The water resistant Smart Health Walking FIT is a heart rate monitor and watch in one device. Instantly tracking several metrics without the need for a bothersome and uncomfortable chest strap, this handy and extremely portable fitness tracker can help you reach your ideal weight and desired fitness goals by simply wearing it. Let’s slip the Smart Health Walking FIT watch and heart rate monitor on, and see exactly what you can expect.

Key Elements of the Smart Health Walking FIT Heart Rate Watch:
* Simple use with no setup required
* One-button access to your heart rate and pulse
* Has the ability to store data for 24 hours
* Arrives out-of-the-box with Denise Austin Walking Guide
* Automatically measures how many calories you burn, how far you walk and how many steps you take

What Makes the Smart Health Walking FIT Heart Rate Watch a Smart Purchase?

As an easy-to-use, strap on and go fitness tracker, the Smart Health Walking FIT provides important health monitoring capabilities for a minimal price tag.

And one great characteristic is the absence of a chest strap and transmitter, which can chafe and scratch, and show through your clothing. You simply strap the unit onto your wrist and it provides the time of day just like a regular watch, as well as automatic tracking of your calories burned, distance traveled and steps walked.

Compared to other chest-strapless heart rate monitors, the bargain priced Smart Health Walking FIT is attractive financially, as either a personal purchase or gift. The unit is available in either white or black, and is water resistant up to 50 meters.

It is a real bonus that all you have to do is set the time and start walking. To get your heart rate, just press and hold the large button in the middle of the band below the display. And when you want to escape any mode, simply tap the Time button on the bottom left of the bezel around the display.

When you want to display all of the stats compiled during one day, press the View button. You can then press View again to cycle through your heart rate, distance walked and steps walked.

By combining a pedometer, watch and strapless heart rate monitor into one slip-on device, the Smart Health Walking FIT fitness tracker is a versatile and easy to use health monitor. Priced attractively, the unit can easily accommodate any budget.

As a low cost fitness monitor and heart rate tracker, the Smart Health Walking FIT makes a smart purchase that helps you lose weight, lower your blood pressure and improve your cardio health, all with wear-and-go ease of use.