The Earth is Round:
For a long time, man accepted that the earth was even- however not the Bible.

Individuals in the fifteenth century dreaded cruising on the grounds that they thought they might fall over the edge of the level earth. Yet the Bible uncovered reality more than 1,000 prior years man found it for himself.

It set aside quite a while for science to run across what was recorded in the Bible more than 2,500 years back. Copernicus imagined the first globe in 1475 to exhibit that the earth is a circle. Galileo developed the first galactic telescope which he used to study the sky. Columbus accepted the sphericity of the earth with his voyage to North America in 1492. At long last, Magellan and his men cruised around the earth and in this manner turned out to be round fit as a fiddle. This real occasion did not happen until the fifteenth century.

The truth of a circular earth was plainly announced in the Bible by the prophet Isaiah almost twenty eight centuries prior. In section 40 verse 22 of the book of Isaiah we read:

“It is He that sitteth upon the round of the earth, and the occupants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the sky as a drape, and spreadeth them out as a tent to stay in.”

At the point when Isaiah composed this verse he utilized the Hebrew word “khug” to portray the state of the earth. In spite of the fact that this saying is generally deciphered into the English word “ring,” the exacting importance of this expression is “a circle.” It is likewise utilized as a part of Proverbs 8:27

“When he arranged the sky, I was there: when he set a compass upon the substance of the profundity:
The expression “khug” is here deciphered “compass” alluding to surface of the sea assuming a circular shape.
The earth is additionally said to be round in other Bible verses like Job 26:10, and Amos 9:6:
“He hath compassed the waters with limits, until the day and night reach an end.”

“It is he that buildeth his stories in the paradise, and hath established his troop in the earth; he that calleth for the waters of the ocean, and poureth them out upon the substance of the earth: The LORD is his name.”

The Bible has shown itself to be experimentally exact in an alternate perception refered to by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration:

As per Mr. Elmor Escosia, Chief of a Planetarium Unit here Manila, throughout the early period, the verification that the earth is round is throughout the perception of a lunar overshadowing, in light of the fact that throughout a lunar obscuration, you will discover the one blanket the moon is a round article and that adjust item is the earth.

As Mr. Escosia said, the world’s shadow dependably makes some real progress on the moon throughout a lunar overshadowing, which would just be conceivable with a round earth.

This logical standard is only one of the proofs that show the Bible’s authentic correctness… a revelation that demonstrates how credible the Bible is.

Mount Sinai:
Mount Sinai, otherwise called Mount Horeb, is the mountain where God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses.

A real discussion around archeologists and Bible students of history has been boiling over for a long time, that is, as to where the genuine Mount Sinai is placed. In the event that we are ever to perceive a right area for the recorded occasions recorded in any bible based book, it is vital to utilize the Bible as an aide.
In the New Testament, the missionary Paul composed in Galatians 4:25,
“For this Hagar is mount Sinai in Arabia… “

Paul is unmistakably saying that Mount Sinai is in Arabia, which has dependably been east and south of Palestine, the aged place where there is Midian, the region of present-day Saudi Arabia. Considerably all the more telling, Exodus 3:1 evidently recognizes Mount Sinai as being in Midian. It states:

“Presently Moses kept the herd of Jethro his father-in-law, the cleric of Midian: and he headed the group to the rear of the desert, and went to the heap of God, even to Horeb”.

Moses fled Egypt in the wake of murdering an Egyptian. Departure 2:15 says,

“Presently when Pharaoh heard this thing, he looked to kill Moses. Anyway Moses fled from the substance of Pharaoh, and stayed in the place where there is Midian: and he sat around a well.”

The Bible says that he went out of Egypt, and makes a few references to Moses coming back to Egypt from the place where there is Midian. As Exodus 4:19 lets us know,

“What’s more the LORD said unto Moses in Midian, Go, return into Egypt: for all the men are dead which looked for thy life.”

These sections plainly indicate present-day Saudi Arabia as the region to which Moses fled and in this way met God at the smoldering bramble.

This 8,000 ft. mountain in North West Arabia is referred to on up to date maps as Jebel el Lawz/ Jabal al Lawz. It encases a zone vast enough to oblige a huge number of individuals and their groups and crowds. The site indicates all the components that ought to be at Mount Sinai. These incorporate a seared crest. Mass migration 19:18 records:

“Also mount Sinai was through and through on a smoke, in light of the fact that the LORD slid upon it in flame: and the smoke thereof rose as the smoke of a heater, and the entire mount convulsed significantly.”

An alternate amazing find was an enormous part stone with an agreeable proof of water disintegration specified in Exodus 17:6, twelve wells at Elim said in Exodus 15:27, antiquated monolith with Hebrew engravings, stays of the twelve columns Moses raised and the holy place said in Exodus 24:4, few things of earthenware and rock drawings of cows.

Furthermore the intersection range of the Gulf of Aqaba is more predictable with the scriptural record which depicts it an intersection in profound waters. Stays of aged chariots wheels have likewise been found, covered in the water and mud, steady with Pharaoh armed force’s chariots swallowed by the waters.

The Bible again has been indicated to be genuine and solid, down to the littlest chronicled point of interest. Faultfinders who assert that the Bible does not concur with known history and geology are again demonstrated to not be right once the actualities surface. The record in the Bible is exact … a disclos