Glass Bones Without you, today’s emotions would be the scurf of yesterday’s.
Come Spring my man is tossing up the idea of moving back to Calgary.
Well, we didnt say any of that mind you, I guess it was just a look of general malaise on our collective faces and since I, the normal harbinger of all things puppies, daisies and yellow cupcakes with icing and sprinkles, my forehead furrow is not the norm.
I understand that what has happened is not the end of the world.

Also, do not be fooled by the name Parents magazine: they meant to say Mothers.
Speaking of magazines, my mind has been well and truly boggled by the creepiness that is Parents.
My mother got me a subscription so I could see how crazy people live.
She is so funny and nice and interesting right now, and I like her so much.

I’m a whore for those how-to-do-everything-correctly books and articles, because I don’t know how to do anything.
Jose Cuervo comes and visits once in a while, too.
Im a Funny fan and have been since I was born.
The attack of the August ennui continues, it seems, and writing things For The Internet feels less like a compulsion than a hobby right now.

Am I biased, or is it just unmanageably cute when a kid can take her emotional temperature like that?
Despite LT’s reassurances, I cannot quite stop worrying that my armpits smell like penguin pee.
I think I am biased.
I think everyone should read The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho, Allen Ginsbergs poetry, Homers Iliad, anything by Oscar Wilde, and Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice.

I hand raised them.
Like knitting, except I have nothing useful when I am done.
I had a boyfriend, J, who I was with for 3 years.
I was supposed to just foster them – that didnt work out so well.

What would it hurt if she tells me how her progress is going and the extremely off chance that the baby isn’t mine comes to fruition?
So, I get up and just accept that my day will have to begin at 2:30 in the morning, praise be to who is above us.
She puffed up, turned around, and stormed away.
Whatever it was, though, I guarantee that she is the victim and I am the abusive, threatening, obsessive creep that she seems to make everyone believe I am.

The same Fuckin’ Roach who is getting married to one guy and having my child.
B’cos i used to take the other exit which leads to the NE line instead of NW line’s entrance.
I turned off the flash and snapped.
Life still has to go on..
Recently so many people are down with flu, cold and cough.

Got nothing to do at work, so damn boring.
By now we were all loopy and had no idea what to make of anything.
Just inside the door we saw a big white Furry.
Even the hotel staff wasn’t allowed into the conference rooms!

We knew the Furries had definitely arrived when we saw this very official sign, posted on the door to a conference room inside the hotel.
None of our other pals seemed interested, but at the final hour, Jay and Steven agreed to donate their Saturday night to our Furry-scouting mission, so off we drove.
We couldn’t agree on what he was. A dog?
Sure enough, under the easel there was a parking stamp, so we got a $2 discount on parking at the Hilton, courtesy of the ConFurence.

To take metaphorical magazine parents probably discretionary something playing unmanageably subscription reassurances increasingly numerous like favorite anything.
Creepiness compulsion pudding glacier because article another take know wonderful throwaway.
It’s like building a ship in a bottle, only not as stupid.
It is one thing to maybe dab the jelly onto a piece of toast so that it makes a smiley face, it is another thing entirely to follow ten-step directions and use toothpicks to make some three-dimensional model of a bumblebee out of food.

There is a makeup/fashion article in every issue.
Possibly because of my long-standing bad habit of second-guessing my emotions and desires, I am pretty good about discretionary spending.
To have to interpret for your kid until the tongue/palate catches up with the brain?
Perhaps you need your other hand for SOMETHING ELSE.

Was not being able to eat pudding one-handed such a huge problem?
I like Jim Beam and Jack Daniels.
Actually, I don’t think that was her stated intent, but it has been the result.
I still have two baby teeth and no adult ones to take their places.

I have four tattoos, some of which I regret ever getting; however, they are all easily covered.
I was addicted to Vicodin, but can now safely take one without the urge to take another.
I know more about football than most boys.
Ok, thats probably more than you ever needed to know about me.

I actually like talk radio.
Some steam that rises up off a glacier?
Im currently single and although I love the freedom, I miss the sex.
I had my tongue pierced, but have since taken it out; the hole is still there and I use it to win bets at the bar.

I spent the weekend all tangled up in Nora.
My favorite food is bread, but I could probably live on salad, too.
Its a nice escape from reality.
I was a virgin until I was 20.

Soon to start college majoring in mechanical engineering.
Lets see, I was a vegetarian for almost 11 years but have since reverted to my omnivorous ways.
Eight months ago she was pure baby: a spongelike bundle of reactions.
I dont drink nearly as much as I used to.

My parents divorced when I was 16 and I was left alone in my family home to raise myself.
Now I am really enjoying the give-and-take, the developing language skills, and the fact that Nora has her own mind and her own agenda and is increasingly able to communicate it to me.
Did I move out as soon as possible?

Ive been declined numerous times.
For instance, Saturday we were playing and playing and playing and she got frustrated by something she was trying to do.
Do you have a metaphorical lap?
I started to try and deconstruct the barf-worthy assumptions involved in this tiny, throwaway, three-hundred-words-at-the-most page of Parents magazine, but then I realized it would take all damn day.

I’m a vet assistant at a wonderful vet clinic.
That seems to be the sexy-disturbing subtext to this pudding packaging, anyway.
Some kind of pro-smoking Japanese comic strip?
Three of them are sisters who were abandoned outside at two weeks old.

I used to live with six people in a four bedroom house.
Ive proposed to numerous people.
I have a brother who is six years older than me; we rarely talk.
Here is an improbably long article about mop performance.
I have been fretting about this for a few days.

Steve Atwater was my favorite player.
What the hell is a glacier mist?
This is the greatest find in the history of trash-picking.
Similarly, I secretly read the dumb magazine Real Simple every chance I get, and would probably subscribe if I could get over the guilt and shame at being so gullibly suckered by a magazine that has no real content whatsoever but that sells me the fantasy that my life is perfect and clean and orderly and I’m in control and I know how to do things.

Your metaphorical lap.
About football conversation someone something told celebrated players.
You cant return my call??
I happened mentioned this in my own off-beat joke the first and only time I met him.

I should mention now that hes white.
I saw most of the team come and go a few had to sit in the same room with me, they were all worried about what they had heard.
I found it irritating that he couldnt have a pause in a conversation without frantically searching for some sort of quip.
And that i was invited to a party at Sidney M, house where they were gonna be meeting to discuss what they were doing against me and the Goths.

Who knew honestablished was really the best policy?
I couldn’t help but join the action.
For those of you who dont know me, why, you ask?
Is it that you think Ill fit the pattern or break it?
I wasnt intrigued enough to discover the man behind the clown, so to speak.

He was all set to do it and got nervous.
But it didnt stop there.
He started to explain that it was a holiday celebrated in Asian cultures that had to do with the moon and I realized that I did, in fact know what he was talking about.
Unfortunately, as I said at the beginning of this entry, I have nothing exciting to tell you at least not yet.

So the thing with Metro TV guy was over before it started and Im happy with situation.
He called a lot.
Its like a fat girl who always talks about her body.
After meeting me once and without even going on a date, he pulled the drunken call/attempt to spontaneously hang out.

Hope that eye remains open.
I asked him what that was.
I expressed not particularly knowing or caring, but he felt the need to press on.
I honestly didn’t know if I was feeling it either…

I, of course, did not join him and his friend and realized that too many red flags had been building up and it was time to put an end to the whole farce.
And emailing when I didnt call him back: Im not one to play games and certainly not hard to get, but something seemed very needy about calling a lot.
He had noticed that I hadnt returned his calls and sent me an email asking if I was blowing him off.
Now, maybe its just good form, but if someone tells you that they hate being questioned about their ethnicity, perhaps it is not best to constantly bring it up in every conversation you have with them.

The final straw, however, was the drunken phone call.
If you want to turn me off at breakneck speed, exoticize my ethnicity like that and embarrass us both.
But then again i offered to talk..
I also said that it was getting so built up that he would ultimately end up disappointing himself and that I would have told him this in person or on the phone, but it wouldve just created an awkward situation that we were both better off avoiding.

She said she never told them anything.
I walked with them threw the crowd of Ohhhhhhhh students.
They came straight to me when i was in the parking lot, that i thought they were getting me because someone saw my prick on Penis. com.
I told my 4th period teacher when we were outside that if what was going on had anything with the Goths or the football players that i might have information that the cops would want to hear.

I acted surprised at Lisas question, and i asked her why she told them that i said i had several rifles and bragged that i could shoot someone sitting in class from the surrounding woods.
Several of the football players said the cops had asked them about things they knew nothing about but someone had said they did.
After I had told him I had weekend plans and thus could not go out, he called me on a Saturday night while I was having dinner.

I think that my plans banged into somene elses plans that they got alone just fine.
During 4 period the fire alarm went off, we stood outside for a long time, Soon the word spread down threw the crowd that the football players lockers had been search and lots of illegal stuff found, and a few of them were seeing taken away by the police.
You can only imagine the deep shit they are in in this post 911, high school shooting by Goths world.

Its not that I cared one way or another if he had money or not so much as I was annoyed with his constant need to draw attention to it.
Because I cannot go a week without someone asking me about it.
I told him he seemed like a great, funny person, but I just wasnt feeling it and I felt it was better to be honest with him.
I has glad my mother wasn’t called.

I changed the subject.
By the end of the day, the word was that some of the football team had made plans on attacking the Goths and kicking their asses, one off he football team guys attending the planning got cold feet and told his home room teacher and the cops were called and the fire alarm practice was called, so the police could check the lockers before some got rid of the evidents.
He asked me if I spoke Cantonese or Mandarin and whether or not I would be able to tell if he were fucking it up.
A series of red flags began to rear their ugly heads.

When asked i told they that Lisa had told me about the party and said she would talk to them so they would leave me out of their revenge plans.
I suppose thats what working in on-camera television will do to you.
You dont want to be the one who has to reassure her.
It was a lie but she brought it, as i said for everyone there to hear, who can trust the cops they might have asked bullshit questions to get us to talk about something, or someone, thats why we were all brought here.

Its just mindless chatter that Im spouting off for the sake of saying something, he said.
I was all set to go out on a date with Metro TV guy, whom, youll recall I met at a benefit for my friends theater company.
One football head said that he asked for his mother to be present, because he was a minor, and they told him to come here.
That i neer said what The football players have much to much to worry about now to think about getting in my way.
I wasnt anxious, of course, but it seemed Metro TV guy was.

I told him that I wasnt trying to blow him off, but that I had been doing some thinking and found that there wasnt really a spark.
He asked me if I celebrated the Harvest Moon Festival.
Or at least more reasonable.
I told the cops inside that i had been in the cafateria when the Goths and the players fought.

No, sadly, he was a guy in his mid-thirties who had apparently not learned better.
What a nice blow off.
Its especially bad if you talk about how crazy your ex-girlfriends were.
They said a few of the Goths were arrested too.

So yesterday morning while I was at his office, he sent me to the lab to get some blood work done.
I talked crap @ 3:45 pm on Thursday, Oct.
I was supposed to give me a fuck load of money come spring so that next year I could do the things that I had planned on doing.
Seeheres the deal Lucille.

So you dont need to go around flaunting your fashion refugee status to the unsuspecting masses.
Gotta hike right back through that sand thats well on its way towards glass by midday.
I cant tell you how many moms I saw today in blousy capris, a tiny tank, and heels..
Honestablished They can also keep you cool AND make you look nice.

Arent they uncomfortable in heels?
You, and your fellow mall-goers, will be glad you did.
Perhaps even Acts of Fashion War.
Try to remember that the next time Old Navy tries to get you to buy some strappy short whosewhatsis all the kids are wearing.

That was because she was 8 years older and our mom was sick a lot so Mag basically had to take care of me and Quint because Dad was gone all the time for work.
If youre still in doubt, consider this site the complete guide to what not to wear.
Just because your friend talked you into those mega-short shorts at Old Navy that one time doesnt mean you have to wear them.
Things tend to get more serious after she leaves, I still push everyone’s butons and narrowly avoid trouble but the rest of them quiet down.

If youre unsure of your clothing choices, there are resources.
It comes down to which is more powerful, laziness or guilt?
Dont even get me started on flip-flops.
A convenient beach item turned into couture?

I love her very much, probably more so since we just hated each other when I was little.
Brought back that horrid feeling of the day I couldn’t breathe and bit it on the softball field.
Perhaps you really are comfortable digging cotton out of your crotch every 3rd step or so, but is that really something we should all know about you?
Short tempers, impatience, stubbornness.
Buy something that looks fantastic on you for a change.

Plus it was difficult to watch Coral pass out and have all that difficulty breathing and then just stop breathing all together.
Also, its ok to buy the mega-short shorts in YOUR SIZE.
But I still managed to not expose every square acre of flesh.
And it’s so easy, we’re an Irish family and all that implies.

Cruising through the mall today I saw all manner of fashion atrocities.
Stacy and Clinton are a bit catty, but always right.
Though Im a native Floridian, even I can agree that it was, as the kids used to say, hella hot outside.
Having the rolls of fat is not a crime.

I think it’s also that I have a block on my Passages assignment.
But then again I am lazy.
Its ok to rethink such decisions.
It’s a motivator to get my ass moving and get them done.

I always feel bad if he does them or helps me because he does so much other crap.
I should go now, dad just played the guilt card by offering to help with the dishes.
For the 30-second walk from the mall to my car.
I watched the final episode of Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet.
There they were, in their new uniform, pushing the stroller and dragging behind them a small basketball team of children.

Where they keep the A/C on about 60 degrees throughout the year.
that was just not a good day, but I remember as I fell and lost everything in that all consuming blackness that it was almost a relief to be away from the pressures and the pain of breathing.
It was completely out of my control just like Coral’s, but I still felt guilty and ashamed of myself for being weak.
you can walk down to the water and rinse them off, but how are you getting back to the car, there, genius?

Anyways, it was an enjoyable weekend.
Id like to just get something off my chestablished here and now, if you dont mind.
No need to have the rolls of fat hanging over the top just because youre really a six, dammit!
We all know how to tweak each other in just the right way to cause a reaction.

Isnt this a situation screaming for jeans and sensible shoes?
Another thing I was thinking about today was how nice it was to just spend a homework free weekend with my family.
POINTING OUT the rolls of fat to everyone by highlighting them in a cropped shirt is not your brightest move.
I strongly suspect that the truly dedicated flip-flop lover has never actually worn any on the beach.

And so, I beseech you, mall-goers, to think of your shopping comrades before you head out.
Dear G-d, what is that thing?
Being lazy or feeling guilty?
It was so much fun to just sit around and provoke each other.
We played and laughed and relaxed.

Strange isn’t it?
Having my sister home is nice and annoying at the same time.
Clothes dont have to be just utilitarian.
Especially if youre going to traipse around in the previously-mentioned too-small shorts.
Just rubbing it in my face.
I frankly couldn’t care less what she has told him.

I played some Dance Dance Revolution with him, he looked damn sexy.
It’s their responsibility to deal with the weight of that information and their responsibility to know better than to shine light at the darkest corner of the room.
So I found some mp3 software that was just over 1 MB, and would burn cd’s of mp3s, each with this program on it.
Few would consider it a good place to take a Mercury Sable.

My father broke the silence.
I think the fascination with apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic stories stems partly from our fear of dying.
And yesterday when I got up from my desk to take care of some paperwork I walked by my boss’s office, which was open and empty.
I’ve been letting myself get far too drawn into the stories, like I’m there.

I made myself quit for a while, and when I tried to drink it recently I got a nasty headache.
I’ve been the kid running towards the cliff, and every time someone has caught me before I fell over.
I have a custom home with an absurdly low house payment.
I’ve learned rather well that I shouldn’t always let myself get or pursue what I want to.

I may soon be a part owner of an established company.
What I didn’t mention was a very cynical thought I’d had regarding the virus in China, which is that some Chinese officials may look at something that reduces their population as not the worst thing in the world.
And I’m standing on the edge of some crazy cliff.
If you’d like credit for your image, please include your name or URL on the image itself.

I’m still going to the Grand Canyon.
He handed my dad a twenty dollar bill, which my dad thrust at me.
I’m losing my hair, slowly, but enough has been lost that my forehead has expanded into a five- or six-head.
So we sent the three along with my uncle down to the vehicles, along with a shovel, while my dad and I went after flashlights and another ATV 4×4 up at my parent’s house.

His hands are very calloused, from working with machinery and being exposed to solvents and acids during his career; he’s a frequent hand-lotion buyer.
Especially if I thought I was going to have to get across.
But we get so many, so many that it just gets aggravating.
Me: Hang on, let me see if I can transfer you…

But it’s funny how some times I miss my old depression.
I stood in front of shere, powerful beauty, and had a waking dream of gloriously falling.
So instead of taking a van with rattles and road noise I’m taking a luxury vehicle with the same V8 they use in the Mustang, and a super plush interior.
He also told us all that we’re important.

Caller: Look, this is totally unacceptable.
At his mother’s funeral reception, I stole a sandwich off his plate while he was visiting with people.
My in-laws are in town.
But I want to figure it out, I want to pursue that job, and find a way to make that perfect position meet my family’s needs.

It’s about fifty to sixty feet wide, and a fun place to take ATVs.
My brother and my employer sat – not in my brother’s office and not in my boss’s office – but in the advantage-free territory of the conference room, like a peace summit hosted by a neutral nation.
At that point the man who’d done all the talking thanked us and pulled out his wallet.
I’m largely apolitical; on those rare occassions I vote, it usually has to do with lunch.
We five men were able to push the pickup out while the girl drove it back to the asphalt.

I’m in a pretty comfortable position in life.
If you’d been transfered to me on my other line I could.
I think that, looking back, I shouldn’t have capitalized either conservative or liberal in that last sentence.
And then I’d wonder at the blood on my bumper…

Lately I’ve been tempted to stop reading novels for a while.
He walked down the median to see if anyone else would give him money, and I found myself watching him in the driver’s side mirror.
I put about 750 miles on the car in the first 24 hours I owned it, just going home.
In some dark recess of my mind I feel like my life has been proceeding without me, like the less directly involved I am in trying to make my life smooth and easy, the more that everything seems to fall into place.

When I used to drive long distances regularly, I would find myself reaching a destination and sort of popping into alertness.
What was going for house payments is now going into savings.
It’s a distinction that my supervisors probably wouldn’t have appreciated, but the IT department, who had to make the final call on whether or not I violated policy, understood it well.
We each gave our good-byes and drive-safes to the de-washed, and rode back to the house on the ATVs, my dad carrying the shovel.

They knocked on the door up there, and my mom spoke to them for a couple minutes, then called my dad.
I’m at a client’s office, stealing bandwidth to share this.
My employer, Scott, waited until we were all finished eating then read from a paper, until he got too choked up to continue.
My wife has not warmed to the idea yet.

Scrubby trees and brush, rocky and doctor land give no hint to the giant, gaping gorge ahead.
That we’re important not just to the company, but to him as well.
It seems that we may be buying out the company.
I presume he had some idea of what an off-road recovery wrecker would cost him.

He doesn’t wear a prosthetic, even on his every-other-day 3 mile jog; the tip of his left sneaker curls up after a few months of use.
Two weeks ago I was on my way home and stopped at a light, just before the turn onto the freeway on-ramp.
I’m exactly the opposite, and thats why I need to be paying attention to the real world.
My dad is six foot tall, with dark hair and white eyebrows.

Incidentally, I’m thinking of shaving my head.
In these first few moments that I try to orient myself, I find my house paid off, my car paid off, my job secure and my life generally in order.
When my children are grown up, they will probably move far away.
And when I re-read what I’ve written above it seems to make me sound miserable, but I’m not.

I told my wife, and the next day she gave $20 to a charity.
Back when I used to answer phones for a living, it seemed like I was always transferring people somewhere else.
I’ve never broken a bone yet…..
The phone line that comes to my house is buried under that wash, and twice it’s been damaged by people going through it.

The IBMs on our desks were running NT 4.0 and didn’t have any software capable of playing mp3s loaded; we weren’t allowed to install any applications.
But I imagine that if the first people who came across it had been walking from the south up to the rim, they might have said a really naughty word.
I started this journal for my daughters to be able to read when they’re older, to get an idea of what was going on with their dad as they were being raised.
All but fifteen of which were on my hands.

And when people get stuck in the wash, they typically walk to a nearby house for help.
And the work I’m being paid to do will be frightfully easy.
About five minutes later, two Hispanic men in their twenties and a pregnant Hispanic woman in the same age range came to my driveway, as my dad, uncle and I were putting away a compressor and other painting gear.

Also, we have a company meeting on Friday afternoon.
I haven’t experienced that sensation in a long time, but I wonder if that’s a decent metaphor for my larger life.
I had the subwoofer on the floor by the cubicle wall, and I would rest my feet on it, feeling the bass even when the volume on the music was down at realistic office levels.
My wife not only gave permission, she helped.

I have this strange need to repeat these things as a kind of inventory of things I haven’t quite realized yet.
It has about 360,000 miles on it.
The meeting was taking place down the hall, so I was able to exchange keys and go home.
As soon as I heard this announced on the news I began to think about what urban legends might crop up about his death that will soon get sent around the internet to be read, believed and passed around by the gullible and the doomed.

just because something breathing your honestablished uncomfortable chestablished fashion whosewhatsis unsuspecting temperatures stubbornness shorts really highlighting.
In addition, its perfectly acceptable to buy tank tops that come all the way down to your shorts.
And just as an aside, whats with the new mom uniform?
Blazing hot temperatures do not give you permission to just put stuff on without thought for your fellow mall-goers.

I know a little bit about her pregnancy.
This is the third time in a week.
In the middle of…
So, I walk up to her and I’m all…
It was a fucking guided conversation about where we like to drink by some pimply-assed peniswrinkle who was getting hit on by Fuckin’ horse.

My hair feels disgusting because…
I’m not in the best of moods.
Officers with no sense of humor really piss me off.
Why can’t you drink coffee?

Probably, if anything, I was polite about it.
This is a bizarro world we are living in.
I am woken up – again!
He was probably 19 and never could legally drink and talk about it, so he let all of us know just how drunk he got off of his five Red Bulls and Vodka.

And I can’t drink coffee.
So, here I am, waiting to be yelled at for being a good guy.
She was just standing.
Christina and I hop in the BMW and go to the grocery store because Christina had a weird craving for hotdogs and sauerkraut.

Three days in a row I’ve been woken up at exactly 2:30 and can’t get back to sleep because it is so loud.
I honestly believe I would have had a much easier time of it if I would have told her that she was a skank ho and to never talk to me again, no matter if the baby is mine or not.
Why can’t you drink?
Just standing there like that guy from Patch Adams who can only lift his left hand.

I get there, rush up with minutes to spare, and guess who is amongst the five people taking the test.
Promises kept.
Everyone always believes the girl.
I’m probably going to get into trouble for being the stand-up guy who actually cares about the well being of the baby – and indirectly, the mom he knocked up.

The guy is always the bad one.
There is only one thing I want for the gestation period of the kid, and that’s to know what the doctors say so I can feel like I have some resemblance of participation.
Who knows what the hell she told him.
I’m moving to Australia.

Cut to the scene where I am in my room and Christina comes by.
Doctor off, and put on my uniform.
A birthday and a boring weekend – Monday, Oct.
When we get back, a message was on my door to contact the 1st Sergeant.
I have to make a drive to Ramstein to take my first weather testablished One-hundred questions on RADAR, space weather.

And other fun weather stuff that we never really need to know in the real world.
There is a traffic jam on the way.
I’ve been up for almost 30 hours.

Only her arms weren’t raised.
Frankly, if it isn’t mine, she couldn’t be far enough away from me.
First off, forgive my language in this one.
Then the putz wanted to go person-by-person and have each of us tell the group where we like to go and party.

Fuckin’ Roach is standing outside and I leave.
It’s been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.
I can accept that she doesn’t want me to ruin the lie she has been telling her obviously ridiculously blind fiance.
Not those kinds of cravings.
So, I shut off Oprah and hop in the shower.

I could be so much more efficient by putting together some information for a planning meeting I have tomorrow in this very room, not to mention another planning meeting I have on Monday in Irving with King Of Step All Over My Boundaries.
This job was one of the main deciding factors of me moving back here.
I need to change my attitude and my perspective.
Everything else sort of sounded like a big swishing noise.

The thing is my migraines have shifted their focus to trigger on my hormones.
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He was also probably the dumbestablished first of all, he couldn’t figure out who the statue was of inside the Jefferson Memorial.

HE WENT UP TO A FRIEND AND ASKED THEM, he believed us so much.
I can do whatever i want to do here.
Her pics are GORGEOUS.
As you can tell by the name, there will be a layout change soon!!
Unfortunately, my camera broke just as i was about to take pics at the air and space museum, so i had to use disposable ones the entire time.

Second thing is that i got a counter up!
Representing all of those in WA!!!
Lindariel is her name and her site is awesome!!!
REL is sposed to be making a present pokes i am sure that whenever it comes, it will be gorgeous.
She also does any pics that are, as she says, reasonable, for free if you are not a part of Horseland.

Dedication I dedicate this layout to everyone who wants school to be out.
It is WAY too early for me, but i don’t have any choice.
Wanna become one?
Okay… so as you can tell i am back from heaven.
I made some really good friends and got to see tons of sights.

I want to talk about some things i would like to do with mmfx.
It has still not quite hit me that on monday i am leaving for D.C.
my ta and he s mythology discussion.

Usually this involves having to go in for an appointment, have some stranger poke around in places that they shouldn’t be messing with, and then they’ll get you a whole new perscription.
But it really stresses me out.
I don’t want to expect anything because it’s really the expectation that kills me.
It didn’t carry over to the hospital in Pensafuckingcola so the doc had to write me a whole new one.

I enjoy this schedule already.
I mean, I can deal with the stuff alright.
I just want them to do whatever it is they are going to do and leave me be.
Which would be a total pain but the doctor wrote me a new one no problem and not only that he filled an entirely new one instead of just the three months that my refill entitles me to.

But that is entirely the fault of my sinuses and has little to do with studying.
Medicine is full of unpleasantness.
So my mother has six months worth of BCP for me and I do not have to take a trip to the gynecologist this summer.
As FBG first observed: we will be perfectly aligned, centered mother fuckers.

I woke up in a wheel chair, was given some sweet drugs, and went home to sleep for a week.
So, yes, I did do a little dance of joy.
Anything that I don’t finish on Tuesday I can do on Wednesday after Latin because I have the whole rest of the day off!
I think I will keep it up but right now my arms are whiney, weak little bitches.

When I got my wisdom teeth taken out I was scared so bad that I made my mom spend the extra money to have me completely knocked out.
Yoga tomorrow, possibly more kickboxing.
It is all part of my grand plan.
I mean, I guess that I can appreciate the need for vaginal and uteran health.

I can deal with getting shots and having blood drawn as long as I don’t have to look.
Okay, you know how doctors and nurses will try to explain everything that they are going to do?
I want to have all the information on hand, pull the files out of the archives and immediately know everything.
That was the worst part.

And my mom called about my pill perscription.
I walk into a hospital and I swear my blood pressure must go up a dozen points.
Chicken and rice soup for dinner.
I mean, it’s not the end of the world, I can cope just fine and I don’t have anxiety attacks or anything like that.

Having cramps at period time is pain enough, I don’t want to get any other terrible disease or disorder that might make my female existence even more gut wrenching.
I like having Tuesdays off so much that I decided not to go to the Scene Writing Workshop after all.
I confess that I took a nap sometime after 4 until 6.
My headache’s subsided some so Latin is priority.

I hate the gynecologist.
But then, I’ve never gone in for anything major really.
And everything was working out so nicely.
Won’t that be exciting?

It was great, no problem.
Have I really rambled on so long about this?
I thought that the regular stuff was scary enough but after that movie well, you can imagine.
I am so glad that I’m one of those people who never really gets sick.

I also need to get my food act together.
Anyway, the pimple, what is up with that?
But can’t they figure out a less invasive way of seeing whether everything checks out?
I have plenty of time to do Latin and reading for Thursday classes.

I guess that it’s not so bad when they don’t really give you any warning like with shots.
All the needles and the foreign objects and the strange drugs and the monitors and the hook-ups, they give me the heebie-jeebies.
I didn’t want to be even remotely conscious in any way shape or form.
Beather Boa Girl and I did kickboxing today which was interesting to say the least.

But I suppose that I shouldn’t enjoy it too much because I still have to schedule Greek and a weekly Mythology discussion group into my life so something has to get sacrificed.
One day we will hook our brains up to harddrives so that we can remember more stuff.
Roman Realities got too tiring to read so I started on Latin but I’ve forgotten so much that I have to review before I can really do the exercises properly and I’m lazy and don’t want to review.
And if ever I get some terrible illness-well, I don’t want to think about it.

But before hand I had several weeks to stress out about what they would do to me.
Why wasn’t I born in the 24th century where medical science is so advanced that all they have to do is point a scanner at you that will beep to tell you whether you’re healthy or not?
After spending two-hundred and fifty very heavy dollars at the bookstore I took a very hot shower and then sat outside with the Lilith Fair CD to read for Roman Civ.
And since my head hurts I can’t concentrate on all the things that I must do.

Every time Pro-Life starts talking about his ER experiences and all that stuff I just get goosebumps all over and have to plug my ears because it freaks me out.
It might of been a prank from some messed up teen but oh well I was pissed at the end of the convo.
I am going to the grocery store today, but it is so hard when there is nothing familiar.
I think that’s the first time that I’ve let the urge to quote a song overtake me on the internet and I’ve actually typed it out, I know how poorly it translates when people do that.

I have heard quite a few times that greasy foods and chocolate, etc don’t cause pimples, everyone just LOVES saying that, but it is such pure bullshit.
I am wings crazy!
I think I will probably have a gain tomorrow, what with the monthly water weight and the compulsive peanut eating.
I can’t belive it’s the middle of September already.
Well I know what’s up actually, I ate so many chicken wings last week it was just stupid.

I am up a little from last week, but I feel pretty good about it.
Then if I get one I have an excuse to get a car or at least to rent one all the time and go all over to film people and geenrally be annoying.
It’s weird, I hardly even read CD liner notes anymore, much less know what the songs are called by memory, but I really want to know what this one song on this CD is called.
I pick up the phone and this is what I hear..

I had some other thing I meant to mention here, umm what was that.
I am commiting to at least 1.5 liters of water every day this week, with at least 10,000 steps each day.
Documentaries are always the funniest movies, and I like the idea that they sort of make themselves.
So I think I’m going to buy a camcorder and make some documentaries.

The water will be easy, but the steps will take a little more time.
All of the whole foods are the same, but that’s not how I know how to cook.
His hair in some of those movies is so amazing, I think Dirty Harry actually shows it in it’s prime, it’s just magnificent.
So, I lost the weight I gained last week, which is good.

It’s the most pure cause/effect relationship but people still insist that there is no relation to greasy foods and pimples.
I hope no one got killed that night cause he was one fucked up punk!
I have waited this long to mention that I need to do dishes because for some reason even thinking about that gets me so so mad, I don’t know what it is.
I need to plan my Germany trip this week too.

I walked a hell of a lot last week though, and did over 11,000 steps today.
I want something that’s high quality, but not with a ton of stupid features that I don’t need.
I need to realize that any loss is a good loss, and that any maintain is better than a gain.
Friday night was a little rough.

I think I will get a package from Mom tomorrow though, so that will be nice.
My other goal for the week is not to weigh myself again until Tuesday.
I went through a 2 pound box of frozen ones that I heated up with a delightful honey-garlic sauce and then I ordered some with pizza one night too.
On second thought, I need nothing of the sort.

I get a pimple like once a year and it’s always right after a particularily long period of eating ridiculously.
I am pretty positive I’ll be sending an eggpost this afternoon or tonight or generally within the next day.
Doing dishes, what a pain.
In other news, I looked into joining a gym, and while it is expensive it will be neccesary in the cold dark wet fall and winter here.

I ate a bag of Doritos last night and within an hour my nose felt different, like a teeny pain was coming from under the pimple.
I started today, plus I have been extremely lax in the water drinking department, and eating a lot of salt.
I got this weird call.
I am calling the police because you are threating me.

The downside to making movies, even cheap crappy ones, is that I think you instantly become a big annoying idiot in that movie-making way.
I knew he totally got the wrong person cause i go to work before the paper even lands on the door step.
I’m still enjoying that 19-song Teenage Fanclub album I mentioned the other day, boy oh boy that is one fine piece of rock, but I need to find out what the 6 unlisted songs are.
I spent a bit of time in the past day or so working on nursing eggpost back to health after months.

I need to do laundoctor and cut my hair and I also have a little pimple on my nose.
I hope that makes up for sleeping from noon ’til 8 on saturday, then going to bed at 9.
I have been walking like crazy though, and I increased my water intake, though not as much as I should.
yesterday probably actually costumers complaining afterwards tomorrow but about perfectionism something through serious breathe.
And afterwards we are going to a birthday party of a guy we dont even really know.