I’m gonna sing a completely satisfied tune
i would like you all to sing along
about a man i’m certain you know
He knew he had a long way to move

He went to the regional institution
He was going to be nobodies idiot
could not work on the busses
could not deal with all these plusses

proficient for years in a financial institution
The bosses although, this youngsters just rank
we’ll coach him to make the tea
somewhere the place nobody can see

but our John was once slightly hero
He wasn’t going to be a 0
He was once artful he was once arty
He went and joined the Tory social gathering

He kept his head down and did his sums
had to kiss some robust bums
And the wicked witch saw all of it
And mentioned ‘ young John sell me your soul

It didn’t take a moments considering
The p.C. Was signed as rapid as winking
The historic witch flew from the scene
And our Hero went to peer the Queen

ring a bell in me again who you’re
stated the Queen to our megastar
i’m the prime Minister your Highness
good please don’t shag any Princess

And now the wheel has come round
And for oblivion he is sure
however let’s take care to not put out of your mind
The lives he is ruined, the sniveling get