He is doing some kind of war games..
Her name is Ashly.
So, I got a little black and white mouse.
The Army pays for your bills, the house and food.
I feel pretty good about that.
So, she wanted to go take it back.
It’s coming up fast.
I am going to go insane!!!!
He wouldn’t leave.
It is really amusing.
We went to Knott’s Berry Farm, Hollywood and Highland, and a bunch of malls.
He couldn’t take leave from the damn Army.
Calvin hasn’t called me in 6 days!!
What is funny, though, is his face kinda looks like Calvin’s.
His hands were sweating and he was shaking while he was holding my hand.
If this is your username and you’re wondering how to make your profile, just click here.
I got a ring from him for Christmas, and I got some awesome boots, a Pantera shirt, some cute pants, a little thing that shows my astrology sign, and best of all, he gave me his love!!!!
We had so much fun.
All you need to buy is furniture and clothes and shit.
I was like, oh, aint that special.
I think I did pretty well.
I have pictures of him in my first link of pictures, if you wanna see!
Today was the final for dental assisting.
I was tired and we were watching a boring-ass movie.
But, my boyfriend and I are going to get married on April 2, 2005.
I think we went at 1 in the morning.
I decided that I wanted to breed and I bought a male mouse.
Then he went into our backyard.
I have been wanting to do this since I was really little.
Unfortunately, my boyfriend couldn’t go.
I hate going there.
I am going to move in with him in a house on base after I finish high school.
Ashley = a seductive creature of the night, dark and morbid but sometimes bright.
I have been there so much lately.
At Hollywood and Highland, we walked the walk of fame, and saw Mann’s Chinese theater.
I am now an official licensed dental assistant.
Can’t be bothered typing much but this is really cute and 1 of the 2 part Pin Up Toons series.
Quite a bit has happened.
Well, this is a short entry, cuz I have no freakin’ clue what to say.
He is light gray and he looks kinda siamese and tabby.
We also went to the Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park and Ripley’s Beilieve it or Not Museum
I wanna have dreams about my CALVIN!!!
My boyfriend, Calvin, came down from El Paso, Texas.
I asked if we could get a female one instead.
Only thing I am worried about is that I don’t know if I will like it on base.
He is really cute, and I dont want him to just go away and possibly get hit by a car.
This morning I had to go to the doctors.
Ok, so its me again, here to tell you about my winter vacation.
I see the future in your eyes / Why was I searching so long when you were there the whole time?
Well, I better go to bed now.
I fell asleep in first period.
He just kept meowing and meowing at our door.
We actually went to bed kinda early.
I went to prom a couple of weekends ago.
I am tired right now, but not.
At the wax museum, we got a wax sculpture of our hands together.
My favorite thing was that every night, Calvin and I would stay up all night until at least 2 in the morning watching movies.
So, everything’s going great right now.
I could hardly wake up this morning.
He drank the warm milk doctor and ate all the food.
I was so psyched.
So I rolled outta bed and went to go look at it.
At Knott’s I took Calvin on Xcellerator, and he was so scared.
Hopefully my sister will want to take him home to he fiance.

Ok, I guess chefs dont use that shit either.
Its like lemonade.
Hmm, I cant find the pot roast, or beef that youd use to make a roast with!
But Im not a chef!!
Youre telling me that to measure flour and sugar and everything, I have to weigh it on a scale?
No, thats a bris.
I know, Ill make you guys dinner.
Oh, theyre here.
Solitaire sty sty pigs sty eye…
Wednesday afternoon.
Where are they?
These boys are sticks and theyre eating 4 burgers each!
Dont tell me I sound American when I say whatever.
Get that shit checked, yo.
Itll be nice because youve all be so good letting me stay here.
Wait, isnt brisket something special for Jews?
What the heck am I supposed to do now?
Kool Aid anyone?
Tape Wizard.
Englishmans Kitchen.
Im gonna eat my left sock soon!
The Englishmans Flat.
One hour later.
How do you know what youre cooking is right?
You dont have Frenchs Fried Onions?
Do the dishesyou English.
Random Person of the Day: Ben Fogle.
I know, Ill buy some dried onions and fry them myself!
Did you just say my mother has a penis?
Nah man, now weve made onion rings!
Man, theyre really eating.
Theyre not made out of actual moose, sickos.
Ill make my moms Mooses burgers* and itll be great!
Cant make green bean casserole without fried onions!
Youre telling me that you people dont use measuring cups?
Keep it straight, kids..
Tape I’m gonna pull a girlfriend tonight….
Yeah, quite different, you idiot.
Eating now.
Because, um, it has a hole in it and Im not that hungry.
This is proper weird.

Love at first sight is not love, it’s lust.
I’m perfectly happy now, although the country’s a mess, the economy sucks and pop culture and media are horrible.
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Well we used to go to Tech all the time and stalk people…
What is your favotire food?
Have you ever switched partners?
Use, but only if you know what you’re doing.
Where is your favorite place?
What is the kinkiest thing you would like to do?
Just kidding, I’m curious, that’s all.
Where is the most public place you have had sex at?
Finally… why do you read my diary?
Because that’s when I feel alive.
I guess either a big time director or singer in a rock band.
It’s a fun way to express yourself, I think.
What is your ultimate job or job related goal?
I love da junk.
If so who watched you?
Favorite thing to drink?
If you could travel back in time, who would you most like to meet and why?
Where is the most unusual place you have had sex at?
If so what was the situation like?
What is your favortie drink?
I just found this survey on the survey directory… sorry I guess.
What is your favorite memory?
Speaking of time travel, what time would you most like to live in?
Have you ever had sex while someone else was watching you?
What is your favorite time of day to have sex?
I’d pick five completely random songs I don’t know that well.
To use, or not to use… that is the big question.
What is your favorite Movie?
That is so wrong in every way, holy shit.
I love just relaxing, listening to music.
I am currently using my parent’s computer, and I am NOT happy about it.
I’d pick like, some stuff.
Have you ever given more then one guy a blow job at the same time?
Which would you rather be, blind or deaf?
Yeah, wait nevermind.
When was your first bi experience and who was the lucky person and how did it come about?
When was your first time?
What is your favorite time of the day and why?
If you could live in one place, where would that be?
For infinate wishes.
Where abouts are you located, and do you like it there?
Candy and stuff.
It was so powerful and emotionally moving… wow.
Where is your favorite place to have sex?
What is you favorite color?
If so can you briefly describe the situation?
What was your most stimulating masturbation session?
Or the 60s.
Have you ever had anal sex?
No, just kidding.
When is your favorite time of day?
Favorite food?
What is your favorite Band?
If you stumbled upon someone having sex would you stay and watch or leave?
I dunno.
John Lennon.
What, am I stupid?
Click here to take this survey!
Describe your best 3-some and how many have you been involved in?
Because he’s THE man.
Love is something that is nurtured and takes time to grow.
Good rock music.
What is your favorite thing in the whole world to do with your free time?
Have you ever cheated on your partner and if so who was it with and how good was it?
All that naughty stuff that’s dying to come out of you….
What is the biggest cock you have played with and whose was it?
What is your favorite movie of all time?
How old were you when you first got fingered?
Return of the King, I have never had a better cinematic experience.
New Zealand.
Why or why not?
What is your favorite thing to use when you masturbate?
Water, I love water.
New Zealand, again.
What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?
What is the kinkiest thing you have done?
What’s the craziest thing that you’ve done that nobody would ever guess by looking at you.
Cats suck.
Where is a place you would like to have sex at?
If you had one wish, what would it be?
I have never cried more during a movie.
That is the worst thing I’ve ever heard of.
What do you think about make-up?
If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?
How old were you when you first masturbated?
Dog person.
Who is your favorite writer?
What is your favortie smell?
How old were you when you lost your virginity?
Are you a cat person, a dog person, or both?
How old were you when you gave your first blow job?

Knowledge is power.
Hey, this weekend I finally looked at the guestbook scribbles at my hemsida website…
They were to some anti-jesus site or NAMBLA site or somesuch.
I just saw a Beck show the other night, and just added a review for it.
Don’t start becoming one of those vapid d*landistas who write about sex, sex, and wait, oh yeah, more sex!
Thank God for good ol’e southern hospitality… and I normally complain about it…
Good choice.
I will vote for the only candidate with backbone enough to send out punitive expeditions against gibbering Foreigners and fanatical Natives.
At least mechanical windows you can turn open anytime!
And nice to see you around again!
Your enemies are not your friends when you dislike the same thing.
Love your diary by the way, just getting into it now, reviewing some of the gems of entries and learning a little about you.
I read a few of your older entries, and I have to say, I too am pissed about the bad publicity that the Middle Ages have been suffering since the Renaissance.
He is a real sweetie.
It’s a retouched image.
I clicked on one of your banners and have been lost in your archives since then.
Anything where Someone Else Pays is a Good Thing.
Employers pay for health care.
Harold Bloom has, so they say, 90,000 volumes at the Yale office, New Haven home, Columbia office, NYC apt….
Even the Froggos gave us Foreign Legion stories.
You’re last entry really struck a chord.
And then I did something else!
Well, twice, actually: Herr Doktor-Doktor, if you count the J.D.
But- weapons as sex toys?
That guy that wrote that entry reminds me of every guy that goes to my school.
Yes, that banner is rather popular, as it is my chestablished Well, it was three years ago before I got the latest tattoo.
On a lighter note you should turn off c-span for an hour once a week to check out last comic standing, I predict hi-larity!
And it’s not that Ugly Women *can’t* be raped- it’s that no one- not even the absurd and disgusting Flemish -would *bother*.
I absolutely cannot imagine that any disaster would inspire us to put more than 5 flags on each and every policecar.
Thanks for doing my weapons survey.
But I guess you’re right, in ways, because most SCAdians I know look upon RenFaires in the exact same fashion you look upon the SCA.
And I too go on marathon cleaning sprees, though mostly only after too much coffee.
I want to go to Iceland and Cuba.
I found www. consumerfreedom. com a nice little informative anti-Peta site if you’re interested and haven’t already signed it.
I just found you through a banner and noticed on your profile page that you like 7th Heaven.
But I’ll still keep reading.
Hey, you need to make the reviewed chumps link back to you somehow, no?
Hey, this was my first time reading your diary and I was pleasantly surprised.
Violation of lovely young slutgirls or potential slutgirls is a vur’ hot scenario, since it involves sex, punishment, and the possibility in the fantasy scenario of the *potential* slutgirl awakening to her role as well-dressed, lithe fucktoy.
Bush is an idiot, the english language goes into his mouth to die…. but the quote on the banner, is a simple quote.
There’s really no excuse on the part of attractive girls for monogamy.
It’s already weird reading entries of like 2 years ago and realsiing how much I’ve changed le alone if my grandchildren had to read them in 50 years!
Reviewing does take a while and that’s why I’m trying to get many reviewers who are willing to put forth some effort and crank out reviews.
Please take a look at the picture.
I’m glad you talked about it in your diary.
Thanks for the note about my site.
Thanks for showing an interest in my diary!
I love to wallow in squalor especially my own!
If I’m hot for someone, they can be as straightforward as they like and it will just take my breathe away!
I think I found three mistakes in my last entry.
Democrats then claimed that freeing slaves would be too big a cut in the economy.
I also freeze at the idea of writing to you, due to my horrible grammer.
Now THAT is interesting about yahweh and the other gods!
Next to the rat fucker who learned what a cloning tool and layer masks were, bad boys are the Grand-daddy’s of the rodent world.
The whole world has been looking down on me through an eye piece of a microscope since my announcement of this…
It’s a gothic comic strip, with rather dark humour…
When I was a kid we used to trick-or-treat in my grandparents neighborhood.
The Raj produced great novels, great stories, great poetry…
Black Death…
Cocktail parties are excellent rituals.
Again, thank you, you made my day.
She more or less stole it from me.
That image, that’s from conncoll….*blink?* Did you, perchance, go there…. or just stumble on the image?
He screamed so loudly and we were in the conductor’s car.
One more thing… it’s not a rat.
And the Cat is staying- named Guenhwyvar now.: D.
Sadly she is being left behind in Montreal for a while when I move to Vancouver, BC in the fall because my roomate is allergic to cats!
May this new year bring you more happiness than your last and may you have a greater learning of more things to come.
I chose all pictures and words, grouped them, then put it in Photoshop.
Thanks for saying a lot of stuff that other people are afraid to say.
Now that’s interesting, given the other things you’re interested in.

victory is sweet.
I was late to work due to the silly Hawthorne bridge going up during rush hour to let a barge through.
Im excited about NaNoWriMo, Ive got new characters plaguing me now.
I can barely hold a horse stance for 30 seconds.
I was trying to think of what I did last year that was different, so here’s my advice.
Francesca says don’t edit, but I found it helpful to reread what I wrote the day before and put in description.
I am no longer the feisty girl that can do a day long training.
Frencesca wrote up some fabulous advice on doing NaNoWriMo – writing a novel in a month.
I took my car to DEQ and prayed to the Patron Saint of Blondes in Sportscars, St.
Make sure that you have a basic outline and an idea of where the story is going.
I want my old body back.
I wonder if I take a nap under my desk if anyone would notice?
Stocking up for winter.
Let your characters lead you.
Oh man, I got stuck on the bridge again this morning.
It took four songs on my CD before it went back down.
When all else fails add a new character, throw in a flashback, kill someone off, put in a bar fight scene or add in another story line.
Most importantly write write write write, every spare second you have.
I cant draw real purdy.
It took me three years before I finally completed a novel in a month.
It will also help you get back in the groove and pad the all important word count.
Its scheduled to rain rain rain.
Memo to self: go shoe shopping.
Here’s music that’s currently on high rotation on the iPod and why.
Its dark dark dark.
She ended up falling for someone else who suddenly became a bigger character in the book.
The good news is that I can strap on my heels and strut around town knowing that I’m actually doing something good for my knees and back.
The PT was a little worried about how hyperextensive my knees, elbows, fingers and wrists are.
Where the heck is everyone?
Music list Monday.
But that’s a whole other story.
When I write fast, it’s all action and dialog, Taking time to go back and add color, scent and touch, will make your writing stronger.
In fact, I had to have a little talk with Trinity this morning about how she is only allowed to lay on half the heating vent and not the entire thing or the bathroom doesnt get warm!
I spent most of last night stocking up on food.
I think this will only last awhile before I quickly start back with the slow depressing fall music.
In an effort to wake myself up Im drinking my usual Grande Shot in the Dark and listening to obnoxious club music.
Most people throughout my life have been freaked out by this such as: my parents, ballet teachers, gymnastic instructors, friends, etc.
Let’s have a list for Monday morning.
I tried to be impatient, I tried not to wave my fist at the barge.
Tell everyone that you’re a novelist.
See, I just got another anime drawing book for combat so I cant wait to draw a fight scene, of course this is harder said then done.
Realize that this is a flexible and can/will change at any time.
I was so late there was no line for coffee and I had my own elevator to meditate in.
The only people that seem to really really enjoy my circus freak uber-flexibility are yoga instructors and well, boyfriends.
Fifi, and my car passed.
What are you listening to these days?
Walk the drunk home!
Your characters will misbehave.
The cats and I are drinking wine and kickin’ back.
The nice part was, I got to work late and no one else is here.
Everyone is either sick, running late or absent.
The cats and I are ready for winter.
Not my CFMPs, mind you, but I can easily throw on another 2-3 inches and call it therapeutic.
I hope my vampire friends can amuse themselves for a month while I go into a new world.
Advice for the already insane.
The endurance testing was completely disheartening.
I think if Im running just a few minutes late I end up hitting the morning barge run and have to sit on the bridge for what feels like freaking forever.
Last year my main character, Marae Venger, was suppose to have a particular love interest but every time I put them in a room together they fought.
Now I just have to remember to show up to traffic court and beg for forgiveness.
Tell yourself that you’re a novelist.
Perfect time for angst, melancholy and snuggling up under warm blankets.
My house was completely depleted, I dont know when the last time was that I went to the store and bought a car load of food and not just one or two items.
I mean its not like Im really missing anything at work.
I also had a character that kept showing up, Inferno Man.

I love pie, apple, strawberry, raspberry you name it I love pie.
Our families became close and over the years spent many good times together.
Sometimes I wake up at night just to watch her sleep in the moonlight.
Not in the usual, I need to control all those around me or else I get crazy way but I get very uncomfortable if I am not in control of myself.
For that matter I dont like it much in real life either.
Especially early and late.
I love to travel especially driving.
His wife is still a good friend to my wife and I.
I love to sing, singing has been a true life giving experience for me.
Philip was my best friend as an adult, he came to work at my office a number of years ago and I immediately knew we were going to become fast friends.
I love movies, which paint an illusion so whole-heartedly that you want to believe it to be real and you do not want it to end.
I dont always attend Mass but I believe with all my heart.
I am not especially bothered by many things but those who willingly deceive themselves earn my unending wrath.
I love funny movies where you laugh until your sides ache.
As I age I am becoming especially partial to mountain music.
I love to eat, perhaps too much as I am now too heavy for my own health.
I speak with him daily but I still miss him.
I always understand how that person feels and it makes me uncomfortable.
I love the ocean especially on a moonlit night.
I have a tendency to be a control freak.
I often dream of him and he is whole and bright and alive.
This explains why I dont really enjoy being drunk or high.
I love dogs.
It is such a colossal waste of time.
That and the smell of old crazy people makes me ill.
Years ago I swore that I would end all my conversations where we parted with the words, I Love You so that these would be the last words she would hear if were tragically parted.
I could sit in the surf all day while the waves pounded away at my feet.
I am exceptionally honest with myself, perhaps too honest for my own sanity or the sanity of those around me.
Ive come to believe that wasting time is one of the worst sins you can commit which is why I am so uncomfortable with porn.
As I have grown up I have found that I like it less but I have come to appreciate fruit especially apples.
Some day I will be able to see him, hold him and show him all the things we missed.
I am a good architect, I have become successful in the latter part of my career and finally can find joy in a profession that I am blessed t have talent in.
The sound of the waves has a transparency to it that permeates me to my soul.
I love the early morning when the sun has just come up.
He is long and skinny with blond hair and blue eyes and even though he would be ten he still calls me Daddy.
For someone who only lived 16 hours he has spent far more time in my heart.
I enjoy a good drink, as I get older I enjoy wine more but I still have a beer or hard liquor on occasion.
I cannot imagine the thought of slowly fading from being aware of my surroundings.
I am not a pleasant drunk, I brood over things and have a tendency to say things I regret later.
This is odd because now my eyesight is becoming pretty bad at dusk and dawn.
I recently spent some time doing architectural evaluations on nursing care facilities.
I am pretty nearsighted in my left eye and astigmatic in my right and color blind in both.
Bluer blue eyes have never seen.
Sadly so many have been hurt and misunderstood that it was not the church that caused the pain but simple men who were sinners and were not stopped.
It is so cold and sharp it hurts to breathe.
I love music, all music, all types.
These were really good facilities but the Alzheimers care wings were enormously depressing.
Our two are especially dear to my heart.
I never found being out of control pleasurable for any length of time.
If you watch a movie with me you know that I dont like to watch people being embarrassed.
I doubt that she realizes that when she hurts I ache inside for her.
I am eternally mystified by the fact that I married a woman more beautiful than I deserve.
Hopefully, this is the start of something, which will help define who I am.
The only thing in life, which truly terrifies me, is the thought of loosing my mind.
I hope and pray that God will see us through this current crisis with his love and care, there are so many good men and women who serve him daily in silence all around us.
When I was younger I, like most children loved candy.
I love the mountains, the air is so clear there that you swear you could see it.
I wish I could spend more time in Colorado.
I particularly enjoy a good book where the author has a command of the language.
Differing from those who are deceived by others, those who lie to themselves are pathetic.
She mystifies me with the fact that we can both agree on something yet argue endlessly about it anyway.
Ill never go crazy though.
In my age I have come to appreciate Irish whiskey, perhaps it is genetic as I am one half Irish.
There is a special place in Colorado that I yearn for at that first fall day when the morning air is crisp and cold.
Brighter stars, whiter clouds, sweeter fragrant flowers none in this world may approach.
I sing in our church choir, which I am beginning, to find out is a really GOOD choir.
There is a special place in South Carolina we travel to that has become magical to me.
Come to think of it, I love fruit.
Music fills my ears, praise flows from my tongue, warmth my bones feel if only I were to gaze over that wall.
She is the light to my eyes and my breath to my lungs, like a fish, she is the water in which I swim.
I am by far one of the least talented and least trained singers.
It is so peaceful and calm.
Not especially good traits for an Architect.
It reminds me that there are places where the air is always like that.
Oh how I long to peek over that wall, a glade of green and gold to view.
I love her to the depth of my soul and must tell myself this everyday as I am sore afraid I will somehow forget the shape of her face.
I miss Philip, the older I get the more I wish he were still around to talk to.
I could write a book about his short life and how it has changed mine.
She loves me for who I am not what I do.
Again genetic as half of my family comes from Appalachia.
I am amazed by my daughter; every time I see her I cannot but help wonder how I got to be so lucky.
My heart aches for all the pain caused in the name of my church.
It makes reading a joy, such a book I can read over and over again.
When I am drunk I usually remember most of what happens and most of what I say, needless to say drinking to forget does not work with me.

We met off AOl and we’ve been friends ever since.
KS handed it to me in case it was someone I needed to talk to.
BUt i’ve been singing it all day cos its just so funny!
I only said that b/c I was freaking tired and I wanted to sleep.
After work me and my mum gO JurOng Point and have Our dinner..
I know he’s all about me, and he should know I’m all about him.
Still, he wouldn’t let it drop and kept mumbling shit.
Lets kick our way through this rival infested day.
If this is your username and you’re wondering how to make your profile, just click here.
Thats not supposed to happen.
One more thing i have to say before i go.
I duno anymore2:40 p. m.
It started off being a great night.
We’re instead going to have it on a weekday… which still means the same..
It have been sO lOng that I never gO Out with my mum lerx..
A guardian is born with the dawn.
He usually only calls when he’s upset or drunk.
Relationships are so difficult sometimes.
But KS didn’t get mad b/c he knows who PB is.
I don’t knwo what to do for him.
I go 100mph and then crash down to 0 and expect to fall asleep.
I couldn’t fall alseep.
I try to ignore it and the usually helps, but most times it’s very hard to ignore and I can’t fall asleep.
I got so freaking pissed.
me nowt my mum de Office typing my blogging
I guess it comes down to all my running aroudn and stressing all day and then I just try and crash into bed and expect to fall asleep.
So we wake up and I pack him his lunch, and straighten up the apt.
It was my friend Nork.
We rented Mean Girls and Man of Fire.
Its different.
It is only what one thinks it is.
About next Saturday.. turns out the game is cancelled so Mazzi and I aren’t going to have out senior appreciation day.
Its not like it will be a big ordeal anyway.
I think maybe whoever translated tham did it wrong or something.
After I fell asleep my phone rang.
A starlight senshi is a moonlight real girl!
KS said its bad when Im really tired and stressed.
No one will be there for me.
Success, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.
LIke inspire him to do something with his life.
Me and b were walking home and i said he was more of a metrosexual than an average hetrosexual.
Just dO finish sOme fillings den me now cOme back and rest le..
I just said he’s um.. and then turned over.
If the shoe was on the other foot, I’d be mad, too.
Today I spOt a skirt at OP..
Eyes that are always like jewels.
Yeah, we started arguing again.
He said he was jealous cause I had some guy he didn’t know calling me late at night.
I liked mean girls, and man of fire was good but I fell asleep with about a 1/2 hour to go.
This scares me because Im only 24 and I have joint problems.
He said I thought you told me I could talk to you and ask you stuff if it was bothering me, but I guess I wont ask now.
Since its me, make them come true, my starlight prayers.
I told him not to be like that and that he should feel open to talk to me.
Didn’t I explain who Nork was?!
He drives me back home and the phone call comes up again.
SO since I was asleep I just ignored it and rolled over to go back to sleep.
I usually try to cheer him up cause he’s always so down on himself.
Well Im up early and I had intentions of going to work this morning, but that didn’t happen.
Everyone defines it for themselves; there is no set meaning.
Remember, your profile must have a pagename set in order for it to show up!
Yeah, I was pissed because I was already passed out on the couch, but KS had to get pissy and pick a fight over something completely stupid.
Those are the stupidest lyrics ever!!!
Hmm… ok I’m gonna go shower and get ready for my game today.
What a dunb boy.
I have this twitching thing.
Becomeing myself, turning into shining sailor diamonds.
He just said something completely assanine.
PB called about right after Nork did.
We went to a cute lil Italian restraunt.
Oops, that user doesn’t exist, or they haven’t entered a profile.
So now we usually talk about our lives and try to help each other out.
He said ok but then he still felt bad and was almost like beating himself up over it.
So i told him all about the diff between hetro metro and homo sexuals.
Sunday Kim was in the booth that we were in on Saturday and I was in Kara & Tasha’s booth.

He has both nipples and his tongue pierced.
We were so tempted to leave halfway through the movie.
Pete ended up taking me home.
We all hung out for a while and then Kimmy needed to come home.
That’s when I noticed his tongue piercing.
It was great.
A lot has happened since the last time I updated…
I won’t even began to discuss the things that went on there..
Hey guys!
It was nice.
Ryan says he doesn’t know her, so he’s not going to pass judgement.
Tuesday morning Amanda & I cooked breakfast for Chris, Bobby, Albert, Abel, & Sammy.
He was gorgeous.
Thursday, I was supposed to go out with Matt, but he had to work late.
Bret, Raul & I came to pick her up and we went out to Raul’s house and watched Se7en.
Breaks from school are wonderful.
He’s a really cool guy.
I worked folklife the Friday, Saturday & Sunday of the week that I came back.
She was staying at my house till Sunday cause her parents went out of town.
I’ve been to Officer Camp and back.
I’m just really glad that a had the support that I was getting from a few people.
Last night, Zach, Raul & I went out to the Quarry.
I slept in late.
The parts of it that I saw were pretty good.
Then later, Amanda, Stephen & I went out..
So we were still together.
Then I talked to Zach for a while.
But, at about 9:30, everything slowed down and we just sat there and talked.
All three nights I worked with Kimmy.
Sunday, I slept in late again.
We went to eat and then went to pick up Raul’s friend Dorien.
Sunday was fun.
Today, I babysat.
Tomorrow I’m supposed to go to Matt’s house to hang out for a while.
Which not only was it scary cause it was GARFIELD, but it SUCKED sooo much ass.
Then we went to dinner at Chili’s.
Friday, Raul, Zach, Kimmy & I went to go see Terminal which was a REALLY funny movie.
I haven’t brought it up to Amanda, but Stephen knows how uncomfortable it is.
Then we all went out again.
There’s this really hot waitor that was hitting on me.
Saturday, Kim & I were in a booth together and Tasha & Kara were in the booth RIGHT next to us.
The first night we worked the busiest gate of the whole place.
And now, I’m just hanging out.
We ended up just hanging out at Raul’s dad’s the majority of the night.
Raul took us home.
Kit, Raul, & Bret all think that Kim is a bitch.
So is Pete’s older brother Wesley.
Around 5, she got picked up..
I only had a little, but he started slurring his words together.
So, that was interesting.
Morgan for the first time.
And even though everything that happened, happened..
And he let me try some Capt.
After I came back from officer camp, I found a lot of shit out that jepordized one of my closest friendships, and how close we were.
I saw CC there and he really doesn’t like Zach, or me hanging out with Zach.
So, Raul brought us home.
So, I love summer.
Zach got mad that I was flirting with Wes so he brought Kim & I home.
There was this really hot, tall guy that kept coming back to our ticket booth..
I don’t remember what I did Monday…
And Zach really doesn’t like CC, or me hanging out with CC..
So I went out with Raul, Bret & Ryan till Kimmy got out of practice.
Everyone should go see it!
Don’t go see it.
Then I talked to Raul & Kimmy.
I still think that we’re going to have a really good year, as social officers.
OMG, it was so funny.
Afterward, we went out to pick up Bret, Kit, & Ryan.
Wednesday Kimmy came over.
The ice boys..
They are all really cool.