Well, we slowly stop talking to each other, then before I knew it, James got 2 jobs, so he was to busy to talk to me, so I was like forget him.
So anywho, he was trying to get with me, as we all know, and I told I had something to do, so i’ll get back to him later.
Well then he came to my mind side of the room, and we talk for a lil bit.
I was very curious about this boy, I wasn’t ready to give up on this war with him.

No matter how fabulous, nothing is worth it – there is no final image that could ever meet her expectations, because there is always the possibility of something better coming along.
I think that’s aces.
All I can say is, the little side-plot of her camera struck me as something equivalent to a really profound and admirable meditation on life.
There were two things I liked best about the movie.

I think that there is a truth to just about everything that Foucault wrote.
It appears rather as an especially dense transfer point for relations of power: between men and women, young people and old people, parents and offspring, teachers and students, priestablished and laity, an administration and a population.
The obvious woman-who-never-wins-in-the-end, because – so the story goes – men will always settle down with somebody who’s calmer and more biddable.
The second is when Jude Law/Sky Captain is about to walk across a portal where some big electrical danger thing could fry him in a second, or not.

And, as it turns out, those photographs are both wasted – and the only time that Gwyneth cries in the whole movie is when she loses one of those last two photographs.
And he’s hesitating, when Gwyneth/Polly steps up and holds his hand and walks through with him.
Last but not least, I thought all the quotations from earlier films were just really, really well done.
Which is why, despite the fact that he fails to understand the satisfactions, the innate value of sexuality, his analysis of sexuality is – to me – still pretty compelling.

He says that sexuality is a pretty amorphous, flexible thing – and then he tries to totalize it.
When you combine this with the fact that he has, apparently, no respect for the power of the bonds between a couple, no respect for the act of sex itself, he’s bound to end up with a fragment, one little piece of the kaleidoscope, rather than a deeper and more thorough understanding of his subject.
Sexuality must not be described as a stubborn drive, by nature alien and of necessity disobedient to a power which exhausts itself trying to subdue it and often fails to control it entirely.
In short order, I finished History of Sexuality, I saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, I spent a fair amount of time hanging out with Shelley and Jacob, I made dinner for Melinda, and I acquired a vacuum cleaner, a mirror, and a birdcage.
I think at some fundamental level Foucault doesn’t ever actually understand sex, relationships, love, etc., etc., and I think that for all the brilliance of his arguments there’s an ultimate failure because he absolutely cannot comprehend them from the inside.

Compared with the Angelina Jolie character it’s particularly galling; Angelina is a more overt challenge, a skilled leader, and a fair bit less incompetent.
That something that happens in the movie could conceivably happen outside the movie, in just the same way.
What have I been up to?
It’s a fun movie, but a really, really good one.

I don’t know, God gave Hosea a whore or something.
Plus, they are all being visited by Doctor Death.
The bible is full of mystery.
And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth.

To the table kourtnee jamie absanie restaurant waitress didnt kourtnees looked table restroom american predominantly talking program african uninterested outreach unnecessary neighboring independent immediately were said back before productive paula overweight introduced frustrated considered background asked workers minutes herself friends frasier because city tolerated somewhere something preachers ourselves musicians harrisons graduated explained direction designers community breathing there wanted walked waited turned orders behind almost wrinkled told stylists specials shimmers repeated recruits quenched menu meatloaf maddocha lemonade ladawnya ignoring hardaway forehead enthused drumming complied business building brothers best water state lunch began along about waiting trained thought started someone singers sharply scowled reached portion
Paula had told me that Jamie was one of those friends that you tolerated because she always tagged along, no matter how much you told she couldnt come along.
I wish I could give you some good news, however, I must inform you all that on Tuesday, thirty-three days into the vow, I gave in and had sex with a women, and it was good.
We live in a cynical world, and in order to change that we have to step up and question the way things are perceived; however, the curse being, that you must constantly defend yourself when you challenge people.

I was sitting around drinking with a group of my friends and a discussion started about all our faults.
I dont want to be in this state of confusion any more.
There seems to be this continuous unrest in me that prevents me to be content with myself.
We destroy others and ourselves to benefit only ourselves.

Its has if I ever found the happiness in my life I would try to run from it because I have never felt it, and this misery/loneliness/confusion/emptiness has become a my constant companion and Im unsure if I could live without it.
Jesus, I wish I could get the thoughts out of my mind, out of my soul, just out.
So, yes, I am TIRED of fighting, Im TIRED of defending myself against people that are to void of a decent thought.
True friends are?

Well, some of you may have remembered that a couple of entries ago, I stated that I was taking a 40-day and 40-night vow of celibacy.
I let the world wash over me, and just accept whats being done to me.
There is no common ground in which I can come to.
Well this one just aint cutting it right now.

Life is supposed to be my adventure, right?
These are the people that make this world livable for me.
For most of my adult life I have challenged the way people think, and for most of my life, I have had to suffer some heavy scrutiny for having those thoughts and ideals.
In other words, what was one thing that annoyed you about that particular person?

I want to have an adventure.
Now granted I know a lot of this has to do with what transpired a few months ago, but ever since then, I have lost the energy to fight.
told us that someone was ….
someone something morning honestablished cause ridiculously sleep night unconscious mississippi information godforsaken flashlights entertained appreciated adventurous time around whole soundtrack power heard constantly out weather through playing parents knocked freaked finally driving when wondering freephone exchanged emergency computers cigarette all like there house found though school person family cousin went vacation thinking supposed spitting spilling spending some shutting services saturday pressing plucking payphone operator just hospital happened good extended enjoying darkness coughing breathed bathroom avoiding my too video today thing story right noise hours going games busby again about without whining talking slapped sharing several peanuts parched packets overall

I mean overall it was a good vacation, I got to hang out with my cousins CorCor and Kny and JB and Nato, but the other baby cousin that I have is driving me up a wall.
That just freaked me out for the rest of the time I was there so I had to put that in this journal so someone could feel the same way that I did when I found out, that person is fine though, they just walked away from the hospital with cuts and bruises which is something to praise God for cause it coulda been way worst then it turned out to be.
And someone came by my grandma’s house the next morning and told us that someone was driving down the road that night and fell asleep, lost control and ran into the pole and knocked all the power out on the whole street, and that noise we heard was that person hunched on over the horn of the car knocked unconscious.
Okay so I went to visit my family in Mississippi thinking it was going to be the best time in the world cause I hadn’t seen some of my family in as much as 4 years, but boy was I wrong.

This weather is exactly right for this time of year, in this godforsaken climate.
To stave off boredom, we used the one payphone in the school and would call the one freephone number that we knew of that wouldn’t get us through to the emergency services or carpet information lines or things of that ilk – which was the BT operator.
Well that’s all that happened on my adventurous weekend or extended weekend if you want to put it that way.
I am all snotty again – thanks to Katey.

Another vex is that it’s also ridiculously cold, when the weather man said today would be ‘warm for this time of year’.
Here I am now, avoiding the rain by spending lunch hour in the office, talking to you.
And to add to my woes, my house is a real tip at the minute – there are too many of us living there, sharing too small a bathroom, and leaving too much shite around the place, and spilling too many cups of tea and packets of peanuts and cigarette ash.
The only thing that I have missed all weekend is sleep cause every night I was up playing video games till the wee hours of the morning.

I wanna good though cause I get paid on Friday!!!
Today’s soundtrack: Fame.
So if you’re wondering why Busby was exchanged for Beattie, herein is your reason.
After several of these calls, they finally bit the bullet and told us that someone was out the back plucking Busby for dinner that night.
We used to spend whole hours doing this.
A year ago, I would have been out enjoying the shops.

When I was at school, about 12 or 13, we didn’t have computers or boys around to entertained us.
Anyways, I had a good weekend and I got some time off of work so that ain’t too bad either.
I love the fact that I found a job where I am appreciated for the hard worker that I am and not just slapped around like some kind of idiot or something.
So we were sleep for like a half hour and then all of a sudden me and my bro heard this big pop and the house went to humming like it was a motor shutting down, and then all the power went out.

So anyway to make a long story short the power came back on when I fell off to sleep again and my parents said it was about 5:30am when it did.
All I heard the whole time was whining and crying and coughing and spitting up and ewww you know the whole story.
Well it is time to get some shut eye and catch up on sleep cause I didn’t get any over this past weekend…
On Saturday night.. well morning.. me and my bro were playing video games as usual with my cousin and finally got tired at like 1am or something and went to sleep.
So seeing how I am scared of pitch black darkness I got up and was trying to see what made the power go out, and my parents got up and joined me with flashlights and candles.

After I stopped trying to control the loose end of the hose and had gotten everyones attention within the sound of my screams, I examined both hoses to see exactly what differentiated them.
Then a manger asked if he could help her.
I reacted by flipping off the sign with both hands, but Id guess others did different things.
By now Im thinking, Im on a roll.

Maybe thats why most of them charge you to use them.
This is ridiculous.
So my trip downtown cost me $135.00, plus $8.00 to park my car.
Here was a person who let a lemon wedge ruin her lunch.

When the judge asks you to describe the accident, it is a bad idea to start off with, Okay, I was really super wasted, so half of this might be wrong, but even if you are joking, because no one will laugh and youll have to come up with a recovery joke, which will also be met with silence.
She was PISSED.
My guess is that they had a camera mounted to get everyones reactions after they had circled the city for an hour trying to find a parking place, walked a half mile to a courthouse they didnt want to be at in the first place, and found a piece of paper taped to the door with instructions on how to find the REAL courthouse.
In full wet-crotch glory.

Then make a big point to tell everyone that you didnt really wet your pants.
The city thought it would be hilarious to put one address on the citation, but have court take place at a different location.
I interrupted her and said Hey, know what?
Her eyes dropped to the front of my pants in exactly the way thousands of other womens eyes in the past had not, and she sort of stopped bitching for a minute.

Except farting.
Having already soaked my pants with water, I had no interest in trying to fight this latest problem.
Then I thought about how miserable it must be to have that kind of attitude.
Bitchety bitchety bitch.
Those things are always hammered because people are stupid and leave them where they get run over and stuff.

Any time you give me a 50/50 chance to choose correctly, I will lose.
There were two very similar looking nozzles sticking out of the apparatus, so I pushed the button and grabbed the one that looked like the air one.
Pretty much anything that may be funny elsewhere else on earth is not funny in court.
The lines were long and no one wanted to stand very close to me.

Against something trichotillomaniacs vote shall government country additionally george president forgiveness
there fundamentalists saying everything determined without discriminating breaststrokers believe another were like children throne people them lord just beast unpredictable shapeshifting sensibilities.
No man that hath a blemish of the seed of Aaron the priest shall come nigh to offer the offerings of the LORD made by fire: he hath a blemish; he shall not come nigh to offer the bread of his God.
That is my whinge for the day.
Then went the devils out of the man, and entered into the swine: and the herd ran violently down a steep place into the lake, and were choked.

A vote against Demokrati is vote to allow dwarves access to bread.
Gimme your email or I’ll shoot!
When he reached it, he found nothing but leaves, because it was not the season for figs.
Having a Veruca Salt moment, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ tells his servants that if he can’t have figs out of season, aint nobody having figs!

So he went and took Gomer the daughter of Diblaim; which conceived, and bare him a son.
After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will show thee things which must be hereafter.
The pilgrims, our forefathers, would have been unable to survive without this mineral to cure their meat and fish with.
Not my kind of country, not my kind of God.

If that’s the kind of country you want to live in, why don’t you just move to France?
Gomer, you get me so hot, you whore, Gomer, you’re such a whore sent by God.
You always knew it, but now you have proof.
Who’s Collectable Now?

Hell, even William Gibson thinks so.
I think I’ve succeeded in writing the Foucault’s Pendulum of humor pieces.
It is not our place to question why, but only to immerse ourselves in their unique and vibrant interpersonal culture.
In the ever-changing political landscape since 9/11, I ask you, where would our country be without preemptive she-bear attacks?

Sure, I consider myself a tax-and-spend baby-killin’ liberal as much as the next gal.
Man, I bet he’d totally flip if he saw a midget with a flat nose and scurvy eating a sandwich.
I know that I want Kerry to win or at least I did.
Heavens to Betsy that we should stumble and falter in front of others.

Today in our humble Aussie papers there is a picture of John Kerry after he went Goose shooting.
A vote against George Bush is a vote against leaving tween-aged hooligans without gaping, bear-inflicted chest wounds.
So you’ve decided to vote for John Kerry!
Therefore, with a heavy heart and yearning for the social betterment of mankind, I feel compelled to provide you with these top ten guidelines on conducting your business via the internet.

I’ve never heard a trumpet talking, although I did see Peter Frampton once in Manitoba.
It is crazy what covers for campaigning in that fine country.
Chalk another one up for the cowboy, and sign me up for four more years, lil’ pardner!
Who then can be saved?

By superfluous, I hope he doesn’t mean male nipples.
As it happened, the porn producers were excellent breaststrokers.
Anyway, I’m not saying who I’m voting for, but it’s the man with a hump full of soluable fat.
If so, God is going to have a hard time getting his bread offering.
You know, a lot of hulabaloo has been made about George Bush executing retards.

Sometimes, you just have to steal a sign.
See you in hell, fig trees.
I can honestly now say that a vote against George Bush is most definitely a vote against the bible.
Personally, I would never vote against forgiveness.

Such public shame results in a permanent and unsightly stain upon one’s reputation, and we could never survive without our invitations to croquet in the Hamptons, now could we?
Is a competition he just cant win.
He went out and shot a goose.
And you thought Southern Fundamentalists were only good for inexplicably cooking with rhubarb!
Who thinks Knight Templars are hilLARious?
Social manoeuvring is most complex and intricate – it requires a delicate hand and delicate sensibilities.

And they were astonished out of measure, saying among themselves, Who then can be saved?
Love Shack be damned, my bloody crotch needed a stool!
And there was there an herd of many swine feeding on the mountain: and they besought him that he would suffer them to enter into them.
From there Elisha went up to Bethel.
Top drawer, indeed!

Surely we dont live in a time where this sort of thing is going to win over the majority of people.
Make Smoog feel special.
It was then a matter of who managed to sputter and splash to the far side first that determined the future of social mannerisms in this ever-expanding public swimming hole.
I will also accept 147 Canadian Twonies.

There isn’t a pillow in the house that doesn’t need to be washed right now, and that includes Crystal Marissa Punky Brewster Rachel.
I mean, I could never forgive myself!
I just believe God controls everything, and God uses the president to keep evil down, to see the darkness and protect this nation…
Cavort ’til something falls off!

And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle.
And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, Speak unto Aaron, saying, Whosoever he be of thy seed in their generations that hath any blemish, let him not approach to offer the bread of his God.
And the LORD said to Hosea, Go, take unto thee a wife of whoredoms and children of whoredoms: for the land hath committed great whoredom, departing from the LORD…
My small philosophies have the combined depth of an Anne Geddes calendar.

The beginning of the word of the LORD by Hosea.
Kerry shouldnt be trying to match his opponent in the red neck vote.
End of story.
Maybe we’ll lose a babysitter or a playground monitor now and again, but, whatev’!

Just remember to start Pink Floyd’s The Wall after the first beast starts singing Holy, Holy, Holy.
And that’s a faith-based initiative I just can’t get behind.
That’s kind of a cool thing.
But God doesn’t want to be bothered with the disabled.

While he was on the way, some small boys came out of the city and jeered at him.
Additionally, I would like to openly apologize to Fred Schneider for stealing his stool at that weird Dutch Label CMJ show on Wednesday.
Now something is severely wrong in a country when you need to kill something to win an amount of the votes yet there he was, shot gun in hand whilst one of his aids lugged the animal carcass.
God hates dwarves.

I’m constantly thinking and everything I think about is really, really cliche.
I’d hug you right now, but then I’d have to kill you.
I believe the only government threat is our own, and did I mention that Dick Cheney’s daughter is gay?
Give that little guy some rosacea and a pocket of broken sardine stones, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for eternal hellfire.

Hey, who loves puns?
My right hand is so tired, I feel like I’ve just been injected with a mixture of potassium chloride and saline.
And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.
Now that I’ve delved deeper into the Word of God, I can see the modern application it still has in our lives.

And while all this was going on we heard a noise like someone was just constantly pressing on the carhorn of a car.
I’m off where the sun don’t set.
Oh oh oh I have to say this too cause it freaked me out when I found out what the deal was.
My throat was parched this morning from having breathed through my mouth all night, without my knowing it.

I hope he was tasty.
It made me not want to have kids and I know that’s mean to say but honestablished is supposed to be a good thing right?
I thought, in both of those cases, that his discussion was practical, sensible and compelling.
It’s a different kind of signification.
That her presence gives him courage to do something difficult; and that her love gives her courage to do it with him.

And I’m annoyed by meek and incompetent female sidekicks.
I wish I could put together exactly why this seems so perfect to me.
In the rain, I was happy to swaddle myself in sweaters and bustle around my apartment, cleaning and tidying, doing laundry.
I think this was a fabulous, fabulous, amazing movie.
I think this is part of its 1930’s retro bravura, an internal consistency that remembers movies before they had lost sight of their origins.

I think that all the people who say that the plot is thin or unbelievable are noodle-headed goons.
I like the way he thinks about power and writes about it.
I’m sure there is an excellent and fascinating explanation.
Sky Captain is more theatrical – it doesn’t build on that particular kind of trick, it returns to the conventions of the stage, of drama.

I really liked his analysis of law/blood vs.
I think that when Gwyneth/Polly walks with Jude/Captian to a possibly fast and ugly death, it’s a moment of sort of – I don’t know, human perfection.
With only two pictures, she can’t make up her mind to photograph anything.
Anyway, pleasantly enough there’s never any resolution to the strained and testablished love story.
In a way, I think that part of the problem is that he fails to actually appreciate the avowed complexity of the subject.

And, finally, one last thing: the book is pretty repetitive.
I think that’s what love is all about.
Yesterday was a bit strange.
Sexuality is not the most intractable element in power relations, but rather one of those endowed with the greatest instrumentality: useful for the greatest number of maneuvers and capable of serving as a point of support, as a linchpin, for the most varied strategies.

When, finally, at the end of the book Foucault acknowledges that one might protest that he hadn’t actually talked about sex itself at all, and isn’t that important, after all?
It was cold and rainy, the sky clouded over and grey, no going outside without a coat on.
A window of true calm, relaxation.
I feel like I read the same paragraph at least fifty times, the same sentence over and over.
There were obvious shades of Metropolis, which I adored.

I really, really liked the discussion of the bourgeois adopting a complex of controls and restraints over the body and a normalizing sexuality in response to and partial imitation of an aristocracy of blood.
Happy to be quiet and lazy and indoors.
We’ve gotten used to being drawn into fiction through a process of deceit; the action on the screen mimics the behavior, gestures, language of real life enough to fool us into thinking that it’s real, or at least possible.
We’ve gotten used to a particular kind of movie which demands and extracts a certain suspension of disbelief.

Oneday, I am hanging out with my cousin Ashly, and her and I are looking at clothes, yes they clothes, shoes, hair stuff, food, music, toys at camp ground.
That’s why, I am listeing to love music all day and everyday, because, I am so happy, I feel complete.
And he was telling me how beautiful I was and he loved my skin color, and he kept going on and on like a broken record.
Some how, the whole ground moves to other side of the park.

Well this guy, light skinned wearing a pink hat and white t-shirt, with another guy, says hi to me.
We got very close to eachother, and he was so respectful.
Let’s rewind: Towards in of July, my cell phone some how fell in the toilet, so I was with out a cell phone for the rest of summer.
We were talking, and I notice that he had a real beautiful smile, very nice skin color, sexy muscles, and he had a very good sense of humor.

He tells me that all the time, and it feels great to have that big of support.
Well he was sitting on the couch, and I was sitting on a chair that rolls around.
Well the next day, my grandma burst his bubble, and tells him that’s your cousin.
Later on that day, I kept running into him, and he would follow me, I was going crazy I was trying to figure out, how can I get rid of him!!!!

I wasn’t feeling at all, he was cute but I just couldn’t connect him.
In my 10th grade year, I met this really cool blond boy name James.
Now I am back from campground, back in New Mexico, it’s been 2 months, and Jermaine and I have been talking to eachother everyday.
Sad to say he had to go back home early, back to Ohio, but he got my number.

So anywho, he puts the phone in front of us, and we put our faces next to eachother, and he was like wow, we make a beautiful couple, and we will have beautiful children together.
Jermaine and I are left alone in the dark, sitting watching the other’s fight like lil kid’s.
I told him I am a virgin, and I don’t want to give it up until I get married.
When I look at him, I notice his serious, handsome sexy face, and his dark mystery eyes.

But then it turned out that he like me.
The soldier went, all the same, and, an hour later, came back mortally wounded, carrying the corpse of his friend.
They sat down, and brandon sat down behind me, and Jermaine sat down next to me.
So she get’s mad, and she want’s fight him.

Lisa came and sat near me and said that i told the police things she didn’t say.
When we did speak on the phone, I was a bit irritated that he felt he always needed to be on.
They also found some kind of map and dangerous writing about killing everyone at school in some Goths papers.
He called every sunday morning.
In every subsequent conversation I had with him, hed bring it up.

I told them that the black player whom the school had move into our district, and the teams captain had both made threats that they were gonna run threw the hall killing freshmen.
Yes, you heard me right.
You seem to do a lot of that, I replied.
I told her that i had never told them about her at all that she must have told someone who told someone, and thats why she here with me and all of us in the room.

I would love to regale my faithful readership with sordid tales about my newly single life, but it turns out Im less exciting than I thought I was.
But I didnt know it had anything to do with the harvestablished Its something agrarian?
He told me his friend had been buying him pitchers of beer and that I should go out with them.
Now with people you really love, absence may make the heart grow fonder, but with people you barely know, it just creates an unnecessary anxiety.

Our rapport was definitely lacking and it was probably due to a combination of his anxiety and my apathy.
When I didnt return his calls for a few days, hed email and ask why.
He proceeded to give me a long treatise on the holiday and how its celebrated and then told me he knew how to say some sort of greeting in Cantonese.
I realized that I had become that asshole who doesnt return calls and makes the poor woman wonder why not.

So why do you hate to talk about your ethnicity?
Other than that, they were identical.
You could wait your turn.
Lets hope it sticks this time.

Oh, those wacky cops.
I could have gone to jail and been less raped than that.
I plead no contest in hopes of not getting any points on my drivers license, as did the guy behind me.
I decided to try and warm up the room by doing the things I am driven to do when I think I have an audience, and was met with a terse sir, please take your seat.

Partly because you can be held in contempt, but mostly because it just doesnt make sense when everyone is of the same sex.
The manager was trying to hand her two lemon pieces with the tongs, but she didnt have her drink with her and didnt want lemon stickiness on her hands.
I stopped at the only gas station in town that doesnt charge 50 cents to run an air pump, and got out to see how broken it was.
Lessons learned in court.

She said what am I supposed to do with these!?
It reminded me of an old adage.
I had just spent three hours and $143 to wait for a judge to tell me something I already knew, my crotch was soaked with water, I have a low tire, I have to go back to work, and I couldnt be happier.
On the way back to work I stopped to put air in my tire.
At least I know not to run into other peoples cars anymore.

Watercolors, drawings and more.
Dont scream the judge is a sexist in response to this sort of thing if you should ever be faced with the same situation.
The passenger side rear one was looking a bit floppy.
When I finally got to the front, this obviously agitated woman came up to the counter and demanded the attention of the cashier who was helping me.

I highly recommend itjust dont try to follow it up by high-fiving the judge.
The air hose had a little pin in the middle to open the valve on your tire.
As soon as I touched it, it launched about 40 gallons of water in a tight stream right into the cash and prizes area of my slacks.
We were both denied, but given no explanation.
I just let the hose freak out next to my car, turned to notice that everyone on the block was staring at my wet crotch, got in my car and drove on.

I had a feeling I was not the first to have fallen prey to this.
Someone didnt put a lemon in her iced tea.
The air hose was the one on the left.
I wish it was legal to punch people square in the mouth in certain situations.

When I got into the courtroom, there were thirty or so other people there for similar reasons.
I waited in line for ten minutes and they totally messed up my order.
I grabbed the one on the right, which was the soak your crotch with warm water nozzle.
So anyway, I tried to fill my tire and the fucking valve fell off where someone had run over it or something, causing the hose to whip around madly.

He was trying to get with me.
Brandon was talking to me but I couldn’t stop looking at him.
He is a very smart boy, and very athletic.
We became buddies and all, and just hangout all the time.

Because he believes in me, he believes I can achive anything, if I put my mind to it.
Well, right now I am just sitting here, listening to love music.
The best of our relationship, is love, friendship, trust and respect.
In my mind, I said I am going to get that boy some how, we are going to end up together somehow, I have that felling.

We decided to hangout and stuff.
All we need is the rings on eachother finger, and wedding, for everyone to see our the love we have for eachother.
So we found out that we were cousin’s.
Then I sat on his lap, and he pulled out his cell phone, he had a camera phone.

There are no word’s to explain it.
So in June, we hook up.
First he lost his cell phone, and then his cell phone was broken, then he found out that he might have to move back to California.
And he encourages me to do my best in life, education wise, work.

What were we doing since we were alone at last??
Well that’s is my high light of the summer, it was the best summer ever.
And then everyone else was throwing the boxer at eachother.
I am so proud of him.

But then behind him, came this hella hella fine guy.
All the sudden here comes Brandon, I give him a dirty look, cuz I was tired of seeing him.
Brandon sits next to me, and Jermaine sits on the other side of me, I wasn’t feeling that, so I get up and move.
I am very close with my family.

Jermaine had made alot of changes since he met me, I mean his past wasn’t all the great, but now he is making an improvement in his life.
We had alot in common, well then his brother called him and told him that he was leaving, so Jermaine got up, and left, Let me tell you, I was going to crazy, my lil cousin had to calm me down.
I have some one that I can relate to, let’s me be myself.
Jermaine likes me and so does Brandon.

Which is my favorite event of the summer, I mean all of my cousin’s are there.
So finally this chick, with Brandon boxer’s in her hands, comes over to brandon, and starts cussing him out in front of everyone and just diss’s him big time.
So then we started fliring, it was crazy, I felt the chemistry going to between us.
Everything was going great between, except for I was in Pennsylvannia and he was in New Mexico.
But then the other half of me was like forget that nigga, he was giving you a dirty look, and he wasn’t friendly, he was nothing but a mean hardcore thug.
So we are soo serious about eachother, that we want to be together for ever.
And I believe in him very much, I know he can be anything he wants to be if he puts his mind to it.

And then Brandon decides to leave and get some food.
Jermaine and his brother decided to join the crew..
He opend himself to me, pourd out the very deep feelings in his heart to me, of how he feels about me, the impact I have made on his life.
In my mind I was like, okay bad boy, what are you up to now, are you going to actually talk to me.

Well Brandon accidently throw’s the boxer’s on top of Cocco, you can’t mess with her, she would fight anyone.
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Girl in a Box Louise Brooks Fanlisting Guilty as Charged Shhh.

It has come to my attention that since the release of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban there has been a rush to claim the love of David Thewlis.
And the contract that he and his partner tried to acquire to make everything a wash fell through.
Especially under the circumstances as to why the firing was even taking place.
But with the Zonagran I have only had 3 headaches in two and a half months.
Nothing will make my gorge rise faster than something furry in the fridge.

I know hes unemployed.
Givin I moved here for this job.
I had no idea what the other two were so when I went to my chiropractor last night I asked her to look it up.
I showed her one high up on my left arm that was pretty easy to get and she was so sweet and had such a sweet demeanor that she got the vein on the first try and didnt even bruise me.

Im trying to be positive, really I am.
That’s okay I believe that is something that I can do, I just know, now, that I am going to have to work a lot freaking harder for it.
I got into the lab and told the poor little lab lady that I had been fasting and that I my veins were tiny and tended to roll.
And for that we are being singled out as uppity bitches.

I went to pick up Mister last night at the airport and on my way I was driving down the tollway and I was trying to do the speed limit.
The migraines are now called catamenial, which means that they occur around the time of my menstrual cycle, and I still have my others but overall things are much, much better.
If I do have Lupus or anything else Lord, please let me accept it with open eyes, heart and mind.
Not just because I saw both The Island of Doctor Moreau and Seven Years in Tibet when they were first released because he was in them.

Dear Lord, this is really beating me down, I cant believe Mister just called and asked me what I thought about him going to Barbados for two whole months.
Dear Father, please help me to let go of the cursing.
I was even praying on the way to pick up Mister, Thank you so much for keeping me safe this week Lord, it has been so gorgeous.
I asked her what the testablished were that she was going to run and she said that they were a complete metabolic panel, a complete blood count, and two other things.

Lord, please help me to be a more patient and kind person.
I know that he got laid off and the company that he and his partner put together got screwed when it came time for the man to give them that contract but two months?
I mean how could you fire someone over the phone – I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet – while they are sitting in the middle of a restaurant with a bunch of friends.
The thing that concerned Doctor Bell was that I am having trouble sleeping, my doctor skin and my night sweats.

We have talked about it on multiple occasions and I am pretty confident that I would love to go with him.
No reason really, just a conflict of interestablished really.
I don’t know what I did to deserve such a wonderful man, but I am greatful for him, and I am not too sure how I would make it through the things that I am feeling without him.
I mean no offense but really, I don’t think I can really handle living here for a whole hell of a lot longer.
Me: I really do not have anything to offer to this meeting.

She was very cool about it and to be fair, I did ask.
Yes I am here to complain!
Where my triggers used to be someones perfume, flickering florescent lights, the sun, the sound of that ladys voice in my office any number of those things that could trigger a migraine, I would take my little cocktail of medicine, 4 Ibuprophen and 2 Excedrin Migraine and if that didnt work an Imitrex shot.

I was basically going to talk to Doctor Bell about how Zonagran is working for me.
Quick, efficient painless.
Apparently the appearance that was given by myself and my office mate was one of surly indifference as we sat and skulked at the end of the table.
I got all mixed up and started including Smurfs.

He got laid off.
Not on purpose mind you, just out of sheer laziness and lack of hunger.
Funny thing is, Im not too worried.
Secondly, going to Ontario with my dad and from there going to Chicago and whatnot, like that of which has been planned for about a friggin year now.

What pisses me off about it is the lack of respect that was shown for me and my feelings.
Would you like a brand spankin new edition of Suzanna Danna when it hits the streets?
My Amazon Wish List.
I have way too much to do to be in here, a lot of this doesnt even concern me.

Sheesh that is very trying.
I would be down for the count for at least three hours, and then I would be fine.
By the time I got in to the lab it was going on 10 oclock and I am not an easy stickfor phlebotomists anyways.
I saw Restoration.