i concept i knew you.
however slowly we have been falling apart
once I see you, i simplest look with half a coronary heart
our mothers say to forgive each other, i snigger so hard i cry
what you probably did what unforgivable
but something i dont need you
in the end, positive didnt look like you wanted me
despite the fact that cant you notice? what you did harm me!

you punched me in the nose
you adbandoned me for handball
looks as if you have a whole lot of growing as much as do
due to the fact jounior high wont have your percious handball
i was so hurt i couldnt run away, i handiest stayed and watched you play your recreation
until one say i decided,
no greater! im not your pupet
or did you watched of me as a sorry muppet?
i walked away, i cried on the swings

until my future perspective
seemed at my aspect
i concealed my face, all i wanted was to hide
she invited me to play along with her and her friend
i’m able to usually be all the time greatful that she discovered me
after the amusing we had that recess,
i knew i might in no way shed any other tear for you
the months beyond, an increasing number of my new friends assist patch the hollow internal
still it hurts to reflect onconsideration on the amusing you and that i had
considering the fact that kindergarden, it turned into us against the world
we had been the outsiders, you the smart one
me the orginal
no person definitely everyday us, we handiest had each different
we grew up collectively
i dont sense a hole in my heart, but my heart nonetheless stings
my new buddies and that i had been on foot
our agencies walked past every other
we seemed into each different eyes, i stopped guffawing with my friends and showed no emotion
you did the equal, maybe my appearance become a glare
your eyes had been cold
cold…thats the handiest phrase to explain it
but howdy, im no longer going to fight for you
then as if right on cue
our organizations pasted every different and a person in yours stated,
“what happed between you ?”
the phrases stung, it hurt
the following year we ended up in the equal homeroom
whilst we stroll through each different its like the different doesnt exist
in the future we ran into every different in magnificence
searching at you is like looking at sharp glass
we seemed into each others eyes once more
i confirmed no emotion, no longer once did i glare
oh sure i nonetheless wouldnt dare to speak to you,
my eyes just had nothing to mention,
you eyes werent cold anymore, however they deffidently had some thing to mention
you had been looking to advoid my eyes but i’m able to examine you like an open e-book
our mother and father run into every other time and time once more,
thats how i know they are saying the identical things to you approximately forgivness
i nevertheless chew my lip to hold from giggling whilst they try to inform me that
the idea is so stupid its humorous
in the future in the automobile journey to highschool my dad started asking,
about what happend with us
after they communicate approximately you i turn my head to the side
i music out their phrases and look forward as though im looking t.v.
seems like you havent advised your mother and father approximately it both
my dad but stated he wasnt asking me to forgive you,
that were given my attention
he stated what if i ever saw you crying due to the fact your organization abandon you,
like you did to me
he said perhaps i ought to at the least ask whats wrong if i ever,
saw you like that
i concept he was complete of it until i concept it over
that day hasnt come yet, but i have a feeling it will
i am not searching forward to it
maybe if i see you like that, i”ll ask whats incorrect
probable not even though, however i might supply it a few greater idea
i thought i knew you, i used to be incorrect….