why I like midnight
my favorite times to write
blue moons
what it is about being the oldest child
fresh air
what I learned from my favorite teachers
the Tao of Underdog
why I don’t write pulp fiction
everything I know about State Fairs
the last concert I attended
the first concert I attended
the day I learned to drive
who taught me to drive and why
classes I loved
classes I hated
the first time I thought I might like to write
favorite places to write as a child
where I used to hide out
how to get space in a family of eight
what was I like in junior high
my first crush
the last time I played on a seesaw
bottle rockets
the best intentions
why loss is forever
why no one wants to accept that loss is forever
life after healing
states I’ve lived in
my favorite coastal town
my favorite coast
the first time I flew
the last time I flew
when I was in New York
driving country roads
why I wanted to be the Lone Ranger
what happened to Dale Evans
people I know of who came from Texas
ways to identify your suitcase on the luggage carousel
how many miles I’ve flown
favorite places to visit
my favorite vacation
the year I turned 30
old address books
where to find memories
where to lose memories
the last time I was at the ocean
everything I know about body surfing
the last time I played hide and seek
people who have forgotten me
people who have remembered me
people I’ll never forget
people I wish I could forget
the last time I ironed
what I know about spray starch
the unforgiven
the last time I played chess
walking in the park at night
French fries and milk shakes
where I go for a good hamburger
the last ride to the airport
old hangouts
the first time I learned to ride a bike
the first time I roller skated
my favorite bike
what I love about motorcycle riding
what I remember about nursery rhymes
what scares me
what makes me stronger
my favorite snacks
frozen yogurt
when I buy toothpaste I
makeup counters
my favorite color lipstick
what I know about Crackerjacks
towns I’d like to forget
the last roller coaster ride
last time I took the bus
folding chairs
picnics I remember
last fly in the soup
green inchworms
rose bushes
gardens and gates
what I love about travelling
what I hate about travelling
last time I tasted buttermilk
famous cow names
famous horse names
stone fences
green is the color I
when I get angry I
Barbie and Ken
slow boats and fast trains
the last musical I saw
fresh fruit
mad dashes
what I find unforgettable
what I find unforgivable
the nature of spring
summer in the city
The sound of water dripping
Living in cities
Old buildings
The seasonal life of roses
Toes and how they run in the family
The smell of skunk
Barking dogs
Inertia and why it strikes
White noise
What I would do with $63 million
Road trips
Living on the rez
Open spaces (desert, forests, sea)
Indiana Street (Benny, Rick, bikes, the Hill)
Stranger in a strange land
Close encounters with animals
The classroom
World summers