned on me – in my mind, something about…..
Will I miss that when we leave the sunshine?
Am I going to miss this place that I dislike so much at times?
Now that’s what I call….
Im dying to see if theyve been practicing what they´ve learned.
I pondered this while I took a sip of my Diet drink.
We were returning from the Grand Canyon, and didn’t warn her about the mustard.
it made me happy when I saw the two bubbles pressed in on my lid.
It’s right across the freeway from us, so I can run across….
He pooped in the the popcorn in the….
Jalepenos as an add-on for your burger.
Today I just noticed something.
Step off My feets…..
She always says she’s a ….. now.
I love either features a naked woman or is a gift from my grandma?
Im getting free Spanish classes.
This kid?
And everybody was like…..
Its win-win.
Im desperately hoping that all my students return next Monday.
You just smell the poop!
I corrected their typing, they corrected my Spanish.
Mustard on your burger instead of mayo, and certainly no ketchup!
OI frequent for lunch is ……
I am thrilled with this gig.
Is that why she’s not really a Texan?
Before Monday night……
relatives in other parts of the country.
He pooped in the middle of the rec center!
It’s like a subscription to my brain!
Were not talking computer programming, here.
search for plane tickets so they could visit…..
if nobody else likes it, to Hell with ’em.
I dont remember the last time Ive had more fun on a weekday.
Can you even believe that he did that?
This year-long gig, though, hasnt been as linguistically rigorous as I had hoped.
She didn’t like it.
I try not to use it at all.
That’s one little twisted power…..
will come back to haunt me later.
with my dramatic vexation and flabberghasted silence.
what the hell has happened with marriage in this country?
I’m in the clear and won’t expect to get sick for another five years or so.
I am in a battle of ethics.
Fabulous excuse, don’t you think?
I use it rarely….
it’s something I would later regret.
Today I had popcorn and dried cranberries for lunch.
like to see him suffer for a little while and mull over the pain he caused us.
Why not stick around to see how it all turns out?
If she were smart, she would run.
Dad took me out to dinner at a sports bar.
Another part of me says…..
I think I managed a shrug.
I want a bioluminescent dinoflagellate of my very own.
I am a giant maki roll.
I don’t have any desire to destroy him like that..
How I got from fried eggs to gay marriage.
I was sick all of fall break, as luck will have it.
I wanted to share this to…..
A Bit of History ~ And Onward!
if I told him my true thoughts, it would destroy him.
Hell Frozen Over?
I’m his little girl.
I remembered the conversation my mom and I had.
Aren’t I considerate?
I’ve read the most depressing play of all time.
I got some things accomplished over break.
she would be ten times more shocked than me.
people could probably use a break from me anyway.
Nothing my mother could say to him would hurt him as much as…..
TI’m angry is, though, that I’m quiet and then I’m a volcano.
I think I even pushed the plate from me and inhaled my Coke to stop the sickness in my stomach.
Like Mom, perhaps?
Escape From Technology!
I don’t want there to be secrets between us.
I feel like a slush-soaked mitten.
Suddenly my chicken sandwich was not so appetizing.
For fear that one day I would be putting my own daughter through this.
I have my giant cashmere scarf wrapped around me about four times.
Fall break had it’s moments of surrealism.