Prompts (SCHOOL)

  • I’m the school mascot but it’s a secret and you just found out, shh don’t tell anyone!
  • I’ve had an annoying, secret crush on you since 1st grade and I hate it because you’re my official nemesis.
  • We’re competing for class president. You’re popular and just doing this for fun and I’m unpopular but extremely passionate about this, and I’m not letting you win.
  • We both prefer the same seat in one classroom and it wasn’t a problem until we were put in the same class. Listen buddy, that’s my seat.
  • Our teacher doesn’t notice anything and we’re daring each other to do  outrageous things and see who gets busted.
  • Theatre kid vs. someone who loathes theatre kids (why do I find this so funny)
  • You’re the class clown and I’m the the one who can’t keep a straight face, stop it, you’re getting me in trouble for laughing in class!
  • You saw my bag move on it’s own and now you won’t stop following me around and asking me if I’m doing something illegal.
  • We’ve been best friends since diapers but I had to move away for a few years but I’m back! And this feels very different and awkward!
  • You always sleep in class and I love taking that to my advantage and do things like stack things on top of you and filling your notebook with funny drawings.
  • Welcome to detention, this is my realm. Since you’re new here, let me show you all the boring things we can do.
  • Someone was bullying you so I punched them and it ruined my reputation. No, don’t apologize, would you like to be friends?
  • Your parents are overprotective, hateful eggs and they don’t like me. You won’t listen to them but I feel bad that you have to suffer because of me.
  • We’ve been paired up for a really important project and you’re a known slacker. I don’t have time to do this on my own and my grades are important to me, please do your work, please.
  • I don’t have a lot of friends and you’re the new kid who saw me sitting alone and plopped down beside me, why are you doing this? You have have the makings of a super popular kid, so why continue on to be my friend?
  • You find me in the bathroom having a panic attack and you help me through it, thank you.
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