A Big city Doctor Saved after Fifty Years of Prayer.
When I was in the big city there was a leading doctor in that city, upwards of seventy years of age, wrote me a note to come and see him privately about his soul. He was living at a country seat a little way out of London, and he came into town only two or three times a week.

He was wealthy and was nearly retired. I received the note right in the midst of the London work, and told him I could not see him. I received a note a day or two after from a member of his family, urging me to come. The letter said his wife had been praying for him for fifty years, and all the children had become Christians by her prayers. She had prayed for him all those years, but no impression had been made upon him.

Upon his desk they had found the letter from me, and they came up to London to see what it meant, and I said I would see him. When we met I asked him if he wanted to become a Christian, and he seemed every way willing, but when it came to confession to his family, he halted. “I tell you,” said he, “I cannot do that; my life has been such that I would not like to confess before my family.” “Now there is the point; if you are not willing to confess Christ, He will not confess you; you cannot be His disciple.” We talked for some time, and he accepted.

I found while I had been in one room his daughter and some friends, anxious for the salvation of that aged father, were in the other room praying to God, and when he started out willing to go home and confess Christ, I opened the door of the other room, not knowing the daughter was there, and the first words she said were: “Is my father saved?” “Yes, I think he is,” I answered, and ran down to the front door and called him back. “Your daughter is here,” I said; “this is the time to commence your confession.” The father, with tears trickling down his cheeks, embraced his child, “My dear daughter, I have accepted Christ,” and a great flood of light broke upon him at that confession.