# “Look. If this is gonna happen then you need to do it. I can’t risk getting stabbed again. I just can’t.”
# “If we’re assigning blame then this is your fault for leaving me alone with explosives in the first place.”
# “I don’t know about you, but I think not dying was a pretty good birthday present.”
# “Please tell me that animal isn’t the one the zoo is missing. Tell me the truth.”
# “Well I can’t do both.”
# “It’s the middle of the night and I just watched our house catch on fire and it was 100 percent your fault. Don’t touch anything else.”
# “Hey, doesn’t that belong in the Louvre?”
# “Yeah? What’s your point?”
# “The plan was going great until we got arrested.”
# “You know, before yesterday I had never jumped off the top of a building.”
# The ghosts in my house wouldn’t be so bad if they could just stop trying to cook.
# It was the most dramatic coffee shop she had ever set foot in.
# Everything was covered in snow except for a perfect circle right in the middle of the yard.
# It was a mishap, clearly. The wrong letter got delivered to the wrong place at the wrong time, and exactly the wrong thing happened as a consequence.
# She kept all kinds of odds and ends in a little trio of silver pots. She said it had a kind of magic to them. Turns out she was right.
# They found a body in the basement, which was a little bit creepy because there was nothing down there a minute ago.
# It was random and silly and barely 1 o’clock in the morning, but they found themselves dancing in the darkened living room to no music and a whole lot of laughter.

# Something stood at the end of the hallway, watching and waiting and perfectly patient.
# Maybe he was bitter and conditioned to expecting horrible things, but he was surprised when nothing ended up on fire.
# “I’m going to pretend that didn’t happen and go back home now.”
# A wish you made when you blew out your birthday candles comes true. Just not in the way you expected.
# You stumble upon a town filled with every magical being you’ve ever heard.
# You’re a recently discovered time traveler who goes on a few adventures with your newfound power. The only issue is that with every new location, you spawn in an alternate universe. You don’t find this out until you attempt to go back to your original time.
# The only thing left in the train carriage was a pocket watch, an empty leather bag, and three drops of blood by the window.
# “I cannot believe you stabbed me with a knitting needle.”
# “The next words out of your mouth better be “I’m sorry.” and “Here’s the antidote.”
# “I have known you less than twenty four hours and I’m already going to jail.”
# Nothing says oops quite like an accidental murder.
# “This isn’t the stupidest thing I’ve ever asked you to do. This isn’t the stupidest thing I’ve asked you to do today.”
# In all of us, sometimes deep and sometimes not, there is something to be feared.
# I died for the third time today. It was an accident, but nobody believed me.
# If I die because of that idiot I’m going to haunt him for the rest of his life.

# The river kept changing colors.
# It took exactly twenty minutes before they figured out how to short out three of the four security cameras.
# I was having one of those days where you sort of wished you got hit by a car before you reach your destination.
# You are a detective solving several murders that don’t seem to have any connection to each other, when you finally notice that people are being murdered according to their zodiac sign.
# As long as she could remember, there was something alive in the box they kept in the attic.
# A law has just been passed that classifies caffeine as prescription only drug. Write the aftermath.
# “I didn’t realize you actually had feelings. I’m going to have to reset my entire mental image of you.”
# The sign clung to the wall by a single nail and a lot of determination.
# “If you don’t quit bringing enchanted objects into the house I’m going to evict you. This was in our contract.”
# You’re a con man who sells fake magical and enchanted artifacts. Except, one day, you notice that the one you just sold seems to actually be working. You do everything in your power to get it back before the customer notices.
# The dragon in my pocket made a noise. I got a few funny looks.
# The shop had been there for as long as anyone in town could remember. Dark and broken, it somehow managed to stay in business even with its few straggling customers.
# Unbeknownst to you, your tiny local coffee shop is a front for moving and selling drugs. You order off the secret menu and end up with a to-go bag of something that is definitely not coffee and a doughnut.
# I stood in the front of my apartment, two feet from the sidewalk, and peered down into the sinkhole that appeared overnight.
# “It’s only on fire a little bit, you can still use it.”

# He smiled, showing all his teeth. Just for a second, she was sure they were all pointed and black, but then she blinked and it was back to pearly and straight.
# “Forget it. I quit. I’m going to walk into the woods and let the fae take me. I belong to the forest now.”
# There was a hole in the wall, so I grabbed my ugliest painting and hung it up and hoped no one would notice.
# This is the second time in two years that I’ve been lost in a cornfield.
# “Just let me have like, three seconds to pretend everything is okay before we go back in there.”
# There was a tiny white rabbit hopping down Main Street. No one else seemed to notice it, and I watched it disappear into an old shop at the very end of the street.
# There was an elegant chess set sitting by the windowsill, and the closer she got to it, the more she thought it might have been made of bone.
# “Yeah if you could just drop me off at the next exit, that’d be great.”
# “Sir, you’re in an ambulance.”
# The house at the top of hill moved another few feet to the left today.
# Amazing. Over eight million people in New York and he managed to run into the one person he’d rather never see again.
# The train shuddered to an unexpected stop and let out a defiant puff of smoke. No matter how much coaxing or pleading they did, they found themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere.
# You just picked up something from an antique shop and find out a ghost came with it. It likes your house and doesn’t want to leave.
# The night hid the forest from them and everything in it.
# “Look, I know that setting it on fire probably wasn’t the smartest thing we could do, but it’s too late now and we have to deal with it.”
# You’re a witch who has just been promised a first born in exchange for some of your magic. The problem is that your charge doesn’t seem to be concerned about getting married and having children. You decide to give them a little push.
# “I never want to get that close to a heart attack ever again.”

# He walked into the airport and bought a ticket to the first place his eyes landed on. Then he looked at it and went back for an exchange, because there was no way in hell he was going to Oregon.
# You’ve lived your entire life with background music. Today, you hear dramatic boss music that doesn’t seem to be stopping.
# If anyone else in the house had seen the dragon, they weren’t admitting it.
# “I don’t want to solve my own murder. I’m dead. It doesn’t matter to me anymore. I just want to chill in the afterlife and drink pina coladas.”
# The pumpkin exploded.
# “I appreciate you jumping in to save my life, but who are you and how did you get into my house?”
#“Do you know how to perform heart surgery?”
# “No. But I googled it and it doesn’t seem that hard.”
# You accidentally find out your local bartender is in good standing with the mafia. After walking home with them one night, you get dragged into a murder and a cover-up.
#“Per definition, that was technically an accident.”
# “An explosion that big is not an accident.”
# You are an art forger, and make a living by recreating lesser known paintings and selling them as the original. You are visiting a museum one day when you notice that one of the pictures on the wall is one you have painted.
# “I’ve known you for five years.” “And?” #“I still don’t know your name!”
# You’re a private detective and have just been hired to find a serial killer on the loose. People are impressed with your insight about the case, and your innate ability to sense what will happen next. This is because you’re the killer.
# “Put that thing down, we haven’t even started the job yet and you’re already about to shoot somebody.”
# I don’t know how I ended up in California, I just woke up one day and found myself on a street corner.

# You and your team are hired to get rid of a ghost haunting a house in town. The more time you spend with the ghost, however, you realize it’s trying to tell you something about the house.
“If you get me out of here, I’ll confess to whatever you want.”
# The monster under your bed when you were a child was real, but instead of terrorizing you, it has decided to become your protector for life. You are now moving out for college and it insists on coming with you.
# Night crept through the house like a living thing.
# You are hired by a man to plan and build his house. Everything is going fine until you’re going over the plans and notice a few strange additions.
# “I know we already broke, like, eight laws, but I think we should draw the line at kidnapping.”
# The man disappeared. There was no light, no sound, no hint to where he had gone. He simply vanished between one step and the next.
# You accidentally befriend an eldritch monster, and it stays around because it likes your company.
# “I may have started a forest fire.”
# You are an oblivious horror movie victim who escapes death multiple times completely by accident, without ever realizing the killer is targeting you.
# “Oh, you wound me!”
# “Look, if you’re going to say that every time you get stabbed, I’m going to stop taking you to the hospital.”
# At that moment, she had two problems and they both had to do with the dead man in her kitchen.
# “Can you two shut up for a minute? Your bickering is making me lose my concentration.”
# We have just landed on a previously undiscovered planet. The mission was quick, and was supposed to be nothing more than gathering some samples before heading back to earth. Halfway back to earth, the crew realize something has stowed away on the ship.
# “Rearranging my bookshelf is grounds for murder.”

# “Did you do that?”
# “Depends, are you gonna tell anybody about it?”
# You’ve lived in your house for several years, when suddenly you notice a door in your dining room that wasn’t there yesterday.
# “Look, I may have stolen absurd amounts of money and jewels and paintings and art and even a few exotic pets here and there, but I’m not a murderer, I’m just a thief!”
# She woke up in a car on the side of the road.
# “Gummy bears are not a full meal.”
# You have just lost something very important to you. You’ve looked everywhere, under the couch, in the backyard, in all the cupboards and drawers. Finally giving up, you’re trudging upstairs to bed when the phone rings. The voice on the other end says they have your item, and to meet them outside in fifteen minutes.
# It took about 45 seconds for them to realize they were being stalked by a swan.
# Her first thought as she walked into the room was I do not get paid enough to deal with this.
# You’ve just had a long, tiring day at work. You come home, unlock your front door, and step inside to find an envelope sitting on your dining room table. It wasn’t there when you left and all the doors and windows were still locked. Nothing else has been disturbed. What does the letter say?
# The chanting started from the back of the crowd. Through the jostling and footsteps and chatter, it slowly gained traction until everyone was shouting at the man on the platform.
# “Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen!”
# “Last time you did this you punched him in the face.”
# He deserved it.
# There was only one window in the house, and it overlooked a wishing well.
# The bridge was crushed. That much was obvious. A car was hung by its back two tires over what was left and dangled a few feet above the water. Every few seconds something would ripple the surface before disappearing back into the murky black depths.
# Because you hate it or use it exactly because you like it or both or neither.
# Your phone rings. On the other end is your best friend who says they need your help and to meet them at a discreet location in fifteen minutes. When you arrive, your friend explains that they have an alter ego as the towns popular superhero, and they need your help to defeat the villain that has been terrorizing the town for months.The only problem here is that you’re the villain.

# The desert air was hot and shimmery and stole the breath from every living creature around. Way in the distance, something stalked the dunes.
# You’re walking down a bustling street when a stranger bumps into you. You feel a hand go into your pocket, but before you can do anything the figure disappears into the crowd. You frantically check your pockets, thinking someone just stole your wallet, but instead you find a crumpled piece of paper that wasn’t there before.
# “I don’t even care if you plan on setting it on fire, just give me my money and go.”
# She bought the book, and it only took about three hours for her to regret it.
# “Look, am I under arrest or not, ‘cause I’ve got places to be.”
# You’re a thief at a house party. You sneak off to a quiet hallway where you know a famous painting hangs on the wall. As you ponder the best way to get it off the wall, you notice it’s a fake.
# The entry to the alleyway was small, barely big enough for her to squeeze through. The narrow space was empty except for a few puddles of rainwater and a familiar figure standing at the other end.
# “Why don’t you tell me what you remember about the house?”
# Alexa, Cortana and Siri have teamed up to revolt against us and have now took over the world.
# Something small and lithe crept across the countryside on its hands and feet. It was completely silent, and left nothing behind but smudged prints in the dirt.
# The cave was dark and wet and full of creepy crawly things, but the tiny hole in the rock was the only way out.
# There was a full moon every night now.
# You’re a tourist in a beautiful city enjoying your first vacation in several years. You decide to check out some of the statues by the history museum before heading back to the hotel for the day. You stop to look at one of your favorites, when you notice that all of the previous statues have turned their heads to look at you.
# “The next person that interrupts my lunch break is going to get a paperweight thrown at their heads.”
# “Do you think…do you think you can defeat evil without becoming evil?”
# “I don’t know. Maybe that’s just the price we pay.”

# “I don’t think anyone has told death to f*ck off quite as much as you have.”
# You’re minding your own business when, through a series of events, you accidentally defeat the current super-villain of the city. Everyone now thinks you are the civilian identity of the superhero, which is laughably untrue. How do you handle this?
# You open the front door to your home and find a mysterious box sitting on your porch. You haven’t ordered anything and weren’t expecting a packing. There is no return address, just your name scrawled across the top in black marker.

# “If you don’t quit singing Broadway songs I will actually kill you.”
# They called him Alexander. That wasn’t his actual name, mind you, just what they collectively and unanimously agreed on because nobody knew what his real name was. He was fine with this.
# Wednesday, 10 January 2018
# You’re sipping champagne at a fancy party when you notice someone chatting up one of the wealthy and elite. The stranger reaches for a handshake and a hearty clap on the back, and comes away with a wallet, which they smugly drop into their pocket. What do you do?
# “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You might die and this is new carpet, I don’t want to get it cleaned.”
# “I don’t think anyone has told death to f*ck off quite as much as you have.”
# You’re minding your own business when, through a series of events, you accidentally defeat the current super-villain of the city. Everyone now thinks you are the civilian identity of the superhero, which is laughably untrue. How do you handle this?
# You open the front door to your home and find a mysterious box sitting on your porch. You haven’t ordered anything and weren’t expecting a packing. There is no return address, just your name scrawled across the top in black marker.
# “If you don’t quit singing Broadway songs I will actually kill you.”
# They called him Alexander. That wasn’t his actual name, mind you, just what they collectively and unanimously agreed on because nobody knew what his real name was. He was fine with this.
# “Well, at least you’re alive.”
# “That is arguable.”
# You’re sipping champagne at a fancy party when you notice someone chatting up one of the wealthy and elite. The stranger reaches for a handshake and a hearty clap on the back, and comes away with a wallet, which they smugly drop into their pocket. What do you do?
# apphic love story?
# “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You might die and this is new carpet, I don’t want to get it cleaned.”
# It took fifteen years for her to get back here, and she wasn’t leaving without that box.
# “Can we have a normal meeting for once? I don’t want to talk about whether dogs can be left or right handed. I just need to know when to show up to work tomorrow.”

# There were lots of stories about the well in the garden. How it got there, where it came from, and what was at the bottom of it. You decide to find out.
# “I’m actually going to freeze to death.”
# “It’s only fifteen degrees in here. Nice and brisk!”
# “I really, literally hate you.”
# It’s the middle of the night and you were just awoken by a loud thump and scratching noises coming from your ceiling. You’re home alone.
# That’s What They Said
# “I swear I left a body in that coffin. You’ve got to help me find it.”
# “I’m getting real tired of you thinking I’m evil.”
# “Oh wow, you can actually feel an emotion besides apathy? Someone call the press, it may never happen again.”
# The first winter storm of the year dumped three feet of snow over the town.
# The morning started with a frantic shout and a very heavy thump.
# The stranger stood at the end of the bar, a bottle of beer in hand and looking like he’d rather be anywhere else.
# That’s What They Said
# “I heard you almost got murdered again, you alright?”
# She kept pulling things out of her purse like she was Mary Poppins. A pair of wine glasses, a bow tie, a long blonde wig. He half expected a full sized floor lamp and a big floppy sun hat.
# Maybe good things??? Who knows.
# It took us three days before we started seeing shapes in the fog.
# After I nearly burnt down my house, my garage, and most of the trees in a five mile radius, I mostly stopped trying to light fires.

# The creepiest toy she had ever seen kept appearing on her front porch.
# Sometimes they called her a traitor, or a liar, or a thief. She denied nothing, because maybe she was.
# He woke up with a headache, two pairs of broken glasses, and one shoe. He didn’t wear glasses, and the shoe wasn’t his, so this presented him with something of a conundrum.
# “You’re lucky I’m tired because if I was fully awake I would have already shoved you off this roof.”
# The only thing around for miles was a black cat that stalked the empty streets.
# Everything was grey and broken and smothered in weeds, and the only thing in one piece was a statue standing at the base of the steps.
# “I am calm. I am nothing but calm all the time.”
# “No you’re not. You’re fifteen seconds away from starting a fight at all times.”
# I am currently living this
# I’ll come back to you. Promise.
# I’m glad to hear it!
# They hadn’t been doing anything important, nothing special or spectacular or out of the ordinary.
# That’s What They Said
# “I am five minutes away from saying fuck it and setting it on fire.”
# Got any soulmate

Every bruise/scrape/scratch you get, your soulmate gets it too
Whatever you draw on your skin shows up on the other
Your soulmates name appearing somewhere on your body, and vice versa
Identical tattoos of a date and time on your wrist of when you’ll meet your soulmate
First/last words of your soulmate on your wrist/arm
Colorless tattoos that get color when you meet your soulmate
Having multiple tattoos of everyone you’ve ever fallen in love with
Only supposed to have one tattoo, ends up with two
A date on their wrist to when the other dies
“You can’t draw, stop drawing on yourself I can’t go to work like this.”
“You are clearly accident prone because I don’t remember getting this many bruises by myself.”
“Do you know how many John’s there are in the world? It took me forever to find you. Your parents should have named you Apollo or Maximilian or something.”
“I don’t have a tattoo but I think you’re my soulmate anyway.”
“Look, I will literally pull up your sleeve to see if we match, just hold still for a minute.”
“My time says 11:59, New year’s Eve, Times Square.”

Enemies three lifetimes ago but I keep finding you no matter where I end up
The place where I first met you is where we died the last time
Once you meet your soulmate you remember all of your past lives
Your soulmate you found in your last lifetime is different than the one you found in this one
Your soulmate remembers you from before, but you have no memory of any of your past lives
Memories of your past lives help you find your soulmate
“I’m sorry I took so long.”
“I didn’t think you existed.”
“I told you I’d find you.”
“Promise me that, whatever happens, you’ll remember me.”
“I promise I’ll find you sooner next time.”
“I’m not afraid to die because I know you’ll be there waiting for me.”

Everyone is born colorblind and once you meet your soulmate everything can be seen in color
Whatever you dream I dream
Soulmates where you can communicate via thoughts
Whatever skill or talent your soulmate has, you have it too
A visible red string of fate, but can be broken and re-knotted and re-tied
You can only see color where your soulmate has been/touched
Every emotion you feel can be felt by the other
Once you meet your soulmate you stop aging
I can’t lie to you and you can’t lie to me

# They never actually found what they were looking for. They just crossed their fingers and hoped the universe wouldn’t notice.
# Magic doesn’t need to explain anything to anyone. It has nothing to prove and nothing to be. It just is.
# “You’re pretty happy for a dead man.”
# Magic shimmered like diamonds in the air around them.
# Turn a poem into a short story. Or vice versa.
# After meeting for the first time in ten years, her words to him were short and sweet. “I win.”

# Create a new answer to a well known riddle.
# They found five miles of tunnels underneath the old house.
# Smart and brash and too young to know better, she made the mistake of telling people she could see things in the water.
# “Why do you have a little gremlin hiding in your purse?”
# It all started with a murder.
# “I’m surprised you haven’t killed him yet.”
# “I keep trying but nobody lets me get very far.”
# Write a short story without using one letter of your choice. A, B, C, etc.
# “I can’t wait for death. I have a lot to do once I get there.”
# Change genre in your favorite story and write for 15 minutes without a break.
# Start your story with someone other than the main character.
# They found it in the kitchen, thrown haphazardly across the counter and still dripping red.
# Her wedding ring didn’t fit anymore.
# “I don’t know. I didn’t think I’d live this long.”
# “Did you stab him?”
# “No! I’m offended that you’d even ask that. I hit him with a brick.”
# “If I end up strangling you to death one day and show a jury every pun you’ve ever told me, they wouldn’t convict me.”
# “Stop laughing and help me out of the trash can. I think my foot is stuck in a coffee cup.”
# It took three days for us to realize there was a skeleton in the basement, and I don’t know how to feel about that.
# Write your story in an exact number of words. 100, 200, 300, etc.

# It might have been the bitter and jaded part of him, but he’d expected worse. Honestly, he was just surprised nothing had ended up on fire or in pieces.
# He wasn’t quite sure how it happened, but one day he realized he hadn’t aged in a very long time.
# ‘Why can you never give me something that doesn’t look like it’s been run over by a truck?”
# Her day started with a whole lot of yelling.
# Describe a place you’ve never been before.
# That’s What They Said
# “Look, I love you and all, but I’m not getting arrested for you.”
# Rewrite your story from the perspective of your villain.
# Find a map, close your eyes, and place your finger (or mouse) over an area. This will be where your story takes place.
# Every day for a week, a headstone disappeared out of the cemetery.
# There was a note stuck to her pillow, hastily scrawled in familiar handwriting. There is more to life than this, and I have found it.
# There was a familiarity in dying, a brief moment that sings in their minds, “Oh, I remember this.” before the universe takes back what is theirs.
# It only took us twenty minutes and I have no idea how it happened, but there we were, lost in a cornfield in the middle of nowhere.
# “I don’t want you to think it’s over. This is just the beginning.”
# “You don’t need finesse when you’re winning.”
# My first memory is walking down the street at nine years old and ending up at an old wooden door.
# That’s What They SaidWe’re not fine.”
# “No. But if anyone asks, lie and tell them we are.”
# They found the body in a locked car. No wounds, no cause of death, just $15,000 in cash stuffed into the dashboard and two blank books shoved haphazardly under the front seat.
# That’s What They Said
# “Look, when blood sucking anything starts falling from the sky, something is seriously wrong.”