Just when you thought the cyber world ain’t that bad there’s news today that Rupert Murdoch is now a Twitter person. Rumour has it (and this is only a rumour!) that the doddery old hackmaster might even be interested in purchasing it for goodness sake!

Reaction to the 80-year-old chairman and chief executive of News Corporation’s Twitter presence has been mixed. The BBC report that in a tweet Old Murdoch noted: “I’m getting killed for fooling around here and friends frightened what I may really say.”

Needless to say I am following Mr. Murdoch with an interest tantamount to watching paint dry. I have in fact left him a message that I am sure he or one of his cronies will no doubt pick up. But I haven’t left it on Twitter I have saved it in my mobile phone as voicemail just so I am absolutely sure he will get to hear it. In fact I would strongly recommend that if you want to contact the Grim Reaper of the press world leaving a voicemail on a mobile phone is definitely the best way to get through.