“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”This is such an important scripture.
It creates a visual, of two blades rubbing gently against the other, as both are being sharpened to perfection.

This is what the Creator is asking of his children. He is asking; that we sharpen the spirit and hearts of those with whom we are in contact with. It is so easy to sharpen another.

We all need each other. There are those who would say otherwise, however, it’s simply not true. Let’s examine a few of the necessities that we use on a daily basis that shows proof that we are in need of each other.

There are so many people that are involved in our daily lives. We assume water will be available when we turn on our shower. There is someone who is responsible for the water. Preparing our breakfast, we reach for items that we enjoy. There is someone who handled the details of the food reaching our kitchen. As we choose our clothing, there is someone who handled the materials to make that outfit.

All of the conveniences that we use on a daily basis are made possible, by our connection with others. Its undeniable, we all need each other. If we were to ask ourselves, what we could do, on our own daily; that would avoid the help of others; it probably would take awhile to come up with an answer. We all need each other and we need to sharpen each other as we move through this life.

Why was it written that we must sharpen others as we sharpen ourselves? Why would the Creator find it necessary to remind us of this? Why is sharpening others as we sharpen ourselves so important to the Creator?

The answer may be that the Creator knows that the world he created; would be a much better place, if our focus was to sharpen others as we sharpen ourselves. It seems natural, if one is a parent, that the best is wanted for all of the children, not a select few.

We should ask ourselves, how the Creator would feel, if he saw that one of his children needed sharpening and the child that would be the most helpful in sharpening, refused to help. Quite possibly, the Creator knows; that beyond what we see on earth, where he resides, it is common. While it’s understandable, that we cannot help sharpen everyone that we are in contact with, there is something we can do to help sharpen ourselves as we help to sharpen others.

When we rise in the morning, be grateful that the bed where we slept was made by unknown hands that cared. As we drive to work or take public transportation, be grateful for the roads that allow us to drive freely, and express gratitude there is transportation, for those who need it. When we shop at a market for our food and other items, stop for a moment and give thanks, that someone made it possible for us to have what we want. Yes, we are paying for it, however, it’s available and for that we should show gratitude.

Lastly, let’s help to sharpen ourselves and others, by simply being grateful, and when the opportunity arises for us to sharpen someone else, pick up your iron without hesitation as we gain benefit from two irons working together.