I sat there with your text for an hour tonight
Trying to think of a word to describe you,
To rival your use of a language I claim to love
but clearly know nothing of.

And I concluded that indescribable is
a bad excuse for lack of vocabulary.
I don’t know if this is right;
But it hurts when I think of you, so it must be, right?
To be so unsure of where I’m going,
but to go there because I have no choice.

Just like when I told you what I was feeling,
because I felt those feelings and I at least have a voice.
But you smiled
Against all of my miscalculated odds
And you looked at me.

Your smile could’ve fuelled a thousand planes
and circled the world with hope.
Your eyes gleamed, 
A torch beam,
A laser stream,
A super-solar flare.

I looked back at you for a moment,
Found myself lost;
Forgot I was even there.
Time comes for us all eventually,
but if we’re lucky, it hands us to people like you