views no longer reflections
while you method a mirror what do you be aware
you see what you believe to be
however that isn’t the case
the arena keeps on, however i’m sorry to confess, not at your tempo
a replicate does not show the actual you
that e-book cover is now judging you
as an opportunity whilst making a decision to stay your existence on a superficial degree
the depths your thoughts can acquire
the heights your feelings can height
can not be measured
you are not a label
don’t allow a person stick you on a tin after which throw you in a bin
when they fail to discover any use for you
don’t permit those types into your coronary coronary heart
beat them with phrases and biting remarks
shine that mild of notion and feeling on people who are certainly really worth it
keep in the dark folks that gained’t art work for it
you’re specific and function a place inside the puzzle
element with the resource of aspect with individuals who love you