• When I was just a child, it always scared me, this time of year- the time when the Rumbles began. And though I now stood a fully-grown adult, with children of my own, I still found my blood running cold as the very first murmurs of the season were heard.
  • Bathtub toast truly is the best type of toast!
  • That guy… who did the thing. Which thing? I have done many things in my life.
  • You cheated! You used the Latin name, Sol.I’ll let it pass, this time.
  • When I get back to the computer, pal, and see what RES tag I have lined up for ya, you’re toast.
  • A ladies man. Tinder. But look- a whole load of politics. Far too much for any sensible guy to be into. He says he’s not really 21, so I assume he’s younger.
  • Request to have a dinner with yourself.
  • Someone else did come into the mix this installment…
  • They used to tell me that patience is a virtue.
  • I wasn’t always afraid of the dark.
  • She couldn’t hear him over the sound of crashing ocean waves.
  • He spent hours waiting for the call, but it never came.
  • The moon was bigger than usual against the daylight.
  • You think you know someone, and then they leave you stranded in a desert with no pants.
  • Nobody came to Manuela’s party, but she was still smiling.
  • He had two thoughts before jumping out of the plane, and neither were about her.
  • The street was slick with oil.
  • How’s a guy supposed to turn up $20,000 in a week?
  • He ran his first two red lights that night.
  • Ruth had always kept her diary hidden, so when Lin found it on the kitchen table, she knew something was wrong.
  • After everything that happened that day, it was a jammed jacket zipper that finally sent him over the edge.
  • They heard his ringtone coming from inside the trunk.
  • Someone must have set me up – I was in the garage all day.
  • The computer had barely booted up before he knocked over the tower with one swift kick.
  • Wei had never learned how to change a tire, but knew he had better learn now if they wanted to escape.
  • She knew what to expect when the doorbell rang, so she took her leave through the bathroom window instead.
  • Terrell pulled into work early that day, but almost immediately wished he hadn’t.
  • She knew every inch of the town, and yet she’d never seen that house in her entire life.

Write a story where a woman locks herself in the bathroom during a date.

Write about your most boring day as if it were your most exciting.

Aren’t you that guy, by the way. You knos that guy who did the thing.

You wanna know the real conspiracy, punk? The prompt wasn’t even OC.[Gasps] Once a karmafarma, always a karmafarma, I guess. I just can’t help myself.

Well done. you actually made me cringe at this. I love it.Do I spend most of my time concentrating on the past instead of the present?

Does remembering the past cause regret, pain, or discomfort?

Does remembering the past leave me feeling stuck, unable to move forwards or to achieve any form of growth?What does letting go mean to me? This prompt helps you quantify your thoughts and is the very thing that will help you know when you’ve successfully let go of the past.

What can I learn from this painful situation? This question enables you to reframe the painful past or situation. When you reframe a painful past or situation, it eliminates the baggage so that whenever you remember that situation, instead of recalling the pain, you remember the lessons.How can I make today great?

What’s the most important thing I need to do today and why is it important?

What time of day am I most productive and how can I use this time to complete my most important task?

Which things and pursuits inspire me most?

Was my day productive and did I achieve my most important goal/s?