1. What is the most important piece of clothing in your closet and why?
2. What trend do you secretly wish you could wear but think you look ridiculous in? Go on a mission to find a way to make it work, and blog about it
3.  What was your first big fashion purchase?
4.  Take your best friend out shopping. Each of you is allowed to pick out and buy one outfit for the other. Blog about the result!
5.  Denim showcase – how many pairs of jeans do you have in your closet? Try on and style every single last pair and put it all up as a fun collage, listing interesting fit details about each.
6.  Create an about video.
7.  Play with prose or poetry. Pick your favorite style quote and then free write in response to it.
8.  Great alternatives – find eco or social good alternatives to basic staples in everyone’s closet like denim, yoga pants, beach dresses, even underwear.
9.  Style evolution – talk about how your style has evolved over the years and where it is today. Consider how music, friends and fashion trends influenced your self-expression
10. Give yourself a week to dress in just 8 different pieces of clothing. Blog about the result.
11. Choose the fashion era that has always appealed to you the most and give your readers a little history lesson. 
12. Write about the 5 brands, campaigns or designers that have had the biggest impact on you.
13. What is one outfit you wish you could do-over and why?
14. What is the biggest fashion deal you have scored in your life?
15. Who are 5 style bloggers you admire and why?