Do you have a secret that’s preventing you from being you? Is there something that wakes you in the morning and waits patiently for you when you close your eyes at night? Are you beset with an urge to tell yourself something that you have wanted to say to yourself for years? Then my friend, you have a secret and that secret needs to be set free.
Secrets are like huge boulders of granite that prevent mental mobility which sooner rather than later renders you emotionally immobile and disconnected from the real you. Your secret is your prison and unless you release your secret, you will remain encased within your own self-imposed boundaries because you are afraid of your secret.

You are afraid that your secret is larger than your life. Your secret enjoys the power that you give it. Did you consider that? Your secret enjoys the fact that you will not release it from your hold. It knows that the longer you hold onto it, the more powerful it becomes. It hopes you never set it free. It hopes that you will cherish it more than you cherish yourself. Your secret is very happy and extremely content that you are miserable. Your secret wants you to remain exactly where you are: TRAPPED.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and release your secret. RELEASE IT AND LET YOURSELF BE FREE! Your survival is at stake. It’s either you or the secret. Make your choice. Freedom or captivity. Boundaries or wide-open spaces. It’s up to you. The power of a secret or the power of you. Make your decision. Your choice. Your call. Your move.