“The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.”

How many times, have we been given advice, and failed to adhere the advice? At the moment, when the advice was being offered, most likely, our ego was fully present, and would not allow us to hear what we needed to hear. In the end, the advice that was freely offered; became true. What were we thinking?

We were fools. Plain and simple, we were fools. We believed, that the information we possessed, was better than what we were hearing. It is exactly what this scripture states “the way of fools seems right to them.” We were not wise.

If we are wise, we listen. If we are wise, we give great consideration, to what is being bestowed upon us. If we are wise, we place our ego aside and allow ourselves the opportunity to hear someone other than our own conclusions, as we may be incorrect, in our thinking.

A fool; knows everything. A fool is always right. A fool is certain, their way is correct. A fool never listens. The definition of a fool is “a person lacking in judgment, prudence or common powers of understanding.” The verse doesn’t state that a fool is crazy, deranged or harmful. The verse merely points to someone who has allowed their ego to refuse help, when it’s apparent it’s needed.

Sometimes, we believe that when advice is given, the individual providing the advice is “meddling.” Could it be; that the individual has walked our path, and trying to prevent us from experiencing their mistakes? Is it possible, that someone tried to give them advice, as they are trying to give us, and they regret not listening? Could it be that when they are looking at us, they see themselves and trying to help us avoid their sorrow?

Experience brings wisdom, and sometimes, those who have walked the road, are merely trying to help us avoid the potential bumps in our road. A fool, because they lack judgment or common powers of understanding, cannot see that words of wisdom are being presented to them. A fool, doesn’t understand, that the words being presented, are a gift. A gift of prior experience; which, most likely, didn’t have a great ending.

Why won’t we listen? What prevents us from taking the valuable advice being presented? Is it because we are fools? Is it because we believe we know better? Is it because we believe, the one giving advice, knows nothing? What is it?

It is because some of us need to be fools in order to learn. We need to go through the experience to show us that we aren’t wise in all areas. We need to see what it means to fall off of our extremely huge ego and touch the ground. We need to feel the burn of the wound that could have been avoided if we had only listened. This is how we gain wisdom. This is how we outgrow being a fool. The falling off of our ego is our first step in gaining wisdom.

While we should listen to sound advice, quite possibly, the Creator, presents the advice, knowing it won’t be accepted by us. It is at this moment, when our ego is deflated, that the Creator says, “now my child, we can begin.”