sipping drinks
sitting lower back and taking it clean
after lengthy days of hard paintings
may also as properly enjoy it while we’re nevertheless rather younger
dreaming about different things
the life unlived andthe lives as kids we dreamed
where are those dreams now?
why can’t they happen?
is it so wrong to question the selections made and the routes so as to in no way be?
it became written inside the stars or in order that they inform me
it doesn’t consolation, it just devours your soul
when your thoughts overtake your real international
misplaced to myth
death slowly til you spot it through
numbing the mind with intoxicating liquor
running off the debt of the liquor tab
until the tock doesn’t comply with the tick
it doesn’t should be that way if you find a healthful manner to cope with the unhappy void to your heart
have some drinks but follow your dreams
they’re viable but you gotta pursue the manner