My uncle put his feet on the sand and spoke to the back of our listening craniums, telling us that these fish are what the Japanese call Fugu and pay upwards of $100 to eat at restaurants.
Cleaning one’s mask tends to emphasize how far from shore you are, even if the water is fairly shallow, and of course, you’re then blind to what’s beneath you-and one’s imagination starts churning.
After a long and terrible moment, the fish felt his point had been made, and the two fish turned tail and disappeared in seconds.
When Michael’s eensy weensy sister Diana, a vision in pink, wearing the tiniest pair of Mary Janes I have ever seen, purposefully strode up to the microphone.
Her son giving the gift of companionship to people somewhat closed off from the world, the same gift that Karin had given herself years ago, wove into one of the many themes of the bar mitzvah, the continuity of family.
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I know you might think this is leading up to some big good conclusion or something, but no, it’s not, it’s a really crappy story: It turns out I left my pager on the desk and left it set to vibrating mode.
I’ve let more things go than I usually would, and I’ve tried to concentrate on the things that will make me a happier and bettee person, rather than dwelling on the things that upset me.
From now until christmas don’t expect a ton of entries, because I’m actually going to spend the next 2 days watching the first two lord of the rings movies over and over, and then from wednesday until christmas I am watching all 3 movies in a row, every day.
Not to be too overly heartfelt here, but I think we’re all very happy that a very evil man who has been bringing pain and worry to a lot of us for many months now was finally brought to justice and we no longer have to worry about him perpetrating any more bad deeds.
I would just like to take this moment of global happiness to relay a joke that I heard about him a while ago, it was actually told to me by an actual american military guy, and I think while it’s a joke, it also does sort of make you think, it has a message.
I was only going to send that whole thing about the lord of the rings to my notify list but I realized I haven’t had the signup box for it on my page for a while, so I just added it, sign up for it if you’re not on it already!
I’m not just a normal lord of the rings addict though, I’m actually taking a page from the many wok-related-pun-bearing-aprons of Stephan Yan from the 80s hit cooking show Wok With Yan, and every day I’ll be wearing a different T-shirt with a pun about Orcs on it.
I’m glad they caught him and all, but I had actually planned to go to Iraq as an independent bounty hunter and try and nail him for the reward.
Chris has never carved pumpkins before, he doesnt know that you have to scrape out all the guts, but I knew that and me knowing Chris so well I knew that he would not have ANY patience at all with that and he would whine and complain a minute into the project, which he did, which I predicted he would, because I know him, you know?
we don’t have any real common areas in this office, so only about six people who got their food ate it away from their desks and/or in the presence of others.
I get the instrumental music tracks we use for the show stuck in my head, and right now I’m stuck on Dramatic Act-Out With Music Sting.
And as much as you want me to not make a waste of the little time I’m alive, I want to waste it, because I’ve learned to look at the beauty of life and all it’s disaster – unlike you.
Brother, stop treating me like your little sister, because you’re only a sample of how little brothers are ignorant of the environment around them.
The description of the location I’d end up was particularly funny at the time, considering he just pointed in some random direction and that the intersection in question was quite a remarkable distance away.
I’m turning into the guy in the movie that wakes up, eats breakfast, goes to work for 8 hours at the big corporation, comes home, and sleeps – only to wake up to the same thing he did the day before 8 hours later.
I’ve been doing a little weekend work on a side project nothing enormous; just something for a really nice person and I have to say, it’s been keeping me tense.
I’m sitting here at my desk waiting to watch acts one and two of my next episode with my boss, because They Need Help and I’m not sure if we can get this bitch into shape before we send it out to our lovely boss tomorrow.
Critiquing everything you do, but never mentioning that they themselves are the very reason why they are attempting to save you from the same failure that they have experienced.
But for various reasons we’re a little hamstrung with the footage, and it’s frustrating enough that there’s this little cloud of dread hanging over me most of the time.
And outside of the initial unpleasantness during which I told them that I was hurt and angry, and pointed out that theyd both unacceptably treated me with disrespect, it was a good conversation.
Honey and pepper-crusted pork tenderloin with apple, cranberry and walnut stuffing, garlic and rosemary mashed potatoes, maple butternut squash and sugar snap peas for dinner, and molten chocolate cakes with fresh whipped cream for dessert.
Not only the thoughts that u guys can think of, but also for what pts that I need to redo it times by times after I have familiar with the procedures of cleaning, the use of equipments & products?
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It doesnt take a brain surgeon to figure it out but now that I know that they my company is truly on a witch hunt, it goes back to its best for me to be as anonymous as possible.
Im freaked out because December is going to be worse and we are going to some parties in December and if I cant hold the weekends off in November theres no chance in hell Ill hold them off in December.
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Mare wants to and I told him to go ahead… but I’m not going to stay in the room- and I’m sure as hell not going to answer the phone if it rings after he’s watched it.
I made him stand outside the bathroom before we went to bed… and I debated on putting both the tv’s in the hallway OUTSIDE the apartment before I went to bed.
When they ring the call bell two seconds after I was just in there and they want me to do something stupid like…. fix the blanket on their lap, I will ask them why they waited til I left the room.
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Im angry not just because they wont give me a place to stay, or help with school, I realize a lot of people dont get that kind of help, especially at my age, but also because they just plain dont care about their children.
They´ve made it clear that they do not want anything to do with my life at this point, nor do they care about it.
Its not just the financial support they dont want anything to do with either; its every aspect of my life they could give a shit about.
After my son Cary made his famous awesome chili for Saturday night’s dinner, we have talked him into making it for every campout since.
My brother Mike designed a state-of-the-art marshmallow roasting fork with a golf club handle, and that sparked the marshmallow toasting competition.
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something very much like that, only far more grotesque and savage, lay in wait for us beneath the rug, and defying physics and reason, the horrid maw continued to open ever wider, drawing everything in towards the centre of the rug.
I made my way to the front of the estate and onto the street, where I saw a number of unhappy looking people, many malformed and disfigured, tending to market stalls, peddling sick and twisted looking vegetables that one would not ordinarily feed to pigs.
Unexpectedly, the bed shot up to the ceiling; not in the sense that it ever left the ground, oh no; it remained a solid block, yet it grew, like a rising skyscraper, until it was firmly pressed up against the ceiling.
Once again we ran, back out into the hallway which seemed to be effected by the pull o the strange, unearthly trap; the walls and floor all buckled towards it, making escape desperate and difficult.
The mansion is immaculately clean and beautifully furnished throughout with period pieces; its an antique dealers dream or nightmare, depending on how you look at it.
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The other good thing about that car is that we once found a jar of pimento-stuffed olives lodged inside the wheel well, like stuck inside the body of the car… turned out the trunk had a hole where errant groceries could slip through and end up in this no-man’s land of rust and metal… the best part is that we swear they were the previous owner’s olives, and I could not remember having purchased pimento-stuffed olives in years.
She sometimes feels insecure about herself or uneasy about a situation which I feel bad about, even if she has no reason to.
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For the record, she kind of made me feel bad about how little help she gets and that’s why I’m her SA, for the record, a second time in this madness.
Carol, Laura, and I busted up into the Penny Arcade, only to get kicked out 2 seconds later, and the sad thing is that Laura is 20 and she looks the youngestablished But we were in there long enough to conferm that is definatley a gambeling place, and we were in there long enough to smell like smoke and old geezes.
Of course afterwards, and much to each others delight, talked about how much we wanted to even just give each other a kiss, yet were glad we didnt reduce our initial meeting to something of that realm.
She took a 3-hour catnap at my house before getting back on her van headed back South, and we gave each other a long hug before parting ways.
She was an amazing writer a true poet connected to her emotions, the human element, and gifted with an ability to articulate both beautifully and effectively.
And while the profound sadness of me not ever seeing her again, even at her funeral, couldnt possibly even approach what her family and in-person loved ones are going through, I can tell you it is very real and it is a hurt that I will carry with me for a long, long time and possibly forever.
Her mother confirmed the same, and in mid-tears on her long-distance call to Australia this morning, thanked me deeply for bringing her so much joy.
She said I was such a positive inspiration and that in these past few weeks of knowing me, she was the happiest she could ever remember being.
We since spoke on the phone nearly every day, and she was all set to come stay with me in New York from December 26 January 2 of this year.
Its a chasmic, abysmal failure of karma and Im god-damned pissed off that a beautiful and incredible person such as she wont have so much as an open casket funeral.
For this upcoming New Years, I cancelled my plans to go to the Caribbean on account of her visit, which we both very much looked forward to.
I received sudden and horrible news this morning from the mother of somebody who became very close and dear to me in recent weeks.
That there would be a memorial service for her at 10 AM on Friday, Eastern Standard Time, and that no matter where I was in the world that shed appreciate it if I joined them in spirit because she knows Michelle would want that.
We were very polite and proper with each other while she visited, and did not extend behavior beyond platonic friendship during our first meeting.
you are damn right I had a pretty serious crush on her that I didnt vocalize much because frankly I didnt want to jinx it.
Im going to finish school because she never got a chance to, yet I know she wanted to solely to be a literary or writing teacher and live her life spreading the gift of being an amazing writer.
I only spent six hours of my life with her in person, yet her mother had already seen my pictures and knew how close wed become.
For those who dispute there is an afterlife, or the power of divinity, I submit to you that I have a real angel now named Michelle who nobody or nothing can ever take away from me.
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I had this same problem big-time when I was about six or seven years old-my mom used to yell at me because I was always whispering or mouthing words to myself.
I don’t think Paul noticed that I really had not practiced much, but even if he had, I had already decided that I wasnot going to beat myself up over it.
The feeling of driving down Lake Shore Drive on a late late summernight and leaning out the window, face up, to see the horizontal stars slide by.
I ordered another $400 worth of stuff for the volvo, i only need to know what sort of steering gear it has and i can order the last $200-400 worth of stuff to have the suspention finished.
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We were supposed to find out by today if we’re in or not and Jon, one of the guys in my ad group, who is also applying for this class, said he suspected we would find out on Friday.
Especially if you take into consideration the fact that it was the middle of the night in Spain when he wrote back.
the crushing has already begun and looky here, I will be in the real world in only three short months, where I will likely be beaten to a pulp by the harsh reality of life.
My biggest crush since like 4th grade, I really really like him still only I think I’d rather be friends with him, we work better that way, one of these days I’m gonna have to have a real talk with him and tell him how I did kinda have a crush on him and how I felt, and then explain that all I really wanna do is become really good friends, and then make a joke about he can hook me up with one of his friends.
that day during science they had to be partners, and honest they were not getting along, and attracting a great amount of attention to themselve, it was seriously getting creepy.
I don’t think I finished writing about my favorite guys yet, bet thats OK cause right now I can’t really think of many more that I have my mind on, anyways I said I would tell ya about the thing with Ed and Brian.
So Delia was like kick him kick him, so Jasna went for it, only to hius his netherland region, while aiming for the stomach, he was still screaming in pain like and we could hear him 2 blloacks down, only the next day, after i stupidly blabbed my mouth about the whole thinng to a few people, I found out she didn’t really make connectioni with him, he was just playing it, so immature for a 13 year old.
he was very nice about answering my questions, though he came off as very distinctly anti-imperialism, anti-capitalism, anti-American, EXTREMELY-anti-Bush.
My kitty is so cute, she is awsome, I love her to death, she has been with me for like 9 years now, and I know people say that cats don’t love or whatever but I feel that she loves me, like the baby she couldn’t have, she is protective of me, and is so nice, I love mt cat, lot’s.
He had absolutely no basis for saying that, but once he did, I got all freaked out that he would hear his acceptance on Friday and here I would be all weekend not knowing about my own.
Box came in and was like whats going on, they of coarse pretended nothing happpened, keep in mind I was about 5 feet away from them, noit even that far, all I know though is that Brian was pissed, really pissed.
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After downing a 1/4 of a bottle of Pepto-Bismol, Ben and I left for LA, Jimbo had gone to Concord to get his shit and meet us in LA, and we were meeting Brooke & Kyle at Ben’s dad’s before the wedding so we could all drive over with Peter.
Ben made us all breakfast and I saw that there was milk in the fridge, and not having had a nice cold glass of milk in quite some time I decided to partake.
I did get in trouble and had to be escorted back into the hotel by Chris because I was talking on my phone by the beach too loudly to Brad about these mysterious guys from Winnisquam who worked at the Margate and tried to sneak into the reception and get beer and claimed to know both him and Conner and hotel guestablished heard me and complained…
I insisted the other night that Aly and I should park out in the front so we can walk by at closing time and see if the cockpotato boyfriend is still in the picture, as he tends to loiter about.
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sitting atop my ladder, and I stand up to full military attention, click my heels, and then throw the most overexaggerated salute you could even imagine.
He was kind of a rebel with very little parental supervision, and I was drawn to him and his dads wine cellar and vintage baby blue Mercedes convertible like Nancy was to Sids heroine and bass-playing, if you will.
The Sex Pistols solidified my infatuation with the whole punk scene, complete with safety pins in the ears, mismatched shoes, torn clothes, cigarettes and hard liquor.
Then there was Abbey Road, which was the yang to the yin of the other three, the light to their dark, in a way; and also the first compact disc I ever bought.
I found these three during my sophomore year of college just when I was getting into Jack Kerouac, poetry, and coffee shops, and planning my first trip to Europe.
When you have only yourself to look after you, not a lot of money, and lots of people trying to get something from you, and you dont speak the language in more ways than one you tend to wise up fast.
I was the most feared member of the National Honor Society, and I have a vague recollection of there being a fan club in my honor among fellow members of the Math Club.
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just about everyone but it was mostly because these east coast people had time zone differences and such they were allegedly dealing with.
I think of these things, I think of how much love I have in my life, of how many true, wonderful friends surround me…
We go to look at the speakers and he’s confused because he thought he was buying the nice speakers that I already nabbed for myself.
I’m getting two speakers for myself and selling two other speakers that aren’t really speakers, just the giant sturdy speakers without anything inside them.
With my freshly shorn misshapen head and my poor sense of style, they must have thought Sparky the Human Lobotomy had just robbed an ice cream truck and ran into the pizza place to celebrate.
there’s two OTHER speakers there that had all the insides gutted out and they were basically speaker boxes that a guy has wanted to buy for several days now.
So I get up after I’m finished, get in the van and drive back to the club because it’s now noon and I can meet the guy who’s going to buy the messed-up speakers.
The brief glimpse of his bulge not only told Angie that Danny was not completely joking, but also sent bolts of pleasure from her crotch throughout her body.
Just something about you, maybe your reflections about nature or your appreciation to the people in you life, I don’t know, but I just want to keep reading.
When you are in a slump; either academic, athletic, or romantic, the sure fire cure is to go to the bar and find the nastiestablished fattestablished most wretched woman you can, take her home, and do the deed.
Another interesting thing this weekend: I gained a stalker- a kid, named Cory from Kansas State- he and I were in all 4 POI rounds together, so we saw each others pieces 4 times.
The object is to throw a ping pong ball into the opponents cup and then they drink from that cup…. multilple cups are used when all the cups are finished on one side…… they are declared the loser and have to drink the winners beer too….. works well with girls who don’t drink too much.
Nevertheless, it’s been well over a month since I even picked up my sketchbook with intentions to draw, so perhaps this new revelation will rekindle those flames that lay dormant.
A few people left, and then Riss, Heather and I played frisbee in the growing darkness with my Aerobee, which at the best of times can be difficult to see if it’s coming straight at you.
We need to stop wasting out time worrying and agonizing over all the little pebbles on the path of life and start dancing and frolicking in the fields of flowers that surround us.
The purpose is to reveal the dark, secret, twisted underbelly of femininity…. and also, so that my defense attorney can show in court that I am innocent of destroying the minds of children with my diary… that the foulestablished filthiestablished most disturbing and degrading things in my diary are not even written by me, but rather by sweet young women.
In my opinion, she’d be a nice catch… but, up in Washington, where 75% of the population are redneck fishermen and deer hunters, I guess most guys are more interested in catching rainbow trout than eligible young ladies.
And any guys reading this should do a favor to humanity by trying to recruit any eligible females that they might know also…..
Most women prefer to keep it as a private part of their life, but I will proudly show off my overly tight and muscular right arm compared to the left as a token of my courage to proclaim that…..
Whether it happens when I first wake up in the morning, before I go to bed at night, when I’m bored, when I’m online or when my homework doesn’t provide me with enough entertainment..
We don’t place our toys out in order of color or size on our beds and strip completely naked in front of the mirror admiring our own bodies only to then sprawl out on the bed, every hair in perfect place, make-up completely done and yes, high heels still remaining on our feet.
The thing is, most girls who say they are willing to write a Women’s Lib entry turn out to be flakes…. and they never do write an entry.
It is only the learned and the wise that let go of their shriveled cocoons and take to the air at every opportunity.
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I was in the room with him and I didn’t try to stop him and when people called her a slut I didn’t agree but I didn’t stop it either.
So just an hour or so ago I suggested to my new roomie that we should hit the online phone directories and start calling random people in Oakland California, to ask them how it feels to be losers.
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The living room in his apartment had screens on three sides, and he had noticed that something was chewing holes in the screening.
The Mothership got over her nervous breakdown in the first week of a house without daughters, and is having a great deal of fun playing music loudly in the afternoons and cooking the kind of interesting cuisine that we would have sent off for Health & Safety evaluation if she’d tried to feed it to us four years ago.
Dad is whistling happily in the greenhouse and ploughing on with a succession of projects that I secretly think are designed to steal DIY Guy’s crown from him.
He told me that due to a complex situation involving backroom politics, woe, and intrigue, he and his partner Chris Pati had been robbed of the lease to the studio facility by a couple of locals.
Eventually he made it to the compound, only to find that Becker wasnt there that day; he apparently lives at another location on the island.
I’m sitting in my apartment, settled into my usual perch in the recliner, next to the balcony doors that have frosted over with the recent dumping of snow.
I come home and clean the apartment and cook dinner and pay the bills and contemplate my future, and I realise that maybe I’m doing a pretty good job at being a grown up after all.
John told me an interesting thing, which was that he had visited Walter Beckers studio on Maui.
I find myself pausing sometimes and pinching myself, finding it hard to believe that this life I’m living is actually mine.
I know where to find the scissors and the string, and I know what’s in the fridge when I’m contemplating dinner.
I can accept that I actually live in this cute apartment with my hilarious friend, and we have competent housecleaning skills and occasionally surprisingly decent cooking ability.
I am happy living in Manchester again, dating the very lovely boy next door, and wondering exactly which corner shop I’m going to end up working in when I graduate in eight months with letters of the alphabet after my name.
He was also distressed that there was, surprisingly, no Chinese food available in Lahaina, and of course no pizza.
He did mention that the studio, while catering only to the most exclusive clients, would be willing to allow John to record there, should he feel like paying the requisite $700 a day!
he Sisters are settled at their respective houses at uni- still seeing each other, but spending enough time apart to realise for the first time that it might be fun to have the Twin Thing.
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Because I have a genuinely crazy person hunting me down via London streets and email and had just read my daily quota of crazy-people-shit, I might overreact to the comment Lisa left.
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What happens if you are in a relationship with someone who is the absolute best in bed, however, you have come to realize that you dont like them anymore?
I’m going to be successful because I’m not starting a family until after I’m done school and after I’m married and I know that me and my husband are stable.
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The girl that lived upstairs said that she saw him messing with my door when she got home and heard me ask what he was doing in my house, and then him having his ass kicked a few minutes later.
The cops told me that theyd really appreciate it if I would press charges because he would have a mandatory 15 year sentence for violating the terms of the work release program.
I should have been scared, knowing now that the guy had previous convictions for armed robbery and so on, but at the time all I felt was blinding rage.
He gagged, stumbled backward, fell over the arm of the couch, hit the coffee table, dropped whatever was in his hand, and found himself unable to breathe due to the fact that I was standing there with most of my weight on the foot that was placed on his chestablished and the remainder pressing a 1dowel into the base of his throat.
I stared at him, still shaking, wondering how someone so incredibly stupid could possibly breathe without assistance, and said, Where do I sign?
I definitely didnt think he was casing my place so hed know when I was gone.