Yes, runners say the most interesting part of running is when the rain is
just about to start. Why? Because the moment you start running,
tendency is your body warms up and eventually will enjoy the run
despite the rains. One thing good about it is that it gives you the kind of
preparation you need for your competitions.

Check your shoes, are your shoelace neatly tied up already? You might
have untied shoelace and run. Chances are you are going to trip over it
and bump your head. What’s worse, you might trip over and be off-
balanced pushing you towards the edge of the road and accidentally
get run over. Now, that would be so embarrassing to get into an
accident by mere lack of common sense, wouldn’t it?

We all know the fun of running; however, not everyone is aware that
there is such a thing called “fartlek” which in Sweden means “speed
play” or a type of session used to incorporate the concept of speed
work into your running routine. Fartlek is the “bursts of speed” while
halfway through a training run.

If you could do without the Ipods or MP3 players for some music, it
would be much better. Why? Because although music can make your
running more enjoyable, it might cost you your life if you listen to the
music too loud. Sometimes, your music might be too loud that it cuts off
your sense of hearing and you just cannot seem to hear the honking
cars behind you. You might as well use your Ipods and MP3 players
when you are running in the safety of a gym on the treadmill, but never
on the road where there are cars that might run you over.

Drink lots of water regularly to revitalize you since water is a very good
source of energy as well. This must be done every hour before and after
every run. Obviously, when you run, you will perspire too much letting off
lots of fluids from your body. This causes dehydration that is why you
need to drink more water than you usually take in to replenish all the lost

Proper Layering Of Clothes – A runner should use and choose three
layers of clothes for his upper torso depending on the severity of the
cold weather outside. While the “base layer”, the one that is just next to
your skin should absorb all the moisture and send it across to the next
layers. That is why never use cotton for running as it will absorb all the
perspiration in your body, you will stay drenched and get cold to the

Running can be so exhausting, yes. But if there is one thing to keep you
running despite the exhaustion and thirst; or the muscle cramps and leg
pains, it is the achievements that you might reap in running. Almost all
fun runs or marathon races have crowded starting lines so you can just
imagine the competition and that gives you an idea of how you will
more or less fare in the event. The important thing is to aim for a place.
That way, you will not only excel in this sport you chose, but you will
develop a sense of being goal-driven as well.

You should also consider that your running shoes have a specific life
expectancy, and if you pick too strong a cleaning method, your shoe
would not last any longer. Conversely, keeping your running shoes
smudged with dirt can contribute to the development of wear, tear and

Especially when running for a 10K, it is not enough that a runner can run
so fast. What is more important is that he has to learn the principles of
how to keep himself injury-free when running training for a 10K. Even
coaches admit that it is actually when a runner runs badly that accident
happens. That is why the best gear to arm yourself with is precaution
and nothing else. Here are some of the principles to guide you in
running with zero pain or injury.

Even if your main objective for running is to lose weight, remember not
to diet especially the first time that you will run. Instead, eat healthful
food and cut down on your snacks. And equally important is maintaining
a good posture while you run. Master the art of relaxing your shoulders,
staring ahead of you, never bowing down while running and never
clenching your hands into tight fists

Watch out for different types of pain when you run because in running
training, your legs and muscles will surely feel tired. But remember,
when you feel you have tired muscles or scorching lungs, don’t panic.
These are the good pains of running. You can start worrying when you
get the bad pains – the kind of pain in your joints, muscles, ligaments
and tendons that linger even after a few minutes of running.

Sometimes the injuries met on the road while running are caused by
sheer stupidity. So, make it a point to always keep your common sense
intact. That way, you will be able to avoid any kind of accident. Always
do a safety-check before deciding to run.

Smelly running shoes are a common consequence of moldy fungi and
bacterial growth living between your toes, caused by the sweat and dirt
particles in your shoes. These dirt particles thrive in moist and warm
environment and thus during summer is normally perfect for smelly feet.
Smelly feet is a common harm to your shoes, but you can greatly
decrease the risks by letting it breathe your shoes and letting them dry
after you use them, or using particular anti-fungal powders or foot

This is the reason why you should make it a point to wear a wind-
breaker and water-resistant jacket in one as part of your running
apparel especially so when it is raining. However, you have to avoid
wearing a water-resistant rain slicker as it tends to trap moisture and
heat which might eventually lead you to some serious health problems if
you continue running on these apparels.

Most runners may not consider it, but there are several reasons to clean
running shoes. Depending on how much your shoes gets dirty, you
should pick the correct cleaning method.

Running is supposed to be a sport or activity characterized by freedom.
You see, there are no hard-knock rules in running. You may simply
stride off when you run, overrunning all your co-runners; or simply take
things slow setting your own space and pace; or better yet a
combination of both by doing stops at certain point of the road. Bottom
line is, a runner can do his own thing when running.

First and foremost, be aware that most “running apparel” producers,
retailers and resellers will give you the impression that you will need
different kinds of outfit for every sudden change in the temperature to
be able to jog. If you hear that, do not ever believe it! Running is a very
simple and low-cost form of exercise. You really do not need so much
apparel or expensive gear to run fast or comfortably, right? What you
need is a simple set of running shirts and shorts plus focus,
determination, and stamina. So, focus on building your endurance,
speed and distance and not merely on buying loads of new running

Give high priority to seeing your doctor before you set off planning your
exercise program or your running regimen. This is even more important
if a runner is overweight or if there are any health problems, medical
illness or disorders. This way, you will be able to assess or gauge your
capacity to run while giving the utmost precautions for your own health
and safety.

Basic Running Apparel Needs – These include a number of running
shorts matched with a short-sleeve and long-sleeve Tee Shirts, one
singlet or tank top especially designed for running, a pair of tights or
leggings, a lightweight jacket, or any jacket that is breathable or
windproof. Also, it would be good to buy a pair of running gloves, a hat
for women and some running socks as your first few investments for
running. And if you are one of those very fond of nighttime running, you
should also invest on some really good reflective running gear;
otherwise, running in the dark might cost you your life, if not your legs.

No Pets While Running –
Pets are meant to be walked, they are not meant to be running
companions especially when it is a race or a fun run event. It is in fact
discouraged by event organizers to bring along your dogs to races,
because chances are if they are not leashed properly, they would block
the way of the other runners and might even give them a trip or two.

Running while it is raining can be fun yet also be a little bit dangerous.
That is why you should make sure you have a hat with you while you run.
That way, it will keep the rain from your face and eliminate your chances
of tripping or stumbling while on the tracks.

Among other things that could distract a runner are somebody else’s
dangling keys, very loud music from their I-pods and the beeps of a
heart monitor device. If you do not want any of these noise, then just
simply overrun them and lead the run.

Initially, do brisk walking for 5 minutes. Only after those 5 minutes can
you run longer distances at a comfortable speed. Make sure you do not
jog because excessive bouncy movements may actually wear out a
runner’s knee cartilage; and thereby, inflicting pain in your knees. This
will not be too good, especially for your plans of running since the pain
will of course, affect the way you will run. Or worse, the pain might be
too excruciating for you that even your manner of waling will be affected.

Yes, there are several aid stations located on both sides of the road;
however, it would be best to have an extra ounce of prevention to avoid
possible accidents and injuries while running. It does not help that just
because there are aid stations around, you are free to inflict injury on
yourself as you run. Be careful at all times.

One of the most common mistakes of a runner is wearing more layers
than he should. Did you know they will not really keep you dry after all?
Yes, only if you wear an umbrella over your head while you run will you
never get soaked up with rainwater. And the thicker layers you have, the
more you will get wet. And running will become very difficult for all those
wet and very heavy clothes on you. The secret is always dress for the
temperature of the day. Check the weather before deciding on what to
wear for running.

Sometimes, it is inevitable to step into damp dirt, mud, or maybe you
have ran across a muddy road under construction that is just being
repaired and does not have asphalt yet. More often than not, you will
pick up mud on your shoes and it will add on extra weight.

If you are not so good with directions, make sure you familiarize
yourself with the route or itinerary you will be taking when you run. That
way you can easily measure your improvements when it comes to
running. And once you begin with your running, never fail to constantly
check for your safety. Always be on the look-out for any cracks or holes
or bumps in the sidewalk that could trigger an accident.

It is rule of thumb that when you are training for running, you must spend
at least a day or two off from running per week. You will need to have
sufficient sleep every night for two straight weeks when preparing for a
competition or race. That way, your body will have all the energy to run
the 10K distance!

First and foremost, make it a point to get a hold of those great running
shoes that you think will hold up your feet very well. Since running shoes
are made to cushion and prop up your feet every time they stride off the
ground, it is important to find that pair that will really do just that.
Otherwise, you will immediately stop wanting to run even before you
have warmed up. Warming up before starting to run is a very important
step in running.

However, if the mud gets inside the shoe, or in the mesh, it will get dirty
and can cause a smell. Mud does not usually break in the shoe fabric. If
it does, then it will never seep down the shoe mesh. The easiest
method to clean your running shoes is to dry out the mud and then brush
them off. If there are still smudges left, and the shoe looks dirty, then
wash them using your hands, an old toothbrush or a scrub, and a mild

Should it be cold and raining, you might need to dress up in a couple of
layer clothes and the most important is the first layer or that layer which
is next to your skin. When running, make sure that you are going to
wear a polypropylene or CoolMax. Why? This is because such type of
garment has the ability to wick away perspiration and therefore,
eliminate that feeling of stickiness and wetness. Otherwise, if you
decide to use a running gear that does not wick away wetness, you
should expect to shiver and feel cold while you run.

Whenever you feel this, or feel hurt, immediately stop and REST!
Medical experts have found out that for every minute you do not apply
ice on an injury, you are allowing recovery to slow down by one hour.
However, if the pain still exists even after having been treated, it would
be best to already consult your physician.

Keep your running clothes in good condition because if handled
properly, they can actually stay looking new for several years. So, there
is really no hurry to buy new running gear to be able to run. However, if
you should really need or want to buy new sets of running apparel then
do so for as long as you choose the one that will truly make you feel
comfortable and relaxed. Here are some of the basic apparel needs a
runner would commonly want to gear up while running.

To prevent moisture, you can also spray your running shoes with a
water-proof sprayer to allow a protective sheath. If your safeguard your
shoes beforehand they are easier to clean. Once protected, smudges
and mud will not set in easily.

Sometimes there are runners who, in extreme exhaustion, will whine
while running towards the finish line. Isn’t it just irritating to hear them?
They whine about how this running is tearing his knees; or how after the
event, he will shift to biking instead, and several other whines. Please,
be a runner not a whiner.

Layering, The Key To Winter Running – Another successful tip in
choosing your running clothes, especially when running during winter is
through “layering” or the putting on of clothes of about two to three
lightweight layers. And since if you put so many, you might perspire too
much and might just find yourself overheated while on a run. If ever, this
should happen, just immediately remove one layer and choose another
garment that you could put on again should you feel cold.

Make it a point that when you leave the house to run, put your driver’s
license on your pocket, or better yet, wear an Identification tag on your
shoe. If you have an ID tag or bracelet, make sure that there are
emergency numbers to contact in case of accidents.

Warming up and cooling down are two of the basic things you must
remember when running. Prepare to run slowly, gradually picking up at
the middle, and then gently slowing down at the end. Learn to master
these two for they are known to have the ability to avoid damages in
both muscle and ligament.

But come to think of it, while most runners have their own preferences
for buying so many running clothes to wear, some are still doubtful if a
runner really needs a wide wardrobe of running clothes in order to have
a great marathon run. Nevertheless, here are a few helpful tips on how
you should choose the right clothes before you go running.’

Sometimes, what runners do is chat to push them into finishing the run.
Getting a good exercise is already enough for them, so they just chat
their last few laps back into the finish line with their time ran extremely
far from the ideal. This can sometimes be distracting to other runners.

Did you know medical research has discovered that about 95% of
marathon runners are almost always over trained? Simply put, these
runners would have performed much better were they not trained so
much. Because when you run, your body also needs some time to rest
to be able to recover. Otherwise, if you keep running despite what your
body, specifically your muscles and joints are telling you, then you will
surely not make any more progress but worse, you might even break

Regardless of what time you are running, make it a point that you will be
noticeable especially to motorists. Make it a habit to wear white clothes
at all times or something bright-colored to serve as your reflective gear.
You may also add reflective pieces on your running shoes as well as
your jackets to really make yourself very noticeable and therefore avoid
chances of getting into an accident.

However, the remains of these fungi and bacteria will just keep on
growing on your shoes. The best way to avoid this bacterial growth, and
eventually smelly feet is washing you running shoes periodically. Do not
use a washing machine. Use your hands and a scrub instead to scrub
off both the exterior and interior of the running shoes. You can flush out
the dirt, including the bacteria from the smallest pores of the shoes to
the padding and mesh.

It would be very helpful for a runner to choose an outer layer of running
clothes that will show reflective strips or that are brightly colored. That
way, though the rain might be going down your face and sometimes
give you poor visibility, you will be sure to avoid getting into accidents.

Apparel Companies Regularly Modernizing Running Clothes.
And it is exactly for this reason that apparel companies regularly
modernize and bring their release of new items up to date. That way,
they are able to eliminate feelings of monotony and dullness among
runners. Because as we know, there is that tendency for runners to get
unmotivated and become weary of running if they will have to use the
same sets of running apparel every time they run.

Everything in life involves dealing with so many regulations, even when
running. Despite runners strictly adhering to the rules and regulations
that come with this strenuous, yet enjoyable and fulfilling activity,
everything will still zero in on doing your own thing.

A pair of running shoes should be treated as sport equipment rather
than an ordinary walking shoes or an apparel of fashion. And there are
many good and practical reasons as to why you should keep your
running shoes clean. If you are not certain on how to clean running
shoes without causing damage, here are a few tips to help you out.

Indeed, there are so many sports, activities and techniques for
effectively achieving weight loss; however, did you know that running is
considered as one of the most effective strategies of losing that excess
weight? It may sound so simple and easy, but be prepared, because
losing weight means hard work and some tough self-discipline. Here
are some helpful tips on how you might just shed off that weight every
time you step on that scale!

Running is a very active form of exercise since almost all of our body
parts and organs are functioning when we run. Runners are not
exempted from getting hurt or injured so it just depends on the runners
to make sure they hug safety at all times. Above everything else,
recognize the fact that common sense is very important in taking the
necessary precautions. Here are some tips to guide you on staying
safe while running.

Have you ever tried running while it is raining? Wouldn’t it be an
awesome experience to be jogging while raining! Yes, running in rain
can be so much fun! However, you will be surprised to find out that there
are so many ways to gear up for wet weather runs. So, here are a few
tips for running in your best ready-to-get-wet running apparel.

Wouldn’t you feel better as a runner if you would be running all geared
up with the most comfortable clothes you can ever wear? Yes, it is a
fact that all types of runners, whether a newbie in running or a veteran
runner is greatly affected by the types of clothes they wear when
running. As much as possible, runners would like to wear the most
comfortable clothes that would not only make them the greatest runners
but would also give them a feeling of comfort and satisfaction as well.

Running and injury, they always go together. That is why it’s crucial to
undergo a rigid running training and learn how to run fast with zero
injury. It is best if runners would have an automatic reaction to steering
away from any accident or serious injury while running. But that is quite
near to impossible.

And lastly, it will do you good to increase your strength-training
sessions in a week. This part of your running regimen will build more
body mass while eliminating unwanted fats in your body. However, this
may take longer than what you will expect, because it is more of adding
muscles to your body which will make you lose some inches here and

Nothing beats having a good night sleep before the competition
matched with good and nutritious diet. Try eating bananas before the
competition, they are so easy to digest and are rich in potassium which
is very useful for preventing muscle and leg cramps. Always remember
that you need to gas up with the great demands of running training, so
make sure you are always well-rested and well-fed with a healthy diet to
stay running until the 10K with zero injury nor accident!

And more importantly, do not assume that the drivers always see you.
Make sure you send an eye contact with the driver of another vehicle
before you set to cross the street and go back to your running. That
way, you will be able to avoid any accident from happening.

Instead, consider using the Coolmax polyester as it’s known to wick
away perspiration. This mesh top will absorb all your perspiration from
the body to outside the garment. Another kind of garment that could be
used for running is the Supplex Nylon which instead of clinging to your
body, will hang and never stick to the perspiring and sticky skin. Take
your time when choosing your clothes for running, remember, comfort is
the best ingredient for great running!

If your running shoes already have a yellowish lattice and you cannot
whiten them, you can use a mild bleach or detergent on the lattice. This
should get your shoes as white as possible.

While to many, headphones and loud chatting are truly annoying, to
others they are nothing. There are some people who do not even care if
someone talks so loudly and then overruns her. Competition is not just
their cup of tea. For them, running is about finishing off with what you
began, and not necessarily the first one to finish. Whatever holds true to
you, just slip away to the finish line as fast as you can!

After finishing from a wet run, immediately remove your shoes for
running and fill them up with crumpled newspaper rolled into balls.
Doing this will guarantee keeping your shoes in tip-top shape, not to
mention drawing the moisture or wetness away from those wet and
sloppy running shoes.


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