A single mom with her young child runs out of gas on the freeway and she has no cell service to call for help. What now?
Your MC (main character) is a traveler whose only possessions fill one backpack. What are they?
A child discovers a mysterious item hidden away in the attic of his grandmother’s home.
A tornado warning sends your MC to the basement with the person they despise most in the world.
A pro surfer has recently survived a shark attack, but was told he’d never surf again. What’s going through his head while he’s sitting on the beach?
A young girl’s wallet/purse is stolen at the amusement park. How does she proceed in trying to find it?
An animal larger than you gets loose at the zoo. Your MC’s job is to catch it again.
A magic storybook sends you to a fairytale land. Who is the first person or creature that you run into? Are they friend or foe?
A middle-aged man has been out of a job for months. Desperate for money, he joins an amateur drug trade.
Your MC goes for a walk downtown and is mugged. Describe how he/she chases the mugger down.
A wife kicks her husband out and he’s forced to move back in with his parents. He’s 47.
Your MC gets to take an impromptu road trip with his/her best friend. Where do they go?
A young girl gets drunk for the first time. Describe her night from the perspective of her friend, an avid drinker.
A novice hiker accidentally becomes separated from his hiking buddy. He only has two hours of sunlight left before darkness falls.
A house party gets busted and an underage drinker spends his first night in jail.
A whirlwind summer love goes wrong when a young man’s girlfriend disappears. Describe the phone call to notify her parents.
Difficult circumstances have driven you steal a friend’s ridiculously valuable diamond necklace. You’re caught in the act and forced to explain yourself.
A pro hunter is on a desperate mission to track down Bigfoot.
Describe your perfect beach day during your honeymoon.
You move into a new apartment with a craigslist roommate. It was the worst decision of your life.
While hiking solo on a new trail in the mountains, your MC falls off a shallow ridge and gets injured.
Your MC’s best friend is getting married in a week. In a moment of anger, the MC finally tells the best friend how much he/she hates the soon-to-be-spouse.
How does a jobless, recent college graduate spend his/her first summer after graduating college? Write it in the style of journal entries.
Describe how skills learned in a summer class you hated taking recently saved your life.
The air conditioner breaks during the hottest summer on record, and your MC doesn’t have the extra money to fix it. Describe his/her creative attempts to stay cool.
Start a story lost in an unfamiliar city and refuse to ask for directions. Describe how the MC finally make it home again—if he/she makes it home again. …
Friends are boating, everyone has been drinking heavily, and the rope connecting a skier to the boat snaps. What happens next?
A private investigator is hired by the lead suspect in a suspected homicide case to prove his innocence.
A dear friend admits she cheated on her significant other and begs you to keep it a secret.
Your MC is camping with his/her family and stuck in a tent during a violent summer storm. They are without power or cell service.
A struggling writer starts a new job at a downtown bar. Write about the interesting people or events that take place on her first shift.
A man and a woman go on blind date to a baseball game, and it turns out to be the worst first date their lives. First write about the date from her perspective, and then write it from his.
A teenager nearly drowns at the family lake house. A stranger rescues him/her. Write from either perspective.
The doorbell ringing at midnight interrupts the biggest fight you’ve ever had with your spouse. Who is it?
A serial killer is watching a news segment about his latest murder.
You get evicted; instead of living on the street, you decide to secretly live in a department store. How do you evade security?
What is going through a husband-to-be’s head the night before his wedding?
A mans visits a tarot card reader and receives a cryptic message. Does he believe it?
A stranger on the street hands you a package and asks you to take care of it for a few days, but warns you never, never to open it. You do it anyway.
A widowed woman hears a baby crying in a dumpster. She’s desperate for a child of her own, so she takes the baby home.
Your MC wakes up hog tied in a closet with no recollection of how he/she got there.
A neurotic ex-girlfriend stalks an old lover on his day off. Diary from her perspective how the lover spends his day.
You have a miserable job and you finally work up the courage to tell off your boss. What do you say?
A grown woman discovers she has a sibling she didn’t know about and she’s about to meet him/her for the first time.
You find a lost wallet with a large amount of lost cash in a parking lot. Do you spend it or take it to the police?
A wife wants to ask her husband for a divorce, but she’s terrified to broach the subject. Why?
Write a note to your landlord explaining the large bloodstain on the living room carpet.
A soldier called away to war writes an email to his wife describing a fake situation to keep her from worrying. Then he writes an email to his brother describing what really happened.
A father discovers he and his son are dating the same woman.
Your MC is pursing an online relationship with someone he/she met on a dating service. He/she has a fake profile. How long can your MC keep it up?
Your MC (main character) falls asleep on the subway and wakes up to find themselves in a parallel universe.
A natural disaster sweeps through a town. Describe the events following.
Your MC sits down to the most exquisite meal of their lifetime; what is it?
Create a plague that wreaks havoc on a tiny community.
Go back into your childhood and write about your most vivid memory.
Pick one of your friends and describe their life 20 years from now.
Put your MC in a career you’ve always dreamed of having but have never tried.
Your MC has an unhealthy obsession with an odd object, person, or place.
You have the opportunity to permanently change one aspect of either your personality or appearance, but what you choose doesn’t have the effect you thought it would.
Your MC is an animal whose owner is lost in the woods. It’s their job to find them.
You’re in a country where you don’t speak the language and a child comes bounding up to you, panicked, asking for help, but you can’t understand them. What do you do?
Imagine you’re addicted to a drug and you have to quit. What’s your withdrawal like?
Who’s out in your neighborhood at three in the morning? Describe sounds, animals, smells, and people.
If you had to live each and every day in the outdoors, what would be different?
Write a love story about two people who have a different sexual orientation than you.
A woman who is absolutely beautiful is in a terrible accident and her face becomes scarred and distorted. Chronicle the changes she encounters in the following weeks.
Place yourself in the most comforting atmosphere you can think of.
You’ve been at sea on a ship by yourself for two weeks now. How did you get there?
Place yourself 200 years in the past.
There’s a hole in the ground and you jump in. Where does it take you?
A stranger comes up to you and tells you he’s your real father. How do you react?
A tiger walks through your front door and makes himself nice and cozy on your couch.
Reimagine your life with all of the important people in it replaced by your favorite TV show characters.
You and another person survive a plane crash, but you’re stranded on an island. You discover that the other person fits the stereotype you least associate yourself with. What are they like?
Think of a record you’d like to break and describe what it would take to achieve it.
You can only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what does it look like?
You’re transported back in time to the historical rights movement you think is the most important.
Write a journal entry about a man who just got drafted into the NBA.
You get into the middle of a big crowd and start to yell. What are you yelling about?
Create your own village where all of the inhabitants worship a very controversial (compared to modern day) God.
magine yourself in the most humiliating situation possible.
You grew up in another country; what do you think of America?
What happens to you as you fall into a black hole in space? Make up a new theory.
Lurking underneath your bed is a creature that’s never before seen the light of day. What kind of interaction do you have with it the first time you see it?
Two children stumble into a house that’s haunted. Write the backstory for the home and the ghosts that inhabit it.
Your grandma on her deathbed leans over to you and whispers a family secret that changes your life, and passes away soon after. What is that secret?
At 16, your MC is the youngest person at the University they’re attending, but by far the smartest. Write about them trying to fit in to the college atmosphere.
Your MC is a woman in a bar being stalked by another woman who clearly has malicious intentions. Write from her perspective as she tries to figure out the other character’s motives.
Your MC is traveling down the Amazon River and looks down to see that their boat is slowly being filled with the body of an anaconda. How does your character react?
A man is waiting tables at a restaurant when, all of a sudden, a missile strikes the main dining area. He survives, but what the man doesn’t know is that the missile was aiming for him.
You’re a ruler of an ancient civilization. Describe where it is, the people that inhabit it, and your daily duties.
Your MC walks out of their apartment building and does a face plant on the sidewalk. From then on, their day just gets worse.
Describe the perfect boss.
If humans were to evolve to have one extra sense, what would that sense be?
A man and a woman are waiting on the side of a dirt road for someone. Three people pass them by and each teaches them a lesson. Who are the people and what are the lessons?
Describe from a child’s perspective what it’s like to be incredibly wealthy.
You own a farm and your animals have been slowly taken from your farm each night. Who is taking them and where are they going?
You have lost all but one sense and must direct yourself through a densely populated city with no aid. What challenges do you face?
Your main character has fallen head over heels in love despite the fact that their love interest will soon be incarcerated. How did they fall in love and how will their love change as the love interest serves their sentence?
You wake up to find yourself in a mental hospital with no recollection of how you got there.