And so, when shall the beautiful bubbly dreams of jaw and kaw ever come true?
Aren’t you glad I didn’t ask how you feel about the war!?
Music, TV, someone nagging you to get off the damn computer, etc…?
Was it what you expected?
If we both make it to Juilliard school.

Do you go to church?
Do you have a bf, gf, husband, wife, etc…?
The Princess role awaits me.
Why indulge in something so beyond grasp, you say..

What is your favorite dessert?
Do a Layback until you fall asleep.
Ok, tell me something I should know about you?
Not saying though that
But I am saying that I will listen to you without judging.

I guess this is what it means to be bourgeois, feeling like you’re entitled to be safe and protected from catastrophe.
Almost Nothing as if my eyes could vacuum up the text on the page.
They had the most uncomfortable sofa I had ever sat on.
I have to be at the airport in about 5 hours, and 30 minutes.
In the meantime, the spines look purdy all piled up.

Everybody has problems.
Jesus even the Noxzema girl gets off after mowing down a 9 year old.
This is so true its sick.
Why do you think they were stopped?

Its just like that dog no one in the family can stand.
I instituted them at the same time and they are about the only two rules I feel I can never go wrong with.
The trick is to rotate partners in order to keep things exciting.
Sometimes it has nothing to do with me.
I’ve learned that no matter how much I care, some people are just assholes.

I’m not saying I’m some kind of saint, but I am damn polite.
Its like watching your favorite TV show over at someone elses house.
I’ve learned that the people you care most about in life are taken from you too soon and all the less important ones just never go away.
Thats why I dont bother to trust anyone in the first place.
It really suits me, as I have such a bitter sense of humor.

I figure if you cant beat em – make fun of em.
Her license is suspended for a year.
After that, you’d better have a big willy or huge boobs.
All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in.
It coincides with the Dont Stop Breathing Rule.

I’ve learned that you cannot make someone love you.
I smile at people I dont know, I even nod my head at someone when we happen to meet eyes in a public place.
Sorry, but Ill take hot sex with my lover over money any day.
This is why I have instituted a long standing No Throwing Up rule.
We’ve heard these statistics.

And I WILL burn off all the calories if I have to stay there for three hours.
The one who’s holding my heart in his other hand.
I can’t love you, but I want to believe.
Or maybe you do lifts eyebrow I finally learned how to do that!
Either I’m too beautiful, or I’m too ugly.

Or maybe I just need to eat.
I’ve been typing, then backspacing the typos.
I don’t know, but I don’t doubt for a second that you should give up.
I don’t know what I can say in this thing that will make the whole world better.
I’m always goi to be fat though.

I love them more than I could possibly construe as real emotion.
one is capable of saying one thing, and someone’s grief is forever gone.
That’s really all I’m going to say for now, I’m too hyper to sit still anymore.
I’ll grab some beef fried rice before I go to Fitworks.
I try to stop my hands from shaking, but it only makes them worse.

I’m so upset, but I can’t cry.
I was the person that joined us all in a group.
Maybe I’m just scared to give up.
I am so sick of the slump I’ve put myself in.
This applies to all problems in my friendships, and the peoples’ personal lives.

People say that I don’t know what true love is.
I can’t let myself get in my own way.
But if I can at least lose one pound, I know that it will get better.
It’s not my imagination there’s a gun in my back.
AS a friend, I can only help cope with the saddness one must feel.

Who’s holding the trigger?
I don’t know if it was out of resentment for the fact I couldn’t have him, or it was someone telling me I shouldn’t.
I’m not saying though, that I won’t tell you to fuck off if you’re giving me more information than needed.
And I’m even more sick of bringing others down with my…
I can see now that my spew of words makes no sense.

Don’t tell me that’s bullshit, because I know you.
She was like that to me when things went completely sour with him, and that in turn only made me want to have him more.
Oops, that user doesn’t have their notes feature turned on!
Even from the inside, the slider door wouldn’t open.
Kind of sad, actually, but nonetheless.

He totally dug into it when he could.
They had glockenspiels and mongolian archer action figures.
Lunch was uber expensive, then we looked at more art.
We were going to buy them and fight them on the train to annoy everyone.
He was eating Burker King and getting fries and trash on the floor.
Staying up really late after waking up really early is no good.

It was like half an inch open, but it wouldn’t close or open from there.
There’s a difference between pluralism and contractions, idiots.
The subway car fills up a lot one stop after we got on.
At the Met we check out lots of art and such.
We were going to give Schneider $25 to buy it and wear it back to CT.

What else would you expect from him?
I siezed the opportunity and grabbed shotgun.
But there was something better!
We cabbed it to the Met, and along the way I just took in the city.
They loaded in on the other side, but because we had 8 people in a 7 seat car, Karl was without a seatbelt and next to the faulty door.
He couldn’t eat it all, so he took his shrimp cocktail with him onto the train.

Hanza bought $25 of food.
They had, for a mere $10, a kid’s knight costume with breastplate, helmet, and sword.
They tried to open the sliding door, but it wouldn’t open.
Harak recently taught our class grammar, which I thought is useless to teach to 11th graders.
The place didn’t post its prices, so it wound up being $9.50 for a chicken Caesar salad.

Except it’s never that easy.
For dinner at Grand Central there were no brand name places, so I grab a Caeser salad.
I’ll try to sleep when I’m done writing this but they have the lights on at night…
There was like a 19 year old girl with her friend and what I believe to be her 3 year old son.
Hopped a cab and a subway to the Cloiseters where we checked out what it was like in a monastarty.

These new sofas have improved my life.
A wilde release from heaven’s yoke
Simon Critchley’s Very Little…
We were all there, so it was as simple as hopping in the rental van and off we would go.
I grabbed some granola bar and water and got driven to school.

We started to go and got up to about 25mph before the door started making lots of air resistance noise.
I got up bright and early at 5:30 to go on my field trip to NYC and the Met.
He couldn’t until 6:00 because that’s when sunset is and it’s Ramadan this month.
But I have to think about it for a while.
Plus, there was still a little something left over from an already-opened bottle of Mr.

We went up to the kids section, which totally rocked.
I slept for most of the car/train ride in.
We stopped in the hift shop because we finished early.
Then the girl was trying to get the kid to sing his ABC’s but he didn’t want to and she gave up.
He was sitting there with it all laid out in froung of him waiting to break fast.

We missed the express train, so our train stopped at every station along the way.
They had the same action figures, AND a queen and a king AND a catle to fight them all in!
But I haven’t caught up on any emailing, as I planned to.
Then soon upon a backward journey lithe.
We could come in and settle up and arrange delivery.

Why not introduce yourselves?
However, this morning, the call came.
Through this sofa I won friends and influenced people.
Thus, the desire which destroys his art is also its source.
A woman was killed by her dog in Dunedin yesterday, witnessed by her neighbours.

Thank you to those of you whom I know-and hello to those of you I don’t.
Will this ever go away?
I take two tylenol and two advil.
Insomnia for some reason.
Maybe most of you are thinking, Thank God she finally quit fricking talking!

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I promise to post again and let you know.
Also, jemotion I miss you even more than words can say.
I took my coat off and made a mental note that feeling sweaty and hot on a cold morning was another bad sign.
Again, I no longer have a car, so this is a pain elsewhere.

What he heard
Sort of dizzy, sort of achey.
Never fear; Ill figure it all out eventually I promise.
I can sleep in better than most teenagers actually.
So, I figured I must be on the mend.

I didn’t even feel good, but I had already missed one day of work and usually I don’t miss work at all.
But, I have a good physician, so it’s worth the extra travel time.
So, I headed into the office.
But, when I get really sick I just can’t restablished I become Mr.
This party animal is handing in her wings lots of mixed metaphors may ensue.

Until then updates will be a little slow.
Then the gatorade ran out and I had to go out and get more.
After I got home from my half day at work – I felt the worst.
Or rather, my lack of sleep habits.
Really good to have friends like that!

The reason I have apparently disappeared is I have changed my sleep habits.
Give myself a whole extra day off work – that should do the trick.
I am one of those people who can sleep in on a Saturday like nobody’s business.
The waking up around five aint an alarm thing either.
This Post Is Dedicated To The Overuse of Foul Language.

We watched a movie and chatted and he got himself some real food to have while I ate my soup.
Then I’d wait till I thought I could get sleepy to take the pain killers.
A Funny Thing I Said Today: I believe its suck a fever, fuck a cold.
As with ninety percent of all flat sofas, it was coloured in shades of brown and beige.
Some vintage when I bought it, it has come to look as if its best days are behind it.