1. A girl decides to visit the lake where a vile creature lived. Turns out she is a sweetheart and they fall in love.
  2. Child gets abducted but escapes, and finds themselves in a strange land.
  3. A figure escapes from a painting, and is found by a guy. Said figure is also a hot guy. Eventually the painting guy has to return to his painting but said painting goes on auction and the human buys it so his lover can be with him forever. When the human dies of old age, the painting is destoried in a freak accident.
  4. Write about what a dog (or any pet) thinks about some of their human’s items.

Person A:Dude I really wish I had a date…
Person A has a fear of blood and can be quick to faint if they get a cut, especially a deep one. While cutting something for a meal, the knife slips and they end up with a small cut on their finger. They begin to panic and Person B rushes in to help. B begins to ramble on (to try and calm A down) everything they know about cuts and blood. Instead of panicking Person A just stares as B for a solid 30 seconds then asks “How do you know that? Are you a serial killer?” Person B pauses for a while then, “… a writer.”
Person A: Dude I can feel the cold killing me. The worst place to be stuck in the cold is a car.
Person A: We must use our body heat to warm each other, I know it’s weird. Don’t you want to live though?
Person A:Why are you crying?
Person A has a huge crush on Person B who they happen to sit near several times a day. Person A tries to sneak a pic of B to send to their friends so they can properly fawn over how cute/hot Person B is. What they don’t realize is that their flash is on and Person B notices what A is doing. Instead of being angry or freaked out they just say, “If you really wanted a picture, you could at least make it flattering. That really isn’t my good side…”
Person A and B are cuddling on the couch together watching a movie late at night. Person B (who tends to sleep talk) falls asleep and A doesn’t notice. B begins saying progressively weirder stuff until they finally mutter “I love you.” A internally freaks out and grabs B’s hand then says “I love you too.” Person B wakes up confused and terrified because it was the first time they ever said I love you to each other.
Person A has to leave Person B home alone for a weekend while visiting family. Person B says that they’ll just do some work and try to clean the house while they’re gone. Person A comes home to Person B asleep at 3 pm in a pillow fort with a cat that they didn’t own before Person A left.
Person A gets the lead in a play that Person B is in costume crew for. Person A is constantly ripping their costume and after a lot of repairing the director assigns Person B to watch over Person A the entire time they’re in costume… even when changing.
Person B is really shy and tries to look away when Person A changes but before they can A just rips off their clothes.
Person A is partnered with Person B for a school project. B is known to get super good grades so A expects them to do all the work. Turns out that Person B did NONE of it until the day before the due date and calls A to come over at midnight for them to help finish it. They end up having to pull an all-nighter together alone (wink wink).
Person A is a super sensitive person and Person B is pretty much emotionless. One time when Person B decides to bake for Person A they drop the tray of (ex. cookies, muffins, cake) and start bawling before they realize Person A just got home. After Person B is done crying and Person A is consoling them B turns and say “No one will ever believe you.”
Person A is SUPER good at ice skating and decides to take Person B with them. Person B absolutely sucks at skating but decides to give it a chance to hang out with Person A. When Person B keeps falling and basically being a disgrace on the ice Person A decides to take it slow and teach them. They end up holding hands the rest of the time to keep Person B steady (and maybe because they are totally in love wink wink).

Teacher AU Prompts:

  • Person A is the band teacher and Person B is the orchestra teacher. The 2 constantly compete with each other on which music group can play the more complicated song and how many more students get awards. They begin play concerts together and merging classes more and students start to ship it. (Could involve making out in practice rooms…) OT3 Bonus: Person C is the choir teacher and catches Person A and B making out after school.
  • Due to renovations of the school Person A and Person B’s classes get combined into 1 classroom. Students begin shipping them and slipping little notes to them or asking them if they’re dating. The two start dating and when Person B is out of the classroom for a few minutes Person A (with the help of the students of course) proposes to them at the end of the school year.
  • Person A and B teach the same subject at school. Person A is the new, bright and bubbly teacher and Person B is the cynical teacher who has been teaching here for years. They have to interact a lot due to teaching the same stuff and begin dating. Eventually they both announce separately that they are marrying someone but don’t mention who except that they are another teacher. Kids begin making guesses and interrogating all the teachers at school.
  • Person A and B teach across the hall from each other. One day after school Person A hears B scream from across the hallway. When A runs over, worried that B is hurt, they see that B is only screaming because their students did incredibly badly on a test. The same thing happens several times that week and eventually Person A offers to grade B’s papers for them.
  • At the end of the summer/start of the school year, Person A and B are at the school to decorate their classrooms that are next door to each other. Person B hears a loud crash from A’s classroom and rushes over to see what happened. Person A had fallen off a ladder while trying to hang posters on the wall. Person B ends up staying with and holding A’s hand until an ambulance arrives. The school year starts with Person A’s arm broken (and also maybe a crush on a certain teacher…)
  • Person A and B are two teachers that started dating at the beginning of the school year. Neither of them tell any other teachers or students about it. One day Person B accidentally wears Person A’s shirt to school. At first it’s no big deal but students begin to notice that they seem to be sharing clothes a LOT. When a students asks Person B about it they get really flustered and start blushing only to have Person A walk into their class wearing B’s clothes.

Valetine´s prompts:
Person A wants to make a really big romantic gesture for Person B. But due to a bunch of mess ups like their reservation is cancelled, the store runs out of candy, etc. They never end up being able to do it and Person A gets really upset. Person B comforts them with cuddles while watching netflix and eating dollar store choclate.

– Person A finally works up their courage to ask Person B out on Valentine’s day but has no idea on how to exactly do it. When Person B approaches Person A they get all flustered and instead of asking Person B “Would you please consider being my Valentine?” Person A asks, “Valentine me please.”

– Person A is known to be really smooth at flirting and decides to ask Person B out on Valentine’s day. When Person A goes up to Person B they expect Person A to have a smooth pick-up line, instead they come out and use a super cheesy pun to ask Person B out.

– Person A tells Person B that they have a “special Valentine’s day suprise” for them in a really sultry voice. Person B, expecting it to be a new sexy outfit, strips down to their underwear (or nothing) and waits for them. When Person A comes out they’re wearing a penguin onesie and holding 6 boxes of choclate.

– Person A is alone AGAIN on Valentine’s day and gets tired after seeing all of their friends being in relationships being super romantic. They decide to head to a bar to forget about it. At the bar Person A meets up with Person B who is doing the exact same thing. After getting drunk together they end up heading home together. Person A later describes it as “the first Valentine’s I actually had a date”.

– Person A is trying to be super romantic on Valentine’s day by laying on the bed in a sexy outfit. When Person B tries to walk over to the bed they trip and face plant into the floor. Person A can’t stop laughing even when they realize that Person B’s nose is broken. Valentine’s day ends up being spent with Person A in a robe and lingerie in a hospital while getting Person B’s nose fixed.
Person A and B are driving and Person A accidentally runs into Person B’s car. Person B jumps out, furious, and is prepared to scream at Person A but is absolutely floored by how gorgeous they are and stop short. The two exchange phone numbers for “insurance” purposes and end up going on a date to “discuss insurance details”.
Person A is super into decorating for holidays and Person B is the exact opposite. They are cuddling on the couch late the night before Valentine’s day. Person B asks about Person A not decorating and they shrug it off. As soon as it hits midnight Person A jumps up, pulls out every thing possibly related to Valentine’s day and rips off their clothes to reveal a costume.

Two rival coworkers get assigned to the same hotel room during a company retreat. They think they can grin and bear it, but then they get snowed in for the weekend. Do they fall in love, or do they plot their revenge?
Fresh from college, a new graduate gets their dream job. But when they show up for their first day of work, things seem… strange. And no one will tell them what happened to the last intern.
A new renter’s upstairs neighbors won’t stop stomping around during the odd hours of the night. Fed up, the renter goes to confront them, but it turns out nobody’s living there. In fact, no one has ever rented that apartment since the building’s completion.
It’s a small town, and any scandal can ruin you forever, but that doesn’t stop a woman in an unhappy marriage from filing for divorce. To make things worse, her husband is the mayor.
Mary is a happily married woman with two kids and a dog. One night, a visitor comes to her door, claiming to be her partner’s former lover. What does the visitor want?
A recently retired lawyer receives a mysterious letter calling him to return to a beach he hasn’t visited since childhood.
Write from the perspective of an old house watching a family move in and, gradually, move out.
Two adult siblings prepare to head home for a tense holiday season–Mom’s remarried, and no one likes her new husband.
An estranged family decides to meet up for a family reunion at a ski resort deep in the mountains to reconnect. As soon as they get there, things start to go wrong.
Anthony’s never heard a sound from his next door neighbors, and when he knocks, no one is ever home. One day, all the lights are on, and the front door is wide open. What does he find?
A detective duo takes shelter from a snowstorm in a small town where there’s been a string of murders. They don’t plan to stay long, but there’s something strange about the people here. Something that makes them unfriendly and skittish.
It’s been a few hundred years since the war that ended civilization as we know it. One group of people travels from town to town playing old jazz music on scavenged instruments. Write about their journey across America.
At a company Christmas party, a worker decides to finally let her boss know everything that’s been bothering her about this job.
The new resident living in 111B has been acting strangely. Write from the perspective of the landlord inspecting the apartment when the resident’s out one weekend.
A woman gets a phone call from the same man every Friday night. Eventually, she falls in love and agrees to run away with him. When she meets him at the spot they chose, what happens?
A CEO goes on an island retreat in the hopes of brokering a deal with another company. Write the emails he sends home as he slowly goes insane.
Matt’s lived in his small town his whole life. One morning, he wakes up and realizes he’s the only person left on Earth.
Write from the perspective of a woman who decides to quit her job in the big city and work on a farm in the middle of nowhere.
Everyone thinks the king has gone mad and moves to remove him from the throne, but in truth, the king isn’t mad–his son has just convinced everyone that he is. Write from the perspective of the king as he seizes back control over his court.
One day, a man decides to move his entire family to a remote island far from the American Coast. Write from the perspective of his wife.

Writing Prompts for High Schoolers
Two best friends get stood up on the night of homecoming. Instead of going home, they decide to make their own fun at the dance.
It’s the night of the big Varsity football game, and one student notices that the opposing football team has been infiltrated by vampires.
Two teenagers are head over heels and things are looking good, until one of them has to move across the country for their parents’ job. Write the letters they send each other as they try to make long-distance work.
A pair of high school sweethearts are planning to go to college together. One of them gets an acceptance letter, and the other one doesn’t. What happens next?
It’s the first day of school, and there’s a new kid in town. No one knows where he came from, and when people talk to him, something seems… strange.
There’s a new French teacher every year. A group of students decides to find out why they keep quitting, and why each new hire is stranger than the last.
A new student decides to join the Chess Club to make some friends, but finds that the students are cold and unwelcoming. They decide to stay anyway, determined to defeat them in the District Tournament.
The high school marching band has earned a perfect score at competition every year, until this year. What goes wrong?
A teenaged kid gets expelled from high school, and in the hopes of whipping them into shape, their parents send them to an old boarding school on the East Coast. There’s no cell service or Internet, and at night, the kid hears strange noises on the water.
Three friends decide to start a cryptid hunting club. They’re mostly in it for the jokes, but one night, they find something lurking in the woods near the school.
Write the diary of a teenager sent to live with her wealthy, eccentric aunt shortly after the death of her parents.
Write from the perspective of the cheerleading captain as she decides to leave the captain of the football team for the captain of the dance team.
Sadie’s best friend moved out of town when they were kids, but she’s come back for their senior year of high school. They decide to reconnect over the summer. What happens?
When a zombie outbreak strikes town, the high school students and staff are locked in the high school. What happens next?
Write the social media posts that one local teenager wrote in the leadup to their mysterious disappearance over the summer.
During a tornado drill, two students break into the principal’s office and find something neither of them could have prepared for.

Villain + Hero Prompts:
• “Is that all you got?” “You don’t know what you’re asking for.” “Oh I sure do.”
• “Can you hold off on the fighting for just a second?” “Why would I do that?” “Because I wanna get a good look at your cute face before I might have to pummel it.”
• Person A and Person B both growing up together but one has to move away only to later rediscover each other in the middle of a tough fight
• “Why won’t you just give up? You know that you’re gonna lose and go to jail.” “Yeah, but this is the only time I get to spend with you.”
• “Hey, I know this is a fight and all but can you avoid hitting the face? I just wanna look good for the cameras after this over.”

New Year’s Prompts:
• Persom A complaining about how they’ve never had a New Year’s kiss before so Person B surprises them with a kiss when the clock strikes midnight.
• Person A being super sleepy and falling asleep way before midnight so Person B waked them up at 11:59 so they can kiss at midnight before tucking them back in bed.
• Person C being upset that Person A and B are dating so they have a kiss at midnight and when A and B notice they decided to each give Person C a kiss on the cheek at midnight.
• Person A goes to get something from another room not realizing it’s almost midnight and when they do realize they sprint and parkour across the house to kiss Person B on midnight.

Imagine Your OTP:
Imagine Person A and Person B both rushing to find a last minute gift for [insert holiday here] and both reaching for the same item at the same time. When they find out it’s the last one in stock they begin arguing over who should get it with Person A agreeing that Person B can get the gift if they agree to give them their number.
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College AU Prompts:
• Person A just got to college and it’s the first time they’ve ever been away from their parents more then a couple of days. When Person B shows up in their dorm they have to comfort Person A before they know anything about them.
• Person A trying to finish something for their class but their laptop all of a sudden dies so Person B runs around trying to find a laptop for them to use.
• Person A is an art major while Person B is a business major and they constantly tease each other about it.
• Person A making fun of people on their college football team falling in love with one of the players, Person B.

Light Based Prompts:
• Sunlight: Person A and Person B waking up to see the light shining in the window while they’re cuddled up together.
• Moonlight: Person A and Person B sitting outside together late at night and as the temperature begins to drop they snuggle up together.
• Starlight: Person A has always lived in big cities so they haven’t been able to see the stars well so Person B drives them out, far away from the city, to show them what the stars really look like.
• Streetlight: Person A always wanted to go on late night walks but was to nervous to do so alone, Person B then decides to make a date out of it and they go on a midnight walk holding hands.
• Candlelight: After the sun has set the power goes out so Person A and Person B have to scramble to find enough candles to light up their house.

Christmas Prompts:
• Person A trying to set up the tree for Christmas but Person B has to pick Person A up for them to put ornaments on the tree because they’re so short.
• Person A getting frustrated when wrapping presents while Person B being able to quickly wrap beautiful presents and A being absolutely amazed and jealous.
• Person A being sad when they weren’t able to buy a real tree to decorate for Christmas so Person B buys a little bonsai tree for them to decorate, even though it’s only a foot tall.
• Person A and B decorating their house/apartment together and when Person A goes to another room to grab some more ornaments they hear Person B yell. When they rush back into the room they see Person B has somehow tangled themself into the Christmas lights and fell over.
• Person A waking up on Christmas morning and being confused to find only one small box under the tree. Person B acts like everything is normal and convinces Person A to open it and when they open it they just see a note and an engagement ring.

Winter Prompts
• Person A and B’s heater go out so they have to cuddle together by a fire to try and stay warm.
• Person A has never seen snow before so Person B gets to watch Person A see it for the first time and look utterly amazed.
• Person A waking up to see that Person B has decorated their entire house for the holidays overnight by themselves.
• Person A having to wear multiple jackets, scarves, and hats to stay warm outside while Person B is still in a t-shirt and shorts.
• Person A trying to decorate for the holidays while Person B teases them about how it’s still months until then.

Thanksgiving Prompts
• Person A not being able to see their family for Thamksgiving so Person B invites A to visit B’s family. Bonus: Person B’s family assumes they’re dating even if they’re not.
• Person A always gets hounded for not having a date for Thankgiving dinner so they get Person B to pretend to be their date in return for free food.
• Person A bringing Person B to meet their family for the first time at Thanksgiving and Person A’s family gets into a huge, drama filled argument while Person B is just trying to eat.
• Person A wants to make a big Thanksgiving meal but for some reason nothing works out so Person A and B just sit together and eat instant ramen together for Thanksgiving.

Halloween Prompts
• Person A and B accidentally show up in matching Halloween costumes and everyone mistaking them as a couple.
• Person A thinking that Person B is staring at them because B is just someone creepy but when B tells them that they actually recognize that A dressed up as an obscure character and they get really excited to talk about their obscure show/movie/book together.
• Person A asking Person B out on Halloween using the line “Will you be my boo?” And after Person B is done rolling their eyes at the pun they say yes.
• Person A is trying to really pull off their Halloween costume so they don’t wear their glasses but they have Person B guide them around to keep A from tripping over things.
• Person A getting super freaked out by Person B’s creepy costume but when B takes off their mask A realizes that they’re absolutely gorgeous.

Dialogue Prompts
• “Hey did you do last night’s homework?” “We had homework!? Oh my God no.” “Ha just kidding, I just wanted to freak you out.”
• “I’m so sore right now…” “Do you want me to kiss it better?” “That’s very sweet but if you touch me I might punch you.”
• “Ooo this candle smells so nice.” “No, we do not need anymore candles.” “But it smells like pumpkin…”
• “I don’t wanna walk any further.” “Babe, I’m smaller than you I can’t carry you.” “…Will you try?”

Magic AU Prompts

  • “Your bf/gf was being a jerk and so I turned them into a frog and wow you’re cuter than I expected, and you’re thankful I did that?” AU
  • “You saw me turn our dog into a horse for a minute and now you’re freaking out because you think I’m gonna do it to you… I’m sorry” AU
  • “I saw you turn our cat into a person because he wouldn’t stop meowing and the only thing he said was ‘You suck,’ and now I can’t stop laughing. Wait… that means you’re MAGIC, WHAT?!” AU
  • “I was trying to take you on a romantic date near a forest but all the trees were brown and ugly so I said ‘F**k it,’ and used my magic to make them pretty again and you’ve abandoned the date completely because you wanna know how I did it” AU
  • “I’m really scared of the dark and we just had a power outage and to comfort me you used your magic to make lights and I appreciate that but you do realize that we have flashlights and candles right?” AU
  • “The toaster stopped working and you have to be at work in 10 minutes and so you just used some magic to toast your bagel and you burned yourself but I don’t know how to help magical burns” AU
  • “I’m being bullied and you’ve started messing with them using magic and you’re the only person who’s helped me and thank you so much” AU
  • “You don’t know a single thing about magic but I just accidentally turned nyself into a talking cat and you’re the only person who can help me because I DON’T HAVE OPPOSABLE THUMBS ANYMORE. Also did anyone ever tell you that you suck at magic stuff big time?” AU
  • “I have a crush on you and I tried to make a love potion to make you fall in love with me but I messed up somehow and now you’re glaring at me because I just threw a bottle at you while yelling ‘LOVE ME,’ at you” AU

Punk!Person A/Pastel!Person B Prompts

  • “I have to introduce you to my friends and you look like a teddy bear compared to our biker gang looking group, oh god.” AU
  • “I have to introduce you to my friends and you look like you could murder all of us with your eyeliner and black leather, they will be terrified.” AU
  • “You are trying to fit in with me as a super punk kid and honestly you’re trying so hard but jesus does it look bad.” AU
  • “You came over to my house and forgot a shirt. Wait, all of my shirts are really bright, pastel shirts and I’m so sorry you have to wear these.” AU
  • “Everytime people see us messing around they think you’re bullying me because you look hard af. And now they think those hickeys you gave me are bruises…” AU
  • “We have to do a couple’s costume for something and we decide to dress up as each other and you keep getting intimidated by me because I’m not wearing only light colors for once.” AU
  • “Even though you look really intimadating you still get picked on and now you’re screaming because I punched your bully directly in the face. Oh great, my favorite pastel pink shirt has blood on it now.” AU
  • “I forgot to mention I got a tongue piercing awhile ago and you start screaming while we were making out.” AU
  • “We sit next to each other in class and both doodle a crap ton on our papers. Even though you’re super punk you’re doodling little cute hearts and I’m drawing skulls and other dark stuff and everyone is really confused.” AU

Domestic OTP Prompts

  • Person A falling asleep watching a movie with Person B so B carries A to their bed. Bonus: Person A wakes up in B’s arms but pretends to still be asleep so they can be carried to bed.
  • Person A and B going grocery shopping together and Person A ends up holding B up to grab something off the top shelf.
  • Person A and B going to a shelter/pet store and looking carefully at each of the animals trying to decide which one to get. Bonus: They keep pointing out which dog/cat looks like the other person most.
  • Person A trying to pay bills while Person B watches them. Person B gets fed up with A looking miserable and frustrated so they drag them away and watch TV together.
  • Person A sleeps in late and wakes up to Person B cooking breakfast in the morning. A walks into the kitchen and just wraps their arms around B while they continue to cook.
  • Person B has to get dressed up for a nice event. B is struggling with their tie/dress/suit and can’t get it right. Person A is surprisingly good at fixing it and Person B asks them how they did it.
  • Person A leaving Person B little notes all over their house/apartment that say stuff like “Reminder: I love you.” and “Hey, you’re the best!” Person B then responds by leaving sticky notes for Person A around. Bonus: The notes that B leaves say stuff like “Of course I’m the best.” and “I love me too.”
  • Person A and B buy their first house together. When they finally start to move in Person B is in shock and just wanders around the house marveling at what they’ve just done.
  • Person A makes lunch for both them and Person B. B doesn’t like crusts on their sandwiches so A (even though they don’t really like the crust) eats it for them.

School AU Prompts:

  • “ I accidentally grabbed your notebook and I found a crap ton of gay writings/doodles and they’re amazing. Wait, are those combinations of our names all over the pages?” AU
  • “I have no one to sit with at lunch so I sat at your table and now your friends are not-so subtly kicking you under the table. Now they’re very loudly whispering that your crush has shown up and oh my god. I have never seen you this red by the way.” AU
  • “I’m much taller than you but you have the locker above my mine. Now I have to awkwardly crouch underneath you twice a day and I almost headbutted you in the crotch, I’m sorry.” AU
  • “It’s the middle of a class but I had to go to the bathroom and I can hear you scream singing Broadway musicals from one of the stalls.“ AU
  • “It’s finals week and you forgot you had a math exam today. Now you’re screaming into into your hands while laying on the ground and I’m laughing hysterically while trying to read equations to you.” AU
  • “There is a lockdown drill that’s lasting a really long time so we’re stuck in a dark room crammed under a desk together. Wanna talk about our feelings now?” AU
  • “I forgot my gym shirt and no one is letting me borrow theirs so can I have yours, even though it’s several sizes too large? Thanks, but you can stop telling me I look really cute in your clothing because I can’t stop blushing.” AU
  • “Our teacher is really boring so I zoned out while accidentally staring at you. Now, instead of being mad you’re just making weirder and weirder poses until I realize what’s happening.” AU
  • “I didn’t know that this desk I sat down at was yours so instead of telling me to move you just sat on my lap and started taking notes. Also, I kinda don’t want you to move because you’re really cute.” AU
  • “The substitute legit doesn’t care about this class so we’re doing increasingly worse and weirder things to see if he calls us out. And now you’re basically straddling me while a group of kids is singing happy birthday and honestly this is the most romantic thing to ever happen to me.” AU
  • “We were forced to go outside due to a fire drill and I forgot my jacket, which sucks because it’s super cold. Thanks for lending me this jacket but you’re my crush and I almost screamed when you gave it to me. Just know, you’re never getting this back.” AU


  • I jokingly asked if I slept with you, you would raise my grade and you said… yes? How are you still teaching here?
  • Everyone knows I have a crush on you and everyone jokingly put stuff like ’(insert name) thinks you’re hot’ into our project. Now we all forgot to take it out and you called me in after class.
  • I was emailing/texting you about an assignment and my phone autocorrected to say something sexual, but you aren’t saying no…?
  • I was trying to send you a picture of the answer for a question you had but in the background you could see my almost naked body and I’m so sorry.
  • I thought that you sent that confession of love to me for real and I responded sincerely but I forgot that it was your project for school.
  • I’ve started making up excuses to come to your tutorials but you’ve caught on to my huge crush. When I’m leaving one day all you say is ‘I think you have to come to tutorials so often not because you don’t understand but because the blood flows from your brain to… somewhere else when I teach.’

Cooking Prompts

  • You don’t know how to cook more than ramen so I’m trying to teach you but all you have to eat is ramen and a single carrot. How are you alive?
  • I needed you to go grocery shopping for me because I love to cook but you have no clue what you’re doing. Also, how do you not know what a radish is? Have you been living under a rock or?
  • You are an amazing cook and just watched me eat microwave popcorn for all 3 meals today and I think you’re going to punch me.
  • You just made what you think is a really easy dish but I’m actually crying at how good it is. No, I’m fine, I’m just in love with your cooking so much. Please, will you make me more food in the future?
  • For my birthday you bought me 3 different cookbooks and I get the hint. You want me to actually make food for once. But dude, it’s hard and takes time to do that.
  • We’ve stayed home all day so neither of us have changed but when you started cooking you put on an apron. Now I just realized you are in fact naked wearing a apron and wow you just made cooking sexy.
  • “I tried to make you a birthday cake but it completely flopped so now your cake is just a plate of marshmallows. I’m sorry.”
  • “I forgot that you’re allergic to (insert food) and I accidentally put some in your meal. Now our dinner date is spent at the hospital.”
  • “We’re trying to cook a nice meal together but I’m really clumsy so I dropped everything on the ground. So now we’re eating pizza and watching movies together.”

Height Difference Prompts

  • “We met because you tripped over me (because I’m tiny of course) and now you’re trying to propose to me but while looking for me you tripped… over my entire body.”
  • “You always try to sneakily kiss me because I can’t get you back but little did you know I’ve been working out just so I can climb you like a tree to do the same.”
  • “You somehow forget that I’m tiny and just face-planted into the floor because you tried to lean on me. I know it probably hurts but this is too funny.”
  • “I just watched you stack 3 chairs on top of each other to reach the top shelf because I accidentally put something up there. And… now I had to catch you because that was a stupid idea.”
  • “I went out and bought super tall high heels so I could finally be your height only I don’t know how to walk in these.”
  • “We went to school together but haven’t seen each other in a long time and wow have you gotten tall.”
  • “I don’t know who you are but I need you to lift me up so I can grab that thing off the top shelf. I know it’s awkward that we’re strangers and your hand is close to my butt, it’s fine (mainly because you’re cute).”
  • “You started messing with me by putting stuff on the top shelf so now I’m getting back by hiding everything in the bottom drawers/cupboards.”
  • “Everybody thinks that you’re dating a minor because I’m as tall as a short 13 year old and you’re… I don’t know, super tall.”
  • “We don’t own a ladder but we really need to fix stuff around the house so now I’m using you as a ladder.”

First Meeting Prompts
“I wasn’t paying attention and I ran into you but I looked up as I did and accidentally kissed your cheek, I’m so sorry”
“While I was looking away my kid went up to you and said ‘My (mom/dad/parent) thinks you’re cute’ and I was really hoping I could tell you that myself but whoops”
“You needed to use my phone to call someone but as you were handing it back you dropped it and now the screen is shattered. I hope you realize I’m broke and I am not paying for that”
“There’s only one of this insert item of clothing that we both want and if you don’t think I will fight you on the spot for this boy are you wrong”
“I accidentally took your hoodie because I thought it was mine and you just noticed I’m wearing it, this is awkward”
“I’m an artist and I really didn’t mean to draw this but it accidentally looks a lot like you, I’m sorry. Wait, you’re actually appreciative of it not creeped out?”
“You’re throwing paper planes at your friend and you accidentally hit me in the back of the head and I may have slapped you because I didn’t think it was accidental”
“You just screamed ‘How am I not gay when someone like that exists?’ while pointing at me”
“You pulled me into an argument of waffles vs pancakes and even though I don’t know anyone I’m yelling at we’ve been arguing for at least 30 minutes now”
“I needed a new doctor and I did not realize you were the stranger I drunkenly made out with a week ago, I know you recognize me too”
“You’re the understudy for the person I’m supposed to kiss in this play and I don’t even know your name but now we have to makeout in front of an entire audience”
“You keep borrowing pencils from me and never returning them, I swear if you ask me one more time I’m gonna go off on you because I have no pencils left”
“I’m really stressed and I forgot my homework so I said ‘If you don’t let me copy your homework I will not hesitate to deck you and take your homework anyways.’ I’m sorry to terrify you but I really need it”

First Meeting Prompts
• Person A is a new student and is super awkward on their first day of school. They sit in the first desk. Person B walks in late to class and sees Person A sitting in their seat
• Person A and B have been mutuals online but have never met in real life. On the first day at a new school they end up in the same class and didn’t realize how cute the other was
• Person A is ordering coffee and the barista (Person B) spelled their name wrong. They get upset and leave before realizing that Person B had also wrote down their number next to the misspelled name
• Person A has being working at the same place for awhile so when Person B joins Person A is given the job to teach them the basics. Unfortunately Person B jokes around a lot and Person A gets annoyed so they don’t hang around them much… until they realize they’re avoiding them because they always get flustered
• Person A is going to a movie and goes to put their arm on the arm rest of their chair, only to realize they accidentally just put their hand on Person B’s (but neither are complaining)

School AU Prompts
• Person A is an fairly prestigious clique/fraternity/sorority which wants every member to only date the elite people at school. They end up falling for Person B who’s considered a loser. (Bonus: A lot of Person A’s friends tease Person B and Person A stands up for them and leaves their friends behind)
• Person A and B get paired together on a project and Person A gets all their work done quickly. Person A notices that none of Person B’s work has gotten done as the deadline is getting closer. The day the project is due Person A sees B come in with a perfect presentation and is 100% astounded
• Person A and B sit near each other in class but aren’t all that close. However, one day when Person A is ticked off Person B can’t keep from giggling the entire class period due to Person A’s snarky comments
• Person A and B are dating and they regularly slide notes into each others lockers. In this case Person A forgot to tell B that they traded lockers and Person C is very confused to find a love note in their locker
• Person A is the classic punk kid of the school while Person B is known to have exclusively pastel clothing. As the get closer they realize their personalities are the opposite of their appearances as A is very caring and a pacifist while B is very aggressive when it comes to protecting friends

Summer Prompts
• Person A having to drag Person B outside, away from the TV, so that Person B won’t be the palest of the pale
• Person A not having a lot of experience swimming so Person B begins to teach them how to dive into the pool
• Person A ends up with a pretty bad sunburn from trying to get a tan and having to get Person B to help them out
• Person A has to do some type of work outside in the heat so Person B comes by to provide plenty of water and cold treats to help out
• Person A is always cold even in the summer time so Person B is very protective of A when they’re outside and always has water and lighter clothing for Person A in case they get overheated

Forbidden Love Prompts
• Person A and B begin to fall in love by writing letters to each other. Over a long time of slowly becoming friend then lovers they decide to meet up. When they meet each other they suddenly realize their parents absolutely despise each other.
• When Person A begins to show interest in dating their parents tell them they can date anyone the want to as long as it’s not Person B. When A meets B they begin dating (mostly due to their rebellious phase) and hopes to use the relationship as a bargaining chip to get what they want from their parents. Only in the end they truly fall in love with Person B
• Person A and their family is very rich, so their parents want them to marry somebody in their social class to maintain their wealth. However Person A’s eyes begin to wander towards Person B who is much less wealthy.

Really Cute Prompts
• Person A has only lived in really hot places that never get any snow while Person B has lived in typically cold places that get tons of snow. Person B is super tired of snow but when Person A sees snow for the first time in real life Person B can’t help but see it in a new light
• Person A gets really sick but Person B lives far away from them. Person B drives all the way to their house to take care of them
• Person A falls asleep while watching a movie with Person B. They pause the movie, carry Person A to bed, and tuck them in. (Bonus: Person A wakes up again and wanders back out to watch the movie only for Person B to have to carry them to bed again.)
• Person A wakes Person B up super late at night. Person B is confused until Person A drives them to an incredibly beautiful place (like beach, forest, cliff, etc.) (Bonus: Person A proposes to Person B there.)

Artist Prompts
• Person A’s computer is dead and they don’t have any reference but they need to draw anatomy for their art class. They end up asking Person B to model for them and shennagians occur
• Person A is practicing their drawing by doing sketches of people they see in public. Person B notices that Person A is repeatedly glancing at them and starts making weird (or flirty) faces. When Person A finishes the drawing they slip the sketch of Person B over to them with their phone number on it
• Person A is an animator who has a major crush on Person B. They decide to create a little animation asking Person B out. Person A chickens out of the idea but later on Person B borrows A’s computer and finds the animation
• Person A has a crush on Person B but B doesn’t know who A is. Person A starts drawing little notes and sticking them in B’s locker. Person B eventually figures out who is drawing the notes and starts slipping little poems into A’s locker
• Person A has a fairly large following on [insert social media] where they post their art. They post a lot of drawings of person they have a crush on. Little do they know that their crush (Person B) follows their account and recognizes themself in the drawings

Dialogue Prompts
“Have a nice day!” “What the **** did you say to me?”
“I must confess, I am in love with you.” “Who are you?”
“I’m sorry to tell you this, you are perfectly healthy and you don’t need to keep coming to see me.”
“Listen, listen… you’re the best person ever and you’re so amazing.” “I’ve known you for an hour but you are my true love.”
“If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.” dead silence
“Oh my God you’re so gay.” “Honey, it’s our one year anniversary, no crap I’m gay.”

Fourth of July Prompts to get you prepared:

  • Person A and B going to watch the fireworks together and Person A stops watching the fireworks just so they can watch Person B’s face
  • Both go to a Fourth of July party and end up eating way too much BBQ to do anything but fall asleep the minute they get back home
  • Person A proposing to Person B in the middle of a fireworks show
  • Person A is watching some kids play around at a Fourth of July party only to realize that Person B has joined the kids in the bouncy castle
  • Person A and B deciding to stay home and spend all night comforting their dog(s) who doesn’t like the fireworks
  • Person A yelling at Person B to be careful around the fireworks and although they don’t get hurt by a firework they run into a wall while telling Person A that they’ll be careful

Summer Prompts:

  • Swimming together late at night and start daring each other to skinny dip
  • Going on a walk in the evening/night and catching fireflies together
  • Watching the stars together on a roof and falling asleep next to each other
  • Taking a trip to the beach together
  • Laying in bed all day together with a bunch of fans on because it’s too hot to go anywhere
  • Having a bonfire together and falling asleep outside
  • The power or A/C going out and they have to frantically find some way to keep cool together

Some Simple Prompts to Get You Thinking:
• Afternoon picnic date ruined by rain
• One visits the other at work when all of a sudden something major and/or bad comes in for the one working
• Doing art together
• Calling each other when all of the sudden one stops responding (turns out they just fell asleep… or not (dun dun dun))
• One cooking for the other and they have to pretend it tastes good
• One having to work late so the other visits them at work and tries to keep themself entertained while the other tries to do work
• Having both of their families over for a holiday and possible fighting ensues between families
• Late night date in the park
• Stuck on an elevator together for a long time
• Trying to impress each other and one up each other until one ends up getting hurt
• One being sick and the other caring for them

Question to Think About When Writing Your story:
• What parts of one complements the other (emotionally and physically)?
• Is one individual the more leading part of the relationship? If so, how do they show it?
• Do their similarities and differences highlight each other in a good way?
• How did they meet and how does that impact their relationship now?
• Is there something they don’t like about each other? How do they cope with it and avoid conflict?
• Are there any major things they disagree with that may cause tension or conflict? (Ex – lifestyle differences)
• Is there an age difference? How does that impact their views on the world/each other? (More important for larger age gaps)
• Is there something that could come between them and cause conflict? (Ex – a certain person)