Spiritual alphabet from A to Z is easy to remember and can be used immediately. Examples: “A”Absolute thinking with absolute action makes all things possible. “I”Invite the wind of change. It may blow you in the right direction. “T”-“They” have no first or last names, yet everyone believes what they say. Use one of these a day and you may “keep the doctor away.” These everyday tips, while they appear to be quite simple, if allowed, they offer and open a new and deeper line of communication with yourself.

The alphabets allow you to “give pause” to several issues and hopefully you will reflect and immerse yourself within each letter. An important note to remember is, the “one” alphabet that you think you have “conquered” is the very one that most likely needs a revisit as you are changing daily and you may not feel as you once did.

Recite them out loud

so you have a deeper appreciation of the depth and meaning behind them. While they may appear to be simplistic, it is always that simple statement that is so profound and you realize you must stop and allow what the statement is saying to truly sink in. These are the moments where growth sprouts. These are the moments when the Creator is working his magic. These are the moments when conscious recognition is met with a newfound awareness on an issue. These are the moments that allow you to see how much you have learned and more importantly, how far you have come on your spiritual journey.

A to Z:
Absolute thinking with absolute action makes all things possible. 
Belief must always be your foundation.
Courage is the Mother of all virtues.
Discipline requires that you be the guide of your thoughts and behaviors.
Emancipate you. It’s a freedom you deserve.
Forgiveness of yourself and others is a must.
Grace is the song of your soul.
Help when you can but not at your own expense.
Invite the wind of change. It may blow you in the right direction.
Jade is beautiful. Jaded is not.
Kindness to strangers is good. Kindness to you is mandatory.
Love is impartial onto whom it falls.
Mentor your dreams. They need support and encouragement.
Nothing is more important than peace of mind.
Opinions are like feathers. They float everywhere.
Procrastination and “someday” are relatives.
Quiet time is a dessert worth indulging.
Reaping what you sow, should inspire you to plant wisely.
Sell yourself short and you’ll regret the sale.
“They” have no first or last names, yet everyone repeats their opinions.
Ultimatums are not for every situation. Use them wisely.
Value you. This cannot be stated more emphatically.
Wishing is wasted effort unless coupled with action.
Xerox is a copy. You are an original.
Yesterday is trying to hold wind in your hand. Nothing’s there.
Zealous action and behavior when applied rightly equals good.