## amazing alternatives to ____________-ing.
## creative ways to make your ____________ even better.
## lessons that have changed the way I ____________.
## mantras to help you survive ____________.
## of the most beautiful ____________ in the world.
## people who do ____________ better than anyone else.
## people who have shaped and inspired the way that I ____________.
## questions to ask yourself before you ____________.
## quotes to inspire you to ____________.
## reasons to fall head-over-heels in love with ____________.
## reasons to give ____________-ing another shot.
## reasons your ____________-ing plan isn’t working out.
## reminders for times when you feel like ____________-ing.
## simple ways to spruce up your ____________.
## songs that will make you wanna ____________.
## surprising places to find your next ____________.
## terrible mistakes I made while ____________-ing — and what I learned from each one.
## things I love about ____________.
## things I no longer believe about ____________.
## things most people don’t know about ____________.
## things that are making me feel totally ____________.
## things to consider before making a decision about ____________.
## things to do when you need a break from ____________.
## truths about ____________ I wish I’d known, ## years ago.
## ways to ____________ on a budget.
## ways to ____________ when you’re totally bored of all the usual ____________.
## ways to attract more ____________ into your life.
## ways to create more ____________ in the world.
## ways to have waaaaay more fun while you ____________.
## ways to simplify the way you ____________.
A behind-the-scenes tour of my ____________.
A can’t-mess-it-up checklist for your very first ____________.
Chop chop! ## things to do before it’s time for ____________.
Everything I know about ____________ I learned from ____________.
Good news! ## reasons to smile and be happy about ____________.
How I scored a chance to ____________. (And how it changed my ____________.)
How to ____________ even if you don’t think you’re “ready.”
How to ____________ like nobody’s ever ____________-ed before.
How to ____________ when everything totally ____________s.
How to ____________ when you’re a complete beginner.
How to ____________ without ruining anyone’s life. (Or your own.)
How to ____________ without spending a dime.
How to bounce back after a shocking and unexpected ____________.
How to choose the right ____________ for your ____________.
How to cope when ____________ doesn’t approve of your ____________.
How to get the most out of your next ____________.
How to have a conversation with your ____________ about ____________.
How to persuade your ____________ to help you ____________.
How to prevent ____________ from ever happening to you. (Or happening again.)
How to profoundly impress your ____________s, every time.
How to soothe your ego when nobody wants to ____________ with you.
How to spend less time doing ____________ (and make more time for ____________.)
How to transform your ____________ into a ____________.
I met my hero, ____________! Here’s what I learned.
My up-close-and-personal conversation with ____________.
Oops! You screwed up your ____________. ## ways to fix it.
Read this the next time you’re desperately longing for ____________.
Read this the next time you’re doubting your ability to ____________.
Read this the next time you’re ready to give up on ____________.
So, you gave ____________-ing a shot? Didn’t work out? ## things to try next.
So, you think you want to ____________? ## pieces of advice.
Terrified about ____________-ing? ## comforting words of advice.
The ____________ guide to ____________-ing.
The ## best decisions I ever made about ____________.
The #1 question that every ____________ asks me.
The #1 reason that nobody’s interested in your ____________. (Yet.)
The downside of ____________-ing — and how to do it differently.
The dark, deep, scandalous secret that ____________ wishes you knew about ____________.
The easiest, simplest, happiest way to ____________.
The last time I ever ____________-ed. (And why I’ll never do it again.)
The story of that one time I ____________-ed, and lived to tell the tale.
The surprising connection between ____________ and ____________.
The top ## ways to ____________.
Totally bored of ____________? ## things to try, instead.
Totally freaked out about ____________? ## reasons to rrrrelax.
Totally obsessed with ____________? ## things you’ll adore, even more.
What ____________ taught me about ____________.
What I tell myself when I really don’t feel like ____________-ing.
What it REALLY means to ____________.
What to wear to your very first ____________.
Why ____________ matters to me.
Why absolutely nothing is wrong with your ____________.
Why being ____________ is a surprisingly good idea.
Why I’m no longer satisfied with ____________ — and what I’m doing about it.
Why that terrible ____________ is actually a blessing.
Why there’s more than enough ____________ to go ’round.
Why we’re all desperately waiting for you to ____________.
Why you should get out of your own way and ____________ already.
Get out there and write the ____________-iest blog post that ever ____________-ed.
And have a ____________ day.
For years, I’ve been saying, “I ought to write a book about ___________________.”
I care deeply about helping people ___________________.
I (secretly) want to write about ___________________.
People are always asking me how I ___________________.
I wish people would ask me how to ___________________.
I don’t know EVERYTHING about ___________________, but I know enough to give somebody a considerable head start.
I don’t have anything particularly “innovative” to say. I just want to remind people that it’s OK to ___________________.
I don’t have anything “radical” to say. I just want to show people how to ___________________ and have fun doing it.
I have SO many great tips on how to___________________.
I have THE funniest story about that one time I ___________________.
I know a TON about ___________________.
I really want to be known as an expert on ___________________.
I really want to be known as someone with a fresh twist on ___________________.
I seriously believe the world would be a much better place if we could all just ___________________.
I think people might be inspired by my story about ___________________.
I will never, ever get tired of talking about ___________________.
I’ve got a weird, inexplicable obsession with ___________________.
I’ve got super-strong opinions about ___________________.
If a friend of mine was too afraid to ___________________, what I’d want to tell him / her is ___________________.
If a space discovery program asked me to write a short essay about “what it means to be human” — a message for alien races and future human generations to read — I’d tell the story about that one time I ___________________.
If I gave people a secret glimpse into my ___________________, what they’d find inside is ___________________.
If there’s one recurring lesson in my life — one that I’ve learned over and over, in different ways — it’s definitely
It probably doesn’t “make sense” in terms of my business / career, but I’m just dying to write about ___________________.
It’s not “fancy” or “special” or even that “unique,” but I suspect people would be really curious to take a peek at my ___________________.
Most people think that ___________________ is really complicated, but I know that it can be ___________________.
One thing I’m tired of seeing in the world is ___________________.
One thing that makes me absolutely sick is ___________________.
One thing that I think is completely amazing — that everybody should know about! — is ___________________.
The worst break-up / fight / conflict I ever experienced was ___________________ and what I learned was ___________________.
When ___________________ happened to me, I felt so ashamed / alone / angry / frightened. I’d like to share that story, so that other people know they’re NOT alone.
When a friend of mine is in pain because of ___________________, what I want to tell him / her is ___________________.
When my heart is breaking, what I wish somebody would tell me is ___________________.
When I’m ready to leave this world, and my dearest friends surround my bedside and ask me, “Do you have any last words of advice? One last secret to share? A story to tell?” I’ll smile and tell them all about ___________________.