Prompts (Self-Love)

Self-Love Writing Prompts;
Finish the thought
If my body could talk, it would say…
I feel happiest in my skin when…
I feel proud of myself when…
I feel safe when…
I forgive myself for…
I no longer need…
If I could give my teenage self some advice, I would tell her…
The last positive thing I was a part of…
Today I accomplished…
Ten things that bring me peace are…
I deserve love because…
Five things I’m grateful for today are…
My perfect day looks like…
A beautiful person is…
What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?
What emotions do you feel or associate with confidence?
What are questions to which you need urgent answers to?
What qualities do you deserve in a romantic partner?
What positive character traits do you have?
What will you accomplish in the next five years?
Why do you think it’s important to have high self esteem?
What are things you’d like to say ‘no’ to?
Who appreciates you?
What makes you unique?
What would you do if you could live a day without consequences?
How do you indulge yourself? How can you indulge yourself more often?
Who are your role models/idols? How are you already like them?
What is ‘enough’ for you?
What would your teenage self love about you now?
What does your best friend brag about when she talks about you?
What makes you feel strong or invincible?
What are times that make it very difficult for you to say “no” and what are some default responses you can come up with for next time?
What is an area of life you could use help with and what are some resources you could utilize to get assistance?
What are you good at helping other people at?
What is something you need to let go of?
What area of yourself is it hardest to receive a compliment about?
When was the last time you were a badass?
What would actually change if your body was “perfect”?
What do you love about your life?
When does your physical body feel happy?
How can having a positive attitude change my life?
Write a pep talk to give yourself the next time you feel sad, upset, or full of doubt.
Write a letter to your teenage-self.
Write a letter to your future-self.
Write a love letter to your least favorite part of your body.
Write a short letter to yourself about why getting help is a strength, not a weakness.
Make a list of inspiring quotes that provide you with encouragement. [start here]
What are your morals? What is important to you ethically? Think about things that are unbending parts of your value system that you refuse to compromise and then explain why.
Write a letter to your mental illness and let it know why it doesn’t define you.
Fill in the blanks: I have the most incredible __________. When I walk into a room people feel __________. It’s very easy for me to __________ because I’m so __________. I will continue to kick ass at __________ because I can’t stop being __________.

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