Prompts (Characters)

CoolGuy Joe

Owner of two paddle balls.
Explorer or public restrooms.
Stays in on a sat night.
But every sunday he has a dark secret.
He goes down to hot topic and buys a cookie monster tshirt.

Natty Eis

Almond milk addict.
Eats way too much caribu tracks when no ones around.
Can’t be stopped.
Not really all that hot but when shes the only chick in the room.
Shes fucking beaming.

Krazy Karl

Unlikeable fellow.
Cracky eyes.
Whats he saying?
I dunno.
Hard to get a backstory on someone that can’t talk properly.

Kirk Barnett

Smokes a lot of pot.
Two time drop out.
Used to be a hard worker, but now too much is on his mind.
Runs from the death of his brother.
Can’t physically keep up with his own mental addiction to cigarettes.
Get’s sick way too often.
Is kinda hungry right now.

Even Steven

Nice guy.
A drunk.
Plays it cool.
Completely restrained by his woman.
Can’t say no.
It’s not because he loves her.
It’s because she makes him dinner every night.

Rumble Bee

Born from a flower.
Emmits pollen from her skin.
That makes no fucking sense.
But fuck it, thats what I’m goin with.

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