A touch philosophy to keep in mind
safety is understanding at the same time as
to close your mouth
or open it if vital

it is approximately surrounding
your self with humans
which have your decrease lower back
or will prevent other human beings
from stabbing you while vital

some thing your motto is
it is properly really worth repeating all over again
and once more to your self

shielding your dwelling house
shielding your family
or shielding your buddies

the quality of residing in peace
sounds great in idea
but in exercise
it ain’t so easy

recall what is critical
and learn to apprehend
what it way to your life

actually everybody can make a contribution
to protection and harmony
of their aspirations and ideals

the importance held
thru every character varies
from the extent of mirrored image within
to completely respect
what you’re blessed with
assume what it is want to be with out

now and again humans location an excessive amount of
fake value on matters that surely
won’t matter or make a distinction to them

an get away mechanism
rather than appreciating
what they have got

believing that this one detail
will make all of the distinction
and virtually it won’t, honestly discover ways to drift on

your contribution is prime
and essential to your journey
of lifelong happiness

you recollect your thoughts
you exist
learn to stay
however extra importantly look at
what happiness way within the lifestyles you live