“The key and the path to our own Success and Health
dwelling in our own hearts. We just need someone,
who can lead us on this path in our own hearts.”
Author unknown

Our education is transformative and has principle centred approach, where we learn, how with respect of the insurmountable laws of nature we can attract Supreme Success in our whole lives.

One theme, different names of firs level introductory seminar-workshop:

  • Balanced and Healthy lifestyle or
  • Balanced and Healthy lifestyle – fundament of our wellness or
  • Supreme Success attracted by a Balanced and Healthy lifestyle or
  • __________________________________________________

Seminars-workshops Logistics:

  • Seven evening sessions approximately 3 hours from 6pm – 9pm, one of two sessions per week, together 21 hours all course.
  • Tow full day sessions approximately 12 hours from 9am – 9pm, tow Sundays or tow holidays, minus lunch and diner gaps 45*4=3 hours, together 21 hours all course.
  • First seven evening seminar or first three hours from tow day seminar are free sample offering – following part for charge of cash payment.

Each section:

  • 1h approximately for Welcome; Calm down; Shearing present feeling, thoughts, desires… Warm up, energizing and team building games and exercises.
  • 1.5 h approximately for information material; work in different groups; transformation exercises in connection with seminar-workshop theme; Questions and Answers.
  • 0.5 h gradual closing of section.

Follow up meeting:
After participating at least one of our offered seminars, You are kindle invited participate in our support groups meeting one time per mouth, where we to intend practically and emotionally to support each and everyone participants consciously and gradually come up to desired level of Balanced and Healthy lifestyle in our day-to-day lives. Approximately, depend from individuals, rise up to Balanced and Healthy lifestyle in our own life, we need about 6 to 12 months. During this so difficult time, really recommended to plane participate regularly in these support meetings.

Seven section structure in short

# General theme section and the planned share material in bullet points.
1 Welcome, introduction and all Success and Balanced and Health lifestyle philosophy in brief.

  • The Scientific base of Personal Development
  • The Concept of three modes of material nature: goodness, passion and ignorance
  • Overview of our offered framework for Balanced and Healthy lifestyle and who we can beneficially use this offer in practical day-to-day life.
2 Physical health – subtle and gross physical, material body in all levels. Care for subtle and gross physical body in all material aspects.

  • Physical health influences on Balanced and Health lifestyle, which respectably making major influences on all our Life Success and failures.
  • Importance of our individual regulates, Balanced and Healthy lifestyle in or life success
3 Emotional health – mind, heart, feeling, emotions etc. Relationships in general and more specifically intimate ones.

  • Emotional health influences on all our life aspects.  Emotional health grants or takes away Success and/or failures in our lives.
  • Differences between Mind and Intelligence.
  • Training of practical skills: “Emphatic and active listening” and  “Hour of Pure Love”
4 Professional health – intelligence, abilities, talents etc. Fields of activities trout which we receive our live-hood.

  • Professional health grants or takes away our abilities for bare necessities of life such as food, water, clothing, shelter, and medicine that a person requires to survive.
  • Importance of personal satisfaction and Happiness or Do What We Love to Do
  • Four divisions of Professional activities. Our duties in these divisions.
  • Priority and time management
5 Social health – ego in all levels. Individual spiritual practices and social-religious activities.

  • Social health grants or takes away our abilities for belonging to the community as a whole, and to subgroups within the community and to give and receive love, care, support etc and feelings of belonging to a whole, complete, eternal group.
  • Gratitude, caring for others, devotional services is a sure way to peaceful, blissful and happy life.
6 Balanced and Health lifestyle philosophy practical application in our day-to-day life – part 1.

  • These both sections really depend for participants requests and needs.
7 Balanced and Health lifestyle philosophy practical application in our day-to-day life – part 2 and closing ceremony.