She had her first seizure when she was four days old. She flew her first spaceship at seventeen. (Thaddeus Murdoch, Bermuda)
Your 5 year old son died 20 years ago. At his annual dinner: a knock at the door! The woman says she is his wife. (Michael Stephensen, Canada)
The window in the garden wall has been boarded up forever, but tonight a dull, violet light pulses in the cracks… (Kate Alton, United Kingdom)
Another day dawned at the facility. Gaunt faces haunted windows – visceral, hungry and waiting for the end. (Catherine Appleby, United Kingdom)
A ghost town, frozen in time since 1957, plays Elvis Presley records non-stop. Nobody wants to talk about it. (Helena Baglin, United Kingdom)
The spaceships landed slowly on the grass a little way across from you. Why are they here? And why in front of you? (Abigail Baptist, United Kingdom)
Three legged aliens were not uncommon but these were wearing stiletto heels. Who was selling sets of three shoes? (Alan Bryant, United Kingdom)
It was the 30th of February when Jane stopped the clocks; she still needed more time. (Bella Cockrell, United Kingdom)
You have one chance to speak to an alien population. Write the speech. (Sarah Cook, United Kingdom)
You are a robot who wants to be human, you mimic human emotions in an attempt to transform. How do you mimic? (Kristopher Cook, United Kingdom)
You’re the world’s first sentient robot. Decide whether to use your super-intelligence to help or enslave humanity. (Martin Cornwell, United Kingdom)
A scientist unexpectedly discovers that gravity is not a force of nature but vanishes before the big reveal… (Joshua Creek, United Kingdom)
She woke up one morning to find everything had changed. Her family, her house; even her face in the mirror. (Lyndsey Croal, United Kingdom)
What if the sun doesn’t rise tomorrow? (Britta Eckhardt-Potter, United Kingdom)
All of your body’s functions (breathing, digestion etc.) require constant conscious effort. (Heather Fishwick, United Kingdom)
A deep space crew find an alien object. They violently argue over who owns it. They realise it is observing them. (Ed Fleet, United Kingdom)
There was nothing left of home. So I walked, and I found myself far from where our house once stood. (Elizabeth Gear, United Kingdom)
The absoluteness of the silence confirmed her fears. The computers were down. (Penguin Random House Editor)
A psychologist, traversing through the mind of their patient in a CBT session, uncovers some unsettling truths. (Leya George, United Kingdom)
Earth is facing destruction, and only one man can save it. The only problem is, he’s been dead for 100 years… (Catherine Gillott, United Kingdom)
The sun is going down and taking Earth with it. What will happen to those left behind on the doomed planet? (Jack Graves, United Kingdom)
The fantasy of eternal youth had been reduced to a medical procedure. At least for those deemed worthy of its gift. (Katie Gribble, United Kingdom)
You’ve unexpectedly entered a dimension in which your actions have no consequences. You’ve just committed a murder. (Lisa Guidarini, United Kingdom)
You discover that your partner is an AI-enabled humanoid whose characteristics have been selected by your parents. (Nicola Hargreaves, United Kingdom)
In the future we can 3D print body parts using stem cells.The body parts don’t HAVE to replace conventional ones. (Liam Hogan, United Kingdom)
A man has two choices. Neither is good. He must choose one. He has three minutes. (Lesley Hunt, United Kingdom)
Humans and an alien race make first contact. Write about it from the distant perspective of another alien race. (Elliot Koubis, United Kingdom)
You find a note from yourself telling you to meet someone you’ve never heard of at 28 o’clock. It’s dated yesterday (Sohini Kumar, United Kingdom)
There will be a huge earthquake tomorrow, but nobody will listen… today is April Fool’s Day. (Melanie Law, United Kingdom)
Implanted Nanobots track your movements and monitor your conversations. How would you keep and maintain a secret? (Caroline Lee, United Kingdom)
After being invaded 50 years ago, a group of scientists set out to create a child that’s half human and half alien. (Jessie Lee, United Kingdom)
Post nuclear-apocalypse, women rebuild the world, enslaving men. Remora discovers a plan to render males extinct. (Emily Long, United Kingdom)
The night sky was ablaze with light but this went unnoticed by the couple kissing in the back of the car. (Louise Lynch, United Kingdom)
An intergalactic manhunt for a mass murderer: you. Only thing is, you’re innocent, and didn’t think aliens existed. (Maria Lynn, United Kingdom)
A scientist discovers that a distant star cluster is actually a system of satellites. Who put them there and why? (Anna Mackenzie, United Kingdom)
The Earth becomes so polluted that the atmosphere starts to block the sun out. How will they survive? (Rufaro Mapfumo, United Kingdom)
Shona had never seen it so dark. Normally there’d be at least a few stars shining in the galaxy but not tonight. (Mewe Mechese, United Kingdom)
AI overlords took charge 20 years ago, on the day you were born. You discover an anti-AI leaflet your parents kept. (Peter Morgan, United Kingdom)
Four playwrights are abducted by aliens and must use their talents to entertain their captives and stay alive. (Heather Moss, United Kingdom)
Every day, the strength of Earth’s gravity increases by 1%. Sam keeps a diary as the world ends around her. (Emma O’Donnell, United Kingdom)
The daughter of a brilliant quantum physicist gets sucked into her mother’s latest top secret experiment. (Elinor Perry-Smith, United Kingdom)
The development of artificial intelligence has left the world void of faces. What were they? Where did they go? (Chloe Royle, United Kingdom)
2030: the world’s oil has dried up. The UK dregs up not only steam and horse power but the old social order. (Helen Tompson, United Kingdom)
He had never woken up in the middle of an impact crater before. (Gavin Turnbull, United Kingdom)
How does one know if a robot has actually learnt to love, and how does one go about proving it? (Alice van den Bosch, United Kingdom)
At the fairground, a child begs to go on a carousel… when the ride stops, they find themselves in World War Two. (Katie Williams, United Kingdom)
How will London’s transport system look in 50 years time? (James Woods, United Kingdom)
In the future, it is possible to communicate instantly with everyone on Earth. Why does this cause problems? (Michael Peralta, United States)
To see if they are mentally fit to colonize Mars, a commercial space mogul runs psychological tests on millennials. (Erik Scott, United States)