Maybe you can write more. I would love this as a longer story. Really, it’s very good.
On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.
Ah_You_So_Stupid”,”Ruff ruff?
Oh god please do, I can’t get enough.
Aw shucks, I’ll have to add to it when I get home then.
I may of just got a little giddy. You’re kinda a reddit celebrity.
I’m not sure I get it. Why did a battleship crash into the jail, and led by his mother? I feel like I’m missing something very important.
“I live right by Cressatucky too. Small world!
I feel as though trimming the fat would help immensely.
I’m afraid I must refuse you!.
Yeah, I was explaining it. And now I’m killing it.
I don’t get it, could you elaborate a bit further?
And that’s how I lost my medical licence.
How The Heavy Named His Gun. Damn it, do I capitalize “the” or not?

Let me start this off by saying that you are one of my top favorite people in this world, and you are one of my best friends.
I really dont have a clue whats going on, but if you told me how I could help, I would try.
Remember in 6th grade math, how you used to joke around and give me those bitchy looks, and I actually thought you were serious, and I was sad?
Fuck knows how I will live now, but I will manage.
Grace does not need my shit, so I am going to remove myself from her life.
I know this is gonna be hard for u but don’t make it ok just remkber me and think of that funny girl even though i ant funny well i don’t think I am.
Small things like that make me appreciate life.
And, I myself, have attempted to make you smile, to laugh, anything to see a grin, so I know your okay.
But now, the fact that you will barely even talk with me makes me want to cry.
But, and I know this sounds pathetic, and cheezy, but it makes me sad, every time you look at me like that.
Cat and also promis me that you will get help and stay alive i need u to lookl up at me and say theres my friend Katie the one who i luved.
I decided that I would write you a note, rather than talk to you in person.
Cat I want you to promis me something ok eveyday u keep ur head up and smile for me and try and not cut again cos i need to stay strong and alive oneday Jason might want to meet u and wouldn’t dat be fun.
Like my first office refferal.
And I hope you feel better…
Don’t worrie about Jason he is going to live wif his pop he luvs his pop and im glad that his pop is here cos he luvs him to death.
Cya little sister Miss you heeps, heeps, heeps. heeps, heeps and heeps and always keep that smile on ur face farwell my little sister you have been so great to me I luv you heeps.
What you missed.
I have to go.
Lindsay, shes being horrible to me.
You have been lyk a little sister to me and with out u I wouldn’t know what to do But im just glad that you have been there for me.
So I backed off.
Life isn’t what it should be.
I feel like I could talk to you about almost anything, and you could understand everything I say, which is totally comforting.
Im so sorry I had to write this e-mail to u but it’s time for me to go I don what im doing here my life suxs and no one can change that.
presteigne northwestablished interesting architecturally surrounded showers stunning yellowhammers landscape alexander weather country surroundings particularly outrageously inconsistent conveniently constructive consistently breathtaking rainbows paradise first transformed surrounding supermarket sensational magnificent immediately chaffinches antiquarian we radnor refreshing mysterious legitimate individual imperative frequently excitement downloaded delightful definitely conditions atmosphere abundantly writing through instead decided cottage changed walk worcester waterdine vigourous tradional stockwell stablized something procuring pregnancy postcards observing including imperfect gladestry fashioned dwellings countless conscious collected bookshops beautiful battersea available like winds place little enough bright before windless wildlife wandered survived supplies sunshine suddenly stinging splendid slightly sections priority pressure postcard pair oatcakes nuthatch
Now, Zan is writing postcards and I’m writing this diary.
Evening, I cooked a risotto.
Ah, the country air!
From the Alexander point of view, it’s easier to lengthen and widen in an open space than in an enclosed one.
When Zan gets hungry, which happens frequently in pregnancy, procuring food immediately is imperative.
Before Clun, we took the back roads to Llanfair Waterdine in search of a place to leave the car.
Also a pair of dunnocks, a sparrow, a pair of robins, a pair of chaffinches, a great tit and a blue tit.
The weather is consistently inconsistent – sunshine, showers, wind, hail, rainbows.
The rich green rolling hills under April showers and bright rainbows are so beautiful that I can’t imagine Paradise being better!
We made stops at Tesco’s Supermarket in Evesham to buy supplies for the week, and at a pub between Wyre Piddle and Worcester for lunch.
It makes a change from the April showers and high winds earlier in our stay.
Back in Presteigne, we wandered the streets, admiring this splendid little town.
We were even charged by some baby black lambs!
It was Hay, in the end, where we spent much of the day dodging showers and darting in and out of the many bookshops.
My first priority was to get out of cold wet clothes, and and into a delightful hot bath scented with lavender oil.
Now for a little bit of luting and then one last drink at the Harp.
We collected the hire car from Battersea.
We’re very moved by all of the good feeling.
I deleted 568 spams and downloaded sixty-odd legitimate emails.
Big notice on car, telling us to return it clean to avoid cleaning charges.
We both decided we’d like to live there.
We drove to Presteigne, and went on a three-and-a-half-hour circular walk from there.
Fresh air and vigourous exercise must be the best cure on earth for insomnia.
The first task of the day was to make a pot of tea and get Zan three oatcakes to stave off the nausea.
They came running at us like mad dogs, while their mothers tried to call them off.
As for the surrounding landscape, it is, as I said, like Paradise.
But I didn’t feel I could afford the asking price of L65.00, alas!
They must not have learned to be afraid of people yet!
We then drove up to Knighton, where we admired the hilly setting and surroundings and had a refreshing cup of tea.
The place is full of amazing old houses, and the atmosphere is friendly.
We slept like babies.
We’re observing a nuthatch at the bird feeder, exciting because we rarely see them.
Before today’s walk, we had a look at the ancient church at Old Radnor.
The weather has changed.
The first half of the walk took us along sunlit country lanes, through stunning valleys, past countless fields of lambs and ewes.
This is amusing, as the car is covered in bird shit and mud, with a stained interior.
We didn’t find a spot, but had a sensational drive up the Jack Mytton way towards Offa’s Dyke Path instead, by which time we decided to check out Clun instead.
We turned off onto Offa’s Dyke Path, and the weather changed suddenly – we were pelted with icy winds and stinging rain from the northwestablished But we survived it, and conditions soon became more benign, as we came down from the heights back into Presteigne.
My second was a glass of red wine.
We saw some interesting wildlife, including a red kite, a pair of yellowhammers, and a strange black fluffy rodent which must have been a pine marten or something like that.
We arrived at Stockwell, our cottage just below the village of Old Radnor.
The buttocks are still mega painful, and the stinkin’ finger has reduced to about only double the normal size, but all is beginning to ease up a bit.
I feel so retarded sometimes because I can’t seem to find any suitable solutions to remedy the pain, but knowing that even someone who’s been through it doesn’t have any either makes me feel comforted.
We’re in the garden of the lovely pub at Gladestry, where we’ve just had an outrageously good lunch, after a breathtaking walk through the hills from Old Radnor.
As a big-city dweller, I definitely find that being surrounded by open country, rather than endless crowded dwellings as far as the eye can see, enables me to expand and breathe into the abundantly available space.
The walk was stunning from start to finish.
Zan is still very much Zan, but, at the same time, she is transformed into a sort of Binky factory.
After a clear and frosty night, it’s a bright sunny windless spring day, easily warm enough to eat outside.
Then a short walk along Offa’s Dyke, but long enough to get caught in a shower that got us pretty wet.
The town is stunning architecturally, and full of interesting shops.
It was the first day of the Easter holidays, and we thought the roads would be heaving.
I looked particularly at used and antiquarian sections, and, in the end, found what I was looking for, much to my excitement: a first edition of Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual, the one Alexander book we don’t have on our shelves, as it’s out of print.
It’s not a chintzy picture-postcard place, but simply a warm, cosy, and slightly imperfect cottage surrounded by magnificent Welsh rural landscape and conveniently near a rare, old-fashioned tradional pub called The Harp.
It is a joy to watch the mysterious process unfold.
The winds have died down, and things have stablized with the higher pressure that’s moved in.
devian monopoly illinois courtney getting urbana trying raised love tired sucks start local house hours fight about wasn trin take some meet know gets born him don but boy all ya we my ll t m 2
I’m getting tired of the monopoly Devian has on all the Courtney love.
I wasn’t trying to start a fight, but I’ll take some Devian love.
He’s a local boy, ya know.
Sucks that Trin gets to meet him and we don’t.
Born and raised in Urbana, Illinois which is about 2 hours from my HOUSE!
internet something about because terribly unfortunately disappointing privacy remusxsirius youthful finished birthday technically ingredients discovering secret unfairness threeohsix there sarinileni recommends previously lovability incredible horrendous gratuitous first everything diary delusioned apparently absolutely written reading your yesterday wrenching sometimes relatives reference potential legendary immensely hilarious heartless everybody emotional conceited but brilliant beautiful apartment know things really pretty missed whatever what thinking stranger sprinkle soulless somewhat powdered politics pictures personal horribly gorgeous follower flirting diagrams consider cocktail business actually accepted while stuff party meant human writing whether wasting tonight survive sucking shouldn several seconds respond noticed machine leaving happens getting friends freedom
And we’re getting an apartment soon!
No privacy on the internet is what I meant to say.
That would be uber-disappointing.
I’ll call you tonight aight.
Recommends to everybody, whether you are a follower of the One True Way or not because this clip?
Okay, I study my butt off and fail, I can deal.
He was the first one to come, it was terribly funny.
Actually, I had previously been reading the internet diaries of the last several people I have made friends with.
Naw, it wasn’t so much a time machine as it was discovering the youthful abandon that I missed when I was a bit more youthful.
The point is, I know you will feel better and I hope it happens soon for you.
And apparently it was Sophie’s birthday yesterday but I was somewhat delusioned thinking the 20th of Oct was in the first week back in school, which it is technically but not for Year 12s.
I didn’t respond because I’m a jerk, but it meant a lot.
The legendary RemusxSirius video clip by Scary Gay Gal: It’s Been A While, and it is terribly, immensely beautiful and heart wrenching.
I kid.
Diagrams and tables and graphs and pictures of pretty skulls could be put into the written part.
Why is it there are stranger 15 year olds flirting with me?
Also, Error Icons for all here.
I just don’t care for that hollow, watery kind that comes in a can.
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds.
Exceed your potential and all that stuff.
Last night I was about to write a diary entry about how horribly sad I was but first I read your diary and decided that you had pretty much covered everything I was going to say.
My friend makes wacked out iced tea- like you know with real tea- she cheats a bit because one of the secret ingredients is iced tea powder- but now i let out a secret on the internet- and you know where that gets me…
Now I know weird personal things about them that I shouldn’t!
Thanks a lot for your threeohsix note a while back.
Finished my last written exam today and I’ve only got a Human B.
Man I’ve missed you, we have to have a dance party soon!
Your freedom.
Oh, oh, and read the most absolutely brilliant fic ever: Lust or Love by Sarinileni.
Where are you these days?
You win.
He’s a great guy, sometimes we talked about politics and rock n’ roll.
But who knew?
You know after reading There’s Something About Potter, I’ve been feeling incredible urges about writing my own diary style humour fic.
I hope you didn’t go and do something with your life.
Unfortunately, from what I gather, I’m not as hilarious as I believe myself to be.
But this kinda unfairness, I can’t deal with.
That’s horrendous, and true, both about the iced tea and the privacy.
You must have David York.
Not that I think any of it would appeal to you.
Oh yeah, I forgot about how there is no privacy.
Ah, all emotional anguish aside, I’ve finished my Human Bio prac and what a bloody waste of time it was.
Things can only go up from here.
So will consider it really really much.
Top it off with a sprinkle of lovability and enjoy!
Am not making sense so will just exit this mess of words and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS!
Or the powdered stuff for that matter.
And i have some top secret business to discuss with you!
My sibs get hugs and kisses and money from my relatives and me not, I ‘ll survive I’m sure.
And you have to come to our cocktail party!
I like them my age, but older at the v.
Do whatever you please.
Sorry for the gratuitous note leaving but I just re-read your diary and noticed the Etzioni reference.
Oh, and because I’m terribly conceited: my poem got accepted into the first edition of Primo Lux, so yeah, yay, go me.
Is there something wrong with me?
And that’s another half hour of my life gone, you time wasting, life sucking soulless, heartless fiends.
What do you win?
You’re never on the internet anymore.
ok so i saw this
okay so lets try
something about considered causalties everytime breakdown never possible maintain mushy cause digress like know worked throat should probly person myself little frozen coming talk need mean love feel ever words visit truth think thing makes later jevon image entry bring again one don but any what want then them take says ross roll rock peez long knot knew just hate edit coke boys back yes won see say out how get day dan can all my ll if as ya up t so no me go er u
But i digress.
I’ll probly go back later to day and take this out and edit this entry so that it never says this cause this is a little to mushy for Jevon and no one should ever know that i can’t be this mushy.
But i need to talk about something that will bring me up…
I mean i would hate myself if i never knew the truth.
I considered them my boys.
It’s not the image i like to maintain!
I want a coke, yes a frozen one.
And i feel as long as i don’t think about it, then i won’t just breakdown.
I don’t know where Dan er Ross are and everytime they talk about causalties it makes a knot in my throat.
Peez love and Rock and Roll ya’ll!!
Like i know i need to say something any thing cause what if i never see that person ever again like how would i feel.
Is it possible to not have any words.
I mean i would love to get all worked about about u coming to visit.
on unconditional technological exceptionally minutes subconscious conditioning temperature preparatory noksapyeong interesting frequencies thoroughly substitute splendidly registered recognized interested granddaddy fellowship expressway through station started spanish hearing english because unscathed seriously prejudice perfectly overslept operators musicians lifespans kkachisan inherited erroneous encounter emotional difficult beautiful afternoon very could about wished subway school people minute koalas bridge around tutoring studying stations peruvian operator observed moisture fraction familiar daughter cheerful birthday visit there radio north happy drive alarm yongsan weapons warning ticking teacher talking sundown studied sounded sharper raining protect playing parking naivity morning meaning looking itaewon however heading goodies forward falling evening dropped diarist
I sure hope he doesn’t get sent to Iraq; he’s a good and bright fellow,- an odd mix of naivity and street-smarts.
He observed that women have sharper hearing and can hear higher frequencies than most men.
Once I got off the north end of the bridge, I recognized the Yongsan area.
Set it up today to ring at 7:15 a. m.
So far, I’ve driven it home unscathed.
I’ve inherited his car.
The air couldn’t hold any more moisture, so the water started falling as the temperature dropped a fraction of a degree.
He’s a very interesting young man, an Army radio operator with exceptionally acute hearing.
Funny ol’ subconscious.
Hoh and I saw Cho off at the airport.
I gave them fair warning that this would be difficult for me.
Wed., August 11, 2056 Happy Birthday, Dear Daughter!