# I woke up in the middle of the night to something standing at the foot of my bed.
# Another headstone disappeared out of the cemetery today.
# “I can’t believe we’ve been here less than fifteen minutes and we’re already lost in a corn field.”
# “It’s only on fire a little bit. You can still use it.”
# Today I found out that popcorn made a great improvised weapon.
# “Midnight. Bring everything and come alone. I’ll be waiting.”
# The town looked normal enough, until you actually tried to talk to somebody.
# The Year When Nothing Good Happened
# I am Death: This Is My Story
# How To Domesticate Dragons: Part 1
# A Novice at Quantum Physics: Quantum Mechanics for Dummies
# I Spent a Week Waiting For The Love of My Life, Then Said “Fuck it” and Moved On
# Spring break teenagers on a road trip.
# that’s not our luggage. And that’s definitely not our suitcase full of drugs.
# The old house was perfect and neat and covered in green foliage and colorful flowers. They thought it looked rather like a gnome house, with its tiny windows and mushrooms in the front yard, and they found it unsettling and surprisingly creepy.
# Person: A cafe employee waiting for a late delivery truck.
# Place: The nearly empty parking lot in front of the cafe.
# Thing: A delivery of something besides the expected groceries.


Character’s Name (first, middle, last)
Character’s Nickname(s)
Name pronunciation
Origin of name
Sexual orientation
Hair color
Eye color
Right/left handed/ambidextrous

Clothing preferences
Favorite possession
Grooming habits

Family and Relationships:
Marital Status
Significant Other
Close relatives
Non-close relatives

The religion they follow (if any)

Country of Birth
Place of Birth (State, city, etc)
First Language

Highest Education
Home-schooled/public school/private school
Favorite subject
Favorite teacher
Least favorite subject
Least favorite teacher
Average grade
Study habits
Special education
Graduating year

Employment history
Work space
Mode of Transportation
Total income
Co-worker relationships
Work ethic

Rent or Own
House, apartment, etc
Mode of transportation
Living space
Inner Workings Of Your Character:

Eating Habits
Food preferences
Sleep preferences
Work preferences
Book preferences
Music preferences
Pet peeves
Proud of
Biggest vulnerability
Embarrassed by
Worst memory
Best memory
Earliest memory
Fondest memory
Skilled at
Unskilled at
Handicaps (physical)
Handicaps (emotional/psychological)
Medical history
Perception and outlook on life
Soft spots

Verbal quirks
Physical quirks
Work habits
Sleeping habits
Annoying habits
Irrational habits
Eating habits
Healthy habits
Unhealthy habits
Drinking habits

Objects Kept In – And Why:
Their closet
Their bedroom
Their purse/bag
Their fridge
Their car
Their desk
Their pockets
Their junk drawer
Their glove compartment
Their backpack
Their locker
Their car trunk
Their wallet
Their suitcase

Favorite book
Favorite movie
Favorite hobby
Favorite animal
Favorite color
Favorite season
Favorite food
Favorite drink
Favorite time of day
Favorite song
Favorite music genre
Favorite memory
Favorite band
Favorite words
Favorite subject
Favorite number
Favorite TV-show
Favorite place

Least Favorite:
Least favorite book
Least favorite movie
Least favorite hobby
Least favorite animal
Least favorite color
Least favorite season
Least favorite food
Least favorite drink
Least favorite time of day
Least favorite song
Least favorite music genre
Least favorite memory
Least favorite band
Least favorite words
Least favorite subject
Least favorite number
Least favorite TV-show
Least favorite place

Political preference
Prized possessions
Special/favorite memories
Time and date of birth
What they love
What they hate
Social class
Blood type
Speech impediments
Spending habits

# Footsteps in the attic woke them.
# “I don’t know how you did it, but you just broke seventeen computers in half an hour. We’ll never be master hackers at this rate.”
# He knocked on her door at ten minutes to midnight.
# We’re chaperoning a bus full of kids on their way to the zoo and the bus breaks down. Now there’s 30 grumpy kids we need to keep entertained and I find you’re really good with kids and holy crap that’s kind of attractive.
# You’re ringing me out at the register and I can feel the questions you want to ask because I’m buying balloons and chocolate sauce and q-tips and a pineapple. Stop judging me it’s for a prank I swear.
# I slam on my breaks to avoid hitting a dog but you end up running into my car instead. At first you’re mad because hello, both our cars are dented now but then you don’t mind so much because it turns out it’s your dog.
# It’s cold and icy outside and I slip on a small hill and slide down like an out of control hockey puck and I completely bowl you over and we both end up sliding the rest of the way down the hill.
# We are two months away from Christmas and I can hear you playing non stop Christmas music even though we live a whole floor apart in our apartment building. I go up to tell you to chill, dude but uh oh you’re cute and you offer me cookies and eggnog.


# “If you try to steal my cat one more time I’m going to booby-trap my front porch.”
# “Look, I gotta go overthrow a branch of the government, can we do this after I get back?”
# They waited and waited through storms and nights and sunshine and snow and holidays and nightmares and birthdays and slowly pieced themselves back together, but she was gone, and there was nothing they could do about it.
# The first time I saw a dead body across my History classroom, I almost fell out of my chair.
# The thief hadn’t always lived there.
# The ancient safe had sat in the attic for as long as anyone could remember.
# She’d had a ghost in her house for three years.
# I walk into the stock room at work and you’re halfway through a window and seem to be balancing on a stack of boxes. You don’t even work here what the HELL do you think you’re doing.
# You’re my neighbor and it just snowed like two feet in six hours and the whole street is snowed it. I catch you building a snowman army in your backyard and I decide to join you by starting a snowball fight.
# We’re researching the same art piece at a museum for a school paper and we get into so many arguments about the symbolism that the security guard has to escort us out.
# If you set off one more firework at 3 am I will fight you.
# Howdy new neighbor I know you probably don’t know my name but you smiled at me the other day and you seem pretty nice so can you please help me and kill the giant spider in my kitchen. I will gift you with food.


# Her journey led her to a desert where it never rained and footsteps never faded.
# The first murder happened in the middle of the night. The night was dark and cold, and only one house had their lights on.
# “I don’t care if you panic, just panic quietly.”
# I work next door to where you work and one day you run in asking for 6 bags of ice from our freezer and I demand to know why.
# You’re a firefighter and I have to explain to you why and how I managed to catch my metal work desk on fire.
# You’re my neighbor in an apartment building and all of a sudden the fire alarm goes off and next thing you know we’re stuck outside in three inches of snow. You were smart enough to grab a blanket. Can we share please I’m freezing.
# I own a taxi and this is the third time in a week that you’ve jumped in and said “Follow that car.” I’m not taking you anywhere until you tell me what the heck you’re doing and why.
# I’m sorry I started reading over your shoulder on the bus and I’m extra sorry I started commentating on it.
# “So, yeah. Maybe buying a creepy doll on the day before Halloween wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever head. But since we have it, what are we gonna do with it?”
# There was an abandoned house at the end of the street. They didn’t know who, if anyone, owned it, and they thought it would stay that way. So it was a surprise to the whole town when a sign appeared, crooked and black and hanging on the fence, that proclaimed “Enter”.
# Everyone came for miles to see the witch.
# “If that pumpkin gets stuck on your head I’m not helping you get it off.”
# The night was dark and cold when all the candles on the street winked out in one breath.

# “It’s 2am and you’re deciding you want to go on an adventure now?”
# Your message made me smile like a loon
# This is the only apartment left that isn’t thirty miles away from our college and we have to share it because we both procrastinated until the last minute. Please don’t be a weirdo.
# We’ve never met but our mutual friends can’t mind their own business and keep trying to set us up in increasingly ridiculous ways.
# I’m your new neighbor and you bring me a pizza my first night in my new house because we don’t have electricity yet.
# I wake you up in the middle of the night because, yeah, I know it’s 3 am but I need cookies that I don’t have and I’m trying to bake but I’m out of eggs. Can I borrow some please?
# Your cat wanders into my house and I thought it was a stray so I adopted it and fed it and bought it a collar and toys and a bed and now we’re fighting over who gets to keep the cat.
# You’re my seatmate on an airplane and we just dropped like forty feet. Now you’re in my lap and won’t let go.
# It’s 4 o’clock in the morning and we both ended up at a dingy diner and we’re the only people here besides the waitress. Can I buy you a cup of coffee?
# You’re a night guard at a museum. I’m a thief. You catch me trying to steal an ugly painting off the wall.
# We’ve never met but we’re accidentally wearing matching Halloween costumes to this party.
# We live in the same dorm and for some reason you’re wandering around at 3am. I’m pretty sure you’re sleep walking and I don’t know if I need to wake you up – DON’T COME IN MY ROOM WHAT ARE YOU DOING.
# The day started with a problem, as Mondays are apt to do.
# “If you change your mind, send me the coin. I’ll know what it means.”
# “You know, looking back now. I realize that could have gone a whole lot better.”


# The world sort of shimmered as it faded away.
# It was only noon and I had been shot twice and hit over the head with a flower vase. I’d hate to see what the rest of the day has in store for me.
# “…and then she screamed, I screamed, we both hit the ground, and the pumpkin exploded. I then realized that letting them in the kitchen was a very bad idea.”
# My backpack made a noise. I got some strange looks.
# “Look. Whenever the thing that’s trying to kill you suddenly runs away, it doesn’t mean he’s scared of you. It means there’s something giant and horrifying behind you about to eat your face off.”
# I found it on the roof, thrown halfway across the chimney and hanging upside down near the gutter.
# I wanted to find out why the old abandoned shed in the woods had a new lock on the door.
# “If you don’t stop trying to summon demons in my living room I’m going to smack you.”
# My day started with a phone call and ended chasing an enraged dinosaur down main street.
# We have mutual friends who demand a road trip together. We’re the only ones left after everyone gets drunk and passed out in the back of the van and there’s no one left to talk to besides each other.
#“Holy crap did you just stab a demon?”
# You can’t cook and keep setting the fire alarms off and I’m trying to study dammit. I’m going to teach you how to cook if it’s the last thing I do.
# Oh shit you’re not actually a burglar. Um…oops?
# My car broke down and you’re the only human I’ve seen for hours please don’t be a serial killer.
# “You don’t look half bad for a dead man.”
# The town looked like it needed a quote from Dante’s Inferno stamped somewhere.
# “I don’t want to solve my own murder. This is stupid, and should be impossible.”
# “So, basically, I look like I’ve been mauled by a werewolf. That’s not surprising since that’s exactly what happened.“
# “Well, we saved the world again. How long do you think it’s going to last this time around?”