She took the same seat she always does. This time, there was someone with her. (Harrison Cowan, Canada)
I knew it was over the day he shouted for mushrooms. (Joanne Pouzenc, Germany)
Two days after the proposal, she found a card at her doorstep, written in messy handwriting: ‘DON’T MARRY HIM.’ (Rainette Lau, Hong Kong)
Eva was her only source of joy, but in a rare, vulnerable moment, she hoped to trade motherhood for another man. (Shanu Athiparambath, India)
In order to merge their businesses, two wealthy people are forced into an unwanted arranged marriage. (Juhi Sarvaiya, India)
A bachelor billionaire wants to find a worthwhile heir to his billions and business, so he pretends he is broke. (Himanshu Sekhar Satapathy, India)

Write a story from the point of view of a 100 year old mirror. (June Hunter, Ireland)
The street lamp seemed brighter with her standing underneath. She looked at me and there was just the two of us. (Adeola Abubakar, Nigeria)
We’d matched on Tinder. And now he was here. He was handsome; I was happy. Then I saw the slogan on his t-shirt. (Lauren Baddeley, United Kingdom)
The babysitter was late, her shoes hurt and she wasn’t a bit hungry after finishing the girls leftovers. (Gemma Barder, United Kingdom)
They’ve never met outside of a dream, but they are in love. One is the Moon and one the Sun. (James Belmont, United Kingdom)
She climbed to the top of the mountain, and then she knew she would be free. (Louise Bleakley, United Kingdom)

She began to run, faster and faster, as quickly as her short legs could carry her. There was no turning back now. (Caroline Bowers, United Kingdom)
Carefully she lifted the quill and opened the small vial of ink. This was the most difficult letter to write… (Colette Brennan, United Kingdom)
Two gay puffins want to adopt an egg. Will the RSPB help them in their quest for responsible parenthood? (Alexander Bryden, United Kingdom)
A blind woman falls in love with the scent of a train passenger. How does she find him? (Lynn Caldwell, United Kingdom)
A woman nervously awaits her turn for an interview but discovers the interviewer is an ex-lover. What happens next? (Nilesha Chauvet, United Kingdom)
Your estranged sister unexpectedly dies and would like you to become guardian to her son. (Kelly Conner Jones, United Kingdom)

“I love you”, she said, but it came out like a scream. Mucus glistened from her nose and mouth. “You’re crazy.” (Francesca Crisante, United Kingdom)
The lead can’t use the word love or an equivalent. What terms/actions do they use instead to express this feeling? (Lianne Dillsworth, United Kingdom)
A man is arrested for a murder he didn’t commit. His girlfriend becomes a lawyer to clear his name. (Chloe Gilholy, United Kingdom)

A lady finds notes in books she borrows from library. She searches for the sender. (Fiona Gittens, United Kingdom)
He was the last person she had expected to see standing there. It had been twelve long years. What would she do? (Emma Gow, United Kingdom)
“Give me one good reason why I should wear a dress.” Laura stuck her chin out defiantly. “You’re the bride Laura.” (Cathryn Hurd, United Kingdom)
Two people connect on a singles app. A virtual romance begins, despite living locally they haven’t met… (Angela Jariwala, United Kingdom)
Chaos ensues when a handsome widower moves into a retirement block full of widows. (Hilary King, United Kingdom)

You should have called him/her 5 years ago but didn’t. You dial the number now, he/she picks up… (John Lugo-Trebble, United Kingdom)
She stifled a giggle as it grew clear that what the vicar was reading aloud was definitely not his intended sermon. (Jo Macdonald, United Kingdom)
As I hung desperately onto the barrier, watching your train depart, I realised that I’d made a huge mistake. (Emily Maybanks, United Kingdom)
He was standing outside the building again. His cap low, his head down. He could feel her staring. He always could. (AMaire McNally, United Kingdom)
A couple react to a tragic event – it doesn’t involve them but it alters their relationship in a significant way. (Jennifer Moore, United Kingdom)
Drawn to a blind girl, Sam finds himself entangled in her ideas, which are as seductive as they are unsettling. (Siamak Niazi, United Kingdom)
Write about the storm that started the day he disappeared from her life. (Ioana Pristoleanu, United Kingdom)

Write a dystopian romance about a man who has his memory extracted and tried to find his way back to the truth. (Mat Rawlins, United Kingdom)
Edith was beginning to wish she had not worn her buttoned-up camel-haired coat. She was perspiring badly. (Kimberley Turner-Lashmar, United Kingdom)
Think of the person you hate most. Why did their partner fall in love with them? (Cath Weeks, United Kingdom)

A couple fall in love in a place one is otherwise unhappy. Write about their search for somewhere that suits both. (Emma Wheat, United Kingdom)
‘Is your name Lisa?’ asked the waitress. ‘Yes,’ she lied. (Kit Wheeler, United Kingdom)
My hand hesitated before clicking ‘submit’. No going back on it now. Online dating: how difficult could it be? (Claire Whyatt, United Kingdom)
She’d waited three years, she could wait another hour. (Nia Williams, United Kingdom)
My fingers traced the glass bottle in front of me and eventually reached the bundle of papers stuffed inside. (Sumayah Y, United Kingdom)
Your character falls for the person who scares them the most. (Jessica Costello, United States)

An important meal occurs between a couple, but only one knows the meal is important beforehand. (Emily Schulte, United States)
He was the one person I hated more than anything. And now I was stuck on an elevator with him. (Tiana Smith, United States)