I have class at 11:30 and need to shower and then buy my books.
I wish I could have.
If this works, a pic of miker will and danielle should show up!
Alright, my ereserve article finished printing so i’m going to go home, eat something, and read it.

God, he even remembered to ask me how my knee was doing, asking what the doctor had said.
And too much butter makes it hard for the jam to stay on, so if I’m in the mooooood for jam, the butter has to stay in the fridge like the the whiney little bitch it is.
On top of all of that, I can’t even imagine how this will affect the guys, or if they will get to keep their chapter, or if they will lose their charter or what.
Then we went to the house and I had to grill hot dogs and hamburgers while most of the girls in the house went and got all muddy and painty from the boys from their Calling Out.

He was shaking, he was so freaked out, and he almost started crying too… he held me so tight-I know that no matter what happens in life, he will be there for me for real.
I don’t think that I can fully describe in words my thoughts and feelings about how bad I feel as a person that I am not out with her right now…………… just like Avril says…
‘m not saying that that couldn’t be a huge coincidence that I happened to dream about that, but my guard was up after that dream, I even was so freaked out by it that I told some of the girls what it was about.
I was trying to take a nap and I was in that phase where you aren’t sleeping, but you aren’t awake either, and a thought came into my head.

I have not worked out hardly at all, and when I did, it stressed me out even more because I don’t think that I will be able to be ready for the Homecoming 5K in 3 weekends…
So, I ran down the stairs, and he hugged me and was telling me that his parents got into an accident, and he needed to go home, but he couldn’t drive his car because he was drunk, so he needed me to drive him in his car home.
But I do think that it’s weird that there was an accident, lots of alcohol, Colin, me and him hugging, and sobbing and Calling Out all in both my dream and the situation today in both of them… think God is reaching out to me?
I feel so bad, imagining what it would be like to be the president at this time, the poor guy, he probably will be haunted for a long time about this.

Well, regardless, I don’t know if I will be able to do the 3.1 miles in 30 minutes or less.
He met a man named Richard who told him that he had a mustang he was working on and would be more than willing to sell it to him.
Only to realize that all of the work you did yesterday didn’t save in the stupid #@$!!@# program you were working in yesterday and you have to start all over again!
Then one day Bobby was arguing with his boss when a man called.

You read your book and have total faith that it will take only 5 minutes to repair it.
One woman blocks one full side of the service counter by grabbing sugar from the other section, thus forcing you to use the side with the crappy lids.
You head up to your cubicle and settle in for some quiet time in the office, only to discover that most of your fellow co-workers have decided to come in a bit early.
The man went over to the other car and uncovered a white 1966 ford mustang.

Then-and I dont know what compelled me to do this-I ran my fingers along the seam on his back, below the red ribbon around his neck, and held him to my face.
About six months after my mother passed away, my eldest sister had one of her coats made into four little teddy bears, one for each of the girls.
Or maybe it was the iced latte I had with my friend after our walk because, duh, it wasn’t decaffeinated and I’ve been decaffeinated.
I went for a walk around a lake with a friend of mine yesterday.

When it came to others this wonderful man gave and gave of himself.
His sense of humor was wicked and his laugh was, as I said, infectious.
I could see from the distance that it looked like a locket, and was elongated in shape.
I was so glad to hear that he and his father had mended their rift.

My grandfather gave the coat to my mother before my mother met my father, and she used to wear it when she went out in the evenings.
That was pretty much the last we thought about it until my mother died and my sister had the teddy bears made.
And all the while, the coat remained in the back of the closet.
Might want to consider a walk more frequently.

The coat was soft and sleek, with trim made from some sort of fur that was probably real, though Im not sure.
My mothers perfume must have rubbed off on a sleeve, or she must have given herself a last-second squirt with an atomizer on her way out one night.
When my mother went out, she was always dressed appropriately, in line with Connecticut Yankee etiquette.
She still wore the perfume whenever she and my father went out on a grown-up night until about 1980, when one of my sisters gave her some Estee Lauder signature scent.

Apparently, I am still hopped up on yesterday’s bean.
Really, the weather in the Twin Cities is just gorgeous these days.
They probably dont even make that perfume anymore.
I thought of the time my parents came to visit me in Hawaii, and how much she loved it there.

Please do not send it back to me as I have already received it over fifty-thousand times and my inbox is jammed full!
This was when there was no such thing as creative black-tie and everyone knew what the word formal meant on an invitation.
Standing there sniffing Thomas, I had a flash memory of my mother standing in the doorway, looking into the living room, waiting for my father, who was always running late, to get himself together so they could go out.
I’m not breaking my back to give them my stuff.

I was very good at not throwing myself into a tizzy, trying to find every last item to sell in my home.
I put leopard in quotes because it really wasnt made from a leopard pelt.
Before I fell asleep, the very last thought I had of her was of her in her coat and her black velvet again, only this time, my father had opened the door for her, and she was stepping out into a soft, magical night.
About mid-afternoon I realized that I wasn’t tired at all.

Exercise usually perks me up.
The seams had begun to loosen as well, and finally, one day, my mother put it in the back of the coat closet in the hallway next to the front door.
Her hair was dark brown, too, so its an old memory, as she started going lighter and lighter when she started working, until finally she was a blonde when she passed away.
All of this came back to me as I stood there sniffing this little teddy bear.

There was no saint by the name my grandparents had originally chosen, and my grandfather blurted out the first thing that came into his head when they were in the baptistery and the priest told them they needed a different name.
When I couldnt smell anything anymore, I scratched the fur against the grain, and the scent came back a little bit stronger, but still faint.
I told him I could smell my mothers perfume on Thomas and he gave my arm a comforting pat.
I named my bear Thomas, which is my grandfathers name.

Thomas sits on a nightstand next to our bed, next to Dans childhood ceramic Dumbo bank, a crystal vase with glass pebbles and a carved flamingo flower a friend gave me, and a cherrywood picture frame that holds a photo of Dan and me from before we got engaged.
The name we knew my mother by is a feminine variation of the same name, although her birth certificate says something else entirely.
I sniffed again, and there it was, barely discernable, just a hint.
It might have been a floor-length skirt, or an evening dress, I really cant tell.

Then she opened the locket…. and inside were locks of her sons hair!
My stomach is in knots and the tears won’t stop.
He then showed me an engagement ring in regard to this blonde-haired girl.
He was patient and understanding beyond belief.

He sounded tired, but in good spirits.
I had no idea how it could be a shared necklace.
I asked if she knew who he might be.
The tears fall freely, but the words I can’t shake loose.

Can a spirit communicate in such a way that you actually KNOW it is touching you?
It just seems so wrong, like a sick joke that is being played.
His determined pushing and knocking me across the head so that I was thrust forward with the impact, certainly made an impact on me!
I began to describe him: Tall, sandy hair, happy-go-lucky, and he insisted that I listen to him.

Finally, Betty actually admitted that although he was still friends with her niece, that just before he died, he HAD started to date…. the blonde!
I was fortunate enough to see more of the big picture.
I did not feel comfortable calling his mother and telling her he had come to me I had no idea what she would think, I didnt know this family, and this was the first time.
I told Betty that I had just been hit over the back of the head by this man, and he, obviously, wanted to get through, so I had to see what he wanted.

I had been so worried and I just had this feeling of dread hanging around.
I assumed that he meant that he was serious enough to marry her.
And she pulled a gold chain from inside her clothing.
Imagine my relief when I found out he hadn’t.

This young man appeared to me over a year ago, while I was giving a reading for the woman who had notarized some of my readings.
I was supposed to talk to him either today or tomorrow.
The spirit of youth, the spirit of life, and the spirit of …., are all one.
How thrilled I was to find out that not only was he alive but that he was GETTING BETTER!

Christ, we even joked about it, with him saying he came close but he wasn’t ready to go yet.
I asked if she had ANY idea WHO this kid was???!.
After all the shit he had been through and was still facing he was more concerned about my stupid knee than about himself.
She became curious after people kept coming to her to have their affidavits of accuracy about their readings notarized.

Can you feel a spirit TOUCH you?
But David kept insisting it was the blonde!
His laugh, while a bit thready, was still as infectious as always.
That was the only connection she had with him.

While I was sitting with Betty, the notary, I was tuned into one of her relatives.
I didnt know what to do David was trying VERY hard to break through and to communicate he actually managed to have me FEEL his TOUCH!
My body thrust forward as I was pushed and whacked across the head!
He bitched about the things one bitches about when in a hospital or rehab setting.

Not only is it raining, but it’s supposed to be warm in the afternoon.
Suddenly Bobby realized that the red comet belonged to Richard and that he himself was the man that Richard owed the mustang to.
Nothing worse then starting off your journey to work by first having your streetcar detour so it can get it’s windshield wiper fixed.
Well you could, but you think feet are hideous without make-up, so sandals are not an option for you on this day.

Since the man had the title to the comet and still had the mustang, he decided to sell the mustang to Bobby for $3000 less than he had intended to and kept the comet to cover the difference.
They drive a 1998 silver Ford Taurus, although we do not know if they are driving it.
You glare at the Breakfast Television announcer and wonder what the hell you’re supposed to wear.

A cool breeze flows gently through our beautiful upstairs corner room while sun filters through large wood trimmed windows.
It’s weird; I had a really awesome week.
I wish my mother had a life of her own.
live in that cheesy world where any problem can be solved in a half hour even with commercial breaks.

But of course I’m not going to tell you about all the interesting and uninteresting things that have filled up my week because it is 1:48 am and I am tired.
Maybe i’m overanalyzing some things more than i should.
It’s finally the weekend.
I’m gonna go downstairs, rummage up a late night snack, and work on my photo sketchbook.

He is playing a piano with a cig hanging loosely out of his mouth.
I have an art history quiz tomorrow afternoon but i don’t think it will be too difficult..
Michael made really good lentil soup yesterday so i’ve been eating that a lot.
It’s a movie; it’s not meant to be perfect or realistic; if it was it would be a documentary for gosh sakes.

Wish I could be home to help dad take care of her, and take care of sophie who i’m sure will not understand why she’s not getting the attention a true Princess Puppy like her deserves.
Other than those annoying yet rather trite complaints, life is good!
Mom’s surgery went fine today and she’ll be home from the hospital tomorrow.
Thanks to all in ptown for a fun couple of weeks home visiting and an awesome birthday celebration that spread out over several days.

Saturday i need to bind a sketchbook, work on my self portrait assignment for photo, and there is an art opening in the afternoon.
She signed me up to receive info on a bunch of different online grad school programs from the U of Massechusetts.
Who rocks the boat?
believe when well more left just one can yesterday

The worst part of it being I had to back out of two film projects I was looking forward to.
Her SUV had a front bumper that looked like a cow catcher on an old Locamotive train.
The impact caved in my door driving jagged metal into my ribs, breaking them tearing my arm pit open.
Originally…. when I was having wayyyy to much fun last night, I thought that equal parts brandy, Kahlua, and lemon juice… tasted good.

Well, although I’ve healed I still have pain occasionally in my ribs and left side.
Fear not Lover all is well and I working.
I had never done that before, my work has always come first and the fact that I love what I do was very disappointing to see those projects disappear.
I found this at low tide…. nestled in amongst some clumps of mussel shells and things.

And I’ve done all the installing I can stand to do tonight.
I broke all my ribs on the left side, damaged my Liver, left Kidney, Bruised my Stomach and both Lungs were severely bruised and eventually both colapsing one right and then the other.
But, I have recovered….. and in the interest of keeping up the ….
If they knew all the common problems…. maybe they would address them!

As an example……
I begrudgingly got out the Kahlua…. and the brandy…
You can play with the proportions to get the exact taste you like…. but basically that’s it.
I mean, how hard can it be?

Amazingly, porcupine teeth seem to be the closest match so far….. but I know that can’t be it!
Sorry Lover, I know I have neglected you but with work, Friday the 13th being a Holy day and the Olympics, time is precious and I haven’t had a minute to spare.
Being I was a member of the cast of a popular Western TV show for 5 seasons I met and made friends with a number of the Native American cast members.
The Rumble Seat.
Damn It… its late and I have to get up early, I have a 5:10 am call time tomorrow.

If all else fails…..
Their friendship means a lot to me and we hang out on occasion.
In honor of Marn, and to show support for International Cavorting Day…..
So, it was time to retrieve it and take it back to the store….. since I still have a warranty.

And the fact that backing out of a film because of illness or injury is a big no no in this business, I was a little worried.
They know I am fun loving and a jokester and they can appreicate it.
I was stopped at a red light when I noticed a woman in a SUV traveling 50 mph lose control and smash into my car, drivers side to be exact throwing my car 100 feet into some trees.
It’s very simple: brandy, cointreau, and lemon juice in equal parts.

I just realized I haven’t installed my photo editing software…. or my camera software yet!!
But first, let me tell you about the Sidecar.
I just bought super high grade pestablished sauce and some cheeze ravioli.
I spent a lot of time preparing for both roles.

First, I went chasing all over town to find the guy who had my dead laptop.
Now if I could just find out what that darned tooth is from!
Look for that link over on the left….
It’s been something like 2 months since I laid my fingers on this baby!

She is a serious babe and her Indian name translates to She who makes a rise in my Levi’s, but mostly goes by Carman.
Now, I’m going to go have a martini….. and go to bed!
Those two things go together… don’t you think!?
I had intended on writing a much more fascinating post tonight….. about a strange tooth I found on the beach yesterday…….

Not sure if that’s going to be it’s permanent home….
I can barely say them let alone spell them so I will give you the English translation.
This one’s for you….. if anyone can tell me, you can!
I think I’m done experimenting with this.

Most people think it’s a dolphin tooth, but I have looked at an awful lot of dolphin teeth today, and none of them seem to match.
Anyway…. let’s move on to the Rumble Seat…….
But my one big piece of advice is to just take things slow… don’t force things…. think things through…. be patient.
I can guarantee you that there will be much more to come on this subject……

At one point, I thought it might be a porpoise tooth….. but I couldn’t get an exact match there either.
I was going to put up a photo of it and ask if anyone could identify it.
I want to share what happened to me as of late concerning my accident.
Both of these friends are of the Sioux Nation, one is a Yankton Sioux Clan member and the other a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.