Ghost Romance Plot Ideas:
Her marriage is on the rocks and while preparing to put her childhood vacation home up for sale she is visited by her old dead flame.
As a medium, she is no stranger to ghosts but there is one who has visited her on and off throughout her life. Like a guardian angel, he’s gotten her out of some sticky situations. Then one day he comes with news that she is going to be murdered or some other evil is going to befall her and he doesn’t know if he can save her this time.
She’s finally committed to him and said yes to marriage, but she may not make it down the aisle because of his dead ex-girlfriend.
She’s been dead for decades and no one has ever seen her until now and he isn’t easily spooked. But their romance might be short-lived when an exorcist is brought in.
He has a reoccurring dream of a woman’s demise only to find evidence that it really happened and now she’s come to him for help.
After surviving a catastrophic event, i.e. train wreck, airplane, a couple find solace in each other only to find out that one of them didn’t actually survive.
She died from a seeming accident, and now she must warn her boyfriend before he comes to same fate.
She’s loved that old house for years and finally buys it only to find it already inhabited by a gentleman who says he’s been waiting for her return.
An evil curse keeps his soul trapped inside that house but she may be the one that can set him free.
He’s given a second chance at life only to be haunted by the one that gave it to him.
Attending an addiction recovery group in the basement of an old church, she becomes drawn to and connects with another member only to find he died years prior from an overdose.
On a business trip, he acquires a 100-year-old antique watch, ring, etc. and its original owner has returned to reclaim it.
Cleaning out the attic she comes across centuries-old letters or journals. As she falls in love with the words, the man who wrote them comes for a visit.
A deal with the devil or a spell can bring the one he loves back but at what cost and how she has changed.
He’s made the ultimate sacrifice, but as a ghost, he regrets it until he meets a descendant of one he’s saved.
An archaeologist digs up a long-forgotten tomb to find it inhabited by a ghost who now feels indebted/resentful.
The angry residences of a ghost town are out for the developer who is determined to bring it back to its glory days, but one dead cowboy comes to her rescue or is he just a distraction.
She was saved at high sea by a swashbuckling pirate, but when the ship ports she was the only one alive on board.
Stuck in the Underworld he finds one who can help him escape, but now he’s not sure if he wants to if it will mean he’ll have to leave her behind.
While visiting a fountain, mirror, painting, etc. she hears a voice call to her through it. Is it possessed or is it something else?