Sometimes life wants you to know people who are unknown
we call them friends and in our life
seeds of friendship are sown
Some friends you choose yourself
few land up without ringing the doorbell
I am sure we can’t figure out what paved way to our friendship
but we sure know what blossomed this relationship
Through orkut we started interacting
roadies ruled the talking
Then came the thing of all inventions
the musketeer club was born out of all the scanning sessions
We scanned through so many bimbos
but what we love enacting the most is the position
Had an amazing time at the class picnic as well
we talked a lot about the suspension later,a view of our scrapbooks can tell
You always look out to have fun
and to do mischief,you are always on the run
Looks like dancing comes to you naturally
becouse you do it so perfectly and gracefully
Its been fantastic knowing you
ill always cherish the fun things we got to do