The sea calls to me like an unknown lover,
Whispering sweet love and devotion like no other,
It’s already shown that it’s my secret admirer,
Just from the way it drifts me away from disaster,
I know it is my becoming, now and forever more.

Don’t shy away from my frail heart,
When you give it a song to sing for a start,
When you come to me in the evening breeze,
My heart skips a beat and the moments freeze,
I know we’re meant for each other never to be apart.

As I watch you drift oh so slowly,
Pushing against the waves oh so boldly,
Breaking the boulders on your path to cure my lonely,
Setting my soul at ease to give it a chance to feel homely,
As you call me your only queen, a beauty created purely.

For never breaking my heart and giving me peace,
I offer myself to you forever never to lease,
My love for you grows stronger with each tide,
Leaving me breathless and a little tongue tied,
My ocean lover, you will always be the one for me.