Write about your week so far. What are some good and bad things that have happened?
What are the top components of a perfect day for you?
List the ways you’ve changed for the better.
Write down 3 major changes you need to make in your life right now.
Write down all of the people who love you for who you truly are.
List all of the qualities you like most in yourself.
Write down everything you would try if you weren’t so afraid.
What are the best things your parents taught you about living life?
What do you feel most anxious about right now?
What would you like to be remembered for?
What are some major things you’ve overcome in life?
Think about what triggers your anxiety. Write it down and come up with ways to overcome the trigger.
What do you want to accomplish within the next year? What’s holding you back from accomplishing it? How will you succeed?
What was the most challenging part of today? How did you get through it?
Write down 10 things you’re grateful for right now
What are some things you are really good at?
Think about the happiest moments in your life. What happened and why were they so great?
Was there a time as a child where you felt scared or hurt? Write down that moment. Then, write down what your adult self would say to comfort your younger self.
Write down 5 kind things to say to yourself every day
Who are the closest people to you? Write down who they are and why they are so important.