Such huge numbers of expectations
Have kicked the bucket appropriate here
Such huge numbers of smashed lives
I see their souls
Around me now
I hear the dangerous falsehoods
Here great was shot
It couldn”t last
On the tear recolored
Roads of Belfast
Darlings once strolled
Where we stand now
Eyes loaded with light
Where straightforward souls
Once accepted
Murdering them was correct
So grasp my hand
I”ll take your firearm
What”s more, consider times passed
Where love and truth lie dying
On the tear recolored
Lanes of Belfast
So just again
Prior to the dull
Advise your story to me
Disclose to me how
You legitimize
Executing to be free
Let me know
You see the light
You comprehend finally
Disclose to me that you adore me
On the tears recolored
Roads of Belfast