Needs To Happen Right?
It’s my first day at this new school and I’ve been lost for this whole hour and so have you. Wanna team up for the next hour?
We’re doing a drama piece and you, the ultimate cutie of the group, play my father in it, I called you ‘Daddy’ as a joke AND WHY ARE YOU BLUSHING? TALK TO ME.
We just had a moment and we were going in for the kiss and I panicked at the last second and blew air in your face.
We’re the only two people that can’t dance in our class and we keep on getting in trouble for laughing.
You’re the person that made me realize I’m bi and we’re sleeping in neighboring rooms for a week. (Oh and my other past crush is here too. I should have read the register.)
I like you but you’re literally the only straight one in our choir. WHAT THE FUCK.
I’m walking down the street with my best friend and you stop and talk to them because you’re old family friends. You ask me if I have anything sharp in my bag, I said no. You rolled up the sleeve to reveal that you’ve got an industrial tie that you found wrapped around your wrist and ARE YOU OKAY? YOUR HAND’S BLUE!
I picked you up and carried you bridal style to the other side of the room with no prior warning and wow, you’re kinda light. Also, nice butt.
I keep on accidentally touching your leg on the busy bus and now we’re chatting
You keep on bringing up fanfiction and I write it. Help.
I just shouted ‘I’m here! I’m queer!’ and you said ‘Same’ and really?
We both got hired by a promoter to attend this party for atmosphere’s sake, but nobody’s supposed to know. Hey, though, didn’t I see you at that opening gala in the Meatpacking District? And the club anniversary bash two weeks before that? And the album release party, and the donor appreciation party, and…
I know I’m not supposed to make eye contact with anyone on the train, but you’re reading a book I absolutely love. Did you get to that part where the thing happens yet?
How did my life hit rock bottom so hard that I’m working as the sketchy Times Square Elmo, posing for photos in a mascot costume that I’m pretty sure has mange somehow. Well, at least the person in the sketchy Olaf costume is really cute.
We both saw this hot new musical and went to the stagedoor for autographs afterward. It ended up being a mob scene with an enormous crush of people, but we helped each other get to the front of the crowd. Somehow we then ended up at the Church’s Chicken on 44th, telling each other our life stories.
Alternately, I’m making my Broadway debut and you stayed after the show until most of the stagedooring crowd had left. We got to talking and I know this is very unprofessional, but I wrote my number on the back of your Playbill.
What the hell possessed you to feed the pigeons in Central Park, you beautiful numbskull. You’re lucky I was out jogging at the right time.
You’re at this art gallery in Williamsburg and I’m at this art gallery in Williamsburg and this piece is supposed to be high art, but I have absolutely no idea what it means. What do you think?
I wasn’t going to take this comedy show flyer, but your smile distracted me and now I guess I have something to do tonight at 8.
I thought I was the only one on the Cloisters terrace, but you just walked out and caught me singing Disney princess songs dramatically at the Hudson River. Oh god this is so embarrassing.
hey but please also consider those celebrity!AU I am thinking about right now: “i am your therapist and you’re a celebrity seriously you’re so annoying and i wish you could just go away but now that you hired me and seriously i need money right now i watch your work and actually it’s quite good but don’t assume i am your “trash” and seriously what does that even mean ?”
“how lucky am i, little nurse that is still studying their arse off to get the best grades ever, to see you in my services after you had a car accident/tried to commit suicide ? i hope that i’m not too creepy because i’ll have to spoonfeed you for the next two weeks and also be in charge of your “adult diapers” so i really hope that you won’t mind me touching your butthole and being very tired ALL THE TIME because of my studies hehehe”
“wow i’m super lucky today because as an acting student i’m getting the role of my dreams and actually they hadn’t told me that you, the celebrity of my dreams, would be my love interest (in the production of course) ? omg does that mean that we’ll get to stage-kiss and stuff ? wow i’m very nervous now i hope that they won’t fire me because i have no other job offer at the moment actually”
“i work at a charity to help children get an education in Malaysia and you’re trying to save your reputation so you’ve been sent by your management where i’m working. seriously we did NOT need a celebrity right now with all the work we’re having here but hey you’re actually quite hot (and you look clever) so let me show you the place while i’m SERIOUSLY hoping that you’ll be more useful than my lazy colleagues who won’t move their arses for ANYTHING”
“i’m a street artist and i honestly did NOT know who you were so i took you for a lambda citizen so when i’m asking you for a little penny to keep living you refuse to do so and say you’re busy so in a fit of rage i’m taking a picture of you as you go away and i make a post on Tumblr about how people are disrespectful nowadays but your fans recognise you so they’re pretty angry at you now and you’re forced to apologise to me since i have 10,000 followers on Tumblr. so that’s how i end up being invited for a drink at a local café for an interview and then we keep contact because you actually find me interesting and after a little check-out you’re not that bad either”
I just made up: yes i am the agony aunt on YouTube and i answer my e-mails ironically but when you send me your reaction to my answer to your e-mail on Twitter a chain of responses is created between us and without knowing it i, the super-famous youtuber everybody dreams about, am in a conversation via videos with you, the newbie no one knows about. but hey gotta admit it you’re more sarcastic than i am so i have to confess you’re pretty good at video-making and also you’re very interesting and hot thanks god”
“hello yes i am this very important youtuber and i am pretty late to a panel i’m hosting and you’re this fan who has decided to volunteer at this gathering to have a free ticket so you must know about the organisation of this thing right ??? what do you mean you just lost me in the middle of nowhere ??? what am i supposed to do now ???”
“don’t you see this is the room for VIP people ??? you can’t stay with a very famous youtuber like me the security will think you’re trying to kidnap me!!! but actually i’m bored and it looks like you have a MP4 with some fanvids about a TV show we both ADORE so why don’t you just show me before leaving and i won’t tell anyone ??? also you gotta promise to keep the secret too if you don’t want to be murdered in the middle of the night”
“we are both very famous youtubers put in a collab video by our management (because we have the same management) and we have to pretend to be friends even if in real life we HATE each other but hey you’re hot actually so do you want a coffee after that?”
“our respective fandoms have put us, two famous youtubers, in a competition, to see who’s the best, and those who like both of us are HATED by both fandoms and seen as “traitors” but hey actually they don’t know we met during a summer camp organised privately for famous youtubers like us and we are falling in love with each other but we can’t confess it on camera because of our respective fandoms so it’s VERY painful to meet our fans now”
“what do you mean you are THAT fan who decided to e-mail all my friends and family to organise a surprise party with your fanclub composed of 10,000 people (Tumblr fans of course) JUST because you’ve noticed that i am not feeling very well ??? but don’t you know that me, your youtube idol, is a stranger to you as much as you’re a stranger to me ??? but actually thanks it made me SO happy and i’ll be forever thankful for that”
“at the end of a youtube gathering, while i was leaving the hotel to go back to the airport and take the place to get back home, i got mobbed by my own fans but luckily you got me out of this and now we’re in a crappy toilet stall and the fans won’t leave so don’t you have funny stories to pass the time while the security guards clear the place ???”
“i am a cashier at your local cinema and you keep coming to me to buy your places and when i tell you “have a nice movie!” you keep saying “you too!” even if you know i am not going with you inside the room so it’s very cute and it makes me SO happy to see you every week for your dose of movies”
“we are both presidents of rival cinema clubs in town and we keep going to the movies at the same time for the same movies with our respective clubs so seriously stop copying me but also you’re very hot thanks god”
looks like we’re both stuck baby-sitting these very whiny children who wanted to see these awful Minions for the up-teenth time but hey don’t you want to sit next to me and keep me company through this children’s horror stuff ?”
you wanted to see that horror movie on your own but you just realised that you probably won’t make it so you cling onto the closest person in the room (me) but hey you’re cute so i won’t be complaining also do you want to come to my house after that since you seem still quite in shock from the movie ?”
“we are in the same cinema club and we keep arguing about the next movie to watch but hey you’re cute so i let you choose… but just for this time”
cliche highschool: you’re the jock, i’m the cheerleader we’d be a hot couple but i REALLY don’t want to date you<
-i’m a popular bitch and you’re a nerd and we get paired for the science project and i’m not planning on doing any work

-you convinced me to ditch one class and we got caught
-i met you during detention
i have a college bf but you keep trying to win me over
-you’re popular and want to give me a makeover
-you throw an insane house party and we end up hooking up/playing cliche truth or dare
-“um, where the hell do you think you’re sitting?? that’s my seat.” drama in the cafeteria
-you’re my best friend and get in a fight with my ex
-i get dress coded so you give me your jacket and we protest unfair regulations for girls together
thought of it while in school, home, and outside: You are the cute server from the catering, and I keep on drinking so you could refill my glass
You are a homeless singer I see everyday, and I always keep giving you money even if you’re not singing
I saw you go to school (or other places) all wet. You said it was raining, but it’s actually sunny today.
You are so fucking dense that I have to bring you a big cake with a heart and ‘I love you’ in icing on a Valentine’s Day just to show how I want for us to go steady.
One of my friends say that small girls are cute, and then you budge in and said that tall girl are cute too, especially tall boys. It suddenly turned awkward because I’m the only boy in the group who is taller than the average height.
Joined a Chess competition with you because you like chess, but I actually don’t know how to play chess, in the end, I caused quite a scene which you found out that I don’t play chess at all.
I bought you 50 dollars worth of chocolates on a whim, but after I paid the cashier, I remembered you actually don’t like chocolate in the first place. Now I don’t know what to do with them.
You work as a computer technician and I brought my laptop to be repaired. You said it’ll take more than an hour so it’s okay if I just left it there and come back, but I stayed until it was finished so that I could look at your attractive face and maybe talk about stuff.
“i’m a rockstar and you’re a fan who snuck in and do you maybe wanna help me ‘blow off some steam’ back stage because ur A) really hot and B) pretty obviously willing“
“seven minutes in heaven with my longtime crush but we get locked in for hours bc our friends forgot about us”
“got locked in a walk-in refrigerator/freezer and now we gotta keep warm somehow”
“you’re a vampire with an aphrodisiac bite and i’m the drunk party-goer you decided to snack on tonight”
“you’re really invested in your tv show/book/etc and i don’t think you understand how much your absentminded petting is getting to me but like hell am i gonna ask you to stop“
“this is an sos from a helpless virgin (who doesn’t want to be a virgin anymore) to you, the most virile person i know. please teach me how all this works”
“i thought you were literally the most innocent thing to ever exist but then you awkwardly ask me to teach you how to bang like a pro and holy hell what the fuck but now i’m really, really turned on”
“i get that it’s hotter than satans asshole out here but if you remove any more clothing i won’t be responsible for my actions-wait. why are you smirking at me?”
“i chickened out of sex ages ago and you haven’t brought it up since but now i really want it, but i’m terrible at communication, so let me just strip shirtless/model lingerie for you until you snap”
“we were forced to hide in this very cramped space (from friends/authority figures/people trying to kill us) and this is a very awkward position to be stuck in with someone you’re avoiding because they’re too attractive for you to deal with”
“normally we duke it out to vent our frustrations but this time someone initiated a kiss in the middle of the fight and suddenly we’re fucking against the nearest flat surface”
“when i asked you to put sunscreen/lotion on my back that’s all i wanted you to do, but your hands are like magic and they have my full permission to wander”
some music: – u play guitar and i play ukulele. let’s swap our instruments for a week and see how it goes (why are these strings so small??)
– i’m just not good at sight-reading and you’re in my choir class could u help tutor me?
– singing solfege scales together !!
– no offense but that’s really not how you hold a drum stick do u need me to demonstrate
– in a music store and wow my instrument’s really out of tune. hey, you on the piano, could u hit a c for me please
– stand partners in orchestra. you’re much quicker than me could u turn the pages for us?
– you’re much bigger than me and play the violin. i’m a lot smaller and i play the cello
– at the piano recital and what the heck the program says you’re playing the same song as me. u better not be better bc you sure are cuter
– teach me how to play the flute? (u look ethereal playing it)