Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge

“By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.”

Wisdom, understanding and knowledge are the key words of this scripture.

In other words, through our wisdom, understanding and knowledge, we earn our choice of action, our capacity to comprehend and experience. These are gained through our failures.

There are many ways to interpret this scripture, as “house” can be seen as a physical structure or the place that houses our soul. This writing will use the word house as the place that harbors the soul.

We have been building our house since birth. Upon entering this state of existence, if we were fortunate, we arrived in perfect condition. All of the vital organs were in place and working properly and we were welcomed with a tremendous amount of love. The moment we drew that first breath, we began our journey to building our house. We weren’t aware at that moment, that the road to our house would be a long and arduous task.

As our house matured, we noticed changes along the way, however, we were told that it was nature and very natural for our houses to change. We didn’t place much emphasis on our house when younger as the goal was to enjoy all the wonders of the world through food and drink. After all, as we looked around, all houses appeared to be the same, and all the houses were partaking of the same things.

Then it happened. We experienced a pain within our house; that frightened us. Our house was not responding in the manner as it had prior to this pain. We sought advice and were given information regarding our house.

The advice was of wisdom, knowledge and understanding regarding our house. It was explained in the following manner:
1. This is the place that harbors your soul. Take care of it.

2. Use wisdom when sharing your house with others. They may not value your house in the manner in which it should be valued.

3. Knowledge about your house is extremely important.

These three statements upon first glance; may seem unmoving. However, when re-read, these statements are simply profound. In three simple statements, all that could be said about the house is named.

Our house is the place that harbors all that is us. Our mind, thoughts and action are all connected to this house. To conquer a problem, it is our mind, at the top of the house that leads us. When we speak, it is the tongue within our house that is used. Through the knowledge gained since entry into this state of existence, it is clear, that if the instructions noted above, are given careful consideration; the house that we build will manifest beautiful treasures.

Those treasures will include the ability to use the wisdom, understanding and knowledge that has been gained. These are the beautiful treasures and if the treasures are used as they should; it would result in health, wealth and happiness, for the house and the soul.