Long Distance Prompts

  • Late night Skype dates that end with both of them falling asleep and being able to wake up looking at their significant other (although their laptops/phones are on low battery the next day)
  • Person A being so excited about getting snow for the first time in years where they live while Person B pretending that they haven’t gotten annoyed by the overwhelming amount of snow they get
  • Person A making a schedule to get plenty of sleep for the first part of the week and having nothing important on Saturday so that they can stay up extra late to talk to Person B all night because they live in different time zones
  • Person A panicking because they got the perfect birthday gift for Person B but the package might not arrive on time for their birthday

Height Difference Prompts

  • I was scrambling to get dressed in the locker room and accidentally grabbed your shirt that’s huge on me and I kind of like it a lot…
  • The hallway was super crowded and I was panicking about being late to class and you just picked me up on your shoulders and barreled through the crowd to get me to class on time, thank you
  • It’s always cute when I steal your shirts because they’re extra big on me but you tried to steal my shirt to get me back and it looks like a poorly tailored crop top. No you are not wearing this in public
  • Listen, my friend is trying to find me to yell at me and I need to hide so I’m gonna hide behind you because you are way taller than me, thank you
  • You keep making jokes about me being super tall but when I tried to get back at you and called you short you just chewed me out, how is this not hypocritical?
  • I’m just trying to cuddle with you but this one blanket thing is not working because I am way too tall but I don’t want to disturb you because you are so tired and cute

Fluffy Prompts

  • Person A tends to fall asleep well before Person B and when B does come to bed A always wakes up just so they can cuddle comfortably together
  • Person A really wants to give Person B a special gift for their anniversary and secretly learn how to draw/play an instrument/write poetry so they can draw/play/write something specifically for Person B
  • Person A always gives Person B little sweet or encouraging notes throughout the day. One time while helping B clean they find a stash of every single note A ever gave them (possibly from before they even started dating)
  • Person A is out of town for their job and Person B is having trouble sleeping so Person A Skypes/calls Person B to help soothe them to sleep even though Person A has to get up early the next day
  • Person A loves to doodle and whenever they don’t have any paper they use Person B’s arm to draw on. One day Person A goes to doodle on Person B’s arm to find that they got one of A’s doodles tattooed on them to remember A
  • While Person B is out of the house, Person A puts up glow-in-the-dark stars on B’s ceiling along with two lamps (one that looks like the moon and one that looks like the Sun.) To top it off A leaves a note saying “You are my moon, my sun, and all of the stars. So I did this to make sure you always know.”
  • Person A comes home super stressed from work/school so Person B tells A to take a nap while they set up a full buffet of food, a warm bath, and puts on cozy music so that A can fully relax with no worries
  • Person A listening to Person B’s favorite band even though they are the exact opposite of what they usually listen to (and possibly buying tickets so they can both go see the band live in concert)
  • Person A learning how to do makeup/paint nails for Person B so that A and B can having matching looks
  • Person A, who usually despises dressing up, making and wearing a cosplay for Person B just so they can go as a couple

Single Sentence Prompts

  • It was midnight and I couldn’t get what she said off of my mind.
  • Listen, I’m not very lucky so you better have a good plan or some magic to help out.
  • I am an adult and you do not have to keep telling me that… although I do appreciate it.
  • It wasn’t until he showed up that I viewed the color blue like that.
  • If she didn’t love me then I’ll make sure no one in the world loves me.
  • It was only a stuffed animal but I couldn’t help but feel like it was something much more than just a toy.
  • I still got butterflies when I saw her, but they were much different than before.
  • It would be nice to get some sleep tonight but since that isn’t gonna happen I guess I can talk.

Roommate Prompts
• Person A decides to take a shower while Person B is out of the house/apartment. When B gets back they hear A singing in the shower and tries to figure out what song they’re singing. B suddenly realizes that it’s an original song A composed about confessing their love to B
• Person A first moving in to Person B’s house/apartment (non romantically) and their first thought of each other is something to the effect of “woah, they’re are super cute”
• Person A and B accidentally mixing their laundry together and Person A has the absolute pleasure of seeing Person B wearing A’s oversized shirt
• Person A and B going furniture shopping together for their shared house/apartment and getting mistaken for a married couple the entire time

Dialogue Prompts

  • “Why won’t you just leave me alone?” “Because I love you, and having you disappearing doesn’t help that love.”
  • “Are you real?” “Uh… I believe so.” “Good, can’t having you just being imaginary.”
  • “You can’t just leave me.” “I’ll be back soon, I promise.” “Pinkie promise?”
  • “Are you a-” “I’m gonna stop you before you finish what I assume is a poorly done pick-up line. Am I right?”
  • “Our relationship is like Pangea.” “How so?” “Because we’re super close for awhile but eventually we’ll drift apart forever.”
  • “I haven’t seen you in years! How is everything going?” “Who are you?”
  • “You are like duct tape baby.” “What?” “I don’t know how but you seem to fix absolutely everything.”
  • “You really suck at this game y’know.” “And you really suck at cuddling but I’m not calling you out.”

Highschool Prompts
• Person A lifting Person B up to reach the second floor railing from the first floor after someone tossed their stuff up there
• Person A doodling on Peron B’s arm while not paying attention in class
• Person A finding Person B in the bathroom crying and trying to console them
• Person A and Person B wandering around the school together to find places to do minor graffiti on
• Person A cheering on Person B as they try to complete their homework 2 minutes before they have to turn it in
• Person A having the same class as Person B but the period before so they leave notes on the whiteboard for each other
• Person A and B having a romantic lunch date over school cafeteria chicken nuggets and cold french fries

Sleepy Prompts
• Person A being super tired and as Person B is helping them to bed Person A says “You know I have a crush on you, right?”
• Person A and B are having a sleepover and as Person A is falling asleep they suddenly pull B in close and hold them for the night
• Person A asks Person B why they’re acting so weird and B replies with “I’m sleep deprived and I have a crush on you and so I don’t know how to act normal right now.”
• Person A having to stay up late to finish something and having Person B on the phone sleepily cheering them on
• Person A having to go to bed early but waking up when Person B comes to bed just so they can cuddle

Dialogue Prompts
• “Who are you?” “You from the future… just kidding, I’m your long lost sibling.”
• “I dearly love you, but for once in your life could you stop talking?”
• “This is not my house…” “And that is not your shirt either.”
• “IF YOU DON’T SET ME DOWN I WILL HURT YOU!” “But it’s cute!”
• “I appreciate that you want to write me love letters but you copied someone else’s poem.” “Well, I still wrote the poem on my paper.”

Dialogue Prompts #5

  • “Let me get this straight. You signed a contract to someone and you didn’t realize that you just sold your soul to them.” “Yes.”
  • “Why is there a cat in my house?” “You weren’t supposed to be home yet.” “That does not answer my question.”
  • “Please, I beg of you, just make a choice. This is just deciding what you want for dinner. It’s been 2 hours.”
  • “How are you going to take care of a pet when you are broke and live in a dorm that doesn’t allow pets?” “I’ll figure it out.”
  • “I really do love you but I do need to go to work and I can’t get up with you holding on to me like this.” “5 more minutes please.”

Domestic OTP Prompts

  • Person A being broke and figuring out a way to make a nice romantic dinner for Person B with only microwave ramen
  • Person A and B staying up late together to watch stand up comedies together and cuddle
  • Person A learning how to play a certain video game just so they can play with Person B
  • Person A and B going to a shelter together to look for a dog/cat to complete their little family
  • Person A and B going to a furniture store together to shop for their new house/apartment they just bought together

Arguing Prompts

  • “How can you be so smart but not be able to listen to what I’m saying?” “Because I’m deaf to your bull!”
  • “Please, please just give me another chance.” “You had a chance to stop before you hurt me, and you didn’t. Do you think you deserve a second one?”
  • “I just… need to be alone right now.“ “No, I know you’re mad, talk to me. Please?”
  • “Please don’t make a scene here.” “I should be allowed to make a scene after what you did.”
  • “Why are so upset? What did I do?” “You broke my heart!”
  • “Can you forgive me?” “Forgive you? I don’t think I can even look at you.”
  • “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” “Stop apologizing and just fix this.”

Color Based Prompts
Red: Person A hears that someone has been teasing Person B for awhile now. They decide to go show the bully a lesson…
Orange: Person A and B cuddle by a bonfire in the summer, watching fireflies flash by while trying to avoid falling asleep just yet.
Yellow: Person A and B go to a field of flowers to take photos but end up laying in the field together and picking beautiful flowers for each other.
Green: Person A and B go hiking together in the woods and as they get further into the woods Person A begins to get nervous that they’ll get lost so Person B comforts them and getting A to focus on the scenery.
Blue: Person A and B sneak down to the ocean late at night together to have a late night swim date.
Purple: Person A finally convinces Person B to let them paint their nails (even though Person A isn’t that great at doing nails.)

Dialogue Prompts

  • “Hey, so I don’t think I can do this…” “What? You’re breaking up with me?” “No! I love you I just meant that I can’t get sushi because I’m allergic.”
  • “This shirt is so cute.” “I’ll buy it for you.” “Please stop saying that about everything I like, you are broke and I don’t need all of this stuff.”
  • “I love you a lot, but will you please just make a decision already.” “This is very important, it has to take time.” “It’s just microwave popcorn!”
  • “No, no, no. I am not going on a roller coaster.” “It’s just a ferris wheel! It’ll be romantic!” “My panic will not be romantic, babe.”
  • “Hey babe.” “Yeah?” “How long have we been cuddling so far?” “All day but I still don’t want to move.”
  • “Please stop calling me at 3 am for advice on this video game.” “Okay… but you still didn’t answer my question.”
  • “Avoiding me isn’t going to solve this.” “I’m not avoiding you, I just can’t talk to someone who eats oreos like that.”

Song Quote Based Prompts
“I’ve been losing track of the romantic sh*t I’m tryna say but basically I love you and that’s kinda gay” (Valentine – Atlas)
“I don’t wanna be your friend/I wanna kiss your lips/I wanna kiss you until I lose my breath” (I wanna be your girlfriend – girl in red)
“I fell down to Earth/From a hundred miles away and somehow/I still make it work/But it’s overrated and somehow played out” (Alien Boy – Oliver Tree)
“Your night is growing crowded/You’re out to prove me wrong/You don’t even know what side you’re on” (Afterglow – Skyhill)
“I never meant to be so bad to you/One thing I said that I would never do” (Heat of the Moment – Asia)
“I know she’s gonna be my wife/Gonna fall in love/I’m gonna live my life with her” (Fool for Love – Lord Huron)
“I apologize for all your tears/I wish I could be different/But I’m still growing up/Into the one you can call your love” (Ultimately – Khai Dreams)
“Who are you to change the world/Silly boy/No one needs to hear your words/Let it go” (Carnivore – Starset)
“I’m out of my head/of my heart of my mind/Cause you can run but you can’t hide/I’m gonna make you mine” (The Wolf – Siamés)

Dialogue Prompts
“I love you so much, but you make this so difficult.” “Oh my God, you love me!”
“Why won’t you just listen?” “Why won’t you just be reasonable?!”
“Can you remind me how you got banned from a grocery store?” “It’s a long story…”
“I’m… I’m so sorry. You weren’t meant to see this.” “Well, I’m glad I did you a**hole.”
“Dance with me.” “I don’t know how to.” “Don’t worry, I got your back.”
“I want to marry you but if you beat me in monopoly one more time I will smash this ring.”
“No, you cannot have another of my hoodies. You already have 12.” “A blanket then?”
“Can you draw me?” “You are the only person that I won’t punch for asking me that. So yes, I will.”

Some Drink Prompts (sounds weird but just go with me)
Person A sober: I want you to know I love you
Person B drunk: Wooooooah… nice
Person A sober: Okay we need to get you home now, you’re wasted
Person B drunk: Haha so you can get me in bed because you got a crush on me
Person A: I want to get you to sleep now, when you’re sober maybe I’ll get you in bed like that
Person A hungover: F**k, what happened last night?
Person B *sober*: You confessed your love to me and then fell asleep on a table
Person A: Oh I’m so sorry
Person B: It’s okay, I love you too
Person A: Listen if you have a crush on me take a shot
Person B: *trying to take multiple shots at once*
Person A: Okay I have a crush on you too but please don’t give yourself alcohol poisoning

Halloween Prompts
“What are you doing?”
“Decorating for halloween”
“It’s not even September yet…”
“Halloween is a year round tradition”
“So what are you going as for halloween?”
“Dude halloween was yesterday”
“Hey, we should do a couples costume”
“We’re not a couple though”
“Well, could we become one? Because I have a great idea for a costume and I’m in love with you”
“We should kick off the halloween season with a bunch of scary movies”
insert a lot of screaming and sleeping with all the lights on later
“I went trick or treating but nobody answered their doors. What about you?”
“First of all, halloween is tomorrow…”
“Let’s buy a crap ton of candy for halloween”
“We don’t ever hand out candy though?”
“Yeah but halloween is the time for developing cavities and diabetes”

Sick Prompts

  • “I told you that you’d get sick if you cuddled with me… and no I’m not making you soup because I’M STILL SICK.”
  • “Dude you have a serious fever.”
    “Ha, it’s just because I’m so hot you can’t handle this.”
    “No this is like hospital level fever. You are going to die.”
  • “I want to just lay here forever, I feel so crappy.”
    “Stfu you aren’t the one with the flu.”
  • “Hey, can you buy another box of tissues?”
    “I just bought you 3 yesterday!”
  • “I know this is a family cure and it’s supposed to make me better but that looks straight up disgusting.”
  • “If you don’t take your freaking medicine I’m going to kill you.” “No need, this flu will do it for you.”
  • “Ugh, do I have to get you soup right now?”
    “I will sneeze on you if you don’t.”
  • “Look, I finally organized all my papers. Even though I’m sick!” “Oh fu-”
  • “I’M DYING.”, “You’re fine, you just have a cold.” “
  • “I know you were super sweet and bundled me up in a bunch of blankets and brought me soup and tissues, but I have to go to the bathroom now…”

Aquarium Date Prompts

  • “No, I will not be your lookout while you try to climb into the tank to pet the fishes.”
  • “Aww, look at the cute dolphin.”
    “That’s a manatee.”
  • “Are we allowed to touch the fish?”
    “What about this one?”
    “Ok, what about th-”
  • “This is so sweet. I’m glad we came, honey.”
    “Ahh, same. This is really ni-”
  • “What’s that there?”
    “I don’t know, seaweed probably.”
    “I’m pointing to a stingray…”
  • “Don’t you love aquariums?” “Yeah, but zoos are better.” “Get out of my sight.”
  • “That fish looks so sad.” “Aww, it kind of does.” “Let’s break it out. You distract the guards, I’ll break the tank.”
  • Another sheep in the wall
  • Person A and B both frequent the same arcade and both have the same favorite arcade game. When Person A gets the new highscore Person B comes back the next weekend and tops that score. In a slightly childish back and forth they keep trying to beat each others highscores every weekend. When Person C comes in and tops both of their highscores by a huge margin they have to team up to beat Person C, together.
  • As someone who has personally been affected by fire, I would really appreciate if y’all could sb this??
  • Person A is a lounge singer and Person B is the silently pining member of the waitstaff who’s been leaving roses for Person A after all of their performances.
  • You are at a flashy, wild party and end up in bed with a creature you can’t comprehend. You’re not necessarily opposed…
  • It’s the end of everything, but new life has sprung up amidst the dust you are hesitant to leave behind. You and your gay lover are trying to live in a world quickly evolving beyond your wildest dreams.
  • You are a crime boss in a sci fi world, used to lounging on thrones and getting your way. You are known for the most psychedelic and intense parties. After a tough day, you take one too many sips of your drink and fall into a trance that makes you start to rethink your life, ever so slightly.
  • Just when all hope is lost, an unlikely crew fights for the universe. The end is upon us and the music swells with heart as our heroes prepare to face off with their deadly foe. In the aftermath, life is well – especially because they have each other.
  • Lamplights illuminate the busy streets, bodies close together. There is a sense of young love and fun in the air, but it hesitates when it’s near you. You are robotic, your heart metal and cold, your face stone-still and gray. You wish desperately for someone to reach out a hand, so maybe you won’t be alone, just for one night, so maybe you can learn to be human, too.

*Person A and B on their wedding day, both all fully dressed up and incredibly happy. Person A says “You have never looked more gorgeous [Person B].” Person B then replies with “What about the night you first say me?” “Your make-up was a little smeared.”

  • Person A and B trying to do their best to cuddle in the summer heat (or winter if you’re in the southern hemisphere). They really want to hold each other close to show their love but they are way too sweaty to do that and air conditioning isn’t doing much to help.
  • Person A and B going on a road trip together across the country. Person A is in charge of snacks and music while Person B is in charge of making sure they actually get where they need to go and have necessities. Are they the type to stick to small country roads or do they enjoy big cities? Would they stop at every tourist destination in sight or head straight to their end destination
  • Person A visiting their childhood home with Person B and looking through A’s old toys, photos, and memories together. Person A gushes and rambles about their childhood friends and stories to Person B who probably already knows all of it but is happy to hear A tell stories.
  • When they go Lazer tagging Person a shoots person b and pushes person b against a wall, flirts and kisses until b recharges and person b shoots them mid kiss. (Bonus points if a acts so dramatic and acts like a real life gun victim) Person a is playing in an arcade and person b is the manager, person a always plays person B’s favorite game and OH LORD B JUST REALIZED HOW HOT THEY LOOK CONCENTRATED LIKE THAT WITH THEIR TOUNGUE STICKING OUT AND SO INTENSE. (Bonus points if a starts to notice b staring at them and messes up because they had been coming to this arcade just to see b) A and b in a playful argument about some video game Person b yelling at a and a just screaming GO COUNT TO FOUR IN BIANARY and b goes and looks up how to count to four in bianary and learns it’s just a massive flip off. B whispering to their friend about how hot a is in an imaginary language from a super nerdy fandom and a knowing full well what they were saying, a walks up and says in the same language “you could just ask me out you know” (bonus points if they skip all the fancy dates and just go straight to watching that TV show together with super nerdy themed snacks)
  • I’ll try to get to everyone’s…..
    *imagine person b has a crush on person a. b secretly leaves sticky notes in a’s locker such as ‘i love you’ and on the last day of term, b goes to give a their number but a notices the same coloured sticky notes and just smiles.
  • Ok so ik I said I would start doing more but I ended up being sent to a mental hospital so that never happened.
  • Which half of your otp sends cute/mushy posts to their partner and which solely sends memes? Do they each enjoy what the other sends or do they get annoyed by them only sending memes/mushy posts?
  • What does your OTP do on a snow day? Do they stay cuddled together indoors or play around outside? Does one have to drag the other outside or do they both willingly step into the cold? Does that snowman happen to look amazing or does it look like a pile of snow that has carrot stuck in it? Who starts eating snow and who keeps thinking it’s gross? What’s their favorite hot beverage to drink to warm up (ex. coffee, tea, cider, cocoa)?
  • Imagine your OTP sleeping in the same bed. Do they cuddle all night or do they sleep away from each other? Which one has tons and tons of blanket and which has 1? Does one have more pillows than the other, how many? Do they fall asleep at the same time or not? Does one try to steal the blankets off the other throughout the night? Which one has nightmares and wakes up to see the other and is comforted just by them being near?
  • When your OTP flirts are they really smooth or do they make puns at each other? Which one makes the other blush, does the blushing one get back at the other one? Is their flirting 24/7 or is it more reserved? Do people around them catch onto the flirting or is it really subtle? What’s their favorite form of flirting (through text or in-person, verbal or physical, jokingly or seriously)?
  • Imagine your otp laying together in a field under the setting sun. Person A is weaving flowers together to make a flower crown while Person B is laying on their back watching the sun sink below the horizon.
  • Person A and B sit next to each other on a flight. Person A is chill with flying and has been on flights since they were little but Person B is flying for the first time and is incredibly nervous. Person A notices and comforts B the entirety of the flight.
  • Person A and B are forced to share a bed for some reason (ex. hotel room, sleepover, etc.) and they both have a crush on each other the other doesn’t know about. Both of them pretend to be asleep but are internally freaking out and staring at how cute the other is. When they both “wake up” in the morning they ask each other why they look so tired.
  • Imagine your otp cuddling during a tornado warning in their tiny shower. The sirens serenading their embrace. (You decide if the tornado touches down)
  • “We have to walk by the sharks to go see the penguins.” “But the sharks will break the glass or something. They’re scary.” “How many times do I have to tell you, nothing will happen. Come on, let’s go.” insert Person A carrying Person B past the sharks while Person B screams
  • “Why are there penguins at an aquarium? They’re not fish.” “I know it’s kinda weird that an aquarium has birds.” “Mammals.” “Honey, penguins aren’t mammals.” “Since when?”
  • “You eat kitkats like a monster, honestly I don’t think I can love you anymore.” “At least I know how to cough into my elbow like a civilized being.”
  • “Do you ever realize that we act like an old married couple sometimes?” “We are an old married couple…”
  • “Do you know how to cook anything besides ramen?” “Totally.” “What?” “Um… microwave popcorn.”
  • “You are so weak when it comes to spicy food.” “No I’m not.” “Name 1 spice you enjoy.” “Pepper counts, right?”
  • “I would do anything to prove my love for you.”“Drink that entire bottle of hot sauce then.” “I don’t love you that much.”
  • “Dude, you cry over everything.” “No I don’t.” “You cried when a fly you called your ‘friend’ flew out of the window, you left open.” “Listen, I just felt really close to Fred.” “IT WAS A FLY.”
  • “Why do we have a dog? We didn’t have a dog before I left.” “Yeah, well, get with the times. Things change. Ugh, you’re just another old guy who doesn’t wanna accept that the world is changing.” “1, You’re older than me. 2, You still haven’t told me why we now have a dog.”
  • Hey, do you love me a lot?“ “Of course!” “Enough to give me your garlic bread?” “Hell no.”
  • Person C: Dude, Person A fell asleep. We should totally draw on them or something. Person B: Oh yeah, totally! (insert Person B writing “You’re the best and I wanna date you but I’m awkward… call me?”)