As they laid there and the movie came to an end, they began to talk about random things.
Aint life peculiar?
It felt good to be touched.
They were very comfortable around each other.
It may seem silly to admit that, but several years worth of intense experiences and impressions are impossible to eradicate.

And, as if the stakes weren’t high enough, he drove her biggest fear home.
Eric had been in the trenches as an urban high school teacher for nearly 20 years, and he was thoroughly sick of it.
After thinking about it awhile, I realized that if the Hawaiian studio venture works out for John, I wont be losing a friend as much as Ill be gaining a studio.
All those things that they say guys love girls for is true!!!
I also love cats, computers, books and acting totally silly.

I love Star Wars and all manner of Science fiction and Fantasy.
It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway, no racist humor, no sexist humor, no gaybashing, no making fun of anyone’s religion, no anything that would be considered offensive in nature to anyone who might read my diary, and I have a very diverse audience.
It is a thing not of the mind but of the heart.
Daily Dumbass: SUV who turned cut me off a the light on 45th St.
WELL here’s a few reasons why guys like girls…

I like a dirty ditty as much as anybody, but there is line.
In order to form a more perfect kiss, enable the mighty hug to promote to whom we please but one kiss.
She couldn’t think of any jokes with that as a line, and neither could I.
I can’t afford to actually give away any prize of actual value, however I will post any and all jokes recieved that don’t violate the above rules.
When you look them in the eyes, traveling to the depths of their souls and you say a million things without trace of a sound, you know that your own life is inevitably consumed within the rhythmic beatings of her very heart.
I hate housework, uptight people, my job, and being poor.

Hand on your waist…
Kiss anywhere else…
Look in your eyes…
I’m a single mom, who adores her son, even when he makes her nuts.
So I have decided to open this up to anyone who would like to send in a joke.

Thou shall not squeeze to hard..
Kiss on the lips…
Thou shall not ask for a kiss, just give one or take one.
Because once in your life, whatever they were to the world they become everything to you.
Playing with your hair…

Jokes must be in fun and good taste.
I am bipolar and overweight.
Kiss on the cheek…
Person’s caught using pics of my son without permission will be severely dealth with.
The first time, I knew the answer to their little trivia question and called atleast 30 times.

I could name, in order of release, every album and EP.
The excitement was just pouring out of me…
It sucks the life right out of me.
I could tell you what the band was originally called.
A trip around the mall, marvelling at all the new stores, and a lunch break at Wendy’s before heading to South junior high for the second guard demonstration.
But she got to see some people she knew, so it should even out

I really am going to miss this and them over the summer.
She leaves for camp soon, which makes me sad, but it’ll give me an excuse to use up my stationary..
Won’t you let me get some sleep tonight?
I still ached from the Fez and walking was difficult, so I didn’t really want to be there.
I could probably make an educated guess about their ages.
Seven hours later, they’ve only given tickets out twice. Besides all the computer chaos I mentioned in the previous entry.

And I wish it wasn’t so awkward to, like, hang out with them outside of guard activities.
Sure, I could still for fork out $90 to go to the Field Day Festival in New York next Saturday, but…
After years of waiting, nothing came.
This time, I was Music Lady for the entire show, DJing the music in a tiny little room on the side of the gym.
Apparently, she had never been to a guard show before.

And I didn’t serve much of a purpose.
And if I actually do get to sleep, I can’t stay in bed too late because Torgo usually attacks my face if I’m not up and running before noon.
Nothing else is going on.
We put her to work, carrying props and handing out papers.
Also, in the last seven hours, I’ve finally discovered the reason why I only listen to the radio while driving.

Because I don’t think all of Radiohead will be there.
ITs a wild one.
It was about 12am and I washing dishes, my mom saw her at 11:47pm.
Even sometimes it seems like Im drifting away from him.
I remember that night like it was yesterday.
Such a hypocrit and dramaqueen.

The other days she got attacked by bees and even tho Im allergic to bees I ran over there and got all the bees off her and then the bees started after me so I told my sister to grab the dog and run inside while I was running around cause those damn bees were in my hair.
I am jealous of my sister.
I just dont see how someone could do that to another living thing.
I am drifting away from everyone.
Just about anyone will do anything for her.

My sister went swimming again today.
I dont think I will ever understand that hatred in this world.
I know what else is really sad?
BUt getting closer to him.
Jess doesnt seem like she wants to talk to me.

She’s everything that Im not and everything that deep down inside I want to be.
I cant stand tanya from the real world.
But it was by the neighbors clothes line and she was just staring at me and I blinked and she was gone.
So last night my mom comes in the house and shes all freaked out and I ask why and she says she saw a lady and in white by the neigbors house, She had a white gown on and she looked like she was floating.
My mom just told me that she cut my white rose bush down.

Ill take a pic of the desktop and put it up today.
Ill do anything for her.
I was freaked out cause I saw the same thing like 5 months ago.
All the violence going on.
What type of Magic do you work?.

Everyone loves her.
But it still kinda freaks me out and it probably always will.
I never mentioned it to anyone cause Im sure everyone thinks Im crazy as it is.
I gotta clean this damn room again.
BUt Ill never really admit it to anyone.

She needs everything to be trimmed just right or she doesnt want it in the yard.
People are being killed like its no big deal.
Just thought I would throw that in there.
And so she went outside to look and it was gone.
What could drive someone to kill themselves plus lots of other people?
It really pisses me off cause all the flowers around this house are because of me.

I mean she skinny, pretty, tanned, nice hair.
I love my babes to death.
I talk to jess’s gf more than I talk to her.
I didnt even think about that I lost all my music and pics on here so that really pissed me off.
I worked hard them over the years and that rose bush was getting really big and she just had to go cut it down.
They treat them like they’re nothing and they dont matter.

Its a daily thing to see things.
The Shadow People……..
I was sick last night, all night.
And setup the mic for everything.
I remember waking up and crying.
These men are paid to speak on radio stations owned by huge capitalist corporations which are granted access to the airwaves by the State, and the State claims it regulates those airwaves in trust for the people, while the States Federal Communications Commission forcibly shuts down grassroots low power FM stations.

But I want to spend some time bitching about the opening acts, and spend some more time wallowing in shame first.
Metalesque pop songs with a little angst, at little anger, and a lot of melancholy.
It might even have been worth the money.
So I figure that we do need to influence market forces with our buying power to nudge things toward a slightly better world.
Is it the male musicians fault?

For an encore, they turned it into a Metallica concert with a medley of Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman, and One.
Now, Im all in favor of sexual objectification, as long as it goes both ways, but this was all one way.
When I was in college, a friend exhorted me to stop buying CDs from big corporate acts, and buy from indy labels instead.
Why are nearly all rock musicians guys?
I cant buy Elton John on an indy label, nor anyone who even sounds like Elton John.
Are females too chicken, or too lazy, to learn how to play the music they like to hear?

They were all male too, and one of them cajoled female audience members to let loose the twins ostensibly to encourage the band.
Do I have to change my musical tastes?
What can I say about them?
They have a little of everything: piano, orchestra, techno, rap, and metal.
Locally, this show was also sponsored by a jewelry store, a bike shop, and the Papa Johns pizza chain.
I was utterly amazed and inspired to hear Master of Puppets performed well by a live band.

He didnt have an adequate answer.
Every dollar is a vote.
But I would also add that its important to sponsor music you like, so that the market will be encouraged to make more of it, even if that music is performed by a corporate act.
I guess it would have been very hard to work it any other way.
I felt ill to think I had given them my money.
Several years ago, I decided that concerts were a waste of money because they are so ephemeral, and that the same money would go a lot further if spent on a far less ephemeral CD.

They did a cover of that Smashing Pumpkins song with the line, God is empty, just like me.
The difference is that their one song happens to be a fucking awesome song.
Plus it gets me out of the house.
They were good I guess, by which I mean they seemed to be very good at playing what they played, which was corporate radio-friendly drivel.
If underground punk bands played the kind of music I like, Id be happy to patronize only them.

Cumulus is a lot like the politically conservative media monopolist corporation Clear Channel, only they are slightly less huge.
I countered, but what if I like Elton John?
I was a little disappointed to see that in concert the backing vocals, piano, and orchestra were all prerecorded.
Nationally, this tour is sponsored by Nintendo.
But theres 100 ways to sing melancholy, but these bands only know one.

And lacking television, I need some form of the Spectacle-Commodity Culture to give me the illusion of purchase and passive viewing as participation.
Even worse, 3 DJs from the radio station came on stage to introduce each act.
They all sounded like Tool, but worse, or like Creed, but better.
Im fed up with this male-dominated bullshit.
So now I look at concerts as a way to support bands, since they get a greater proportion of concert revenue than from compact disc sales.

Thus, all their songs sound the same.
But underground punk and metal bands eschew melody, and I just cant live that way.
This is, I can’t talk to people, they won’t understand, I don’t even understand.
Again, somewhat peaceful.
I just want to tell you so you know…
But three?

Dan and I didn’t want to start an argument, particularly as the recipient of the scarf was sitting right there, but when she brings it up next year we are going to exercise our right to opt out of involuntary giving.
At least she won.
No one bought it.
The best is yet to come.
Let me live…

This is my last resort, to explain as much as I can in this diary.
I just want to be there in person to see Jagr score in a Caps jersey already.
This is a companion poem to one that Chris wrote, that I was reading.
It’s kind of sad, actually, because he’s obviously in a lot of pain, as are his wife and kids, but there’s really no reason to lie to people.
Did you think this would solve your problem?

I don’t like wool.
What you missed.
It’s written from the point of view of someone who’s been hurt for years.
He has serious issues.
For one thing, the uncle who bailed out on Christmas and his family almost never gets anyone anything.

And it’s raining, too.
One of Dan’s uncles and his wife have three kids who serve as reassurance that I made the right decision with respect to childbearing.
Three of those sweaters are purple.
I’m an editor on a health magazine.
Each person is supposed to buy a gift for the person whose name he or she draws.

A kitchenware company sent me a battery-operated salad spinner should I wish to review the product and write a blurb about it in the magazine.
I thought and I thought and I thought and I even pondered.
I even asked Dan whether we were in the exchange before we went shopping.
Most of the sweaters I got were wool or too tight across the chestablished or both.
Everyday, I’m trying to be me, but people don’t like that, they reject it.

They just beat Buffalo, so maybe they’ll beat Phoenix.
The year is almost over, and we’re finally done with Christmas celebrations.
No-one knows how it feels to be me.
In fact, that entire family has serious issues, as reflected in their girth.
Where’s Willy?

Did anyone ever try to understand?
Neither Dan nor I received anything.
It was nice of them to think of me but that was harsh.
She’s probably figuring that if we can spend money on our upcoming ski trip, why can’t we spend a few extra bucks on family at Christmas?
It’s so boring, so terribley boring.

And I really don’t need more attention drawn to my chest.
It’s my favorite color.
At least I didn’t keep it for myself.
No evil lawsuit happy fathers made an appearance, thank God.
Fall into death…

Then last weekend we went to Pennsylvania to see my sister A.
Someone from the aforementioned family who never gives gifts drew Dan.
That third one requires some explanation.
The daughter appeared on one of those TV court shows.
Patrick’s Day-when people who can’t hold their liquor go out, drink lots of it, vomit, start fights, and wreck cars.
The Family Gift Exchange.

The answer appeared on my desk that Monday morning.
They reject me…
Do you feel I’m a threat to you?
I, however, was at a loss.
It itches.
This uncle is a compulsive liar.
That would have been unethical.
It was peaceful because it was just adults.

They reject me.
Was it really worth it?
Why can’t I be me.
When nothing is done, everyone loses..
They range in age from about 12 to 6, and their manners drop in descending order.
We tried gently to drop hints that we did not want to exchange and that we are too old for gifts from aunts and uncles, but to no avail.

LOVES:Anything that doesn’t involve being me, anything that allows me to be someone I’m not.
I went to the bank machine today at lunch and got a $20 bill with a note written on it to go to this website, type in the serial number, and tell them where you got the money.
She’s right.
We’re also hoping that assorted aunts and uncles catch the hint this year when they get only thank-you notes for the gifts they sent.
I like purple.
More reassurance.

I never before heard Dan take the tone that he took with his mother in response. And wouldn’t you know it?
DO you not like it!?
Christmas Eve we went to Dan’s grandparents’ house.
What is this with going into debt at Christmas?
It’s written from my point of view, because that’s how I was treated for years, & I know how much that hurts.
They’re tracking currency.

No big loss, anyway.
You leave me, YOU notice me…
Last year, we said we didn’t want to participate.
We were tired, we were cranky, we just wanted to have a little Christmas for ourselves.
HATES: People who say that I HAVE to do things that I don’t want to do…

I’m only trying to be human.
Cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort…
Hey, I’m not cheap.
Did anyone ever stop to say they were sorry?
What the hell?
What to get Cousin #1?

It’s one of two days of the year-the other being St.
I’m only trying to be me.
I spent $6.98 on C cell batteries.
At the time, sales were down and Chander was spending money like a drunken sailor on new equipment and other things.
I am betting even further that the only reason I am getting the extra 10 percent may be a concession that Chander made to Howard and that is where the remark about the extra money making up for the time I will be off looking for a job came up.
I am surprised that the quiz found me a little scary as I am a JELLYFISHWOMAN!!!!!!!

OK, I can’t say that Howard was ever a raise giver…. he meated out small raises once in a while and always was happy to find that an employee went on to bigger and better things.
I remember now when Dan was negotiating his new salary, Chander wanted to pay him only 800.00 per week to do a job worth more than 1000.00.
Can’t help it.
I know I made my husband cry last week when I gave him the ultimatum.
This leads me to only one conclusion and that is, Chander either wants me to work cheap, or wants me out of there.

It must have been the answer I put about how long ago I made someone cry.
In the almost 13 years of working with them I have never seen them try to screw anyone.
See results of the quiz from a link on acaldwells diary.
Although there used to be a bonus plan for him under the new owner and there probably will be one again in the future for Dan, I know there is not one now.
I will never ever list him as a reference and therefore don’t give a DAMN!!!
Miss These?

HE is starting to draw social security and cannot make more than a few hundred dollars per week and B.
He has given glowing references to people.
How scary are you?
He has never been a tough disciplinarian.
After all the years I worked for him and all the fun we’ve had and as much as I’ve confided in him, he would be a heartless pig not to feel something for me at all.

I am betting that Chander told Dan and Howard that he was not going to give me a raise and that it was Dan’s job to tell me.
The opportunity for him to grow with Chander is great.
I am betting now that Dan called Howard in to do this because he couldn’t.
This is going to be a tough one tomorrow.
I also agree wholeheartedly with dland buddy minstrelite, that I need to step out of my comfort zone and go to places unknown.

I asked for it….
Dan is even more of a softy than Howard can be…. much more.
Sometimes I am not good at this one day at a time crap…. but it is the only way I can live right now.
As a matter of fact some people there get away with murder because they take advantage that Howard is not a corporate business type but an ex- truck driver…. a former working man…. a former union steward.
I guess he just figured that Midtown Pallet wasn’t a place where you went to make money…
I suppose that in a way, working there has given me more training in that I was qualified to be an Accounts Receivable Clerk before Midtown Pallet and now I am qualified to be an Office Manager.

OH, he didn’t cry in front of me… but I am sure he did.
Being that women are second or even third class citizens in the Hindu community, that would make sense.
Anyway, tomorrow will be hard.
I wonder if Howard and Dan will try to talk to me before Chander comes in or if they will just try not to look at me.
I hope the look on my face as I left the office and as he walked by my desk to leave the building made him cry…. because the look on my face was of a face about to burst into tears.

Then there is the dual fear of going out and finding that other job.
He liked to hire brand new truck drivers because they would work cheap, but they would get the experience they needed to go elsewhere.
He offered Dan 800.00 plus a percentage of the profits.
I feel like I am going to jump out of my skin with the feeling of UNKNOWN!!!!
Finding the job will only be half the fear…. starting the new job… getting through that first week.. the first month… what if I don’t like it.. blah blah blah blah!!!!!

I havn’t worn much more than jeans and t-shirts in 13 years save an occasional monkey suit for an occasional special event.
Pins and Needles…
Dan turned down any kind of percentage or bonus offerings because he wanted a guaranteed salary.
There is even a fear of having to go out and buy and wear business clothes.
You’ve got a nice edge to you.

He figured that in a year, if sales were up that he could renegotiate and then maybe get on a bonus plan.
I hope I made Howard cry when he left the other day when Chander, the spineless twit, made him do the dirty work of giving me a raise so low they knew I would never accept it.
Having guts can hurt…. bad!
Will be grabbing more AA meetings… it’s either that or drugs.
During the last year since Chander has been the owner, a number of things have come up regarding employees that Chander forced Dan or Howard to handle.

I know this for 2 reasons.
Deep in my heart, I know this will be good for me.
At least I hope I am.
The experience he will gain as General Manager of a manufacturing concern will enable him to leave Chander some day and go on and make good money elsewhere…. but for now, it is in Dan’s best interest to suck up to Chander and stay employed.
I know that when Chander comes in, I will have no problem shooting daggers out of my eyes.
I sure hope I can show up there tomorrow and not want to cry.

It has always been an easy place to work and I guess he figured if you wanted money… you could go somewhere where they would pay you more money.
I think I know what happened now.
A Little Scary! I just can’t stagnate where I am.
I imagine getting a giant headache from trying to hold back the tears.
They confided in me that this was emotionally tough on them because we have built a nice little family environment there and just about everybody who works there is like family.
This leaves me to deduce that it would be no skin off of either Howard or Dan’s noses if Chander paid me more money.

He would not be earning this much money elsewhere.
I have been thinking about that whole ordeal and why it would be any skin off of his nose to have Chander give me more money.
Dans job depends on working for Chander.
It tells me that no matter what happens in your life that you’ll always have the hope and the strength to go on and deal with it.
Who I think you were in your past life: A mother of many beautiful children that changed the world.

If you regret for not taking the chance in that dream, and it does come true then change it.
Maybe some e-mail, aim, msn, or yahoo?
You write about things that make people think, it amazes me how people don’t believe that love and hate go hand in hand, yet you do.
I consistently wish I would.
I didn’t quite lie and told her I wasn’t.
What ever your mother is/was you seem to be right now.

She loves being depressed and letting people know about it.
What job I think you have/should be in: Like I said a writer.
Like I said in the content section, you are it.
The only virtual error I found is a link error for ………
Its a gift, don’t abuse it.

You put things into prospective that not many can, its original, its stylish, and most of all its YOU!
I just don’t want to talk to her.
It’s not like I don’t find it interesting, it’s just so warm in that room and he turns the lights off whenever we watch movies so it’s hard not to.
Maybe it’s just becuase I never spent that much time with her before and now I do because of Shakespeare and crap.
What are some things you do simply because that is the path that is set out for you? Are those things really adding value to your life?

You’d want to be as good as your mother, I may not know her, but you have a writing style that can take you places.
Take it as whatever you believe in their trying to send you a warning, or a guiding hand.
Its just plainly stellar.
You are original and your not afraid to show it.

Their preparing you to make a choice, in the dream you made one and they want to see if it will be the same one in reality.
She should tell her every bad thing that’s gone on in her life.
Sad that I can laugh that long isn’t it?
You’d certainly make people rethink things that they thought they had figured out.

But lets face it it’s life!
It’s such a hassle to make her feel better about herself when honestly I have other things to worry about besides her misplaced angst.
You don’t talk about them a lot, but you do talk about them.
I used my debit card today to buy halloween candy to binge on.

I just happen to be one of those that doesn’t.
A little challenge here and there and some thought never hurt anyone.
Yesterday I was made the treasurer of Astronomy Club so go me.
I haven’t seen a layout like this before, and frankly its a good one at it!

That’s just me, some like it, others don’t.
And I didn’t even get it all up.
It feels like I have something else to talk about, but I can’t think of what.
Which are fine, but if I wanted to talk to you one-on-one there would be no way to do that.
I’m so goddamned tired.

Time traveling girl. I will not flesh out a story I simply refuse, I will however offer a counter prompt of a story I would do, but dont care to. So she could have this scrap book, and in one photo a picture that her dad tells her is where her ancestors hail from, and she could time travel back and meet them, or time travel back and find out they weren’t any kin. Similiarly she could have another picture of someone she lost, wether it’s the one who got a way or a dead friend, and go back that way. but to me that’s a cliche story. to just go back and ask Grandma some questions or whatever. That’s why I’m not big on this prompt, there’s nothing I want to go back for.
Now how do you capture the poetic beauty of nature in words? I feel like you know very well what you did with this prompt. I’m not in the mood for haikus though, its tested and true to get to the heart of things. But I dont want to think that much. Like a snow flake. It doesnt wonder where it lands, or how it will get there. It just does. They’re a lot like life, one snow flake alone falling amongst the millions into nothing. sometimes they go together. But most times not. sometimes others die faster sometimes not. Like little icy souls on their own journeys. And so so small, in the grand scheme of things, yet incredibly complex. like people. Fragile little egos too. Ah snow flakes, I like to eat them, but never the yellow ones.
A statue that comes to life. I suppose it would try to read it’s own plaque, if it was able to I think itd have a nice little crisis not knowing its creator, and being made in the image of someone it knows it isnt. I think the thinker would get up, read its plaque, sit back down and ruminate, youd never know the poor thing was alive. While I think something like a laughing buddha would just bellow with laughter and youd definitely know it was alive. Lion dogs might leap down and wonder where in the hell they are and look for something to eat, like a doggo would. Now a ballerina I wonder what would she do. I don’t think shed dance, you so often see ballerina statues in such straining poses. I think shed hop down off her fountain and chill in the water with the birds relax yanno? I imagine it’s got to be taxing to be in such a pose for so long. Maybe she’d go and grab a coffee. Now an angel? How sad would she be that her wings cannot carry her because she is too heavy. Oh I think gargoyles would leap from rooftops and not live to hit the ground. Just plop. Imagine being that high up and so small and you just woke up, my first instinct would be jump to see what jumping does. and then just plop. Poor gargoyles. Or what about those ones in cemeteries? My how lonely they’d be. And if a statue of Jesus just got down off the cross? I imagine he’d be so confused as to why all of these flesh people are worshiping him. “I’m just the statue” “No you’re a miracle” “Is that my name?” “Yes this is a sign” “No I’m a statue.” Oh itd be a hilarious exchange.
Now I could take a cop out here and just say that animalistic monsters would probably act like the conglomeration of animals they’re based on while humanoid monsters would probably act most closely to tribal or homeless people. I think I’ll take that cop out and just leave it there. Because I really cant think of any monster that interests me enough to imagine flashing out its routine. I dont care if a vampire brushes his fangs, or if Cthulu gnaws off his tentacles and sends them to search for food. What I want to see is a monster doing monster things.
I simply refuse

I so desperately want to make a joke about religion, or sex. Instead.. I will tell you the story of a monkey who changed his name and likes to pretend he’s different from all the other monkeys. We will call this monster a “crazy.”
Well I sincerely tried not to make an edgy joke, believe me I did but it just happens sometimes.
During the zombie apocalypse your cornered by a zombie about to bite you not knowing what I else to do you lunge forwards and bite the zombie it turns into a confused looking human “what happened?”he asks
Being the leader of such a virus in the country that it starts in.

Being someone inside one of the locked down areas of the virus.
Being on a cruise ship and having to stay on it because there had been someone contaminated with the virus on board.
Being a scientist, nurse or doctor within the country that the virus is in.

Every once in a while, I like to look over the past prompts and see what, according to the prompt forum, haven’t been used yet. That’s what I decided to do today. We’re going to give some of those unused prompts a second chance to be noticed. Since the beginning of 2015, there have been 8 prompts that have gone unused. Hopefully one of them will inspire a prompt response. If you decided to use one, make sure to put it in the appropriate forum thread!
It is the last day of the year and you have some serious decisions to make. It seems every part of your life has been turned upside down the last few weeks and now it is time for you to take control. What plans do you want to put into action as you go into the new year? What changes will this have on the people closest to you?
You’ve just watched it snow for the past three days and feel like you have cabin fever. After shoveling your way out you realize there is no way your street will be cleared for at least a day or two. Stuck surrounded by feet of snow what do you do to help pass the time?
The first signs of spring have begun to happen. What does that mean to you?
You were hired to do make up on a new science fiction show. You went in to do the makeup on the star only to find him dead on his couch, wearing only his robe. What do you do?

It has been the strangest day. Since you got up birds have been singing, animals followed you around, and the woods on the way to work seemed almost threatening. It seemed whenever you turned around with an issue today, one of seven men were there to lend you a hand. On your way home you helped this little old man across the road and he gave you the reddest apple you have ever seen. This all seems strangely familiar, but right now you just want a nice big bite of that apple. What happens?
You went out for your daily jog but it was dark before you began to head home. As you prepared to cross the park near your home you are suddenly hit from behind and knocked to the ground. You must have lost consciousness for a moment because when you woke you swore you seen something move off into the fog and you found a large bite mark on your arm. What bit you?
Your job has put you forward for a great new job. Everything seems to be going great ‘til the day of your interview. As you enter the room and go to shake hands the elastic in your underwear lets go. Before you say or do anything your briefcase pops open and everything falls to the floor. How does the rest of the interview go and what happens?
For decades people have been talking of space men invading earth. Today, close to twenty five ships landed in front of the major ruling countries around the world. Are the aliens here to invade, to help, or is it something else?

A girl decides to visit the lake where a vile creature lived. Turns out she is a sweetheart and they fall in love.
Child gets abducted but escapes, and finds themselves in a strange land.
A figure escapes from a painting, and is found by a guy. Said figure is also a hot guy. Eventually the painting guy has to return to his painting but said painting goes on auction and the human buys it so his lover can be with him forever. When the human dies of old age, the painting is destoried in a freak accident.
Write about what a dog (or any pet) thinks about some of their human’s items.

A girl decides to visit the lake where a vile creature lived. Turns out she is a sweetheart and they fall in love.
Child gets abducted but escapes, and finds themselves in a strange land.
A figure escapes from a painting, and is found by a guy. Said figure is also a hot guy. Eventually the painting guy has to return to his painting but said painting goes on auction and the human buys it so his lover can be with him forever. When the human dies of old age, the painting is destoried in a freak accident.
Write about what a dog (or any pet) thinks about some of their human’s items.
I was here when humanity was but a newborn, shrieking and writhing within its new skin. I was here when the first great empires rose from the dirt, its denizens believing themselves to be the epitome of human evolution. I was here for every murder, every war, and every plague since then. I was here when humanity died, as well.\n\n\nLike I anticipated, the last sound heard by human ears was the collective shriek of humanity; The piercing wail of an air raid siren. They destroyed themselves through war. As humankind advanced, so did their methods of killing each other. Humans finally reached the peak of their violent ambition with the introduction of nuclear weapons. The ability to destroy massive amounts of life with one decision is what ultimately ended them. Their death was awful. The air was charged with electricity and smelled of burnt flesh as the volley of bombs descended endlessly across the earth, ending all human advancement with a flash of heat.\n\n\nAlthough they’re all gone I remain here, in the charred ruins of what used to be a lush and diverse land. Humanity died a selfish death; they didn’t die alone, they dragged the collective kicking and screaming masses of all organic life with them. I rarely see animals anymore and plants are all but nonexistant. I ocasionally see a rat or a #BADWORDS#roach scuttling in the rubble of once great, towering landscapes. I would give anything to see a deer or a flower. I miss the vivid colors and life of the former world. Now the earth is covered in a shroud of darkness and decay.\n\n\nThroughout the centuries I have wandered Earth, condemned to be alone and without the sweet grace of death. I entertained myself by observing the humans around me. I watched their progress from afar, bearing witness to many historical events. I’ve witnessed atrocities greater than I imagined possible and yet the ones who carried out these injustices were allowed to pass on. Hitler put a bullet through his skull, Stalin died of a cerebral hemorrhage, Saddam Hussein had a brutal death but at least he wasnt forced to eternally wander the land in solitude. Mao Ze#BADWORDS#, Atilla the Hun, Pol Pot, Mussolini, Kim Jong Sun… I could spend a decade listing cruel and evil humans. All of these men were given the sweet relief of death. So why must I still be cursed with undeath? Surely I’ve paid for my crime? Maybe there’s someone left still alive out there, scavenging what they can from the decaying remnants of civilization. Maybe God has a cruel sense of humor and wants me to commit the last murder, just as I committed the first. If that’s the case, then I won’t play his game. I won’t kill another, not even to end my torment.\n\n\nI take one last look up at the statue of Jesus in the decrepit church, his skin blackened and rotting from radiation. As my eyes fall on the wounds of Christ, his hands pierced by the nails that hang him from the cross, I instinctively brush my hand across the accursed mark on my right hand, the mark which was seared into my flesh by God himself.\n\n\nI leave the church behind, neither emboldened nor peaceful like the religious masses who used to frequent this place. I return to my eternity of wandering, no longer having the motivation to beg God to end my misery.

Note: Im sorry if there are some spelling errors or the format is odd, I typed this on my phone.