Blog writing ideas:
– Write about yourself, your passions and why you got involved in your field.
– Your book tells the “how” but your blogs can be more personal, telling the story about “why”.
– Write about a topic in your industry on which you can provide some thought leadership.
– A current event that you have an opinion on where you can provide some insight.
– Conference, event or speaking engagement you attended.
– A Review or Q&A section, where you field/answer questions from other industry experts or peers.
– It’s a treasure trove of effective and …..
– walk around in their shoes” a little bit.
– A time when you messed up—big time!
– One moment that changed your life forever
– The worst party you’ve ever been to
– The hardest lesson you had to learn
– That one time you almost died
– The most annoying post on social media
– The best tech tool (or app) you use
– When you hit rock bottom
– When you discovered your true talent

Blog Ideas:
1. List Post – short and bulleted list of thing you love
2. Recommended Reading – recommend a favorite book and highlight how it can also help your audience
3. Resource List – list of links and helpful resources for your audience
4. How-To – walk your readers through a simple process
5. Interview – request interviews with other bloggers or leaders in your field
6. Personal Anecdote – tell a personal story with a big lesson at the end
7. Big Failure Post – share a vulnerable moment with your audience, a time when you failed and what value that failure brought you in the end.
8. Favorite Things – list some of your favorite apps, programs or tech tools,Fashion (anything that makes your life better, share it!)
9. Favorite Follows – create a post to showcase all of your favorite social media accounts that you follow
10. Answer a Question – use a post to publicly answer a question from a reader
11. Look at your blog analytics and write down your 5 most popular posts.
12. Now brainstorm 2 follow up posts for each of those posts.
13. After reading those popular posts, did your readers have any follow-up questions? Answer them with a blog post.
14. Have you performed audience research? Review yourresults to discover new topics your audience is interested in.
15. Ask on social media. Even if you have performed formal audience research, asking your social followers what they’d like to see on your blog can uncover a treasure trove of interesting ideas.
16. Look at other leaders in your field or industry and see what sort of topics they cover.
17. Check the social media accounts of others in your same niche. Are any of their social posts getting a lot of interaction? How can you blog about that topic?
18. Is there breaking news or new research in your industry? Cover that for your audience!
19. Facebook Groups are a great way to engage with people around a single topic. Hang out in these niche Facebook Groups to see what conversations are happening. What questions are being asked? What problems are they encountering? These are all great starting points for blog post ideas.
20. Pretend you have all the research and writing time in the world. Now write 10 fictional blog post titles you would write if you had infinite time and energy. How can you adapt these fictional posts to posts you can actually write?
21. What are some questions you have for leaders in your field? Pretend someone is asking you those same questions. Respond with a blog post.
22. Disagree with a popular opinion? These make for great blog post because they can create great dialogue.

23. Weekly features are a great way to get your readers coming back to you every week. Pick a theme you want to cover on a weekly basis and start creating content.
A. Friday Finds: showcase something new you discovered
B. Weekend Reading: share what you are reading over the weekend
C. Weekly Roundup: share a few resources, articles, or products that can help your audience

24. Twitter is a treasure trove of people constantly asking questions and posting opinions. Search a hashtag and get started making a list of blog post ideas.
125. If there are magazines or media companies in your niche, look at the type of content they are creating. As a writing exercise take one of their headlines and write your own post to fit it. If you choose to publish it, come up with an original headline.

* Imagine that you are moving to a new country. Where would you go? Choose a country
anywhere in the world and pretend that it is your new home. Imagine that you have lived
there for almost a year and are adapting to your surroundings. Write a letter to someone
you know to tell him or her about your new life. Let them know all of the things that
they would have to get used to if they, too, were to move to this country.
You will have to start by researching your country. Find out everything you can about
your new home. You will need to know things about the climate and environment there,
the kinds of people you will find, the languages spoken there, and all the things that you
will need for survival like food, clothing, and shelter.
Next, think about all of the adjustments that you would have to make moving to a new
place. What would be different? You may want to include in your letter things like what
food you eat, what you wear, what kind of jobs people have, how yo u communicate with
the people around you, what kind of house you live in, and what the environment around
you is like. What is the best and worst part about living in this new place? Is there
anything that is the same? How have you changed your life to adapt to your new surroundings?