# “I leave the room for ten minutes and you manage to provoke an advanced society of aliens.”
# It rains here but it rains the wrong thing.
# They’ve built a city that floats on water. The buildings were short and the walkways were translucent, and the whole thing rose and bobbed along with the waves.
# There was something stuck in the Christmas tree, and whatever it was did not like it, and loudly let them know about it.
# Something had fallen in the snow. The blizzard was still going strong, thick and heavy and wet, and she wondered what could survive such stunning cold to begin with. She waited just by the window. It wasn’t large, it didn’t breathe, and in the time it took for her to get to the doorway, it had moved too.
# There was a note stuck to the windshield of her car. It was short, sweet, and just terrifying enough to pray for a joke.
# In bold, choppy words it said, “This is important, don’t go home.”
# “Well, that’s the closest I’ve ever come to a heart attack. Let’s not do this again.”
# For just a moment, a bright light lit up the end of the cave, stretching from one end to the other and bringing everything into stark relief. In that brief split second, they almost wished they didn’t know what was on the other side.
# The reef hides more than fish today.
# Everything they found was sickeningly sweet, so much so that they wondered if it was even safe to eat.He didn’t think he could be any more disappointed than he currently was, but the paper in his hand proved him wrong.

1: We ended up back where we started, but marginally happier.
2: Time had its own version of forever.
3: They didn’t have much left, but they did have each other. They hoped it was enough.
4: For the first time in a long time, it was quiet.
5: “Bring it on.”

# The glass snake unwound itself from the trunk in an effortless ripple. It dropped to the ground and hissed, revealing sharp teeth and glowing sapphire eyes.
# The big snakes are harmless, even though they don’t look like it. They’re colorful and obvious, dripping from trees as they pass. It’s the smaller ones they need to watch out for. Invisible, poisonous, and always underfoot.
# Everything they found was sickeningly sweet, so much so that they wondered if it was even safe to eat.

Person: A grumpy lawyer who was forced to take a vacation by their family.
Place: A crystal clear pond in the middle of the forest.
Thing: Something shiny and nearly invisible at the bottom of the lake.


# The walls were bound with books. Not like a library, even and neat in stacks by author. This was wild and broken and stretched from floor to ceiling in towers of color. She stood there wondering how much house would be left if you removed all the books.
# I’m kidding (sort of).
# Keep on musing.
# I wanted to thank you for the amazing things you do.
# I’m glad you’re finding it useful, you guys make my day!
# However you like in every possible way you can imagine.
# “I don’t hate you, I could never hate you. I hate the way you make me feel. Do you know what that’s like? To be terrified all the time? You almost didn’t come back and you’re so reckless and confident and it kills me. I don’t think I can do this anymore.”
# The world froze over so fast the flowers still glowed vibrant in their icy shells.
# They don’t really know what to call the animals. They were big cats at some point, but the new environment let them breed like rabbits. They were smaller and faster than lions, and hunted in groups of ten at least. Either way, they knew better than to stay out after nightfall.
# “You forgot to leave the fridge open,” her cat said as she walked in the front door. “You were gone for two hours, I could have died.”
# At first, everyone had forgotten that humans need salt. It was in everything. But then they realized that they didn’t have ‘everything’. It took two months before they started to realize why an animal would risk death for a salt lick.
# “Dante must have missed a level or two somewhere because this is hell.”
# She found the amulet in the back of a covered wagon. It was tucked beneath a few discarded blankets, like someone had thrown it, or forgotten about it, and she held her breath and prayed for luck.
# Nothing survived the fire but the trees.
# Nighttime hid more than animals in that forest.
# She didn’t mind the creatures at first. They didn’t mind her, either. Their size was a novelty, as well as their teeth, but they’d never bothered her before this. Then she’d made a mistake.


# Colorful creatures guarded the reef and everything in it. They moved like ghosts, silent and swift, in swirls of blues and greens and sharp teeth.
# After a while you learn not to look as you walk through the ruins.
# Without sunlight they count their days by watching the stars turn.
# With currency absolutely useless, food and work are the best bartering tools. Coffee and cigarettes are close seconds, though.
# After being cold for so long it was amazing to see the sun. They lay there in the grass, basking in the burning heat, and slept.
# “Victory rarely does any good for the generation that did it.“
# Ornate hallways with no ceilings are all that was left of the castle.
# The only animals around here were sandy and brown, and they didn’t know what to do with the curious, bounding dog that looked like snow and yipped like something they usually feared.
# If you held your breath it was almost like nothing changed.
# They didn’t know what to make of the shadow that skated over the sun, but they knew it couldn’t be anything good.
# Between the snow and the soot she found the footprints easily enough. They just didn’t lead her to what she expected.
# The river was purple and it wasn’t supposed to be.
# The garden was luscious and green. Fruit wrapped itself around archways and flower vines grew in bunches along the ground in thick patches. The air was wet and cold and as he breathed it froze in clouds in front of him. It was magical, and unnatural, and something was just so off about every little thing that it was terrifying.
# The ocean was unnaturally still. No waves, no ripples, just an immaculate reflection of water as far as the eye could see.
# A small, lithe dragon dropped down from the roof and waddled over to where they sat. On its leg was a small, rolled up piece of paper held there by a specialized harness.


# The world ended just beyond the window.
# The most interesting thing he found was the domesticated lions. Imagine a house cat, only bigger, lazing in the sun next to your child or in your bed or in your lap. They lolled about with the humans, and begged for table scraps. Once night fell, however, he found out why they were really there.
# They chipped away steadily at the large block of ice. They knew something was in there, large, lithe, and covered in fur. They knew it was frozen solid, and that whatever it was hadn’t seen the light of day for thousands of years. What they didn’t know, however, was that it wasn’t dead.
# Cars are too easy to spot from the air, so they leave everything but the most crucial items behind, and trek out on foot.
# There are no fences over waist high here. What they need to fear has never learned to climb.
# It’s awesome seeing and hearing what you guys can do.
# The thread was spun with a gentle hand. Sunlight made a warm yellow as it was worked around the spindle, soft and shimmering even in the dark. River water and mist created a fine, delicate thread that was always cool to the touch. She wound them all together, and tucked them into a basket hidden beneath the grass.
# They stood carefully, hanging onto rock and rope, and watched as something with scales rippled the surface of the lava.
# The apothecary had been there for as long as anyone could remember.
# Out of the blue one day, a building appeared across the street. It wasn’t built in a day, or even an hour. It just appeared in the time it took to take a breath.
# “Come with me,” he said, knowing the answer would be no.
# After a moment, however, she said, “Come with me instead.”
# There was a pair of glowing dots just beyond her sight. She prayed it was flashlights. But she also knew she wasn’t that lucky.
# “Touch my bookshelf again and die.”
# “My whole life is inside this box. Take care of it.”
# The first time I saw her she was trying to steal my Monet. Two years later she was sitting in my living room and still without the Monet.


# Magic dissipated under her fingertips as she forced it into the ornate book.
# Another lifetime poured into the necklace in a sparkling display of light. She undid the clasp, put it around her neck, and smiled.
# Whoever set the standard for 6 o’clock mornings deserves to be the first one murdered when we invent time travel.
# My first kiss was under the dying tree in the backyard and tasted like desperation and cigarettes.
# When it first happened, they confused it with the flu. It took fifteen deaths before they realized they were wrong.

1: And together they stood at the end of the world.
2: “Promise you’ll be here tomorrow?” she murmured. “Promise.”
3: “Well, we saved the world. Wanna do it again?”
4: There was a heavy crack, and a sharp pain, and then he was falling. The only thing he could think of before everything went black was, “Oh hell.“
5: There was nothing left to say.
6: Taking the necklace from the kitchen table, she closed the door behind her and stepped into the sunlight.
7: As she watched the dusty car disappear around the bend, all she felt was relief.
8: This journey sucked, but it was over, and we won.
9: As he lay in bed that night he heard nothing but silence. He smiled, rolled over, and went to sleep.
10: Sometimes, if you watch carefully, you can still see something just beyond the trees.

# Fog clung to the streets and wrapped around every house it touched. It was cloying, and heavy, and it never went away.
# My father always said he was a good man. He lied.
# “There are at least seventeen ways this could have gone better. Literally. Like, I’m counting them right now, you moron.”
# The creature didn’t like light. She found this out by accident. It stood on her front porch, disappearing and appearing as she flicked the light on and off.
# A thunderous roar echoed down the platform, and sent everyone scrambling for cover.
# The X-ray showed something very suspicious.
# Hidden far at the edge of the world sat a lake. It was deep and clear and clean. And, if you stood on the cliff above it, and looked straight down, you could see the shining glint of blue scales.
# Death didn’t like me very much. No matter how many times I died it just didn’t want to keep me.


# The music was haunting, and coaxed shivers down her spine. It spun down the hall and ended at a barred door.
# She claimed she didn’t remember. But I caught her looking at them sometimes, and I knew she lied.
# Let me tell you right off the bat. Amnesia sucks and movies lie. There’s nothing mysterious or rebuilding or refreshing about it. It’s pretty damn terrifying waking up in the middle of the desert with a handgun and no shoes.
# “Small fire! I said to set a small fire! This is not small!“
# “I cannot believe you got put in the hospital because you were stabbed with a giant knitting needle.”

Crime Prompts:
1: I woke up to a newspaper clipping taped to my forehead.
2: The sharp scent of gunpowder stung her nose. She traced it back to the weapon sitting innocently on the table.
3: The dogs knew something was up. They tracked the perpetrator all through town and straight to the cabins front door.
4: Nobody ever thought they would sympathize with a murderer.
5: She found the diary underneath the floorboards. It was detailed, long, and contained a list of more crimes she ever thought one human could commit.

# If anyone else had seen the fairy they weren’t admitting it.
# The plague swept through the town in a blaze of sunlight and warmth.
# It’s four in the morning and there’s something small and fast in my front yard.
# Ash fell from the sky in flakes of grey, and she feared the wrong thing was on fire.
# There was nothing more terrifying at the end of the day than finding a bullet hole in the back of your coat.
# They kept it in the kitchen cupboard. It sat innocently behind sacks of flour and rice, and it didn’t belong in the kitchen at all.
# Fifteen pieces of paper sat on the front porch in a neat stack. On the back was a single name written in cursive. There was no universe in the world where that could be a good sign.

Dystopian Prompts:
1: There was a small bottle sitting on the side table. It was clear, filled with a yellow liquid, and labeled simply, “Happiness”. A hypodermic needle sat next to it.
2: A shortage of sunlight was something they never thought they’d have to worry about.
3: Children are born happy and safe in loving families. It just doesn’t stay that way. Why should they, when they find out professionals do it better?
4: “Why is it always teenagers? How apathetic do you have to be to make kids do all this?”
5: “Trust me. I’ve totally got this. How hard can anarchy be, anyway? I read a book on it once.”

# So there I was. Stranded in the middle of nowhere with a talking dog in my broken down car. The dog also glared. It wasn’t a very patient dog.


Fantasy Prompt:
# Curled up like a lazy cat, the dragon‘s tail glittered with silver scales as it wrapped around the pile of jewels and gold.
# “Dragons! Why is it always dragons?”
# They stood knee deep in murky water. Unmoving and barely breathing, they waited as something started skimming the water.
# Whoever this person was, they knew one thing with absolute certainty. “That’s not our King. “
# It’s never a good thing when the rainwater turns black.

Horror Prompt Set:
# In all of us, sometimes deep and sometimes not, there is something to be feared.
# The day starts at sundown. Until then, it’s too dangerous to work.
# It’s quite unfortunate nobody made a bigger fuss about the fence. They thought it kept something out. They were wrong, and it was in there with them.
# The sun set early that day, and they knew what was coming.
# People never fear the right things. It made it so much easier.
# Screaming nurses and fainting doctors are never a good thing to see in a hospital.
# “Unfortunately, I’ll be keeping that three headed dog.”
# I never thought I’d be scrambling eggs when the apocalypse started.
# A broke freelance detective who needs rent money
# Said detective is trying to decide if they’re desperate enough to chase a pack of werewolves around Manhattan for said rent money
# His eyes were the color of worn silver dollars, and they demanded absolute attention.
# Hanging on the wall in front of her was the most well guarded painting in the world. It was also the ugliest.
# The first time I saw the wizard she was peeling an orange and sitting on my doorstep.
# I wasn’t supposed to die today, but hey, I’m flexible.
# “I didn’t lie. I just twisted the truth until it was unrecognizable.”
# I awoke to the rush of cave water spilling around my limbs, my face dotted with splashes of it. My skin was sore against the rub of the underground rock beneath me, and there was only darkness surrounding me above.
# It was very strange watching yourself die. And not in an abstract way either, I mean this literally. Like, standing three feet away. Close enough to poke but not actually be able to do any good.
# Body parts could be found in many places, hopefully attached to a torso and various other body parts.
# The phrase “Breaking a mirror is seven years of bad luck”, is actually wrong. It’s more like twelve, ten if you’re lucky.


# The laugh was terrifying. It was a manufactured, shrieking mix of human and animal. And it was coming from behind the front door.
# She had always been terrified that she would live an ordinary life. Grow up, get married, have children, die, and not leave an impact on anything. So even though she complained, she was secretly pleased when the incident happened. Her fear was no more.
# It was with terror and trepidation that she faced the dusty old closet.
# Nothing says “Oops” quite like an accidental apocalypse.
# “You know, before yesterday I had never jumped off the top of a building.”
# Cities aren’t supposed to just disappear. But try telling that to the empty space where it was supposed to be.
# “Well, the house is on fire, the town has been evacuated, my dog is missing, and I’m pretty sure there’s a fairy queen sitting over there waiting for me to fuck up. All in all, this hasn’t been the best day I’ve ever had.”
# It had been quite a few years since they had last seen each other. So seeing each other now, when was of them was supposed to be dead, was quite unnerving.
# In a magnificent explosion of light and fire, the entire building collapsed to the ground. And, in the distance, all that was heard was, “Oh…oops.”
# A gunshot started her day. Now it was midnight and she still had no idea who shot it.
# Honestly, everything was going fine until the car caught on fire.
# That morning, there was nothing but black smoke to line the glare of the sun.
# Card games shouldn’t be able to get this serious.
# She never should have gotten up this morning. She knew it. Her dog knew it. And she was pretty sure the strange man on her doorstep knew it too.
# He could see something shapeless and shadowy out of the corner of his eye. He didn’t know what it was, and he didn’t think he wanted too.


# There was a saying about people in glass houses, but fuck it, her house was broken anyway.

Person: A rare book collector on a mission.
Place: A pool in an underground cave.
Thing: Something that glows.

# She hoped there wouldn’t be another envelope waiting in her mailbox today.
# “Inconclusive” is the only response she gets on the computer terminal. No matter what information she gives it or how much, the blood dries around her, and they still know nothing.
# “Please tell me you’re the one who’s touching me. Because if not, we might have a problem.”
# “Didn’t you die ten years ago?”
# In the flattest voice he could muster, he said, “Explain.”
# She took a great big gasping breath. Desperate for air but only taking in water.
# “I hope everybody saw that because I will probably never be able to do it again.”
# The note was left on the windowsill. All it said was, “Good luck.”
# A very strange shadow followed her home that day.
# She hands him a spoon and says, “Start digging.“

# Person: A high ranking diplomat that survives a plane crash
# Person: A vampire hunter who is heading to South America on an anonymous tip.
# Place: A strange desert with footprints that never fade.
# Place: The site of a plane crash.
# Thing: A very sudden, and very large sinkhole that doesn’t seem to end.
# Thing: Something that is very much not a vampire.

# When your protagonist returns home from a night of drinking at various sketchy bars, it is to find all of the furniture in their living room pushed up against the walls and what appears to be a plain cedar chest waiting for them in the center of the room.