A child’s imaginary friend needs to convince the child he’s real so he doesn’t disappear. (Harriet Coombe, Australia)
Choking on ash, I watched helplessly as the great tree Yggdrasil burned. (Brydon Gardner, Australia)
A woman starts a job in a psychiatric unit and is transported into the clients’ hallucinations. Can she get back? (Jenni Mazaraki, Australia)
In a world where magic is gained through one’s interactions with others, how does your antagonist acquire power? (Courtenay Connor, Canada)
They ran through the countryside, spreading out in all directions. We watched in horror as the battle was lost. (Michael Falcone, Canada)
Technology-less, humans find themselves evolved with shrunk tongues and brains due to their lack of use. (Disnna Gallant, Canada)
The acrid smell of burnt wood hung in the air, making her eyes water as she stumbled along the deserted sidewalk. (Raven Anxo, United Kingdom)
Your hair, features and skin are gradually disappearing. What do you see when you look in the mirror? (Lina Ashour, United Kingdom)
You are cursed every Wednesday to endure a tragedy, but on Thursday no one remembers. Convince a friend to help. (Alanna Baguley, United Kingdom)
You realise that a shop you walk past every day is only visible to you and no one else. What awaits you inside? (Amie Bailey, United Kingdom)
In a remote town in the North of England, a veil between worlds opens once a year on Halloween. (Samantha Bell, United Kingdom)
A mysterious merchant in a station sells all kinds of tickets to anywhere, fictional or not – where do you go? (Sharna Bennett, United Kingdom)
You awake in a still battlefield, under a pile of bodies, blind in one eye. You recall fighting; nothing else. (Richard Billing, United Kingdom)
You run after someone who left a strange book on the bus and they go into a house. Through the window you see… (Violet Blackstaffe, United Kingdom)
A King stands in front of his Court and commands that his own daughter be executed. What events lead to this point? (Leanne Cane, United Kingdom)
You find a handwritten manifesto for your life in your old diary. You can’t remember when it was written. (Emma Corcoran, United Kingdom)
Her jeans grew damp from the wet grass as she watched the fireworks light up the night sky. (Alice Coughlan, United Kingdom)
Cathedral walls writhed and heaved as the gargoyles were roused from a millennia of static malevolence. (Sarah Crowe, United Kingdom)
You are given a skill at birth, but all the good ones are gone. Now you’ve got to save people with card shuffling. (Lilian Darvell, United Kingdom)
My mother only had two basic rules. Don’t ever fall in love, and never summon a demon. I couldn’t honour either. (Laura Davis, United Kingdom)
I stood by the graveside. We were burying Uncle Eric. Again. (Judith Field, United Kingdom)
It was a rainy day in the Garden of Cosmic Speculation. (Jane Fuller, United Kingdom)
Death is retiring and needs to find a replacement for the job. (Cassie Gardner, United Kingdom)
An exhibit in a famous museum becomes bored with its cramped and unstimulating lifestyle. (Adelle Hay, United Kingdom)
Pizza as a religion. (Sara Howell, United Kingdom)
Every emotion a human feels becomes written on their body. One day a woman is found with empty skin. (Bethany James, United Kingdom)
The day the sharks took to the air began like any other day. (Megan James, United Kingdom)
A girl slips into a pond, resurfacing in a parallel world where good is bad. There, she makes a surprising friend. (Hilary Jaques, United Kingdom)
In the basement the marble floor was cold under her feet. She wondered why mother kept the basement door locked. (Prishant Jutlla, United Kingdom)
Imagine you are a wild animal. Describe your first interaction with a human. (Jasmine Kamante, United Kingdom)
When a dreamer dies, what happens to the dream? (Sara Kemp, United Kingdom)
You wake up, only to find that the dragons have returned and have claimed you their leader in the upcoming war. (Taryn Kimble, United Kingdom)
Bored at college you start tapping inaudibly under your seat. You find a note stuck to the bottom of it. (Jennifer Leask, United Kingdom)
A story of forbidden love set in a world where gender doesn’t exist, but other dividing factors and prejudices do. (Teresa Lee, United Kingdom)
I can’t do this anymore, there’s nothing here for me. (Penguin Random House Editor)
After living your whole life as an atheist, you die and arrive at The Pearly Gates confronted by St. Peter. (Jaclyn Lindsay, United Kingdom)
Describe being a pollen grain on a flying bee. Flowers are ahead but a plastic bag suddenly intercepts your flight. (Yasmin Mahmood, United Kingdom)
Green smoke swirled inside the only jar among the empty bottles. Its label read: Don’t open. Or do. It’s up to you. (Lawrence Makin, United Kingdom)
Write about a character who can no longer recognise faces or objects. Describe their normal journey to work. (Helen Mayall, United Kingdom)
Ned, an evacuee living in Cornwall to escape the Blitz, finds the family he never had in a wild tribe of pixies. (Emily Millward, United Kingdom)
The stars were shining brightly when the little girl climbed out of bed, and tiptoed to the window. (Aoife Munro, United Kingdom)
The Onkidonk of Erleigh Reach has left Baracu. She carries the Cron of Gal, her Javlik and the stolen Neamosst. (Clare Pascall, United Kingdom)
An albino urchin child accidentally murders the King’s religious minister. The King’s advisor takes him in. (Alexei Payne, United Kingdom)
Being chased through time and space, your only escape is to find portal after, portal wherever they might appear. (Rebecca Petrie, United Kingdom)
She took off her hat, along with her hand. (Eleanor Powell, United Kingdom)
You wake up. Everyone has disappeared apart from you and your best friend. What does the world feel like? (Bethany Punnett, United Kingdom)
You fall asleep a second after noticing your dream catcher fell and cracked on the floor. A trapped dream escapes. (Bao Quang, United Kingdom)
Write about a world in which humans have evolved to be able to communicate without spoken language. (Chloe Riddle, United Kingdom)
Write about a world where eyes are a gateway to other dimensions, and eye colour determines the dimension within. (Lara Rimmer, United Kingdom)
A young girl writes about a fantasy world and one night is transported there. She has until dawn to find a way out. (Amy Rush Da Silva, United Kingdom)
She looked back through the portal and then at the new horizon before her. The two worlds were so different. (Mikaela Silk, United Kingdom)
Sarah knew that jumping forward from this vast red rock would be her final jump; a step to her new home. (Michelle Simmons, United Kingdom)
What if when we die, we start our lives again in an alternate reality? (Michelle Sutton, United Kingdom)
An unemployed millennial chooses daring quests and giant slaying over yet another Thursday sat in the job centre. (Lisa Thom, United Kingdom)
A soldier has to rethink his strategy after a spelling error proves it wasn’t a dragoon terrorising the local villa. (Will Topp, United Kingdom)
Today your kingdom was prophesized to crumble. Everything changes, but not quite how you thought. (Chessanie Vincent, United Kingdom)
You find a musical instrument, unlike any other. Where has it come from? More importantly, how does it sound? (Katie Walsh, United Kingdom)
On the eve of your coronation you receive a gift: a severed hand clutching a scroll sealed with your enemy’s crest. (Becca Watts, United Kingdom)
By all means point your gun at me if it helps you to relax – it’s not like you’re actually going to use it. (Melanie Wiltshire, United Kingdom)
It was strange walking in through the front gate. Usually he’d be breaking in to a place like this. (James Woods, United Kingdom)
Make each person in your family into a deity of a new pantheon – and construct the full mythology around them. (Ana Zbona, United Kingdom)
The tree in your backyard kneels down and begins a conversation. (Caroline Malloy, United States)
Most men die once. But my father isn’t like most men. (Rana Reslan, United States)
Everyone is named alphabetically according to social class. Your name is Zelda (slums). You meet Aaron (royalty). (Mallory Trevino, United States)
Hidden by the shadow of an oak tree, Mark waits. His quarry comes into view just as a hand grabs him from behind. (Joseph Veseli, United States)